Woodside Equestrian Centre

Woodside Equestrian Centre DIY/FULL/PART LIVERY IN HORSHAM

Possibly for ⛵️ (off site) or to rent (on site in Horsham). 10ft x 32ft cabin, 2 separate rooms with a corridor in the m...

Possibly for ⛵️ (off site) or to rent (on site in Horsham).
10ft x 32ft cabin, 2 separate rooms with a corridor in the middle, windows on all sides. Very light, clean & airy.
If renting it here, we have plenty of parking, very secure site with lovely views. Suit small business/office space, happy to rent the rooms to separate people if there's interest. Please pm me.

INDOOR SCHOOL HIRE - Horsham 20 x 60 Indoor school available to hire from 1st March  for private, groups, clinics & dog ...


20 x 60 Indoor school available to hire from 1st March for private, groups, clinics & dog agility/training etc....
Please PM me or call 07824395153 for more info.

Woodside equestrian centre  (Horsham)Course up ready for this weekends INDOOR half hour jumping slot hire. 🤪Added Saturd...

Woodside equestrian centre (Horsham)
Course up ready for this weekends INDOOR half hour jumping slot hire. 🤪
Added Saturday afternoon sessions for anyone that can't make Sunday.
All info and to book is on our website 🎄🎅☃️

Indoor half hour xc/whp slot hireWoodside equestrian centre (horsham)Sunday 18th December 2022There will be a course of ...

Indoor half hour xc/whp slot hire
Woodside equestrian centre (horsham)
Sunday 18th December 2022

There will be a course of these worker/xc type jumps up in our Indoor school for people to hire for £10 for a half hour slot. 2 people can share a half hour slot if they wish. 😁 You can put the jumps up or down, put the fillers in or put them to one side, you do whatever suits you. Also feel free to bring your instructor.

Please book online on our website -


97 signatures are still needed! Body Protector Rule


✨ Fireworks Survey ✨

I'm leading a debate about fireworks on Monday 8th November and would like to hear your thoughts!

Have your say about whether you support a ban on fireworks or not below. 👇


STOP PRESS: The RSPCA reporting log has gone live. Please use it to report any problems you have with fireworks/animals as the government need facts and figures before they take any action. Up to now there have been no official figures because no one is collecting and collating the information. This is an official RSPCA initiative to provide government with the information they need.

Although it may look like a one off survey it CAN and should be completed EVERY time an animal is affected by fireworks. You can complete it as many times as you need.

We understand that you may want to check it is bona fide before completing so you can find it on the RSPCA website. From their main page go to the menu and select:

* Get Involved
* Campaign
* Fireworks

Then Scroll down the page until you see the green box with "share your story" (almost at the bottom of the page). Click on the "share your fireworks story" button to begin.

You can see the RSPCA privacy notice at the bottom of their page.


Larger sandpit has been put down in the dog field! 😬🤪🤪


3 signatures are still needed! Open indoor riding schools


⚠️Due to a cancellation I have space in the 90cm group on my working hunter pony clinic on Monday at Woodside Equestrian Centre⚠️

Livery available.Woodside equestrian centre (Horsham)Due to one of our long term liveries elderly horses sadly passing a...

Livery available.
Woodside equestrian centre (Horsham)

Due to one of our long term liveries elderly horses sadly passing away and we no longer hold a waiting list.
We have one stable for 4 or 5 day assisted livery available.
We have individual summer & winter turn out,
30 x 60 floodlit outdoor school,
20 x 60 indoor school,
Great hacking directly on to st Leonards forest,
xc course.
Space to park a horsebox/trailer.
Owners live on site.
For more information please pm, tx or call 07824395153


Want to ride out of the rain this week we have two upcoming clinics at Woodside Equestrian Centre in the indoor Arena so we can all stay in the dry!

Weds 9th from 5pm
Sat 12th from 12.30pm

Group and private slots available

For further info and to book please whats app Carl on 07867 499499


Times for my WHP clinic!🦄

20th December

At Woodside Equestrian Centre in Horsham

9am Private (FULL)
10am Private (FULL)
11am Private (FULL)
12pm Private (FULL)
1pm 50cm (FULL)
2pm 60cm (1 SPACE LEFT)
3pm 70cm (2 SPACES LEFT)
4pm 80cm (2 SPACES LEFT)
5pm 90cm (2 SPACES LEFT)

Please get in touch to book on, I have spaces left in all groups!

I can also put a poles/bottom hole group in if people are interested. I haven't had anybody book onto it so far so took it out!

Can I please also remind everyone to pay their deposits if they haven't already as your place is not secure unless you have paid it and its very difficult to organise if I don't know who is definitely coming!



Equine Affairs is the UK's leading riding diary of equestrian horse events, horse shows, horse dates and horse events, training information service, all online horse events and horse shows including 20,000 schedules, 7,000 clinics, 1,800 equestrian centres and equestrian shopping. We make sure that....


