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Mountain House DogSports Mountain House Dogsports is a small training group located in the Placerville area(currently) with a commitment to stretching our skills as owner/handlers and helping our dogs reach their own unique potential.

Drop in to attend a group session. The fee is $15.00 per session. Please contact me for private training.


(Tina) This week end is Mother's Day. (I love you Mom!) Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's =) Class will hopefully resume next week. (14th) provided there is enough interest


(Tina) Whew, crazy busy last few weeks. Stay tuned for the next class date. Anyone interested in Sunday this week? There is a conflict on Saturday. I am just testing interest at this point. Let me know!


(Roe) Since we have a holiday weekend there will no training. :{


(Tina) No class next week! Happy Birthday Willow!!!!


(Tina) Am SO excited the weather is supposed to hold. Need to get back in the training swing!


(Tina) The weather is supposed to FINALLY be nice this week end!! Martin is PO'ed that his handler has a prior commitment and would like to trade her in for someone else.


Hey Tiffany! The Goddess misses you, me too. Got any training tips when you can't get outside due to this crapy weather?


(Tina) Rain, rain, go away. Training by yourself in the house is not nearly as much fun.


(Tina) Another match on April 3rd! Please don't rain this week end, we need training!!!


Martin and his Adminisrative Assistant Rock Dixon!

Recorded on March 12, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.


(Roe) I know video is coming but I couldn't wait. Martin was awesome today! Several people even commented on his happy demeanor and his work ethic! His performance was spot on (though not complete without Tiffan's commentary). Tina and Martin are a dinamic team. Juno is happily Martin's groupie. Though he must at least pretend to worship her on occasion.


(Roe) Tiffany, you asked last week what I wanted to work on. 1. A decent signal for Juno to stand. I am wishy washy she doesn't know if she should stand, sit, finish or poop. Then there's about turns and figure 8s.


(Roe) From Bones Would Rain from the Sky: “Motivation is defined as “the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action.” In trying to understand what motivates the dog, you begin to lean more about him. At the motivational level of the relationship you are trying to figure out how you can make the dog WANT TO do what you want him to do.” This is 1 of the many things we work on in class.


Is anyone interested in training this Saturday?


It should be noted that your dog needs no previous training for class. Class is tailored to each individual dog/handlers needs and current skill set. From basic focus work and learning to work calmly around other dogs to competition obedience, your dog will surprise you with what they are capable of learning in a positive and fun enviornment!


Dorky Martin again


Super fantabulous puppy Tucker and his naturally intuitive handler. Kudos to this duo!


Martin and his not very coordinated handler


Juno B and her personal assistant, Roe today in class. Juno is looking fabulous!


(Tina) rain, rain go away


(Tina) No training tomorrow=(


(Roe) Hey Tiffian! I have 4 wheel drive. Do I need to come get you this weekend. I'll even let you bring the cat.


(Tina Hoping the weather foracast I just looked at holds up. Mostly sunny (but cold) on Saturday. Please, no rain!


(Roe) I'm sitting here on the couch all snuggled up under a blanket with The Little Blue Goddess. She is depresssed because there isn't any training to day.


(Tina) We regret to inform you that due to the weather and a scheduling conflict, the barn is not available this week end. Class will be cancelled=( Martin is crying, since he is still plotting how to get the battery operated cat while holding a Stay.


Dexter and Roxy


Juno does a perfect front


I just like this vid, she is sweet


(Tina) motivational recalls with the devine puppy, Tucker

Class Feb 13, 2011

Class Feb 13, 2011


Reminder- Sac Valley Dog Fancier's Obedience workshop is being held on March 11 at the Dixon May Fairgrounds. Entries close March 1st, and entries are limited. So if you plan to go, get your entries in!


So your dog is perfect at home/training, but when it comes to an actual trial, becomes a dog you've never seen before? Why does performance fall apart in new settings? One word-Proofing. Proofing, the final training phase, teaches the dog to tune out distractions. We work as creatively as possible on proofing our dogs, thus building reliability and focus under a variety of conditions.


(Tiffany) Does anyone have a problem/conflict with doing training on Sunday this week?


Say something about this video...

More training pics

More training pics


This is probably the one I wanted!


Loki works on scent descrimination. I am totally in awe of these two!


Juno B learns some jumping


I wuvs Martin. He tries very, very hard

Training February 5, 2011

Training February 5, 2011


(Roe) Hey Tiffany, do you think Juno is ready for her CGC?


Where's our invite for class Roe????? Yours are cooler and have pictures or I would make one!


Velvet, finally letting her hair down a bit. Go Velvet go!


Frankie feeling pretty sassy after his time off for surgery! Looking good!


Placerville, CA

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The Folsom area is under review for a training venue.

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Saturday 10:00 - 11:00


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