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Research links raw meat diets to higher presence of bacteria
Research links raw meat diets to higher presence of bacteria

Research links raw meat diets to higher presence of bacteria

Scientists from the University of Liverpool analysed nearly 200 faecal samples for the study, and its authors believe their findings should be used to advise owners of the potential risks of raw feeding.

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Monday morning PSA: Great reminder at @lcvets. Please share with your clients. #vettech #vetmed #vetgirl #veterinary #Repost


Someone stop me from crying. 😭😭


#Dogs #wildlife hate fireworks, so please consider another way of celebrating #july4th! Plus, wildfire dangers and all... instead, consider donating a bag of pet food to your local animal shelter for July 4th celebration instead!


🎤🎼🗣"Summer's here and the time is right for...warm weather pet safety tips" Those are the lyrics to the song, yes? Even days that don’t seem that hot to you can still pose risks to your pet. Being prepared can help keep your pet safe:


Do you have a pet that suffers from noise aversion as a result of fireworks 🎆 or thunderstorms? ⛈️ Please call well before July 4th to discuss FDA approved medication (Sileo) that is specifically indicated for the treatment of noise aversion.

Below are the common behaviors reported by owner's of pets with noise aversion 👇 We can help!


On warmer days, take extra caution with your pets – especially if your pet is at higher risk of overheating! Please keep these pets inside as much as possible on hot and humid summer days. More information here:


Some helpful tips for July 4th festivities! 🐾🎆
1. Make sure you get appointments scheduled NOW for your pets if they need medications to help calm them or for anxiety.
2. Make sure your pets collar has a tag with up to date contact information and that your microchip information is accurate.
3. Make sure they have a safe place to stay during fireworks. Such as a kennel or quiet room.
4. Leave a tv or radio on to help drown out loud noises.
5. Take your pet on a long walk to help tire them and ensure they go potty prior to festivities.
6. Make sure you have a current picture of them, just in case they go missing.
7. Ensure all exits are secure so they cannot escape if the become afraid.

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The difference between cats and dogs. #dog #cat #hopeaf


With the weather warming up, we have an important reminder for pet owners:

It doesn’t matter if you are parked in the shade or if the windows are down – that car is going to act like an oven! The inside temperature will continue to rise, making it extremely dangerous for our pets! Left the AC on? Cars often stall –we see these cases a lot. The best way to keep your pets safe is to leave them at home!

Learn more about heat risks in pets here:

Learn more about what you can do if you see a pet in a hot car & your state’s laws here:

Photos from CriticalCareDVM's post

Photos from CriticalCareDVM's post

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Timeline photos

It’s Adopt a Cat Month. Here are five things you should consider when adopting a cat. Learn more at

#CatFriendlyHomes #AdoptACatMonth #Meow #Cats


PSA: Today is ☀️ HOT ☀️in Pittsburgh so it’s officially time to put your bulldogs away for the year. This includes French bulldogs, English bulldogs, throw in some pugs/Boston’s/shih tzu’s for good measure. Same as putting elf on the shelf away and your white pants after Labor Day. Put them up in a nice room with an air conditioning unit and some fans, we will let you know when then can come out…maybe October/November. The entire veterinary profession thanks you.
#heatstroke #HeatStrokeAwareness

#itsalreadybeginning #allthefrenchies #noonecanbreath


Memorial Day - Please pause, especially today, to remember those who sacrificed their tomorrows for our today.


All gave some, some gave all~
Remember them this Memorial Day 🙏❤️🇺🇲

Photos from Wangaratta Veterinary Clinic's post

Photos from Wangaratta Veterinary Clinic's post


Memorial day weekend is the kick off to summer for many of us and others, the first of several outdoor activities.

Whatever your plans are for this holiday weekend, don’t forget these safety tips to help keep your furry ones safe.

Extraordinary service. Remarkable care. ANYTIME you need us.


Our Pugs are suffering and now we know by exactly how much. 😢

A new study has shown just how much more likely they are than normal dogs to develop various health conditions and the results are horrifying.

They are

🐶 54 times more likely to have Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome - which makes their breathing incredibly difficult every moment of their lives.

🐶 51 time more likely to have pinched nostrils - which further restricts their airways

🐶 13 times more likely to have eye ulcers - thanks to their hugely bulging eyes which are incredibly vulnerable to damage.

🐶 11 times more likely to have infected skin folds

🐶 10 times more likely to have ear infections

🐶 5.5 times more likely to have Demodectic Mange

🐶 4 times more likely to have retained baby teeth - which often need to be surgically extracted

🐶 4 time more likely to be obese - which then further predisposes them to other conditions like arthritis

We are letting our flat faced dogs down and it is time to consider whether it is fair to be producing them at all.

They suffer because of the way they look, so it doesn't really matter if they are 'well bred' or not. If they have flat faces, protruding eyes, curved spines and closed nostrils, they are hugely likely to struggle at some point in their lives.

And that is our fault.

I love Pugs, they are funny, cute and adorable but they do not deserve this.

Read the study here;

Check out the infographic here;


Just a little FYI if you are thinking of adopting an animal. And remember there really is no such thing as a free animal!

