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Now residing in Offenham Worcs. I am an advocate for modern force free training methods.

I have over 15yrs experience within animal welfare , rescue & rehabilitation in the Essex area. I have studied various husbandry and behavioural courses in relation to dogs , cats and small animals. I have fostered , rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of dogs , rabbits , guinea pigs, hamsters , tortoises, birds even an African Pygmy Hedgehog and 2 Bearded Dragons.


For dog & dog behaviour nerds like me.


More handmade dog wreaths.


Have you cracked open your festive chocolates yet?

We've created our own selection box of puppies you can sponsor as a gift for that hard to buy for friend or relative.

You can now choose from a range of our life-saving trainees to sponsor, from Spaniels to Poodles, if one just isn’t enough or you want a different present for different people.


Hi folks
I'm selling my doggy wreaths again to raise some funds for animal charities.


Post a pic as a clue to what your dog's name is.

Crispy!  We all know what that means...❄️🐩💩😀

Crispy! We all know what that means...❄️🐩💩


Hi folks!
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Today’s the day! You’ve adopted a rescued ex street dog and you can’t wait to get her home and introduce her to your family, friends and neighbours. Before you do, just stop for one moment and think of things from your dog’s point of view.

If you’ve adopted an ex street dog this might be the first time she’s ever had to enter a house. It’s very common for ex street dogs to be wary of entering narrow doorways, and simple things like changes in floor surfaces (rugs, laminate, carpet) or a wobbly paving slab can be challenging for your newly adopted dog.

Take a quick look at the photo. Break things down and you can see there’s a lot for your dog to consider and navigate before she’s even set a paw inside your house!
Your dog’s previous experience of being indoors might have involved a worrying visit to a vet clinic or a frightening overcrowded dog pound.

The clang of your metal gate might remind her of a scary dog trap, the shape of your nice shiny railings might invoke memories of being brutally captured with a catch pole.
Whilst living on the streets she had good reason to be hyper vigilant of anything new or unusual in her environment. Many ex street dogs have experienced significant prior abuse and trauma.

While you are getting to know each other, please take extra care to take things slowly. Don’t expect too much of her, too soon. Ask Aunt Marg to come visit in a few weeks, when your dog has had time to explore your home, to trust you, gain confidence and feel safe. The neighbours and their kids might be super excited to meet your new family member but introductions can wait a while.

If the rescue group you’ve adopted your dog from has advised you to initially avoid taking your dog to the local park and busy main roads please respect their advice.

Even if you’ve previously cared for a dog, please ensure you learn all you can about canine body language so you can be aware of how your dog is feeling.

If you are patient in these early days, weeks and months you will set your dog up for success and give her a positive and gentle introduction to her wonderful new life.

©️ Caring for Rescued ex Street Dogs 2017

Spring days in the paddock.

Spring days in the paddock.


Nommy noms for your dogs

8wks on from my silly accident I'm out of a cast and into an orthapaedic boot. The meccano is doing it's job and I am pa...

8wks on from my silly accident I'm out of a cast and into an orthapaedic boot. The meccano is doing it's job and I am part weight bearing on crutches for another 6wks. Frustratingly long recovery as I'm still not able to get up to the paddock but at least it's all going to plan.

Amazon proof of delivery photo.

Amazon proof of delivery photo.

Look out for my leaflets 👀

Look out for my leaflets 👀


It’s pumpkin season! 🎃 If you're off to a pumpkin patch or picking up one or two from the supermarket, don't forget to get the dog one too! 🐕 This bowl (and bowel!) boosting superfood is highly beneficial for;
​🧡 Boosting immune health
​🧡 Improving skin & coat
​🧡 Regulating bowel movement
​🧡 Improve muscle health
​🧡 Boost hydration
​🧡 Reduce issues with diarrhea

Simply removing the seeds, steam or bake your pumpkin until the flesh is soft, scoop out the flesh and wait to cool before feeding. Freeze the rest into ice cube trays to use all winter!


How is everyone coping in the downpours?
Have to close the paddock today as it's quite soggy !


Have you seen our Snuffle Pumpkins?Available in Small, Medium & Large! 🎃🧡

SALE ends Sunday - don't miss out on the fun! 🐾✨


Major, an 11-year-old Anatolian Shepherd, is Dog Trust Loughborough's biggest ever resident. | ITV News Central


Don't forget you get every 4th dog paddock session free.

We also offer daily use for £50 per month.


Afternoon folks
Could you please try the BOOK NOW button for me ? It seems to not be working for some including me yet I can't find any problem with the settings. There is an option to message for anyone wishing to book.
Many Thanks,
Auntie Donna x


A case study for you to work through from start to finish - reactive behaviour to people. Session expected to be up to 3.5 hours.

So glad that Hannah enjoyed her Birthday at the hut and paddock with her hooman and doggy pals & our delicious afternoon...

So glad that Hannah enjoyed her Birthday at the hut and paddock with her hooman and doggy pals & our delicious afternoon tea boxes. Merrywell Shepherds Hut


This week, this very week someone messaged to tell me a dog had turned up for a meet and greet with them wearing a prong collar.

At the advice of a dog 'trainer' the guardians were:

Eating out of the dog's bowl before they gave him his food.

Waking him up and moving him out of his bed so they could stand in it.

They were so relieved to find out it was all nonsense.

That they didn't actually have to do those things for their dog to feel understood.

Dogs deserve so much better than that.

People deserve so much better than that.

With so much free education at our fingertips.

With so many people who know the truth desperate to educate.

How is this silliness still happening?

Eating out of your dog's bowl?

Moving them out of their bed to stand in it?


It beggars belief.

It does.

I'm so grateful that my dogs will never be exposed to the madness in the World. Safe till they leave this Earth. Safe to be who they are, Safe to sleep when and where they choose until they are ready to wake. Safe to have an opinion or 10.


Making sure I don't move.

Making sure I don't move.


REHOMED - Stella is an 8 month old chihuahua x JRT who is looking for a new family. We are having some website problems at the moment so please see all her details in comments below


There so many benefits to using a long line during walks. For dogs that tend to pull, avoiding the trap of turning walks into a situation of constant conflict and nagging you can use a long line to break up learning. Long lines create a sense of choice and ability to leave for reactive dogs. Long lines allow a dog to sniff, and explore while maintaining safety. They provide a lot of opportunity for safety and choice for our dogs!

This is the step by step process by which I teach long line boundaries to avoid conflict and pulling. It's a wonderful way to establish the distance the dog can travel before being asked to return and lays the foundation for off leash skills in the future.


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