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Mucki Mutz Dog Wear Mucki Mutz® Dog Wear produce a stunning range of bespoke and luxury made-to-measure dog coats and d

Let’s see your furbabys enjoying the snow in there Mucki Mutz Suits xThese are few I seen today x

Let’s see your furbabys enjoying the snow in there Mucki Mutz Suits x
These are few I seen today x


Not only at Christmas. Forever- adopt the poor souls waiting for a place in your heart. ❤️❤️❤️


This gorgeous Goldendoodle girl is getting over looked ,please lovely peeps find it in your hearts to give her home.
We are looking for a foster home with a view to adopt

Please please Christmas is looming we need to place her before Father Christmas arrives

Do you best lovely lovely 🥰 people and share far and wide.

Please read her history before applying,and no time wasters please


Applications have been reopened due to a time waster.
Honey by name and honey by nature 🐝 . Such a sweet sweet girl who needs to be an only dog. Honey will thrive in a home without small children. Honey just needs someone to share her life with, she needs an active home with people willing to put the time in to train her and be with her throughout the day.

Honey adores attention and is easily trainable ,if you put in the commitment she needs throughout her life she can give you so much more in return🥰


Please purchase some raffle tickets 🎟️
Last few weeks to obtain them ,thank you
All proceeds going to Doodle Aid

Our Christmas Bonanza is to take place on Monday 4th December. 6 wonderful prizes are on offer including a wonderful dog hamper which includes lots of goodies for your pooch all in a wicker basket in the shape of a bone. Tickets £5 for five. Please pay Paypal: [email protected] quoting Xmas to be in with a chance to win.


Can you help us find Hudson.

He was out with his dog walker today in the North Third area and ran off after being spooked.

His owners are out searching the area just now.

If you see him, please call his owner on 07872 917960 or call us on 01786 815560.

Thank you.

Note - please only comment on this post if you can help reunite Hudson with his very worried owners.


Applications are now closed
📖Please read this advert for Honey ,fully before applying ,thank you ❤️

Location Essex 📍Postcode Area CO13
The potential applicant will be required to travel to do several meet and greets.

Honey is looking for a new home due her owners change of circumstances,due to health related issues.
She is very much loved in her current home ,but her owner feels she needs more than what she is getting at present.A very unselfish act of kindness to put Honeys needs first.

❌Honey must not be be given food around other dogs ,this includes treats as she can be food aggressive around other dogs.
Dislikes small babies the noise of crying etc she gets worried and wants to hide.

❌Honey needs to be the ONLY DOG a in the home

❌Children over the age of 10 only (who are dog savvy) no visiting babies or small children it unnerves her.

❌Does not live with a cat ,has been to a visitors house with cats will chase them

❌No full time workers,Honey thrives on human company and needs to be secure and settled with people around her.

❌A safe & secure garden is a must ,as Honey does not have a garden at present, she so would love to do some zoomies in her own garden.

Meet Honey 🦮
Type Cockapoo
Born April 2022
Colour Apricot & White
Honey is spayed
Height 17 inches
Weight 6.2 kilo’s
Vaccinations up to date
Up to date with flea/worming treatments
Honey has no known allergies

Grooming Requirements 🛁
Honey has a curly /wavy coat,only minimally sheds ,all dogs shed some amount.
Likes to be brushed by her owner .
Attends a professional groomers every two weeks for a bath,there after every 8 weeks for a full groom.

Exercise 🏃‍♀️
Honey is taken out for a walk twice daily,she loves her walks.
Only has been off her lead in a safe and secure area.
Honeys recall needs some working on,would benefit with some training classes,good bonding for all.
We do not advise any new owners of rescue dogs ,to let them off lead until their recall is 100% .
Honey does not pull on her lead, loose lead training is good to keep practicing.
Interacts ok with other dogs whilst out and about.

General Information ℹ️
Honey is still a young dog,very energetic,loves to play,may jump up when excited,loves people and her toys.
She is toilet trained but with any new dog coming into a strange environment,please always expect the unexpected.
Honey sleeps in her owners bedroom
Non destructive in her home
Honey is not crate trained
She travels well in the car,all dogs should be secured in a car whilst travelling
Honey dislikes the big bad Hoover
She adores the water
Her favourite pleasure is her toys and her ball

Honey is still very young dog,and loves human company.
She needs an active home ,with people willing to put the time in to train her and be with her throughout the day.
Honey adores attention and is easily trainable ,if you put in the commitment she needs throughout her life.

All potential applications will be subjected to a full homecheck.

If you live in rented accommodation ,we will require written proof that a dog can live in this home

An adoption fee of £350.00 will apply

To apply for Honey click here ➡️

Once you see applications closed ,this will be the time we contact everyone in due course.

We are only a small team and may not be able to answer messages promptly,so please bare with us.



📖Please do read very carefully before applying for Betsy ,thank you 📖

Location 📍Lancashire Post Code area BB5 ,we will require the potential applicant to travel to carry out several meet & greets.

Betsy is looking for a new forever home due a break up,her owner is finding it hard juggling work,two cats who dislike Betsy and vice versa ,the cats have had to stay in another room.

Can live with ONE other dog

Can live with children 13 and over ONLY who are dog savvy.
(No visiting small children) tends to jump up

No cats

Betsy would like a garden she can have a run about and play in,at present she hasn’t got the pleasure of a big garden.Not a communal garden please.

