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CARE Center - Carolina Animal Rehabilitation & Exercise Center The doors to the CARE Center are now officially closed. Dr. Glinski had to close the practice the end of May 2013 due to extensive hand surgery.

Dr. Glinski is the Founder and Owner of the CARE Center. We are a canine physical rehabilitation center. The CARE Center in Aiken is able to accommodate patients who are paralyzed or who have other special needs. Dr. Glinski is available for consultations on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Columbia or Mondays and Wednesdays in Aiken. CARE Center - Aiken 918 Houndslake Drive Aiken, SC 29803 803.649.4965 CARE Center - Columbia 925 Spears Creek Court Elgin, SC 29045 803.649.4965


Dear CARE Center fans, I wanted to thank each of you for your support over the years. I feel incredibly grateful for the trust you placed in me -- for the opportunity to help so many special animals -- and for the many friendships formed in the healing process. For those of you who want to stay in touch and learn more about my new "Pilates for Riders and Horses" career, I would love to have you visit my new Facebook fan page - Aiken Pilates & Wellness Center. Best wishes to all of you and your furry friends! đź’—


Care Center update from Dr. Maria -- I just wanted to thank the CARE Center fans for all your support since we closed over two years ago. I have such great memories from helping so many owners and their furry children. Whether it was helping a dog learn to walk again -- enhancing performance for an international agility competition -- or just easing arthritic pain for a beloved older pet, I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity and privilege of working as a rehabilitation veterinarian. Although my hands won't allow me to directly work on dogs any longer, I am actively teaching Pilates for Riders and Horses and will be heading to Denmark this week to teach acupuncture and rehabilitation to a group of European veterinarians. I'm so excited to share this information with other veterinarians -- knowing that I can pass my experience on in this way helps me accept the closing of the clinic. Life is just so interesting! If someone had told me five years ago that I would be a Pilates Instructor for riders at this point in my life, I would have laughed. You just never know what God has in mind for you. I love all the emails and texts -- thank you again for staying in touch and letting me know how you and your dogs are doing.


CARE Center update from Dr. Maria.
I can't believe it's been over a year a half since my last update! A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have sent emails, texts and cards -- your concern has been so appreciated.

Within a few months of my hand surgery, it became clear that I was not going to be able to return to private practice at the CARE Center. I had to officially close the business -- there was simply too much damage in my wrist joints to continue the intensely physical work of rehabbing dogs. I had to seriously re-evaluate my life and my career choices. It was such a strange feeling because I truly couldn't imagine doing anything else, other than veterinary rehabilitation. I hadn't actually planned on ever retiring from private practice. Nothing gave me more joy than easing the pain of a geriatric patient -- or helping a paralyzed dog walk again -- or enhancing the performance of an elite canine athlete -- I absolutely loved it all. I had to think about other areas of expertise and other passions in my life. I needed to think creatively about working again but not working with my hands.

Whenever I was disappointed or frustrated with my circumstances as I was growing up, my mother would say "honey, when God closes a door - a window will open." Those words helped me stay strong during such a difficult time. I have always loved teaching. I'm passionate about movement therapy (Pilates and Yoga). I'm intrigued with the study of equine behavior and natural horsemanship. I asked myself -- how could I combine all these passions and interests into a new career?

Once I decided to truly accept and "embrace" my situation, I unexpectedly received an invitation to teach acupuncture and rehabilitation to a group of veterinarians in Denmark. I will be there this September and I'm sincerely looking forward to sharing this valuable information. It is incredibly gratifying to know that my lectures will ultimately impact the lives of so many animals through the hands of these practicing veterinarians.

Over the past year, I have taken the time to immerse myself in the study of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. One of my goals is to share natural horsemanship principles with other veterinarians. Horses can be so emotionally traumatized by well-meaning veterinarians who are simply unaware of how horses think - what motivates them - what causes fear and anxiety. I hope that by sharing information on herd dynamics, I can help equine practitioners slow down and give horses the time they need to understand and accept the requests being made of them. There is a movement now in small animal medicine to provide a "fear-free" experience with the veterinarian. My dream is to help spread this fear-free movement to the equine world as well.

When I'm not traveling and lecturing, I am planning to teach Pilates, especially for riders. Body awareness and core strength have been so important in my own riding and I love to share and teach these skills. During my Pilates teacher training this past year, I had to learn multiple modifications to protect my hands, and ironically, these experiences have actually helped me be more creative in my teaching and more empathetic to students with physical limitations.

