Lisa Kelly's House Call Grooming

Lisa Kelly's House Call Grooming House Call Grooming is I come to your home with my tools use your tub, sink , washroom or garage and your pet never leaves the comfort of his own home .

House Call Grooming is becoming more and more popular . House call grooming is sometimes better for your pet if they have anxiety or seperation issues ...With house call I come to you in my vehicle , not a mobile van , but I come into your home set up my table and equipment and groom away . Please ask if you don't understand I can tell you more about it .

Operating as usual

Photos from Humane Society of Lebanon County's post

Photos from Humane Society of Lebanon County's post

Photos from Humane Society of Lebanon County's post

Photos from Humane Society of Lebanon County's post


Today would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday!

We are posting a donate button for this post for donations to our animals in honor of Betty White. She was a big animal lover and the #bettywhitechallenge is all about donating to an animal charity of your choice in her name. ♥️

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads


According to the SPCA and Humane Society, in the next 4-8 weeks, you'll all be seeing the "We need to re-home our pet..." posts. These are the people who went ahead and purchased puppies & kittens as Christmas gifts who are suddenly allergic, moving, having a baby, don't have time, their kids won't take care of it, didn't think they'd get so big, blah, blah, blah. Problem is, almost 90% of unwanted pets, sadly end up in kill shelters.

Allow me to break it down for you.

You didn't know you had an allergy? Oops. Don't let the pet suffer, buy some allergy medicine, if you love your pet, it's absolutely worth a shot.

You're moving? What city are you moving to that doesn't allow dogs? Bullsh*tville? You have a responsibility to your living, breathing family member to plan ahead to find a house, apartment or condo that will ALLOW your family member. Period.

Oh, you had no idea you were due to have a baby in 2 months? Interesting. Get a dog trainer if you're housing a breed you fear might become an issue. It's also worth a shot.

Don't have time for ONE 15 minute walk, or to have a dog just sit next to you while you're home? Really? So they're better off in a shelter than waiting in your house for you to get home? Ok, perhaps get another pet to keep them company or look for a local dog-sitter.

Oh, you mean your 5 year old didn't step up to the plate to feed, walk and scoop poop? And this surprised you? I guess it's time for YOU to step up and model responsibility for your child.

Wrong size? Not cute as an adult? Not quite the personality you expected? Look in a mirror, how did you turn out? Should we send you back? 😡

💗We want to thank all of you that care for your pets as family. Thank you to all that foster and help us save as many as possible💗

#postyourpet #unconditionallove #familymembers 🐶😿


Her legacy lives on in all we do.

Photos from Frida's Foundation's post

Photos from Frida's Foundation's post

Photos from Pennsylvania SPCA's post

Photos from Pennsylvania SPCA's post

Both are abuse

Both are abuse

Obesity is the biggest challenge I have to deal with (pun intended).

Anyone looking for a young male pitty?  ... needs home ASAP due to emergency situationPlease contact me for more informa...

Anyone looking for a young male pitty? ... needs home ASAP due to emergency situation

Please contact me for more information

Remember dogs feet are very sensitive and it's been hot outside

Remember dogs feet are very sensitive and it's been hot outside

Photos from Humane Society of Lebanon County's post

Photos from Humane Society of Lebanon County's post


Thank You for contacting us
We are still currently shut down


Happy New Year! I pray that it will be a better year soon and that we may open back up and grow bigger and better than before

This looks like a dog I groomed once

This looks like a dog I groomed once

‼️I am lost‼️

Please help us find this man’s parents! We just picked him up at our local police station. 🚓

Soon will be here ..Let your furry friends have some fun

Soon will be here ..
Let your furry friends have some fun

Woofers and Whiskers

Woofers and Whiskers

I had a very special customer send this to me today. I had to share! If you all want to share this too feel free to do so!

The Vetting Zoo

The Vetting Zoo

Attention:. This weekend I was walking my dog at Memorial Lake and one of the park rangers stopped me to alert me to the fact that Blue Green Algae is present in the lake! As some of you may know, this is very toxic (lethal in some cases!) to dogs. Please.....if going up to Memorial Lake, do NOT let your dog drink from the lake! Bring along your own water for them to drink. Please help save a dog's and share this far and wide.
Dr. Diane


It is with a heavy heart that we've decided to close down the end of August ...Due to the uncertainty of this virus and the new regulations that go along with it we've made the decision to shut down... we will honor every appointment until August 31st ...we will also do our best to help you find another groomer or to do what's best for you and your furry friends....
We are not sure how long we will shut down or if we will ever open for business again ...
Thank You all for being great clients during our time open and during the first half of this year alone .... we hope that we can try to regroup and possibly offer our services to the community again someday .... again thank you all for supporting our small business.


Pawsitively Pom Rescue

Pawsitively Pom Rescue


We just spoke with Dr. Rosenthal at CVCA. Snickers is doing well, but the surgery was not a success. He said his team literally worked up a sweat trying every catheter and every possible means to navigate through the vein, but that vein was just too small.

