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Jump painting has commenced! Can’t WAIT for all the new colour schemes, challenging designs and paint in the hair!😂😂😂


Oooo we have some great candidates Shannon O'Hatnick!

Twilight sparkle pony

A belated but still #fabulous day for #teambascule and the #glittersquad over the weekend!! Ainsley took Willie out for ...

A belated but still #fabulous day for #teambascule and the #glittersquad over the weekend!! Ainsley took Willie out for the first time this season in the training division and went #doubleclear to #finishondressagescore for third place!! They’re ready for a move up!! Ainsley also took Bascule’s Risqué around her first novice, giving her a very positive ride around a new venue, can’t wait to see how far this pair can go!! Maya had a great catch ride on Raisin, adding just a little time to her dressage score to capture fourth place in the beginner novice!! Sophie took her new mare Luna for a spin around the beginner novice as well and went double clear to join Ainsley in the #fods club, so in love with this match!! Bridgette and Doc had another great confidence building round in tricky footing with their best show jump round to date!! So thrilled with all of my students and very excited for this competition season!! #getitgirl #werkwerkwerk #goals #alwaysforward #especiallyinmud #neverbackwards #dontbeweird #allthatglitterseventing #starfishcanride #marepower #ottbsdoitbetter #rotwingbaby #somuchcoffee #butstillnotenough #somanysleepykids #notsosleepyponies #toughmudder #goallout #likeagirl @ Plantation Field Horse Trials

Crystal Kroetch Dressage clinic June 10-11, 2019!  We are so excited to have our first clinic with Pan-Am Games Canadian...

Crystal Kroetch Dressage clinic June 10-11, 2019! We are so excited to have our first clinic with Pan-Am Games Canadian Silver Medallist, Crystal Kroetch.

Crystal is a talented trainer, instructor and coach who can help you bring out the best in you and your horse. Unlike many successful Grand Prix riders/trainers, Crystal is excellent at teaching beginners and western dressage enthusiasts as well!

Contact us if you can skip work or school on Monday the 10th or the morning of Tuesday the 11th of June. 45 minute private lessons are only $120 and Bascule does not charge a fee for arena use.

Overnight stabling possible if you want to ride both days.



💐HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY💐 #whoruntheworldmoms #momsday #mothersday #momsarethebest #horsemom #momsrock #horseshowmom

Vet Physio Phyle

Vet Physio Phyle

The Distribution of Aids... a great illustration!

Paralympic Games

Talk about an amazing woman! Beautiful!

Bettina Eistel and Fabuleux 5, a dream duo! 🐴

#ThrowbackThursday | #ParaEquestrian

NEXUS Dressage

NEXUS Dressage


#teambascule and the #glittersquad had a great day schooling the course at MCTA yesterday!! Ainsley and Risqué are real...

#teambascule and the #glittersquad had a great day schooling the course at MCTA yesterday!! Ainsley and Risqué are really putting all the pieces and parts together, looking like a really top quality pair!! Bridgette and Doc found a more forward confident canter to school from and popped around most of the novice course! Claire and Lance had a great first outing XC since last year with Lance showing how much he’s learned and grown up since then!! Sophie and her new mare Luna had a fun time getting to know each other and learning where the right canter lives, can’t wait to see what this pair can do!! Maya had a great catch ride on Raisin working on riding a steady rhythm to the fences!! Kate and Rex has a confidence building school working on allowing through the reins and neck! So thrilled with all of my students and ponies!!! #ilovemyjob #marepower #ottbsdoitbetter #itslikemagic #sassypants #scope #girlpower #bravelikealion #confidence #rhythm #somuchsass #mysquadisbetterthanyours #jumpthroughthebrush #notoverthebrush #ohokayfine #nostarfishhere #slayingthegame

Potomac Hunt Races

Thursday is the last day for ON SITE parking passes preorder for the Hunt Races! If you plan on attending ours (or anyone’s) tail gate party, you will either need to buy a $100 on site parking pass (carpooling encouraged!) OR use the shuttle busses from Quince Orchard or Poolesville High Schools ($10/person)! There will be no buying parking the day of on site! Time to plan your Hunt Races day and get your passes purchased!

It’s countdown time! SUNDAY (we've extended the deadline) is the last day to purchase onsite parking passes, so be sure to order yours today!

