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“Can an action be both right and wrong?”   The evolving equestrian tidies up my conflicting feelings of the derby afterm...

“Can an action be both right and wrong?” The evolving equestrian tidies up my conflicting feelings of the derby aftermath.

Can an action be both right and wrong? Can hitting and jerking on Rich Strike to keep everyone safe have been the wrong, right thing?

I am not condemning the outrider. He did what he felt he needed to do to keep everyone safe. His job was to manage a very difficult situation and we can not like what he did without faulting him for doing it.

I would be remiss not to share my thoughts right now on this incident with Rich Strike because not only has it sparked conversation among people in the horse industry, but the rest of the world is watching too and how we respond matters.

1. Just because that's what it took to control the horse doesn't make it acceptable.
We can accept two things simultaneously: Maybe that's what it took so he had to do it, but it's also not ok. We cannot justify certain actions or practices because they are warranted under extenuating circumstances without evaluating what first led to those circumstances. Maybe there wasn't another option for the outrider in that moment, but what could have been done/or could be done differently in the future to prevent this from happening? For example, is this horse regularly handled with a lip chain and if so maybe implementing a better training plan might help the horse be more controllable all around, because we don't stand a chance in hell of having any resemblance of control when the energy is that high after a race.

2. Every horse was whipped across the finish line. Why do we only classify certain actions that make *us* feel uncomfortable as abuse but not how the horse feels and perceives things from their lived experience? I would say being struck over and over with a whip probably feels as equally uncomfortable as being punched in the face to the horse, but for many we aren't uncomfortable with whips- they're a part of riding, but fists make us flinch, therefore one is not abuse and the other is. Time to reflect on our social conditioning in regards to what is and is not acceptable levels of force or violence in horse sports. (Someone will invariably say that whipping the horse doesn't hurt them. If whipping did not make horses feel uncomfortable, it would not be effective, i.e. the horse would not run faster.)

3. Don't judge the sport by the worst scenarios or the worst of its kind.
Before you jump on the bandwagon to shut down the racing industry, think about what would happen if we cancelled every horse sport based on the worst situations or the worst of its members. Dressage. Cross Country. Reining. Natural Horsemanship. Hell, even trail riding or kids' lessons barns. Instead of cancelling racing or any other discipline, let's promote equine welfare and advocate for reform and more ethical competitions.

We do not need to blame, condemn, or judge to do better. We just need to acknowledge, learn, and change and hold our industry accountable because the blame doesn't fall to any one man.

Dogs, Personality, and Breed with Dr Jessica Hekman
Dogs, Personality, and Breed with Dr Jessica Hekman

Dogs, Personality, and Breed with Dr Jessica Hekman

Join Sarah as she discusses the recent paper “Ancestry-inclusive dog genomics challenges popular breed stereotypes” (Morrill, et al) with one of the authors and repeat podcast guest, Dr Jessica Hekman

Dogs, Personality, and Breed with Dr Jessica Hekman
Dogs, Personality, and Breed with Dr Jessica Hekman

Dogs, Personality, and Breed with Dr Jessica Hekman

Join Sarah as she discusses the recent paper “Ancestry-inclusive dog genomics challenges popular breed stereotypes” (Morrill, et al) with one of the authors and repeat podcast guest, Dr Jessica Hekman

It’s FRIDAY then…it’s SATURDAY, SUNDAY Puppy Classes! 🥳#dogtraining, #lookingforwardtotheweekend, #dogtime, #doglovers, ...

It’s FRIDAY then…it’s SATURDAY, SUNDAY Puppy Classes! 🥳

#dogtraining, #lookingforwardtotheweekend, #dogtime, #doglovers, #puppyclasses, #doginabasket, #tricktraining, #obediencetraining, #friyay, #fridaydog, #dogweekend, #doglover, #dogfriends, #dogsofdmv, #puppylove, #puppygram, #puppylover

Ditch the six foot leash!!!
At the heart of the walk | DogFieldStudy

Ditch the six foot leash!!!

These are some results of our field study about the walks of our dogs. It explains how some behaviours can affect the dog's pulse and reveal some observations we came across during this study. The study compared walks on a 1.5m leash, a 5m leash and an unleashed walk. The dogs’ pulse was recorded ...

As teachers and owners of reactive dogs and more importantly coaches to the owners who love them, we have the utmost emp...