Woodside Equestrian Centre HORSHAM - THURSDAY 29TH (TOMORROW!)
1:30pm - 70cm (2 spaces left)
2:30pm - 80-90cm (3 spaces left)
3:30pm - Private
4pm - Private
4:30pm - Private

Cost £30 Groups (max of 4) £40 private

Call Carl on 07867 499499


‼️Guess what’s coming‼️
We are delighted to announce The Billy Stud Spring Online Auction on Sunday 24th May! We will be bringing you our most exciting group of 4 year olds - full details to follow!
To keep up to day with all the news about the auction register at


******* Equine Herpes Virus *******

Equine Herpes Virus is a very infectious virus which can cause respiratory disease, neurological disease and abortion in mares. If you have any questions regarding EHV, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are concerned about your horse, particularly if he or she has a high temperature, please give us a call straight away. Biosecurity measures are in place.
Risk of infection can be minimised with good biosecurity measures, i.e avoiding close contact or sharing of water or feed buckets with other horses, particularly at competitions, and isolating new horses at livery yards. Known cases should be isolated
Should we be worried about our own horses, and what can we do to protect them from infection? Hopefully we can answer your questions in the information below.
There are actually five forms of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV). As vets, we most frequently deal with EHV-1 and EHV-4. These strains of EHV are very common, and almost every horse will have been exposed or infected at one time or another. The most common signs are those of an upper respiratory tract infection. Depending on the infecting strain and the individual horse’s immune response, the severity can vary markedly from little or no clinical signs to a high temperature, lethargy, purulent nasal discharge and cough. The incubation period ranges from approximately 2-10 days. EHV can set up a latent infection, ie the virus remains in the horse after cessation of clinical signs, and can become reactivated at times of stress. The horse might not exhibit clinical signs during these periods but can spread EHV in oral and respiratory secretions.
In pregnant mares, EHV-1 and EHV-4 can also cause abortion. The abortion tends to occur in late pregnancy regardless of the time at which the mare became infected. If many mares on a stud are infected, particularly with EHV-1, we might therefore see ‘abortion storms’ in which many mares abort within a short period of time. Clearly, the emotional and economic effects of this can be terrible.
In rare cases, EHV can invade the nerve tissue of the spinal cord. The resulting inflammation causes weakness and ataxia (wobbliness) and can quickly progress to recumbency. Unfortunately, the majority of these neurological cases are fatal.
As EHV is a virus, we cannot kill it with antibiotics. Treatment involves supportive therapies such as anti-inflammatories, and administration of intravenous or oral fluids.
Since EHV is so widespread within the horse population, it is very difficult to pin point the source of infection.. There is a vaccine for EHV-1 and EHV-4, which can reduce the severity of clinical signs and reduce the shedding of the virus by infected horses, but does not give complete protection from infection. It is currently not known whether the vaccine is effective against the neurological form of the disease. ‘Zylexis’, which is an immune stimulant, can also be used to help reduce the severity of respiratory signs, but is not known to have any effect on the neurological form of EHV.

We have produced a small poster providing information regarding EHV and sensible biosecurity precautions. If you would like one to pin up at your yard please let us know and we'll be happy to e-mail it to you. If you have any questions not covered by the poster please don't hesitate to contact us.


The Billy Stud is holding their annual online auction on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd October 2019, with a collection that includes proven bloodlines at the highest level of the sport.


Continue to support the fight.

Bless Dan, that's amazing.

Bless Dan, that's amazing.

Congratulations to Greenholme Falcon ridden by Chantelle Chapman who has been crowned the first ever champion of the SEIB Insurance Brokers Search for a Star M&M Championship.
The pair were also best of breed.

***ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN ONLINE FOR OUR HAVE A GO EVENTERS CHALLENGE SHOW.***Event held in our sand/rubber outdoor school...

Event held in our sand/rubber outdoor school, so no mud!! 🙈😉

*************ENTRIES WILL CLOSE ON 5th DECEMBER**************

9th December 2018


Click on the link below or go to our website, entries will be limited. So classes will be closed when full.

Have a go Eventers Challenge
Sunday 9th December 2018
Email - [email protected]

Class 1 - 60cm
Class 2 - 70cm
Class 3 - 80cm
Class 4 - 90
Course of 10 - 12 jumps first part over show jumps, second part will be timed over whp/xc jumps.
Rosettes 1st - 6th place.
Payment Details & Event Fees
£10 per horse/rider
All entries in advance so individual times can be given.
Arena Eventing: All classes will be run over a section of Show Jumps followed by a section of cross-country/natural fences. The Cross-country section will be timed. Winner will be the fastest time over the timed section. All classes will be run under Single Phase. 5 second penalty added for each refusal (on either show jump section or xc section), 10 seconds to be added for a knock down, 3 refusals in total – elimination. Any riding deemed dangerous by judges/steward may incur elimination. Judges decision is final. 1st fall of rider - elimination. Fall of horse – elimination. BE compliant XC kit must be worn.

**60 x 20 INDOOR SCHOOL AVAILABLE TO HIRE IN HORSHAM.**             WOODSIDE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE We are more than happy fo...


We are more than happy for anyone wanting to hold -
clinic's, private lesson's or groups.

Book on our website 👍😁

Tel - 07824395153
Email - [email protected]

Course is up ready for our first sj slot. 👍😁

Course is up ready for our first sj slot. 👍😁


Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that helped out today with our clear round eventers challenge as always literally couldn't do it without you. Thank you also to everyone that came and had a go, hope you enjoyed yourselves. It's been a great day. 👍😁

Woodside Equestrian Centre (Horsham)Clear round eventers challenge 19th AugustThe course is up and ready for the first c...

Woodside Equestrian Centre (Horsham)
Clear round eventers challenge 19th August

The course is up and ready for the first class at 60cm for tomorrow's clear round eventers challenge.
Indoor school warm up,
Hot and cold refreshments available,
Clear round rosettes

The indoor school has had a mini make over!! It's been a mammoth task 😳😮 A huge Thanks to mum, Brian, Lee (the handyman!...

The indoor school has had a mini make over!! It's been a mammoth task 😳😮 A huge Thanks to mum, Brian, Lee (the handyman!) And Neil (who now can't wait to go back to work again next week!! 🤣😂) It's had new boards from floor to ceiling and a lick or 2 of paint!!!



Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 7pm
Sunday 9am - 7pm




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