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Julie's Sitter Service And More I will come to your place and feed, walk. your dog, or take care of your kitties, birds, or fish, wh

Quality pet sitting, giving you the option of keeping your dogs and cats in your home, where they feel safe and happy, and I will come to them, feed, walk the dogs, or let them out for you, providing reliable, dependable care, with very reasonable rates.


Hey all, I have noticed some looks on the page, but no appointments or messaging. If you are looking for drop in pet care while vacationing, please consider me. References can be given on request. I have been doing this since 2015. Please call on the numbers given for fastest communication. Hope to hear from you!


Hi everyone! Vacation season is coming, and I am available for drop in jobs, and I am leaning more towards cats, although in some cases, dogs are fine, as long as they are smaller, preferably if you have a fenced yard and they don't need walking. But, feel free to ask, no matter what! Let me know when you are planning your next vacation, and I will get you penciled in!


I am still available for drop in visits for your dog or cat, so for your trips or even a long day away, please keep me in mind! I hope to get your booking soon!


Hello everyone! I know in all this craziness many vacation plans may have had to be changed or cancelled. I know many are suffering from money loss, jobs loss, and I am right there with you. Just wanted to put out there, if you find yourselves actually able to get back out there and take your vacation, or if you need a caring person to care for your fur babies for any reason, please give me a call! Share with your friends!


Hi everyone! I know right now the vacation season is kind of in limbo for most everyone, but do keep me in mind, if this thing blows over and things get back to normal! Still here, ready to take good care of your fur kids!🐕🐈🐩


Hi everyone! Well, the wrist is healing, and I am getting back to near normal. So, in hopes of an early Spring, please keep me in mind, pass the word, for vacation plans this year! I will do drop in visits, and in some cases, keep your doggies here, but it does need to be considered I have my own, and all must get along. Thanks for three great years so far of the pleasure of caring for so many fur kids!


Hi everyone. Just thought I would post an update. Due to a fall and broken wrist I am dealing with, I am at this time, not accepting any sitting requests, until I get my cast off and can have full range of motion. Right now, even driving is an issue. So, I will keep everyone posted!


Hello everyone! I will confess, this has been a slow season for me. I have had a few regulars, but not much going on. Please pass the word, I do drop ins for long work days, if you need your dog taken out, and of course, if you are planning a Fall vacation, keep me in mind! Many animals do much better in their own familiar environments. Thanks all!


Have a Fall vacation planned? I am available for drop in visits to care for your dogs/cats/birds/fish! Dependable and caring. Note: If you have a larger or more boisterous dog, I would prefer if you have a fenced in yard for them to be let out in. I do walk dogs, as long as they are small or walk well with a leash. Inbox me here, or call!


Hello everyone! Remember, I am available to take your dog out if you have a long workday, or don't want to make a trip home on your lunch hour, as well as your vacations! Pass the word!


Hey everyone! Plenty of openings for July and August! Get your vacation plans finalized with drop in pet care while you are away!


Hi everyone! If you are planning a vacation in July, and want someone to drop in and care for your furkids while you are away, please give me a call! Dependable and caring, and references on request.


Good news everyone! I got my new phone, and it is the same number, 740-704-5697, so now I can successfully get calls again!


I have plenty of room in my calendar for June! Inbox me for your pet care needs while you are on vacation!


Hello everyone. I would just like to address something, in regards to any sitting jobs, which I am always happy to get, however, there have been a couple recently, which I have turned down, due to either my personal safety or comfort level, which I reserve the right to do. If I feel the location is too remote, or if the home is not clean or up to my standards, I do reserve the right to refuse a job. I have sat for some wonderful little fur kids, and even feathered kids, and have had many wonderful experiences so far, and a couple of regulars I still miss so much. I always try and care for everyone's pets as if they were my own, but I also expect their humans to be responsible in their care as well, and if I feel it is off, or as I said, not suitable surroundings, I do reserve that right to refuse. I am hoping for a busy and happy summer vacation season!


Update on the update: The phone number in my info here, is okay to call me on for now. Thanks!