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Timeline photos

#veterinary #vetgirl #vetmed #veterinarian #vettechlife

People often ask us about anesthesia-free dental cleanings for their pets. This little pup was getting them annually. As...

People often ask us about anesthesia-free dental cleanings for their pets.
This little pup was getting them annually. As you can see, though it can make their teeth appear clean, it leaves behind so much disease beneath the gum line. The X-rays show a great loss of bone— it should be roughly at the level of the blue dashed line, but due to infection and bone loss, these teeth had to be extracted. Actually, 13 teeth were surgically extracted that day!
Even though it was a big procedure for this lil guy, he felt —and acted —like a new dog once all this chronic infection was all taken care of.


Provide multiple and separated key environmental resources.

These resources include feeding, drinking, toileting, claw scratching, play, and resting/sleeping areas. While many cats can live happily in pairs or groups, cats are solitary by nature and need to have access to these key resources without feeling challenged. Providing resources in multiple locations allows for separate access and for choice, and placing each resource in its own separate location reduces stress and stress-related illness. This applies whether a home has a single cat or multiple cats, and whether the cats live indoors, outdoors, or both: expanding the habitat with resources spread around the living space, providing options, and the ability to make choices is vital for overall welfare.

As an example, we can look at claw scratching. An instinctive and necessary behavior, the drive to scratch can create conflict when a cat chooses a scratching area that their human determines to be inappropriate. A 2015 study surveyed cat owners on public websites for information on the scratching substrates they offered. The survey found preferences for rope, simple upright scratchers, and narrower posts, though with age the preference changed to a carpet substrate. Overall, the study found that inappropriate scratching decreased with the increase in appropriate scratching options (types and styles). You can find this study here.

Other studies, such as this one from a 2020, have similarly found that scratcher preference varies greatly amongst cats. Providing a variety of substrates, styles, and locations of scratchers provides your cat with choice, allows for preference changes day-to-day and over time, and decreases the chances of your cat choosing to scratch on furniture. This same idea applies to all environmental resources. Give your cat choices and variety across the whole living space for the most cat-friendly environment.

Not just a smelly mouth. This dog had some serious dental disease —even though it didn’t look like a lot on the outside....

Not just a smelly mouth. This dog had some serious dental disease —even though it didn’t look like a lot on the outside. The X-ray shows the space between the tooth and the bone where there was severe disease. Surgical extraction of the tooth and a routine cleaning got this pup feeling better again!

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Timeline photos

May is National Chip Your Pet Month. Implanting an identification chip offers the best chance of finding your cat if they ever get out or become lost. Learn more about this and other cat household essentials at

#NationalChipYourPetMonth #CatFriendlyHomes

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Timeline photos

Clients are encouraged to incorporate their cat's carrier into their home life. Keeping the carrier out at all times helps the cat get used to it.

#CatFriendlyPractice #CatFriendly10


Best thing on the internet today. Written by a fellow vet.
by Dr. Jennifer Johnson, DVM
Oh wonderful client, you now know our pain,
when online pharmacies become your new bane. You wanted to save a few bucks with Petco so you ordered online right from the get go.
Unfortunately for you they outsources prescriptions and getting approval comes with restrictions. I mailed you a written prescription to send but, alas, of course they "lost it" on their end.
You tried to switch to Chewy instead.
"No problem, this is so easy!" you said
"Not so fast!" the pharmacists state...
there is a vet I must first irritate!
Three emails and phone calls later it's clear
I will not provide verbal approval, you hear?
The client has a written prescription in hand,
go bother them. Be gone! I made a stand.
Now the client is angry, mad and frustrated
How has it become this complicated?
The vets didn't cause all these problems for you. It's all Chewy and Petco and PetMeds, too.
So the next time you want to keep your pet healthy don't help a corporate CEO get wealthy. Support your vet, help a small business thrive. Because, believe it or not, we're actually on your side.
(Okay, I know that last part didn't rhyme,
but what can I say? I ran out of time.)


Don't eat that spatula, Floyd 😳 #vetmedlife #labrador #foreignbody #vettech

#repost IG @vetinternalmedicine


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Awesome job done by both Colleen and Dr McKenna. My cat was in and out within 15 minutes and did not have to get in the car to go to the vet. Will continue to use. Highly Recommend...🙏❤️🙏😻😻😻
Thank you Dr Lex McKenna for your dedication to providing exemplary veterinarian services now and always with the convenience of full vet services at our homes. You saved our dear sweet sassy Molly girl! You were readily available during this trying time for the World and quick to diagnosis the seriousness of Molly’s eye change. Without your dedication and commitment, our Molly girl would have continued to suffer. After the successful removal of the benign cancerous tumor, we have a happy healthy stubborn sassy labrador. Your assesment and recommendation saved our Molly girl! We are forever grateful❤️ We highly recommend you and your convenient mobile full veterinary practice to any and all of our friends and family.
Thank you 🙏🏻 You’ve been wonderful ❤️
Everytime I call they are never available or they say they don't go to my area by turnpike
Dr McKenzie is fabulous! During lockdown, for corona virus, they came out to our air BnB. It relieved my mind that my cat, Charlie, would be okay! They were kind, and efficient, while keeping in mind social distancing! Thank you!
Annie Viano
Do you service Ventura?