Everyone else will have to take the shuttles from Poolesville or Quince Orchard high schools. Shuttle passes are $10/person (5 and under are free) and can be purchased on race day. Shuttles run approximately every 15 minutes.


Equestrians Rock

Equestrians Rock

Anyone missing a very cute kitty?

Anyone missing a very cute kitty?

The #competitioncrew of #teambascule had a great showing at Loudoun over the weekend! Bridgette and Doc are showing impr...

The #competitioncrew of #teambascule had a great showing at Loudoun over the weekend! Bridgette and Doc are showing improvements in all phases every time they’re out, including a PR in dressage and a super clear SJ round!! Maya and Ribbons went around beautifully and consistently for a #finishondressagescore and #doubleclear for third place in her BN division!! Almost ready for a #moveup...Sophie had a lovely #catchride on Raisin with a super dressage test, lovely show jump round, and #rodethehairoffher out XC!! #trainerAndy took Lilly’s Fiona around the novice for a very educational ride for the mare - such a talented and fun horse to work with!! #glittersquad #allthatglitterseventing #atgeventing #rotwingbabies #marepower #plusdoc #ottbsdoitbetter #werkwerkwerk #staysavage #goeventing #eventing #dressage #showjumping #crosscountry #getitgirl #wheee @ Morven Park International Equestrian Center

Stellar Equine Performance Therapy

Willie loving him some Casey time! Thank you for spending so much time with 16 of our horses! Will be sending Blue a jolly ball too!

Had a phenomenal couple of days working with such amazing horses and even better owners here in Maryland!!
Lots of great before/afters and footage to share with you guys!! Stay tuned 🙌

Tamarack Hill Farm

Tamarack Hill Farm

I sometimes get asked, by parents or others---"Do you think that Sally/Amy/Whoever has what it takes to make it as a horse person and/or as a rider?

While there is no magic answer, and I have gotten it wrong both ways, (thought someone would, who didn't, or thought someone wouldn't who did----) still, there are litmus tests that I have come to trust as good indicators of deep down interest, which is at the heart of passion, which is the wellspring of success.

Go to a jumper ring or a dressage ring, any old one, outdoors, indoors, rainy, sunny, cold, perfect, doesn't matter---

Watch to see who has made the effort to come watch. Does the person look focused and interested? Does she quickly offer to help move rails, or jump up to put a rail back in the cups? Does this watcher look at her phone every five minutes, or at what's going on in the ring? Does she show up the next day, and the next, and the next?

There is a saying that you can make someone DO something, either by sufficient reward or punishment, but you can't make someone WANT something.

Want, drive, hunger, desire, these come from within, and if you are trying to assess whether or not someone wants it badly, seek clues like these that I have listed.

Tamarack Hill Farm

Tamarack Hill Farm

A little more on the "what makes an upper level event horse?" topic---

Here were four more of my former advanced horses who all had that, "See it, seek it" killer instinct. Chestry Oak, Odessa Contessa, Griffin, Griffin again, and Speed Axcel.

Bravery can be destroyed by bad training, and it can be enhanced by confidence building, sequential training, but I have found, through dealing with and observing literally thousands of horses over the last 65+ years, that there is some part of courage that is innate to certain horses, and just not there for others.

At the lower levels, and for those who are not in love with an aggressive ride, it may almost be better if that hunger for the fence is less "raw."

But for the big, hard stuff, it better be in there, or so I found.

Another #fabulous day of #xcschooling for the #glittersquad and #teambascule!! Ainsley and Willy had an excellent school...

Another #fabulous day of #xcschooling for the #glittersquad and #teambascule!! Ainsley and Willy had an excellent school around #prelim working on keeping the back up and jumping from a powerful canter, looking at a move up in the near future!! #trainerandy took Fiona around some of the bigger fences, then Lilly got on and and did a brilliant job of maintaining the ride and riding Fiona forward into a supportive seat for a #confidencebuilding go!! Chloe and Avasi tagged along for a quiet and positive first time out in awhile, keeping things low key!! #lovemystudents #ridingunicorns #allthatglitterseventing #atgeventing #dontbeweird #itslikemagic #trainerandyisalwaysright #thisismysurprisedface #somuchsass #sassypants #minime #ottbsdoitbetter #eventing #goeventing #staysavage #rideyourcanter #alwaysforward #getitgirl #werkwerkwerk @ Loch Moy Farm

Potomac Pony Club

Time to sign up if you want to join us! Julie has space in the 7 horse!

