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***A New Beginning***We have one more awesome adoption announcement to share with you to close out the weekend. This one...

***A New Beginning***

We have one more awesome adoption announcement to share with you to close out the weekend. This one is about young Coral.

Christina and Jamiel are rock star fosters for MLBR, and even though they have a couple of young kids and dogs (an MLBR alumni too), they never hesitate to raise their hands to help out pups needing a foster home. Whether it’s a mama about ready to deliver her litter of puppies, or a young pup that just needs a short-term place to be until adopted, we can always count on them to help. It was only a matter of time though, when they would end up adopting another one of their foster dogs. 😊 Here's what Christina had to say about how this adoption came to be…

“When we picked up Coral from transport to begin our fostering journey with her, she was so incredibly skinny and dirty, but you could tell she had so much love to give. As with other dogs we have fostered, we were prepared to give her as much love and kindness as possible until her Forever Family came along, and we honestly were expecting her to find her family rather quickly.

We brought her home and she instantly took to Comet, almost like they were siblings. She also loved to snuggle everyone in the house. Well, she got sick and all she wanted to do was sleep and snuggle, so off to the vet we went. We found out she was seriously dehydrated and had kennel cough. This poor girl had already been through so much in her short period of life, it was heartbreaking for us. As we doctored her back to health (which some of the treatment was new territory for us) it felt more and more like we were taking care of one of our sick babies. Coral was unknowingly stealing a place in our hearts, and we became very taken with her because through her sickness she was still so loving and had such a huge sweetness about her. As each day passed and she got healthy, she would follow me everywhere and the second she heard my voice she would perk up and be excited even if she was snuggled with one of the kids or Jamiel. It became very clear to us that she was meant to be a part of our family because she loved being with anyone of us.”

Congratulations Christina, Jamiel, Emmitt, and Caleigh! We couldn’t be happier for you all to have this new little nugget as part of your pack. Thank you for fostering and adopting…again! Please keep us updated on all the crazy fun we know you’ll be having with your new addition.

If you haven’t already done so, please check out our Baskets of Love event by clicking here:

If you haven’t already done so, please check out our Baskets of Love event by clicking here: We are so excited about this and hope many of you join us in making a young child’s day by donating so that they get an awesome Easter basket. All you have to do is go to our webstore, donate $25 for a basket, and then in mid-April, those Easter Baskets will be handed out to children by way of the Milgard Family Eastside Branch of the Boys & Girls Club of South Puget Sound. The proceeds will go to our current and future foster pups and the Baskets of Love are for the kids! It’s a win-win!

Rocky is a young boy looking for his forever home and family. He’s already pretty big, so if you have a soft spot for a ...

Rocky is a young boy looking for his forever home and family. He’s already pretty big, so if you have a soft spot for a big dog, Rocky could be your pup! He would thrive in a home that can keep him busy, so if you’re up to the challenge of continuing to help Rocky be the best boy he can be, then we want to hear from you. Check out his bio here to see if Rocky could be a match for you:

Let’s all help Rocky along on his journey by sharing him far and wide!

MLBR Alumni Pluto is such a handsome boy! His mom, Amy, had this to say when she shared these cute photos, “Just sitting...

MLBR Alumni Pluto is such a handsome boy! His mom, Amy, had this to say when she shared these cute photos, “Just sitting here wondering if Pluto was a model in his previous life...”

What do you think? GQ cover on his horizon?

***A New Beginning***We have another wonderful adoption announcement to share with you today and this time the spotlight...

***A New Beginning***

We have another wonderful adoption announcement to share with you today and this time the spotlight is on SayDee (now spelled Sadie)! When Julie and Fred realized they were ready to have a new canine family member, after being without one for quite a while, they decided fostering might be the way to go. We couldn’t be happier that they made that decision. Julie tells us how this adoption came to be…

“Everyone that knows us, knows that Boxers have always been our chosen breed, as we had one for 10 years and another for 11 years. However, our last dog was a Pitbull who was a rescue that we had for 9 years and sadly he passed away 5 years ago. After that we never found the right dog that fit our family until we saw the picture of Sadie on the MLBR website, and it was “love at first sight”. And that’s when we had to give the Foster-to-Adopt program a try. And we are so glad we did!

Sadie was quick to adapt to our family, she’s been gentle with our three grandkids who are 7, 5, and 3 and they love her too. She’s really good when riding in the car, loves going on walks and we are excited to take her camping in our RV this summer.

