NADM's K-9 Performance Events

NADM's  K-9  Performance Events I love training people and their dogs. Also holding BH and DD Trials. Dog Performance Trials Offered: North America Diving Dogs. Barn Hunt Association.

Barn Hunt Practice Saturday Sept. 2,2023 for Novice and Open dogs competing in the Sept. Barn Hunt Trial.  Hours: 10 am ...

Barn Hunt Practice Saturday Sept. 2,2023 for Novice and Open dogs competing in the Sept. Barn Hunt Trial. Hours: 10 am till 12 pm. $10.00 per dog.



Big Congratulations to all the dogs Invited to The SE Regionals. Congratulations on your Accomplishments and your New Personal Bests from your Home Dock!! Never A Dull Moment Diving Dogs. Here are the results. Sorry if I left someone out.
Emberly- All American-Katie Smiley
Veterans-Distance-Masters-Open FIRST PLACE!!! 23ft 9in
Veterans-Hydro Dash-Junior-Open FIRST PLACE!!! 18.163
Veterans-Air Retrieve-Senior-Open SECOND PLACE!!! 18 ft

Masters Distance Open: 88 Dogs Entered

Spec-Border Collie-Devynn Jarrett
Distance-Masters-Open- 6th PLACE 24ft

Kleio-Lab-Jeralie and Bob Andrews
Distance-Masters-Open- 10th PLACE 23ft 9in
Air Retrieve-Masters-Open 12th Place 20ft
Hydro-Dash- Senior-Open 14th Place 17.559

Pandora-German Shorthaired Pointer-Katie Smiley
Distance-Masters-Open 17th Place 23ft 3in
Air Retrieve-Masters-Open 14th Place 19ft
Hydro-Dash- Senior-Open 11th Place 19.481

Cait-Border Collie-Angie Price Robinette
Distance-Masters-Open-41st Place 21ft 9in
Air Retrieve-Senior-Open 17th Place 17ft

Pride-Border Collie-Angie Price Robinette
Distance-Masters-Open-45th Place 21ft 6in

Zia-Border Collie-Mary Sparks
Distance-Masters-Open-61st Place 20ft 11in

Senior Distance Open: 75 Dogs Entered

Bosch-Lab-Andrew Moore
Distance-Senior-Open-18thth Place 19ft 3in
Air Retrieve-Senior-Open 39th Place 14ft
Hydro-Dash- Junior-Open- 4th PLACE 18.442

Kylo Ren-American Hairless Terrier-Karen Hawkins
Distance-Senior-Open-19thth Place 19ft 3in
Air Retrieve-Senior-Open 35th Place 15ft (Personal Best)

Emmy Lou-English Springer Springer-Katie Beth Dean
Distance-Senior-Open-39thth Place 17ft 9in

Junior Distance Lap Dog:

Marley-Toy Poodle-Kathy Medea
Distance- Junior-Lap dog 4th PLACE 8ft 3in

Chase’ N Trouble- American Hairless Terrier-Amy Hawkins
Distance- Junior-Lap dog- 6th PLACE 7ft 3in


If you would like to take a Dock Diving, Swimming lesson or Rent the pool please Text me instead of using FB. The messages have not been coming through. 423-292-1586
Thank You


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