We will accept entries for THIS Sunday’s CT and Dressage Schooling Show until Wednesday morning (4/24).

A fabulous day of #crosscountry #schooling with #teambascule and the #glittersquad today!! Andy took the first three aro...

A fabulous day of #crosscountry #schooling with #teambascule and the #glittersquad today!! Andy took the first three around, including Sophie K and Molly had a lovely school around keeping a beautiful #rhythmandbalance!! Maya and Ribbons worked on the importance of riding #forward into an allowing #contact! Ainsley and Risque has a stellar school around the novice and training fences working on maintaining #impulsion!! #trainerjulie coached the second group, with Sophie D and her new horse Pistol has a #confidencebuilding first outing and learned a ton about riding every step! RS Emily and her Lisa had a great second school XC showing #bravery and working towards more #ridability! Kate and Rex built confidence and consistency together ending over some training fences as well! #trainerandy took Bridgette’s Doc for a school around, building his confidence in a forward canter!! A great day for everyone!! #staysavage #allthatglitterseventing #rotwingbabies #ottb #somuchsass #itslikemagic #dontbeweird #easterschooling #werkwerkwerk @ Waredaca


Welcome to “Over the Moon”! Surprise had her Popeye K filly last night and everyone healthy! Surprise is a bit protective so over the fence visitors only for awhile! Photos and video always welcome! Congratulations to Surprises “mom” Ellie Campbell and her grandfather Ted on a gorgeous filly!

First mare to turn blue!  Baby Surprise (Popeye K) due soon!!

First mare to turn blue! Baby Surprise (Popeye K) due soon!!

Tamarack Hill Farm

Tamarack Hill Farm

You can't avoid the contribution of pure, blind, dumb luck to whether or not you have a horse that lasts for years, even for decades---One horse runs and plays in the field, steps in a hole, or on a sharp shard of rock, and is crippled. Another does not. That is random chance.

But we also see riders who seem to go through horses like an old saying from when I was a kid---"Like Carter's little liver pills." They get a new horse, ride the holy living hell out of it, use it up, and go do it again with the next horse, in a repeating pattern.

Other riders, (like some of the great distance and endurance riders I have known), will have the same high performance horses for years.

What are some of the strategies for keeping a horse using sound, fit, and "happy" for a long time?

Well, one thing I think we see with the good horse people is that they tend not to live in a vacuum, but have developed good working relationships with other horse people that they have learned to trust, like their farrier, their veterinarian, perhaps their trainer. They also listen to what these people say, and they are willing to take their advice, even if it may mean missing some show or competition.

These other experts will help the good horse owners develop overall health plans, including parasite control, routine shots, turn out requirements, saddle fit, even such things as chiropractic adjustments, perhaps, or barn ventilation---A host of requirements---

Then, these riders have learned a simple secret about fitness as being the base necessity for athletic exertion. They do not ask a horse to put out something which has not been put in by long months of careful preparation.

They have also learned the secret in plain sight, that interspersed between the times they may ask the horse for high energy expenditure, they provide "careful" rest.

Careful rest does not mean they just throw the horse in a field or a stall until the next time they want to use him hard. More likely, the good rider/horseman will also understand the incredible power of power walking.

Power walking means the concept of getting the horse out on the fields and trails in a nice, forward 3.7 to 4.1 mile an hour walk, several times a week, either after some flat work, or as just a walk for its own sake. Not some 30-40 minute stroll, but maybe an hour 15 minute to a two hour or longer trail ride.

The magic about walking is at least two fold. It is physically low impact, and it is emotionally non stressful. But, even so, an active, long-ish walk is a real body builder. Go look at horse which get walked lots---They become hard bodies, big strong necks, overall buff. Do not downplay the importance of walking.

Another good strategy is what we might call "low intensity dressage." We know the benefits of stretching, but gentle, careful stretching, not wrenching stretching. Dressage training can get very "fierce" very swiftly, and instead of providing the horse with gymnastic benefits, dressage, done by someone with an agenda, can become a grinding session that leaves the horse wrung out and fried.

Some people do what I have heard graphically, if inelegantly, described as "jump the holy living snot out of a horse." The good trainers just won't.