So that's the latest CARE Center update. I would love to hear from you -- always so excited to hear updates and receive pictures. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you again for all your support -- sending all of you my best wishes -- and please don't forget to hug your furry babies for me.


CARE Center update from Dr. Glinski: As many of you know, the CARE Center closed the end of May 2013 so that I could pursue therapy for torn cartilage in both of my wrists (related to long term wear and tear of my hands). I consulted with a regenerative medicine specialist and went through two regenerative medicine therapy sessions to stimulate the cartilage to heal (PRP therapy). Although I'm happy to report that my right wrist has responded very well, my left wrist has not responded and is still quite painful. I have made the difficult decision to go forward with hand and arm surgery (scheduled October 17 in Columbia, SC). The surgery will be followed by bone marrow derived stem cell therapy in Washington, DC one month later with the hopes of enhancing the healing process. The recovery period is estimated as 12-16 weeks. It is not clear yet if I will be able to return to veterinary rehab after my procedure. If I am able to re-open -- it won't be until spring of 2014 -- and services would be more limited compared to what we were able to offer in the past. So much depends on how much I am able to do with my hand after surgery and physical therapy. I miss everyone and hope that you have found caregivers for your furry buddies. I will keep you posted as my personal rehab progresses. Thank you for all the cards and emails wishing me well -- they are all so appreciated!

Handicapped Pets: Following Oscar in Rehab Therapy
Handicapped Pets: Following Oscar in Rehab Therapy

Handicapped Pets: Following Oscar in Rehab Therapy

Life does not have to be a drag for a handicapped pet. Learn more about dog wheelchairs, products, services and support for elderly, disabled and injured pets.


Dr. Glinski was invited to speak at Laurie Graichen's beautiful Sky High Training Facility in Rock Hill, SC last night. The subject was Massage and Stretching for Canine Athletes. Twelve dog lovers attended the three hour hands-on workshop with their canine companions. Maintenance massage techniques, along with pre and post competition techniques were presented. Dr. Glinski has received positive feedback, and plans are underway for future workshops on a variety of sports-related subjects.


We have exciting news to share! Dr. Glinski spent the weekend in New York with specialists from Tufts University learning how to read images with our new diagnostic ultrasound machine. This new skill will allow her to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries with more accuracy, determine severity of an injury and begin appropriate therapy immediately if indicated. We are excited about adding this new tool in our practice!


Dr. Glinski presented an advanced massage and stretching workshop Thursday night for the Greater Columbia Obedience Club. The group had a refresher on canine anatomy and massage, followed by a lecture and hands-on demo on stretching techniques. The latest research was presented to support timing of passive vs active stretching.


The GCOC (Greater Columbia Obedience Club) sponsored a Canine Massage Workshop this evening. Wonderful time spent with twelve devoted owners and their very relaxed canine companions. Dr. Maria presented a power point lecture on canine anatomy and massage techniques. This was followed by a massage demonstration and then time for hands-on practice. What a great group of dog lovers! Many thanks to Ms. Peg Langdon for organizing the workshop. Advanced Massage and Stretching Workshop planned for February 23 and Canine Conditioning Workshop coming up in April. We will post details soon.


Very exciting happenings at the CARE Center! Dr. Glinski is now available on Tuesdays at our new Columbia location at Kennel Care, just off I-20, at exit 82. She is available in Aiken on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our Aiken office at 803.649.4965. We have more exciting news to share over the next few weeks-- stayed tuned!

Acupuncture and massage benefit retired show dog | | Columbia Star
Acupuncture and massage benefit retired show dog | | Columbia Star

Acupuncture and massage benefit retired show dog | | Columbia Star

Dr. Maria H. Glinski, director of Rehabilitation Services in Columbia, begins acupuncture therapy on Wizard with the help of Stacey Gray of South Carolina Veterinary Specialists. Holding Wizard’s head is her owner Walter Chastain. Inset shows Dr. Glinski places needles in Wizard’s skin. Photo court...


Hello to all the CARE Center fans out there -- hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We had a beautiful snowy day in Aiken -- it reminded me of my days in Wisconsin. We have fourteen dogs staying at the CARE Center right now, so I spent most of my time at the clinic this weekend. Four of the dogs are paralyzed and learning to walk again -- so rewarding to see the small, but steady improvement every day.


Congratulations to Jemme, owned by Peggy Langdon. Jemme has been recovering from an ACL micro-tear and is now ready to enter the next phase of rehab -- power walking and swimming! We are so proud of Jemme -- she has come a long way -- you can view her underwater treadmill video clips under our video tab -- amazing change! Way to go Jemme!


Aiken, SC


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