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Mountain House DogSports Mountain House Dogsports is a small training group located in the Placerville area(currently) with a commitment to stretching our skills as owner/handlers and helping our dogs reach their own unique potential.

Drop in to attend a group session. The fee is $15.00 per session. Please contact me for private training.

Operating as usual



I've been shopping for a winter coat for Luda, my cane corso. I expected her to be more tolerant of cold, and she does okay, as long as she doesn't get wet. I discovered this during a lovely run along Wolf Creek this summer when a thunderstorm rolled over us. Cold, freezing rain and wind. I was wet, then soaked, then borderline hypothermic for the last few miles.
Luda would run ahead, find a spot near the base of a tree, dig a shallow depression and curl up in it while we went by. Catch up and repeat.
The collies were fine, of course.
Thinking about cold dogs makes me think of a show, our local show, which takes place over Memorial weekend. This particular day might have been the Sunday or Monday trial, and we got rain overnight. Those days, the obedience was on the main lawn area, no cover.
I was trialing with my Very Good Dog, Loki the black cur( Loki was a pit bull and "cur" is an insult in thise circles of thought, but I like it as a term, and anyway, Loki was not a true apbt and all that, so it fits)
I arrived at the Fairgrounds, underprepared as in all things: dog, collar and leash.
We waited outside the ring, huddled together with my arms around him while he shivered.
Loki had a gorgeous short, sleek as cornsilk, night-sky coat and no body fat. He was was a beautiful dog.
No necessarily all-weather.
A kindly woman, exhibiting, I believe, Berners, came by and covered us up with her extra towels. Better quality towels, I might add, then I used myself at home.
Such a cool dog show moment.
Loki qualified that day and did sits and downs with his bare belly on the cold, wet grass.
Anyway, I like that memory. Loki gave me quite a few of them.
Luda will too I'm sure.
And I think I've found her jacket.

Love you Loki. Miss you always.

Love you Loki. Miss you always.


Motion is committed

This coming week!Local Placerville matchesDon't miss out!

This coming week!
Local Placerville matches
Don't miss out!

Prep for trials! You know you need to!



Prep for trials! You know you need to!



Luda and I playing with her cone the other evening.
Not her come specifically
I guess, my cone.

All my dogs love this exercise, which is how I begin a send away.
Luda has a low threshold for noticing change in the environment, which is why she often stops to gawk at things during training.
This is a standard issue guardian breed trait. It's what makes people call them "alert" and "protective", lol
With Lu, I operate based on her choice to engage with me,
So I wait when she checks out
And treat her when she comes back.

She is just such a baby!
Very immature mind.

You can see at the end,
She finds making an error very de-motivating,
Even though there's no trouble from it.
So I make her right
And we're done.

Off camera we played with her flirt.


I spy
My little Fly and I.

Novice B run
Sadly, NQ for my error(basically a double cue on recall😖)
But Fly brought her A game.

Sweet, experienced, very beautiful veteran obedience pit bull seeks handler who can read the regs and who won't bring down my game.
Mountain House Fly, still not CD.
Thanks, Mom🙄

Edit: Willow is video girl for me today.



Practicing with her dumbbell. Fly seems like she should have had a docked tail- it is always awkward looking when she sits on it 😄 #amstaff #americanstaffordshireterrier #bluebrindle #ast #dogtraining #dogobedience #sportdog #akcobedience #seniordog

Mountain House DogSports

Mountain House DogSports



When I first trained Fly-bug to heel, I did not do a good job.
To put it mildly.
I've always sort of hated her heeling, but haven't bothered to go back and retrain it. She's a hard dog for me to work with because of how soft she is, so I've messed up a lot of stuff with her and just let it slide.
There is a distinct lack of smooth movement in the rear and no lateral movement; she has a tendency to hop and jump around to avoid moving her back feet. And she's always trying to sit down. All the time.
At 13, I'm just happy she's still able and willing to work with me after years of no training. So I mess around with stuff she should have learned at the start and she tries to thwart me, lol
Love the old girl.




Finally able to get out in the forest with the dogs today.
One of these dogs is a boss and three of them are pretty much losers, lol

This is the face of a doggie who was super pissed that she didn't go to training w the pups.So she channeled her Inner A...

This is the face of a doggie who was super pissed that she didn't go to training w the pups.
So she channeled her Inner Angry Puppy, the one who might have eaten part of a couch once upon a time....confessing to nothing.... Being older and wiser, she went for a smaller statement and merely ate a stolen pink pen she found in Jade's stuff. In other words, on the floor rather than where it should have been.
Surprise, surprise.

I only began training her again recently. I needed to stop taking her on our long runs because it just wrecks her back and then she can't even stand up to eat that evening. But I couldn't just do nothing with her, soooooo I took her to training to see how she'd like it.