So, combine horse management, careful training strategies, common horse sense, patience, kindness, all those things they preach in Pony Club and 4-H, and you probably can't go too far wrong.

But be just some grubby little competitor, and we don't want to be your horse.

It is not all that tricky.

Natural Horse World

Natural Horse World

A great day for #teambascule and the #glittersquad at #lochmoyfarm today!! #trainerandy took Lilly’s #whatopposition a...

A great day for #teambascule and the #glittersquad at #lochmoyfarm today!! #trainerandy took Lilly’s #whatopposition around BN with a #finishondressagescore of 32.8 and #doubleclear SJ and XC to finish second! Such a fun mare! Sadie and Rex had a super relaxed #dressage test followed by a stellar SJ round and #confidencebuilding XC round, so much to look forward to with this pair!! Caroline and Fatima knocked the rust off their first time out this season with a consistent dressage test, rhythmic SJ round, and came through the #finishflags smiling for 7th place!! Special mention for Lilly who was #wondergroom all day long for all three riders!! So happy to be working with these awesome ladies and their #unicorns!! #ilovemyjob #fabulousponies #eventing #goeventing #whee #relaxation #rhythm #situp #hipsforward #addleg #alwaysaddleg #somuchleg #allthatglitterseventing #atgeventing #allthatglitters #isnotgold #sometimesitsbay #staysavage #baybaes #baddestbaysontheblock #getitgirl #werkwerkwerk All That Glitters Eventing

All That Glitters Eventing

All That Glitters Eventing

#thatfeelingwhen it’s your birthday and every single one of your students (even the ones not pictured!) #nailedit in their lessons and you feel like a #proudparent 💕 so happy to be doing a job I love, with people and horses I love, in a place I love. Couldn’t be more perfect ❤️ #teambascule #glittersquad #allthatglitters #isnotgold #sometimesitsafeeling #allthatglitterseventing #atgeventing #progress #lovethesekids #unicorns #perfectponies #showjumping #dressage #nostirrups #eventing #rotwingbabies @ Bascule Farm LLC

Casey is coming to Bascule later this month!  Let me know if you want an appointment for your horse!

Casey is coming to Bascule later this month! Let me know if you want an appointment for your horse!

Just preparing for his extended trot 🤷🏼‍♀️😝

#waitisthatmyleg #teachintheyoungones

Tamarack Hill Farm

Tamarack Hill Farm

10 different horses, but a similar leg position, solidly stable just behind the girth, as a base of support, something which I had originally struggled to do until I learned several simple, basic ways to fix that "backwards wandering lower leg."

The very first thing to do is to have someone that knows saddle fit check YOUR saddle, because if you are swimming in it, or too big for the saddle, that can be part of the problem right there.

Next, get OFF your horse, and, with your arms bent as though you are holding reins, squat down, while keeping your chin up. Your hips will go back, your upper body will come forward, and your feet will be planted on the ground directly below your center of balance.

Think how this feels, because this is how to stay centered in the air over the jump. Your upper body, head and chin resolutely up, will go forward, as a by-product of your hips going back.

Now, back on your horse, check your stirrup length. If the stirrups are too long, you will not be able to get your hips back, because you won't be able to clear the cantle with your butt.

Now, very key---Do NOT pinch with your knees. Have soft knees, and feel that your lower leg, the lower shin bone sort of down towards your knobby ankle bone, Achilles tendon area can actually touch the hair of the horse.

You CAN NOT do this if your knees are pinching, because humans are not anatomically shaped to have both the knee touching the saddle and the lower leg supported by the horse at the same time. If the lower leg is on, the knee will be off. If the knee is on, the lower leg will be off. You can not have it both ways.

So, now, as the horse comes up, let your hips slip back, while retaining the feel of your lower leg touching the actual horse, heels down, chin up, back flat, and arms going forward to allow the horse to use its head and neck.

Your body, when you do this, will sort of resemble a question mark ? with the stem of the question mark being your legs from the knee down.

If you are a diver, a knee pincher, a face planter, a leg swinger, a body lurcher, any of those dreaded things, don't worry that those babies can't be fixed---

They are simply the result of bad basics, and your job is to repair those bad habits by installing new, better ones.

Of course, if your goal is to resemble what a friend of mine once called my position, before I fixed it---"A flying sack of garbage--" have at it. Being a rider with bad posture is easy. As various covers of various horse magazines can attest---


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