I am retired and love having a companion to cuddle with and my husband, Fred, loves how excited Sadie is to see him when he gets home from work with that Boxer wiggly butt greeting. She has made it so easy to fall in love with her.”

Congratulations Julie and Fred! Thank you so much for signing up for our Foster-to-Adopt program and opening your hearts and home to young Sadie. We look forward to getting a lot of updates on all the fun you have with Sadie and the grandkids, and on RV trips.

It’s raining Boxers right now at MLBR and we NEED FOSTER HOMES badly!!! We hate saying no to pups in need, because every...

It’s raining Boxers right now at MLBR and we NEED FOSTER HOMES badly!!! We hate saying no to pups in need, because every story is compelling, but the truth is, we can’t take them all. However, if we had more foster homes, we’d surely get to bring in more than we turn away. Can you help?

We also have a Foster-To-Adopt program if you’re more in the market to adopt a new dog but aren’t quite sure you’re ready to make the full commitment. With this program, you get vetted through our approval process then are added to our private Facebook group for fosters; then when a pup comes in that you’re interested in, you raise your hand and give that pup a “test drive” of sorts. All we ask is that if the dog you choose isn’t the exact dog for you, that you still continue to foster until the dog is adopted. It’s a great program and we’re having some success with it, so if you’re interested, just check that box on the application. Question? Feel free to send us an email or private message.

Each dog you foster will always take a piece of your heart, but it’s so worth it! To help you along the way, and to ensure you have a great fostering experience, MLBR provides you with everything you need – crate, bedding, food, and toys. We also cover all pre-approved medical care and offer all the support and guidance you need. Again, we ask…Can you help? Just click here to apply:

***A New Beginning***Handsome Milo didn’t have to go very far, or wait very long, to find his forever home once he joine...

***A New Beginning***

Handsome Milo didn’t have to go very far, or wait very long, to find his forever home once he joined the MLBR pack. We couldn’t be happier with this match up!! We’ll let Jim tell you the story of how this came to be:

“Well . . . It seems I’m a complete and absolute FAILURE! And I’m really not too upset about it.

A couple of days after picking up my foster boi, Milo, I sent our Adoption Coordinator a teasing note asking if there was an adopter standing by for him because he was such a great dog; as had happened with my former foster, Hooch. I should have expected the reply indicating that, in fact…she did! And it was someone I had spoken with her about months ago: a couple in my town who had lost their sweet, adopted Boxer girl in a horrible accident when she was boarded overnight. They were finally considering adopting again.

Long story short…After meeting Milo a couple of times, they eventually decided that they simply had too much going on at the moment, and the adoption fell through. Now while I wished well for that adoption because I thought he was such a good fit; it would have also meant that I would get to see him regularly, and since I adore the boi, that benefited me too! But he was up for grabs again – and plenty of interested grabbers could be expected – and I just didn’t want to hand this one off to another loving adopter. In fact, I was long-since a goner where Milo is concerned and confirmed to Peggy (the Adoption Coordinator) that I was wholeheartedly joining the ranks of Foster Failures and asked where my contract was!!

Milo is everything I could hope for in a Boxer; loveable, funny, mellow, attentive, and very well-behaved. He is wonderful with people, with my Boxer grrl Rheann, and other dogs; and even with Mab, Queen of the Fae, my cat. He has found his home…with me. And I’m delighted that he seems pleased about it too.”

Congratulations to Jim and his pack for adding this awesome pup to their family. We look forward to many updates about all the good times we know will be had with Milo.

Please meet Hunter! He is 7 years old, neutered, current on his vaccines, and he’s being fostered in Orting, WA. Simply ...

Please meet Hunter! He is 7 years old, neutered, current on his vaccines, and he’s being fostered in Orting, WA. Simply put, Hunter is perfect! If that’s all a bio required, we’d just leave it at that! But, since you probably want to know more, we’ll tell you all the wonderful things about him. He has it all!

Hunter is handsome, smart, friendly to dogs, humans, and kids. In his prior home he lived with cats. He is potty trained completely, has a perfect demeanor, a nice loud ferocious bark, an intimidating toof (just the one), with accompanying adorable glare. Hunter is also crate trained but there really isn’t any need to put him in it, as he does great being left out alone.

The only struggles Hunter has is the periodic attempt by his humans to murder him by way of a nail trim; and he can also be quite offended if you try to slip him a pill.