If you have a holiday planned please state on your application form

Meet Betsy 🐕‍🦺
Type Goldendoodle
DOB December 2020
Colour Black
Female who is spayed
Height 20 inches
Weight 34 Kilos
Vaccinations are up to date booster due December 2023
Flea/worming treatment up to date
Vet report stated she had sublingual mucocele ,which resolved spontaneously
No known allergies

Grooming Requirements 🛁
Betsy has a soft curly coat,which only sheds minimally all dogs shed some amount
She is not keen on being groomed ,will allow you to brush her but sometimes thinks it is a game.
This will be something that needs working on with some tasty treats in offering.
Will need a full groom every 8 weeks ,dislikes the hair dryer.
When seeking a professional groomer explain the situation to them,and ask if you can take her for short visits to get her used to the grooming salon and the grooming experience.Most groomers will appreciate this feed back ,it helps them to understand the dog in question.

Exercise Routine 🏃
Betsy is walked twice a day for at least one hour,at the weekend she gets longer walks.
She likes to roll in mud,poop,dead animals and go into streams so please take note.
Betsy goes off lead in a safe and secure field.
Betsy loves to play with other dogs,but not all dogs will tolerate this ,so her owners will pop on on her lead when necessary out of respect to other dogs.
Her recall is hit and miss we recommend working on her recall (no rescue dog should be off lead ,until you have trust in one another they will come back to you )
Betsy is fair to good on her lead,unless she gets distracted by something.

General Information ℹ️

Betsy has lots of energy she is very lively and bouncy. Bets wants to play with everyone and everything which does have its challenges. She is very needy, particularly with her owner has always has been like this with her,which is what makes this so difficult. Betsy likes to be involved in everything you do, from making the tea to doing DIY, her nose is always an inch or 2 away from whatever it is you are doing. Sat at the table, Betsy will pull up a chair to join you, sat on the sofa watching tv she will sit next to you, sat in the waiting room at the vets she will sit on the chair next to you. Got your head in a cupboard she has hers in there too! In the shower her head is usually in there drinking the water or led by the side of it waiting for you to get out. She has no awareness of her size or what personal space means. She will come and sit on your knee or lie on you, she will jump at you, and will paw you. Is all she wants is attention. Bets loves being stroked and playing games.A typical doodle !!!

Never shown any aggression to any other dog. In terms of humans from a puppy she didn't like it when you pointed at her or tapped her nose, I think this was how she was reprimanded from her original home. So no,pointing fingers at her please.Betsy does get over excited/stimulated mostly in an evening and will hump her owner sometimes she can get vocal with this. It is difficult to describe it’s not aggressive but it is more than playful.It’s probably become a habit,which needs to be broken by her new owners.

Betsy general obedience is good when she is in the mood ,other times she came be mischievous and may not want to respond.

Betsy attended puppy training classes on Zoom ,as was during lock down. Betsy was easy to train but is extremely clever so sometimes uses this to her advantage, especially during her training.

Betsy absolutely loves people! Is all she wants to do is jump up say hello and lick your ears, maybe nibble on them too. We are currently working on this, and if ignored by the person is less likely to jump up. She loves attention.

Betsy can be destructive, she likes to chew hair clips, coasters, steal things from the worktops. Betsy does all of these for attention. She also likes to destroy her toys.

Betsy is toilet trained,with any dog entering a new home please expect the unexpected
Not crate trained
Betsy travels ok in the car but not one of her favourite things
Never been swimming but likes puddles,streams and rivers

Dislikes like being pointed at. She doesn't like the hair dryer, is ok with loud noises, fireworks etc as long as they are not too close. Her owner has only ever witnessed her once frightened, that was when I was out on a walk and another dog walker who I was talking to lifted a stick in the air to throw it for his dogs, she never used to like her ex partner swinging his golf clubs in the garden either, when he was practicing. She is not keen on being sprayed with water either,so no hose pipe spraying please.

Betsy's favourite game is tug of war. Usually with the smallest toy she can find. Please be wary when playing with Betsy, if you are going to throw something tell her to wait as she will jump for it. She can get a bit boisterous with her play and as is very unaware of her size or how strong she is. She does like to destroy her toys. She likes squeaky toys and balls and will sometimes play fetch even though she is not great at fetching the toy back.

Betsy needs to be in a home where she has lots of attention, with people who can give her lots of play time and walks. She needs to be their focus, maybe with another dog ,but not somewhere where busy lives will take over.
No full time workers please ,she needs people company and time to settle.

All potential applications will be subjected to a full homecheck.

If you live in rented accommodation ,we will require written proof that a dog can live in this home

Whilst Betsy is in Foster care ,Doodle Aid will support you in line with our terms and conditions,this will be discussed fully with the foster.

At all times if you need any support we are here to help ,we are happy to be on call by phone or email when required.

To apply to foster Betsy click here

We are only a small team and may not answer messages quickly ,so please bare with us.

Thank you


18 Melville Terrace


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On cold and particularly wet days, dogs feel the cold just like we humans do, and the addition of mud and water does not help.

Over the years we have spent a small fortune on buying dog coats from both well known and lesser known manufacturers but they have never performed as we expected and have never fitted properly. The time and money wasted and backaches on our part.. inspired us to seek a solution and from this, Mucki Mutz dog wear was born.

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