He mentioned an alternative open heart procedure but said very few surgeons are experienced and most pups do not survive. He said if it were his pup, he would let Snickers live out his life rather than take such a large risk.

Snickers could live to be 5-8 years old until his heart catches up to him. We will post more as he recovers from today’s attempt.

God love you Snickers...and may the Amish puppy mill owner where you came from rot in hell for repeatedly breeding Poms that produce this congenital defect.


Operation Snickers Ticker is underway! He is undergoing a balloon valvoplasty today to repair his heart. Thank you to all who donated!! We are only $1,000 short of covering his $4,860 bill. You can help Snickers by donating via PayPal at [email protected].

Park Pets Veterinary Clinic Kinnegad

Park Pets Veterinary Clinic Kinnegad

We captured a great explanatory video of a pug’s difficulties with breathing today. Her owner was shocked to find out that nearly all pugs have genetic deformities of their airways and soft palate. If you watch you’ll see how difficult it is for them to breathe. In a normal dog the soft palate should only slightly overlap the epiglottis and when it is elongated or deformed it can interfere with airflow either by blocking the larynx or by problems with negative pressure. In my experience 95 percent of pugs need soft palate surgery and widening of their nostrils or other surgical procedures to help them breathe.

Decades of overbreeding for short faces has produced this difficulty where they spend their days fighting for air. Sadly breeders don’t often warn owners about this problem.

They are very cute and have fantastic little personalities, but hopefully they’ll be bred with longer noses in future. With a blockbuster coming out soon #patrickthemovie we hope we can highlight this problem and make people aware of it.

Please take all precautions to keep your furry friends safe

Please take all precautions to keep your furry friends safe

on July 4
Than any other holiday!

Please keep them inside and safe.

If you are traveling with pets, use two leashes, pet seat or carrier.

Now is the time of year to ensure pets are chipped, the chips are working, registered and your contact information is current.

Lost or Found a pet? Contact Find Toby in PA to help reunite them.


All this may not quite apply , just know we are trying to figure out ways for the safety and well being of our furry friends and their families:

To my clients:

I just saw this on a hairstylist’s page, I have adjusted it for the grooming process. I will have a couple of my own rules/guidelines to add to this as well, but this is pretty awesome:

✂️Yes- grooming salons will reopen- at some point- it’s different for every state, every salon✂️

What can CLIENTS do, to help salons navigate a new 'normal' you ask?🤔

💥Know your dog was missed terribly and your dog groomer is grateful for your return 🙏🏻
💥Know safety measures were created for all involved.
💥Know the importance of coming **alone** as extra people compromises everyone.
💥Know your dog groomer cannot physically work 16 hour days 7 days a week, rest is essential for all..😴
💥Know your dog’s initial visit will take more time, and it may be a shorter version of the haircut that you are used to for them.
💥Know that coming in sick *isn’t* an option
💥Know that rescheduling hundreds of clients will take time...🤔⌚
💥Know that when you arrive you will need to wait until no other customers are in the salon for drop off
💥Know that your groomer is thrilled to see you, and even though she/he may *want* or *need* a hug, your presence, is the best hug ever. 😷
💥Know that your health and the groomers health is the biggest concern
💥Know that your groomer may choose to open at a later date than the state you’re in has allowed, being respectful of that decision takes an unimaginable load off his/ her brain and heart.
💥Know your groomer has already lost thousands of 💸💸 and has no desire to replace it with a ventilator for either of you, so plz be patient. ❤
💥Know that if your health is already high risk, you need to wait, your health is more important.
💥Know that your opinion of the entire situation won't change laws and rules necessary for everyone's safety so plz keep the conversation to your dogs current needs and how we can make them happy and healthy ❤
💥Know that while trying to connect with your groomer, there are hundreds of others attempting the same thing, responses will be slow coming as your groomer is preparing everything and answering everyone simultaneously
💥Know, above all else, no one is more excited about your arrival than your groomer- help make it the best appointment ever!!!🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Together we can make this work safely for everyone❤❤


If any of my clients want to write to the governor about letting groomers back to work and why we are essential here is the address. When you fill out the form all you get is an automatic response. Maybe if her had thousands of letters on his desk he would take us seriously.

Governor Tom Wolf
State Capitol Building
508 Main Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120

Please help us safely get back to grooming your furry friends

Please wait! We all would love to be working if we could .... right now is the time to keep everyone safe  ( including f...

Please wait! We all would love to be working if we could .... right now is the time to keep everyone safe ( including furry friends) grooming is a professional skill ... please don't risk hurting your pup

Just please keep brushing

The Honest Groomer

The Honest Groomer

Share away


Missing our clients post pictures if you can


Womelsdorf, PA


(717) 454-7879


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House Call Grooming is becoming more and more popular . House call grooming is a premium service providing one on one time with your pet in the privacy of your home . House call is ideal for pets who suffer from separation anxiety , motion sickness riding in the car , Or also for people who can not drive . I provide all the equipment and expertise that is required to groom your pet all that is required by you is a space to groom near an electrical outlet and access to a sink or tub to wash your furry friend . Please if you’d like to know if house call could benefit you contact us today .

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