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We are open for Summer weeks of doggy, kitty, house sitting! Send us a message before we are all booked up! And always a...

We are open for Summer weeks of doggy, kitty, house sitting! Send us a message before we are all booked up! And always around for nail trims!!

Look at who got his nails trimmed today!! Woohoo Chopper! What a handsome boy!

Look at who got his nails trimmed today!! Woohoo Chopper! What a handsome boy!

Humane Society for Greater Nashua

Humane Society for Greater Nashua

We have some pretty exciting news! We are finally able to place some of the dogs from the Bradford NH case up for adoption. They will be available Thursday at noon! We are excited to see some of these dogs start their journey onto new lives. Due to the behaviors and rehabilitation needs of these dogs, we will also be offering adopters free Basic Obedience Class and any post adoption behavior support as needed. Adoptions will be on a first come first served basis and as always the animal's needs will be our first priority when choosing placement! Thank you for all your support in helping us, help them!!


If you have a new puppy, got a new job, or are going on a vacation, give us a call or a message. We have openings and great rates!


So woohoo, I get to take care of more animals, because I am now closer to all of them around my house!! We are very excited to be more active here at Pixie Dust Pet Care! And exciting news of a new product we will carry in limited quantities for you guys!


Be safe with your pups, today is the day most dogs go missing! Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!


Time to start watching the dogs and kitties!

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

Something to think about as you prepare your garden beds.
Cocoa Mulch, which is sold by Home Depot and other garden supply stores, contains an ingredient called "Theobromine"; which is potentially lethal to both dogs and cats.
Theobromine is the ingredient that is in all chocolate — especially dark or baker's chocolate — which is toxic your dog or cat.
It smells like chocolate and it really attracts dogs. They will ingest this stuff and get ill and can die. Just a word of caution — check what you are using in your gardens and be aware of what you’re neighbors are using in their gardens.

Apollo Has Landed

Apollo Has Landed

Happy Sunday! Take a look and SHARE this great information. Just a simple piece of yellow fabric or ribbon wrapped around your furbabies leash will educate alot of people! ♥

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

Waterfowl babies (ducks and geese) should never be alone, they always stay with their parents.

Never try to reunite a baby duck with a family unless you are 100% sure they are his real family. Always do a test before you try to reunite. You can do this by placing baby in a container like a bird cage or a flipped over laundry basket and let him cry. If the mother duck comes over then its her baby. If she ignores him then it is NOT her baby.

Ducks will kill any babies who are not their own. So if you send a baby out he will try to join the group but the mother will try to drown him and you will be left on the sidelines to watch from the shore.

Baby ducks can not survive on their own so when in doubt seek help from a rehabber for the baby. Do not over handle the baby or keep it "just for a few days" While they are cute over-handling, improper diet and other factors can kill or permanently disfigure babies. If you cant resist baby ducks then find the closest rescue and volunteer!


In the heat you need to watch out for bloat in your dogs. You can help to avoid it by feeding small meals through out the day of your kibble (feeding a moist food on really hot days can be easier) or water down your kibble. If you suspect bloat in your dog, you should go to the nearest animal hospital and get your dog immediate medical attention.

Don't Be Cruel

Don't Be Cruel


The hot weather is upon us. Please keep your pets safe!



Big things are coming and we here are so VERY EXCITED!! That is why we are shouting :D


"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are." ~Unknown


Lilly's are EXTREMELY toxic to cats. It is Easter season, and I want to warn you that bringing a Easter lilly into your house could kill your cat. Some Lilly's are worse than others. I do not let Lilly's into my house. I know someone who had a flower delivery in the morning they were gorgeous flowers, but she came after work and her cat was dead. They may be pretty but they are not worth the death of my cat! Or the expense of having my cat on an IV in the hospital for days! PLease be careful this Easter season!


Someone asked me the other day, why her dog licks his feet after they get back from long walks. There is salt and dirt out on the road, it can irritate a dogs paw and cause them to be sore. Using an unscented baby wipe to wipe off their feet when they come in is a fast and easy way to help them.


Thanksgiving is great we get to get together and be with the people we love, but remember to keep the pooches away from the turkey bones as cooked bones splinter. Chocolate is another hazard. As well is sugar free gum! Make sure you know where your local animal emergency room is.


So it looks like the girls are going to rock agility. Tink can do 360's on top of the dogwalk, and do it backwards too.


Are you going to dress your pets for halloween this year??


How early do your pets get you up in the morning? Today the puppy let us sleep in to 7:30am oh boy that was a late sleep!


I wanna see your pics! Post them up!!


Today is a great day to take your pups outside to play! Go PLAY!!


Pet insurance, are you confused? So many out there, what do you need? Do you really need it? Does it really help? Would you do everything for your pet if they got hit by a car, but don't have 3,000 or 4,000 laying around to pay if something happened? Ask questions do your research and ask us! We lovepet insurance and can honestly tell you who we LOVE best! Protect your babies so you don't have to make a choice between them or money!


Microchip your pets!! It isn't lojack, but if your dog or cat gets picked up and brought to a vet or shelter, they scan them and all your info pops up!! Seriously for the love of DOG do it, things happen and it is an easy inexpensive way to make sure you get your pet back!! If you have questions ask us!


Do you have a crazy cat? What is the craziest thing your cat has ever done?


If you find a stray dog, sometimes it is best to not approach because they will run away but if you open your house or car door and call them in, they might come running, and think of how happy the people who are missing them will be!!


Do you have old sheets, towels, and blankets you were going to bring to good will or just throw away? Bring them to an animal hospital, kennel, or shelter! We can always use them! And where ever you drop them off will be happy to have them! You can get rid of unwanted items in your house and help out an animal!


Ticks are bad, so not only check your pooch as well as use something to help, but make sure you check yourself! Lyme is not something anyone human or canine wants to catch!!


Go out and act like your dog today! No I do not mean go sniff some crotches and pee on everything you see. I mean be happy live in the now smile at someone just because they are there. See how many friends you make that way or just whos day you make better?. Let's learn from our pooches.


Have you thought of pet insurance? We can talk to you about it and know a great company that really works! Send us a message and we can chat! Protect your baby so you can get the medical attention they need and not worry about payments during a life threatening emergency!


Do you have a special needs pet? They depend on you for their special food or meds? Have you rescued a pet? That bond you have is special. You are special, and your special friend knows that. So don't forget to take care of yourself as well! Thank you for doing what you do!


You know what rocks? When you have a bad day, you can come home and your furry family member does not care what you did, what you look like, where you been. They just LOVE you. No questions asked. THey put no limits or expectations on it. They just love you. It is for that the lovethat they amaze me and make me want to help as many as possible. Hug your furry animal member today, love them no matter what because I can tell you they love you.


Do you let your dog sleep in your bed? Your cat? Why or why not?


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