As teachers and owners of reactive dogs and more importantly coaches to the owners who love them, we have the utmost empathy for you.❤️

When you spend time mapping out your walks daily, packing your myriad of management tools, treats and any other helpful tips you’ve picked up along the way, taking your proactive training hat along on all your walks. Driving for hours or more to find that quiet location where the two of you can avoid triggers and focus on remaining under threshold. Or maybe the quiet location doesn’t exist for you and you have to plan enrichment and special training sessions dedicated to meeting your pup’s needs in different ways because that peaceful walk is just not doable…right now…yet…😮‍💨

And to top it all off, after all those extra training hours you both have put in, BUT all it takes is one single event to set you back….we get it.😔

The process is not a quick fix…but please don’t lose hope! We’re providing you with the most ethical and humane ways to approach behavior modification which Takes Time👈🏼⏱. And for some individuals it can take years of commitment because of the severity of their reaction.🤯

Your dog is having a hard time navigating their emotions which could include fear, anxiety, high-arousal or all of these at the same time.

👷🏻‍♀️We are rebuilding bridges and changing their mindset that relies heavily on how your dog ➡️FEELS🧠

Go easy on them and yourselves, we realize it would be best to give you a timeline to work with, but the reality is behavior is full of variables that can change at any moment and most times their environment and the stimuli they experience day-to-day can be difficult to control. We know they’re trying their absolute best, you’re trying your absolute best and we will always do our absolute best to support you!

❤️Let’s share with each other some encouraging words…what have you learned on your journey with your reactive dog? What are you both still learning and how far have they come?


#reactivedog, #reactivedogsunite, #reactivedogs, #dogpeoplearedope , #keepgoing,#normalizeimperfectdogs, #speakfordogs, #dogbehavior, #anxiousdogs, #loveofdog, #dogowners, #encourageothers

Happy St Patrick’s Day! ☘️🍀

Happy St Patrick’s Day! ☘️🍀

Best Pet Insurance Companies Of March 2022
Best Pet Insurance Companies Of March 2022

Best Pet Insurance Companies Of March 2022

One way to add some financial security in your household is to have pet insurance. It's a way to guard against having to pay the full cost of unexpected vet bills if your pet is injured or gets sick. While pet insurance plans have a common foundation of basic coverage, such as injuries and heredi

Canine Good Citizen Virtual starts March 15th! Dogs of all ages are welcome to join! https://dogtrainedvirtualclassroom....

Canine Good Citizen Virtual starts March 15th! Dogs of all ages are welcome to join!
Like our other manners classes CGC Virtual runs for five consecutive weeks and you can join from the comfort of your home! One CGC evaluation is included with the class.
This class is ideal for graduates of Puppy Manners 2.0 and/or 3.0 If you are unsure if your dog is ready for CGC Prep, feel free to chat with one of our trainers below!

Photos from Tails of Connection's post

Photos from Tails of Connection's post



After another Hollywood movie being released with a Malinois:

We all know Malinois have been an overly popular breed, but please remember there are hundreds of these dogs filling rescues and shelters because people impulse bought a breed they didn't research.

Even pet quality Malinois will find things to do if they're not provided the right amount of mental or physical stimuli.

These dogs often come with extreme drive. Don't buy a Malinois if you cant give them the amount of training they need.

Posted with permission from Roeleen Bloemhof



Your dog is not a robot, and they don't come pre-programmed to do all the things us humans want them to be able to do.

Just like you had to learn about the world around you and how to exist within it, so do dogs!

Set your dog up for success by teaching them the skills they need to be able to meet your expectations.

Happy gotcha day to this amazing Valentine!! ♥️♥️♥️ 13 years ago Lemon came home and changed my world with laughter and ...

Happy gotcha day to this amazing Valentine!! ♥️♥️♥️ 13 years ago Lemon came home and changed my world with laughter and play. Today she got everything she deserved, a hike in Dumbarton Oaks, fetch, cheese, carrots, greenies, telling her gsd sister to get off the best spot on the bed… nothing but the best for this muddy puppy. ♥️♥️♥️ #bestdogs #deafdogs #adopt #beardedcollie #beardie #whitedog #muppet #herding #fetch

Photos from Dynamic Dog Sports LLC's post

Photos from Dynamic Dog Sports LLC's post

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Yesterday afternoon, our Animal Control Team began receiving calls regarding a fox behaving aggressively in the north Arlington area. The fox had potential contact with three domestic pets and bit one human unprovoked causing injury. The fox in question was exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with rabies. Arlington County Animal Control officers were able to locate and seize a fox in the Gulf Branch neighborhood the same day.

