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Hi! My name is Clare, and I began Piper & Friends two years ago because I wanted to offer an Animal Care Service that provides every client pet with an exceptional level of care. These are not just my charges; they are your pets, and therefore I treat each one as if he/she is my own. Animals are my passion, and I am truly an animal person at heart - my clients recognize that. When introducing myself I often refer to myself not as the dog walker – that would be Piper, my dog – but rather as the two-legged chauffer! I have the absolute love, trust, and confidence of my “pack” – and also the respect, obedience and control that necessarily follows when there is a healthy, balanced relationship. I have both worked and volunteered in the field of animal welfare/rescue. These experiences, added to the knowledge gained from independent studies done as I pursued my own intense curiosity and motivation to learn new things, have given me a solid base from which I feel confident working with animals of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. I have some basic training experience as well as a good fundamental understanding of how to overcome issues of fear, abandonment, stress, mild aggression, and many others. As previously referenced, if I come across a question to which I do not know the answer, I love to research and find an answer. A safe, healthy, and happy pet is always my goal in every situation – whether you, the owner, are leaving for the day or for a week. I have been working independently for going on two years now and have fantastic clients who can provide references. I am available to do dog walking (1-hour sessions), pet sitting/overnights (preferable to boarding, especially if your dog is very people oriented!), and also house visits/daily checks (for cats or less needy dogs.) Whatever your situation, I would love to meet you and your pet and discuss your needs. So please, send me an email! Piper and I can’t wait to meet you! A Few Things to Know Regarding Dog Walks: • I only walk 3 client dogs at a time (I will only ever have 4 dogs, including Piper) • I LOVE Compo Beach and Winslow Park!! We here in Westport are so lucky to have these two places in our town, and it is my preference to take dogs to these off-leash areas assuming they are comfortable in their surroundings, obedient to my commands, and ready to have fun! If your dog is home all day while you are at work, consider the benefits of an extra walk! They’ll be much happier for it, especially younger dogs. There’s no extra charge for me to take him/her to the park/beach rather than on the streets of your neighborhood and they get the benefits of running around vs. walking on leash. (Of course I will never take any dog off leash unless I have your express permission to do so ahead of time!) • I will typically pick your pet up at your home (accessed by a key, garage code, or other prearranged method), drive him/her in my car to our destination, walk/play/exercise!, return him/her to the house, and be sure to lock the doors upon my departure. However, I am also open to “drop-offs” at locations such as Compo Beach or Winslow Park if arranged ahead of time.


Welcome! Many thanks to John Videler and his wonderful Blog supporting us! If you are a first time visitor, please be sure to click on "Info" (over on the left, underneath my picture) to learn all about me and my company. Basic Pricing information can also be found by following the link below this post. I'm glad you're here and I'd love to hear from you and your pet(s) soon, so send me an email to [email protected]!

Professional Pet Photography by Friend Videler Photography!

Professional Pet Photography by Friend Videler Photography!


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Some of Piper's Friends!

Some of Piper's Friends!


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