Hunter does occasionally have selective hearing, especially if he's itching due to the fact that he has some pretty severe allergies. These are very easily maintained though by being consistent with a proper, high quality, fresh diet designed for dogs with food allergies; and an occasional allergy shot for environmental issues. Also, keeping Hunter clean will go a long way in keeping his allergies at bay. This is an easy task because Hunter is also a dream in the tub and even gets in all on his own. Keeping an eye on Hunter’s surroundings and being on the lookout for flare-ups will assure he stays healthy and comfortable. His paws get very red and irritated when the ground is wet and mushy, so consistently wiping his paws when coming back inside and making sure they are dry will help a lot. Hunter also takes Galliprant for arthritis in his back legs and front paws. When Hunter came into the rescue his nails were all extremely long which we feel contributed to the arthritis in his front paws because he wasn’t able to walk on them correctly. His back legs just get a bit stiff if he's been on too long of a walk, but it doesn't slow him down and the Galliprant assures he is comfortable.

Hunter is always up for a good romp with his humans or other canine friends. He will find his favorite toy and play with it like it's the first time he’s ever seen it. Hunter is great on leash and loves to go on walks. He’ll show a little bit of interest in things going by him, only pulling at the beginning of a walk because he’s excited, but soon settles down to be able to check his “peemail” and to leave a response!

Hunter loves going on car rides and is a dream in the vehicle; he will just sit quietly gazing out the window with an occasional head pop-out just to get a closer look, while the aforementioned toof hanging out gets quite the attention from passersby. Hunter has other adorable traits; he likes to stand...wherever you were or are going, and he's a big boy so does not move easily, he just wants to be near his people. Not much will riff his chill, he is very easy going.

As you can see, Hunter is amazing and is deserving of the extra care he may need, and it will not take much time for him to settle right into your schedule and most assuredly your heart. If you think Hunter is the boy for you, please let us know by submitting an adoption application –


