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Timeline photos


Queen Snowflake,sits a Throne of her own design.

Queen Snowflake,
sits a Throne of her own design.



6005 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA

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BIG thanks to Carly today for finding the jumper cables and not making me wait for AAA! JimBob’s very happy to be home again. 😻
We are long time clients of the Family Pet, many thousands of dollars spent over many years, and we were quite happy until recently. It seems like their service and way of doing business have changed for the worse. 4 visits in the past 6 weeks, all routine stuff - check up, vaccine boosters, etc. All four visit have taken at least two hours, with the longest taking three hours. I was told by their office manager that given COVID protocols this is standard and that clients should generally go home and then come back when called. We live a bit farther away though, so it doesn't make sense for us. It's a long time to wait in your car. My last visit was for a couple of vaccine boosters for a new puppy. The dog had been examined 2.5 weeks prior by the Family Pet and was fine. On drop off I stated that the dog was healthy, no issues. The vet called me and asked about the puppies health, told me which vaccines it would get, suggested a beef and rice food when I related that it was a mildly picky eater, and worked a little at selling me a highly profitable expensive flea/wormer combo medication. When billing time came, I was charged more the $200. This price included a vet visit, and a $30 nail trim that I didn't request and wasn't asked about. My groomer does this for $8, so I would have said no. What's more, the amount they trimmed of the ends of the puppy's nails was laughable - maybe 1/32 of an inch. He didn't need his nails trimmed. Our healthy puppy needed simple vaccine boosters. At a "show up and wait" practice like Urban Animal this would have cost 1/3 the Family Pet price. At a shot clinic it would have been 1/4. Both would have been faster, and the puppy's health outcome would have been exactly the same. I was told by the office manager that I should have been informed of the price of everything by the vet during the consult. In all four visits in the past 6 weeks we did not hear anything about prices from any of the vets. I did complain, and was offered a $10 credit for future vet care and a complementary nail trim, which to me doesn't read like a serious response. Lastly, on this past visit I asked the vet on the phone what the puppies weight was. She told me 13lbs (I'm converting from kilos). I told her he'd been 20lbs recently. She said no, this dog sure looks like 13lbs. I asked her to please have the vet techs weigh him again. On the receipt for his visit he was then listed at 20lbs. Even though I had to ask twice, I appreciate the puppy being reweighed. I do though have pause about the sloppy first weighing that the vet seemed certain was correct. Let's imagine the puppy had been sick, and needed medication. The weight they assigned to him was grossly undermeasured, and they would have then given him the incorrect dosage of most medications. I'm sure the Family Pet would agree that slipshod weighing is medically unacceptable. Everyone at the Family Pet is really very nice. And I think they are generally highly competent, smart, compassionate animal healthcare providers. At this point though I'm going to do my routine care through Urban Vet and the Petco immunization clinic, and save my Family Pet big bucks for when my pets have significant health issues.
She says she doesn't still work for you all, but this person has your employment info as where she currently works and is openly calling people pedophiles because they disagree with her. If I were you and your brand I'd have her remove the ex employment info if she isn't employed there anymore.
What is best way to drop off today? Per instructions, I’ve been knocking on door but no answer.
Please let Dr. Hilmoe know we made it to Mexico (last week)!.♥️🇲🇽🌞
🐾TBH it's not the worst idea. From r/Seattle 😂
my dog has been waiting for someone to call in her medication refill for 3 days she's going to start having seizures soon. Please learn how to use your phone.
Hey Family Pet - Sorry, but a bit of a rant here: I phoned this morning to order another bag of sub-q fluids for our cat, and the employee told me that okay, they'd give me a call when it was ready. I said that I was hoping to pick it up in about an hour, and she informed me that no, you "require 24-48 hours" to approve, so I'd have to wait. I've been getting fluids from Family Pet for well over a year now, and it has always been an easy transaction. Now you're saying I need to call it in, then wait 24-48 hours for a call-back? How is that streamlining or making anything more convenient?
Thank you for taking such great care of Chronic from just months old to one month away from 16 years old! Remember he’s the Halloween pic on your fb page with the clown wig and glasses! 😍❤️🐾
I highly recommend this hospital. If you need a vet that is trustworthy, then go to the family pet. They have taken care of my cat for years and I wouldn't trust another place, with my precious baby
Our little dog got out of our fenced yard, it appears someone opened our backyard gate to get water and left the water running and the gate little dog got out..we posted on PawBoost and a neighborhhood app..someone responded to us, said they found her and dropped her at your clinic..we called and left a message..please hold on to her for us..we will pick her up in the morning.
I ran into a woman who was frantic looking for her dog, Buddy, who escaped while at your location. Has he been found? My husband and I searched the neighborhood trying to help but had no luck and I am heartbroken for her.

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