We are urging citizens to only contact Animal Control when a fox is displaying abnormal behaviors. Urban foxes are born in our neighborhoods and are generally familiar with us, our pets, and our routines. Occasionally, a curious fox may need to be reminded to be wary of people, especially if someone has been feeding them, which is not advised or legal. The easiest way to encourage a healthy fear of people is to use humane negative conditioning techniques, called “hazing.” Some examples of hazing are to clap your hands, raise your voice, blow a whistle, or shake/toss a aluminum can with some pennies inside.

Read the entire public safety announcement here:

She's not being a DIVA! You are acknowledging aging bones, growth pains, health issues, hormones when you think about yo...

She's not being a DIVA! You are acknowledging aging bones, growth pains, health issues, hormones when you think about your dog's physical and health and how it relates to training. This is a great read.

Some phrases used on this particular episode of ‘Dogs behaving (very) badly’ where 8 year old Ruby would only get off the sofa if the rug was over the laminate flooring, and would sit down and stop on walks…

‘being a madam’

‘Controlling the diva’

‘Indulging her with rugs’

‘Thinks she’s in charge’


Is this actually a dog in pain, a dog scared of slipping and hurting, a dog trying to tell everyone that she’s uncomfortable?

It’s not indulging her with a rug, it’s making sure her own home is accessible and safe for her. She’s not ‘being a diva’ and refusing to walk, she’s telling you it hurts and she’s uncomfortable.

I’m very glad that the owners realise that this dogs weight is having a significant impact on her life but there are other things that need addressing here. I have no doubt they absolutely adore their girl, that is very clear to see, but I desperately wish they had the right kind of support for Ruby, not just let’s force her to walk and walk on a floor she’s is scared

Dogs Behaving Very Badly and The Dogfather (Graham Hall)… I’m afraid the blame falls to you on this occasion. You have a massive platform with thousands of dog owners watching every episode. How about talking about signs of pain? Indicators of discomfort? When behaviours actually tell us somethings wrong? Ways to adapt houses for older dogs and those that struggle with mobility? You could educate SO MANY owners but no, it doesn’t happen. Instead we just see an uncomfortable dog being forced to walk when she doesn’t want to, and live in an environment that she is scared of.

Dogs need us to advocate for them, to realise when we need to do more and to learn the ways that they tell us something isn’t right. Owner education is the key to this and this could have been a brilliant opportunity to do just that.


The more I do this work the more I’m convinced that what’s at the core of the most rewarding and joyful dog-human relationships isn’t training experience, or exceptional handler skills, or having raised dogs your entire life. It’s basic compassion and common sense.

It’s the ability to see the world from the point of view of another living being, in this case, from the point of view of our dogs.

It’s taking a moment to decenter ourselves and see our dogs’ behavior not based on how it impacts us, makes us look or feel, but from their point of view.

Dog training info and social media can be downright scary—pseudoscience, egos, fear mongering, and constant assertion of power and control.

People are made to feel guilty for showing their dogs basic acts of kindness or indulging in small moments of pleasure like sharing food or cuddling on the couch.

Our time with our dogs is so brief. None of us are going to look back and say, “wow, I’m so glad I never let my dog on the couch!” or “I’m so happy I didn’t comfort them when they were scared.”

Yes of course teaching life skills matters, but please don’t forget why you’ve chosen to share a life with a dog in the first place.

Don’t forget the joy and give them the compassion you’d want to receive if you were navigating a foreign world that wasn’t designed for you.

[ID: A screenshot of a tweet and tweet replies by Jack Herrera that read We give dogs a hard time for overreacting to normal things, but I think I too would react poorly if someone grabbed me and started trying to give me a bath. A stranger suddenly walks into my house? My reaction likely wouldn’t be quiet and calm. A massive explosion and a shower of sparks suddenly fills the sky for reasons I do not understand? I’d also be concerned!]

Original tweet:


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Wondering how to pick a dog trainer? There is no regulation in the dog training industry, which means anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. We have a list of recommended trainers on our website, and have two behavior LVT’s who are more than happy to answer questions about training and behavior. Ultimately, you should be comfortable with your trainer, and the methods being used. Training should be FUN! JW Dog Training & Behavior Consulting Dog Latin Dog Training and Behavior Consulting Dog Trained Animal Behavior Wellness Center WOOFS! Dog Training Center LLC Fur-Get Me Not Behavior United Your Dog's Friend @positivebehaviorsolutions Wholistic Hound Academy #dogtraining #dogbehavior #positivereinforcement #forcefreedogtraining #fearfreedogtraining #fearfreepets #themoreyouknow🌈 #clarendonanimalcare
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Hi Dog Trained Community/Gwen- Our pup Bruno has dry skin which leads to dandruff. Do have any go to fish oil supplement brands? Thanks!
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