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Tank turns 9 and shared his cake with forever foster sister V***n from MustLuvBoxers Rescue.
Please keep an eye out for MustLuvBoxers Rescue foster puppy that has gone missing! She has an adoptive family lined up and desperately waiting to meet her.
Update. She was found and is back with the rescue. Washington area Please help MustLuvBoxers Rescue spread the word and find a lost foster puppy in Mt. Vernon by sharing this post. We believe someone found her and has her in their home based on a sighting at Petco.
I have a friend in Westlaco, TX & she's always posting about dogs needing rescue. Recently there were two of boxers. Do you work with any group in that area, or have the ability to rescue any of these boxers? I tried sharing the post, but even though I've "Liked" your page, it won't let me share to it. I would only be able to copy & paste.
Meet Kobe! A 16 month old, 88lb American Pit/ Cane Corso/ American Bulldog mix who was adopted in 2021, by his mom Peggy (who happens to be the Adoption Coordinator MustLuvBoxers Rescue! 🐾 Kobe brought the excitement and energy to the home that only a puppy can provide, but at just 4-months old, his family received devastating news. Kobe was born with severe hip dysplasia in both hips so Peggy knew she wanted to do everything in her power to make sure he was as comfortable and pain free as possible, that's when she turned to Big Barker beds 😊 Since getting his Big Barker, Peggy tells us Kobe is sleeping better, having a much easier time getting up, and has less pain too. His old beds flattened and bottomed out very quickly, providing little to zero support... but not anymore! 🙌 She shares that he has been happy and comfortable, and once he is all healed, these beds will continue to support him for many years to come. --> because Kobe deserves a REAL bed! ❤️
Charlie loves his snuffle ball. Thank you Tami.
The siamese boxer in it's natural habitat!
Just received my MLBR Key Chain that I ordered (and it was on sale too). I am impressed with the quality of the item. It would make great swag for a purse if you don’t need a key chain.
Loving our boy Tuck from WHBR Dec 12 2020
This is how Gobi sometimes chooses to sit.
It is time for an update on Penny. I know many of you have followed her back from the beginning when she first came to us after being hit by a car and needing a major surgery so to not have to amputate her leg, to our recent post of her being with a different rescue. We told you then we would be looking into all the events that had brought us to that time and would then make a decision we felt was in Penny’s best interest. Looking into these events has turned into quite a nightmare with so many different stories being told, to people making threats, to accusations being made on many facebook boxer pages, and the most recent being the adopter attempting to file criminal charges. Some of these threats have come from people not even involved but are people hearing only one side of what has happened and believe they are supporting somebody that was wronged. This only fuels the fire that really just needs to be put out. Here are our findings and decision: To start, we were contacted by Penny’s adopter saying somebody had stolen Penny and she was now showing up with another rescue group. I contacted Holly director of MustLuvBoxers Rescue with the intention of getting Penny reunited with the adopter but then discovered there was much more going on that we were not told. Must Luv Boxer had placed Penny in a foster home and it was decided at that point to leave Penny there while we worked through all this. After speaking with several people, and looking at copies of text messages, messenger messages, and pictures of Penny we are 100% convinced that Penny was not stolen. The adopter was in a Fred Meyer parking lot around 10:30/11:00 pm and his behavior had caught the attention of the stores security. When an employee of Fred Meyer made contact with the adopter, he was in a cart stall hunkered down behind some carts with 2 dogs. He did have a vehicle in the parking lot that had broke down and there was another person working on the vehicle. The employee was very concerned about one of the dogs as it was extremely skinny. This dog was Penny. The adopter told the employee that she had been hit by a car a few days prior and something about her medication upsetting her stomach and she was not eating. The employee said it appeared the adopter was living out of the car. She asked the adopter to let her have the dog as it was clearly needing to see a vet and the adopter handed Penny over to the employee. Over the next few weeks there were some text messages between the employee and adopter and they did meet at a park one time for the adopter to visit with Penny. There was no mention of taking Penny back or setting a date to do so. Many of the text from the adopter were about cars and attempting to borrow money from the employee. Penny was taken to the vet and she was extremely emaciated and dehydrated. As for medications the adopter stated she was on—they were not given to the employee, if there were any. The employee did not witness Penny refusing to eat. The employee stated that Penny ate like she had not ate for awhile and drank so much water she had to stop her and only allow her to drink small amounts at a time. Penny continued to eat every meal. The employee had a family emergency and needed to go take care of her mother. After several attempts to contact the adopter she reached out to a local rescue group – this is where Must Luv Boxer came into all this. They took Penny in and placed her in a foster home. The adopter did finally contact the employee almost a week later and was told where Penny was. In my conversations with several people, one told me that I should go to the Idaho repository website and search the adopters name. A little odd but I did and what I found could possibly explain the erratic and inconsistent behavior seen throughout all of this. I give credit where credit is due and when adopter first got Penny he was great with her, taking her to all of her rehab appointments. I do not know what happened between then and now but it was becoming very clear that Penny was not getting the care she needed and deserves. In my conversations with the adopter I asked if Penny was current on vaccinations as she was scheduled to have her hip looked at and we did not want to vaccinate her again if she was current. The adopter first stated she was current but it turned out the last vaccinations she had received was the ones with us. The adopter then told me she did not need any vaccines because he did not board her. I asked why she had not been taken to a vet when she was hit by a car or when she started refusing to eat – I was told that she was taken to the vet however when we called to confirm, no records were found. Throughout all of this I have been in contact with Holly and we both have tried to find even one little thing that would make us feel ok with placing Penny back with adopter but the bottom line is the condition Penny was in was worse than when she first came to us – that is not how its supposed to go. We promise these babies a better life and nothing was showing us that was happening here. So with all the information reviewed we made the decision to exercise our right to rescind the adoption agreement, as the adopter had breached the agreement and took possession of Penny. Since giving the adopter our decision they have turned to social media with accusations of us stealing Penny. It has been said that we took her because he was down on his luck, then there was a statement made about rescues just wanting to make more money off the dog, etc… I really try not to even read all the stuff said. I will say that these accusations kinda made me laugh but cry at the same time. Why people think rescues have all this money is beyond me and for being down on your luck, I myself have experienced being homeless and lived in my car with my boxer girl. The decision made had nothing to do with the adopters living arrangements – it was made solely on Penny’s care and what was in her best interest. As for Penny, we will tell you that she is doing great – she has had a complete medical evaluation, finding no medical reason for her to be in the emaciated condition she was in. She is doing water therapy to help her mobility range with her hip and to say she is spoiled is an understatement. I also want to thank Holly and Must Luv Boxer for their help with Penny.
Thank you to our amazing customers for donating to our giving tree supporting MustLuvBoxers Rescue this holiday season! 🎁