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A recent study, conducted in Japan, compared various methods for cooling horses after exercise in hot and humid conditions. Thoroughbreds were exercised until their pulmonary artery temperature reached 108°F. The time until the pulmonary artery temperature returned to

Complicated issues

Complicated issues

Humans and other mammals can recover from a broken leg. But a similar injury can be catastrophic for thoroughbreds, as the public has seen during this Triple Crown season.


Reminder as the temps get hotter in the U.S.
Check the pavement if there's no grass to walk on 🐾 Never assume because the air temperature feels okay that the pavement will be fine.

A succint and helpful read!

A succint and helpful read!

Elevate® natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) is provided to horses in two physical forms, powder or liquid. Both forms can be absorbed by the horse.

A very interesting read

A very interesting read

The way you mount up from ground to saddle at the start of a ride has important implications for your horse's body and mind. Riders rarely examine the technique they use to get from ground to saddle and their horses' responses to having to stand for it. But is the way we make the journey up onto our...

Interesting.  Phil goes in a loose regular nose band.

Interesting. Phil goes in a loose regular nose band.


In this excerpt from Shoeing the Modern Horse by Steven Kraus, CJF, and Katie Navarra, the head of Farrier Services at Cornell University explains one of the ways things can go wrong when you hire a farrier, and what to watch for to keep your horse sound. As in human medicine, not every farrier proc...

A very interesting read

A very interesting read

The parotid gland is the hidden indicator of training quality and here is why.

Well written and fun!

Well written and fun!

“I can’t talk right now; I have 16 hands between my legs.” Fifteen years on and I still remember the moment my boss spouted out that gem. She was a woman working in a man’s world and she assured me it is good practice to throw the men off-kilter from time to time, which I …


When securing blankets, make sure that the snaps/clips are facing inward, toward the horse! If they are facing out, they can easily become stuck on something, like the hay net in the picture.


A senior gelding is urinating more frequently after alfalfa got added to his diet. Here are the possible reasons.


A study examined high dressage marks awarded to horses with head positions behind the vertical, in direct conflict with FEI dressage rules.

An interesting read

An interesting read

To accommodate a horse’s associative talents, provide the right rewards at the right time, and only for behavior you want to encourage.


: Did you know a horse with a moderate hair coat starts requiring additional calories for body temperature regulation when the outside temperature drops to approximately 50°F?

Cold weather prompts special considerations for your horse's diet and care, particularly when it comes to the older members of the herd; consult your primary horse doctor to formulate a plan to keep your horses happy and healthy this winter! For more tips, visit

He’s an amazing practitioner.

He’s an amazing practitioner.

Dr. Kevin Haussler of Colorado State University describes how a saddle should fit horses and how he investigates saddle-fit issues that might cause back pain. Listen now!


Credit: Maryland Saddlery Consignment Crofton

Super interesting.  And well done.

Super interesting. And well done.

Stabling and turnout practices are dependent upon many factors. These include owner preferences, setup of the barn, number of horses, size of paddocks, availability of outdoor shelter, sources of food and water, gender mix, as well as the health and work requirements of individual horses. It seems t...


Are you suffering Saratoga FOMO? (fear of missing out) Fear not... the October HVF is here with the one and only Patrick Reilly on the cover 😁

A good read

A good read

Are OTTBs considered a part of the sport of horse racing? Paulick Report editor-in-chief Natalie Voss argues they should be.

A very interesting read...

A very interesting read...

The horse is a prey animal, the human a predator. Our shared trust and athleticism is a neurobiological miracle


A veterinarian dispels four common rumors that often sway an owner's decision to pursue surgery for a colicking horse.


Could be very handy.




As you prepare for fun in the sun with your favorite equine, make sure you understand how the combination of heat and humidity can take the fun part out the equation — and potentially even turn into a dangerous situation for your horse.

When riding in hot weather, remember to take precautions and use your common sense. Remain vigilant for dehydration and for signs of heat exhaustion, as the situation can quickly escalate into heat stroke. If your horse looks hot and tired, it's time for a drink, a cold bath and a break in the shade.

Consult your veterinarian for more information, or learn more about the signs of heat stroke on our website at


Supporting a breed or a discipline, or both, doesn’t necessarily indicate non-support for some other breeds or disciplines.

I have personally decided to lend support to the Morgan breed because it is a small breed, much more vulnerable than the Thoroughbred, for example, and because it is often perceived as mainly a show ring breed, it can help broaden the Morgan’s appeal to demonstrate sport uses.

The Thoroughbred breed is beginning to take hugely more interest in what happens to its athletes AFTER their racing days are over, and I am feeling pretty good about those efforts.

I am not feeling pretty good about the efforts of the leadership in the sport of eventing to react to so many crippling injuries and fatalities to both horses and riders. I have the sense that the sport has become deadened to shock after just so many, year after year. Just a week ago, the reigning World Champion horse died
while competing, just two weeks after two other horses died at one event, and if THAT doesn’t get the sport to start making some REAL changes, is there much hope?

Responsible oversight does not happen until those in power MAKE it happen. They could start immediately by tinkering and lowering somewhat the required speeds, which are the same now as 60 years ago, when there were far more straightforward open galloping courses. You can’t drive a car without getting a driver’s license. Why should a rider be allowed to go preliminary or higher without a license? Or whatever---Do SOMETHING different to at least prove you notice and care.

In the meanwhile, support the breeds and sports that you care about, and that will include, I believe, being willing to speak up for changes if you feel changes need to be made.


Just when you thought you couldn’t love nature any more 😀

Well this is disturbing...

Well this is disturbing...

Animal health officials reported that the confirmed cases of EIA and the exposed horses were in Tulare County.



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