Hey everyone! I am currently without a phone of my own, and I am borrowing a friend's, so if anyone wants to book a sitting time with me, please message me on here, or email me at [email protected], and I will get back to you the same day. Sorry for the inconvenience, I am working on getting a new phone, but currently don't have the money for it. Thanks!


Do you, or do you know someone who needs someone to come and take your doggie out for a potty break on a long work day? Planning a vacation and want your fur babies to stay home where they are safe and happy? Want to enjoy your date night without worry? Give me a call. Dependable, caring drop in care for your dogs and cats!


Hey all! Please be sure to pass the word that vacation season is on, and I am available to take care of the furbabies for you! Stop in visits, dependable and caring. I will consider small dogs in my home, but must be cat and other dog compatible. Call, text or message me!


Vacation time is coming! Contact me with your upcoming dates! Pass the word!


Hey everybody! Spring has sprung! Get your dates for vacations penciled in! Dependable drop in home visits. One note: I recently, and regrettably, had to turn down a job due to it being too far out on a bad road. So, I am reserving the right to refuse jobs if I don't feel safe, or it is too far out for me. I do keep some small dogs in my home, but they must be okay with my guy and gals. Inbox me, call, or text.


Hello all! Well, vacation season is coming! Be sure to remember me when you plan your trips, to come and take care of your furred (and feathered) babies while you are gone. Dependable, loving care in the comfort of their own home for your fur kids. Many animals don't do well in strange environments, and it is good to have someone who can come to them, to feed, walk, and clean their litter in the place they are most happy and comfortable. Inbox me, call or text to get your dates penciled in!


Hey folks! Contact me for your pet care needs when you plan your Spring and Summer vacations! I come to your home, and feed your pets, take your dogs out for you, and heck, I can even bring in the mail! Dependable and caring. References available on request.


Hello all! Honest post here. I have lost two regular care jobs in the last few months, and am looking to find more. So, if you have a small dog who isn't happy in day care or boarding places, that you would rather keep at home but want someone to check in on them, take them out, make sure they have food, water, and treats, and some good TLC while you are at work, or on a weekend away, I am your girl! Also, cats really love staying in their familiar environments, so I can come and check on them as well, and well, your fish, birds, and what have you! Well, within reason. 😉 So, please keep me in mind, and pass the word to your friends and family! Looking forward to a good year ahead!


Hello! Just wanted to give a shout out to those who may need someone to take out your dog during that long work day, or stop in on a weekend and take care of your pets! Dependable, caring, and it keeps your fur babies in their own homes where they are happy. Give me a call!


Hello everyone! Hoping your holiday season is going well! Remember, if you need someone to come and take your dog out while you are out or away, or to come check on your kitties, give me a call! Good, responsible, loving care for your fur babies in the comfort of their own home.


Hi everyone! Remember, if you have an extra long work day and need your fur kids checked on or taken out, or if you have a special weekend away and need someone to check in on your pets, give me a call! Many people need someone for a mid day potty run, so I am your person to call for that too. Dependable, caring and responsible.


Hey everyone! Still plenty of open times if you are planning a Fall vacation! I also do drop ins if you have long workdays and worry about your dog needing taken or let out, so keep me in mind! Always treat them as if they are my own, so you never need to worry about your furbabies.


Hi all! Be sure to keep me in mind for those late summer getaways.


If you have August or September vacations coming up, keep me in mind folks! Inbox or call me, and I will hope to hear from you soon!


Hi everyone! I have been kept pretty busy this summer so far, but am always open to new jobs. Send me a message if you need someone to care for your pet!

So, so happy to be getting summer care duty for this little guy again this year!  I have missed him so much!  I can take...

So, so happy to be getting summer care duty for this little guy again this year! I have missed him so much! I can take care of your kitties too, if you are going on vacation, remember me for caring for them for you while you are away. I can come to your home, clean litter boxes, feed and water, and of course, give cuddles and tummy rubs too.


Hi everyone! May is coming, and soon summer vacations will be in full swing! Please contact me if you need someone to feed and water your furbabies while you are away. Dependable, caring attention for your babies will be guaranteed. Pass the word!


Hey everyone! Spring is here, although it seems to be off and on so far, but vacations are being planned, so please keep me in mind for your pet care needs while you're away! Also, please keep sharing!



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