She liked agility best back in the day, but she got two legs toward a CD, two towards an RE and one or two BN legs before she unequivocally told me "NO" at a trial in San Jose. Imagine my surprise. She remembers everything. All of it. And she was thrilled to play with me. Dogs are so forgiving.

Now she's working brushing up on known skills, working on new skills and loving it. It's like a light's gone on behind her cloudy eyes. She follows me around, hoping for a chance to play; I have her attention and she has mine.

Fly is thirteen, and she is turned on in a way I haven't seen in years. I'm hoping to finish her CD next month and I think she may have it in her to finish a couple other titles we started years ago. Plus, it's fun to have a dog who knows her stuff to play with along with the newbs. Variety is the spice of life.

It rained today(yay!), so I took the pups to the Fairgrounds to use the covered arena. It's matted too!I didn't get any ...

It rained today(yay!), so I took the pups to the Fairgrounds to use the covered arena. It's matted too!
I didn't get any vids of the dogs working, but we had a blast other than the whining of the crated dogs waiting.
All that space is perfect for long retrieves and the big flirtpole, and there was just the right amount of distraction from people and vehicles.
At the end, the baby elephant buried her favorite toy carefully in a flowerbed. There's just no end to her genius.

Clearly, the relaxation protocols are working well.....Motion has to demonstrate "self-soothing" (lol) in various enviro...

Clearly, the relaxation protocols are working well.....

Motion has to demonstrate "self-soothing" (lol) in various environments. When the training centre is empty, it shouldn't be much of a challenge, BUT it's Motion, and he doesn't want to relax.
He did, shortly after this picture, flop himself down on the ground and stretch out, so we could start with some calm exercises.


Yes. I'll say it. I love prancing dogs! Can a mastiff learn to prance?

This is Luda, my 7 month old cane corso.

Fly heel practice

It feel weird to be making goals for a dog I haven't thought about showing in years. Fly has two legs toward her CD and RE and a leg or two of beginner novice, although her primary and favorite sport was agility. Way back in 2010, or maybe 2011, Fly let me know she'd had enough of obedience. Recently, after being on hiatus myself from training for awhile, I've got a bug to revive her enthusiasm for the process and see if I can get her interested in finishing up some unfinished business. She seems game. #akcobedience #veterandog #sportdog #amstaff

Fly, my 13 yr old veteran Amstaf, is getting ready to finish her CD after about 8 yrs of retirement.

Mountain House DogSports's cover photo

Mountain House DogSports's cover photo


My current generation.
Motion is about 4 months into his training.
Beginning to get a little duration in heeling.


(Tina) This week end is Mother's Day. (I love you Mom!) Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's =) Class will hopefully resume next week. (14th) provided there is enough interest


(Tina) Whew, crazy busy last few weeks. Stay tuned for the next class date. Anyone interested in Sunday this week? There is a conflict on Saturday. I am just testing interest at this point. Let me know!


(Roe) Since we have a holiday weekend there will no training. :{


(Tina) No class next week! Happy Birthday Willow!!!!


(Tina) Am SO excited the weather is supposed to hold. Need to get back in the training swing!


(Tina) The weather is supposed to FINALLY be nice this week end!! Martin is PO'ed that his handler has a prior commitment and would like to trade her in for someone else.


Hey Tiffany! The Goddess misses you, me too. Got any training tips when you can't get outside due to this crapy weather?


(Tina) Rain, rain, go away. Training by yourself in the house is not nearly as much fun.


(Tina) Another match on April 3rd! Please don't rain this week end, we need training!!!


Martin and his Adminisrative Assistant Rock Dixon!

Recorded on March 12, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.


(Roe) I know video is coming but I couldn't wait. Martin was awesome today! Several people even commented on his happy demeanor and his work ethic! His performance was spot on (though not complete without Tiffan's commentary). Tina and Martin are a dinamic team. Juno is happily Martin's groupie. Though he must at least pretend to worship her on occasion.


(Roe) Tiffany, you asked last week what I wanted to work on. 1. A decent signal for Juno to stand. I am wishy washy she doesn't know if she should stand, sit, finish or poop. Then there's about turns and figure 8s.


(Roe) From Bones Would Rain from the Sky: “Motivation is defined as “the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action.” In trying to understand what motivates the dog, you begin to lean more about him. At the motivational level of the relationship you are trying to figure out how you can make the dog WANT TO do what you want him to do.” This is 1 of the many things we work on in class.


Is anyone interested in training this Saturday?


It should be noted that your dog needs no previous training for class. Class is tailored to each individual dog/handlers needs and current skill set. From basic focus work and learning to work calmly around other dogs to competition obedience, your dog will surprise you with what they are capable of learning in a positive and fun enviornment!


Placerville, CA

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