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Oak Tree Stables Livery DIY Livery Yard Your horse will have individual summer and winter paddocks, a stable and a tack room for all their feed and rugs.

Oak Tree stables is situated just outside Shipston on stour, clients will be able to enjoy 90 acres of off road riding with direct access to bridle paths leading to Brailes Hill, Honington, Idlicote and Burmington, two all weather schools with easy riding surfaces and a large set of jump for joy jumps. There are many useful extras such as a trailer and lorry park, secure tack room, toilet and chan

ging room, shavings and feed are delivered to the yard, an instructor at the yard and the owner lives on site. The price includes hay, Haylage and straw.


Our post yesterday, notified people of the yard closure whilst we await results for a strangles test…Understandably this has been shared far and wide. While it has generated a lot of kind words and support many many people have questions and concerns ❓

Strangles is a scary word, but please read on if you would like to know a little more about it 🎓

What is It?
Strangles is on of the most common diseases diagnosed in horses worldwide, with around 600 UK outbreaks each year (BHS, 2022)

Caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus equi that can easily be spread DIRECTLY through horse-to-horse contact and INDIRECTLY through contaminated equipment, clothing and boots. Unlike flu Strangles is not airborne so the bacteria can not be blown far by the wind but it can spread when a horse coughs or snorts (Horse & Hound, 2021)

What does it look like?
Typical symptoms include…
🤒 A high temperature (above 38.5)
😴 Lethargy/dull and depressed
❌ Loss of Appetite and/or not drinking
🐴 A lowered head and neck
💨 A cough
🦠 Thick, discoloured nasal discharge (often yellow or green)

Atypical Strangles
Not everyone will show the same signs so a mild fever, slight loss of appetite or other forms of nasal discharge should still lead you to contact your vet.

Some horses can be carriers and appear to be perfectly healthy, but are carrying hidden bacteria in part of their respiratory system. They may shed some of those bacteria at any time, with potential to infect other horses without anyone knowing where the disease has come from. Statistically 10% of horse exposed to strangles become carriers.

Predominantly treatment involves ‘supportive care’ to keep your horse comfortable while they fight the bacteria. Most horses recover in 3-4 weeks but should not be removed from isolation until they are tested and proved to be free from infection.

Because of the infectious nature of Strangles it is very important to carefully isolate any suspected cases. The same person should care for the horse at all times and all equipment used should be kept for that horse and disinfected effectively.

Strangles is widely feared because of its debilitating effects and potential economic impact.

While Strangles is NOT a notifiable disease yards with confirmed outbreaks are strongly recommended to notify neighbouring premises and implement stringent biosecurity precautions further spread can be prevented. Equine professionals such as farriers, physios and instructors should also be notified so they can enter and leave the yard safely

Be kind
No one wants a horse to get strangles and some times even with the best care taken some things don’t work out. It can be a stressful time, so unkind words and rumours won’t help the situation but will make it more upsetting for those involved. Strangles is widely feared because of its debilitating effects and potential economic impact. This creates a taboo around strangles and plays a large part in why owners/yards could feel like they have to ‘hide’ it. Show support, encourage openness and work together.

By doing this we will all be able to keep our horses safe and well but please remember if you hear of an outbreak your horse is highly unlikely to be unwell unless you can trace a source of direct contact.


Friday 17th February 2023

Regretfully, we have a horse at the yard presenting with strangles symptoms, although it has not yet been confirmed, we feel it best to inform our local equine community, and notify you of the closure of the yard (Shipston on Stour) until it has been resolved.

We will be working closely with Hook Norton Vets, and have implemented full bio security measures either as a great precaution or manage it efficiently if the result returns as positive.

We will update you with any further developments as is necessary, in the meantime please trust that we are giving this matter our very best attention.


Brailes Road
Shipston On Stour





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