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Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Please read and share

PSA Yakima Valley Equine Emergency services or lack thereof

Horse owners PLEASE read and SHARE

If you have horses and you have not used a veterinarian in the last ONE YEAR, you may not be able to obtain emergency services.

I received a record number of emergency calls over the Christmas
weekend. It will likely be the same over this next weekend which is New Years. PLEASE call your veterinarian and ask if they will b e taking your call if you have an emergency, I can NOT cover the entire valley's problems. IF your horse has not been seen in the last year by your veterinarian, you may not have an active Client/Veterinarian/Patient relationship.

If you are unable to reach a veterinarian in your area, please look in the neighboring areas, Ellensburg and Tri Cities, where you may have to take your horse. Please so NOT wait to arrange to have a trailer available. Serious cases may be referred to WSU or OSU or PILCHUCK>

PLease share this so you are not left without care.


Hello readers, we are so happy that you're interested in our business. If you have any emergency this is not the place to contact us. Please call by telephone 509-961-5854. We are also no longer taking appointments via Facebook due to a large number of no show. Please enjoy this page for information only thank you

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Strangles bulletin

I just spoke with the bacteriology department at Phoenix Central Lab which is where we get a lot of cultuires grown. They confirmed what I have been seeing. We are experiencing an extremely high rate of STRANGLES here in WA>

In my practice, the main source can be traced directly back to feedlot horses. Either these horses came from the feedlot or have been in contact with horses that came from the feedlot.

The Strangles intranasal vaccine is pretty effective in the face of an outbreak. If you are knowingly bringing animals into your herd that could have been exposed, please quarantine for 21 days. Please ask your veterinarian how to do this. Please consider vaccinating your horses. Much of what you have heard about the vaccine having side effects is not true.

Please be careful because you can transmit the bacteria by touching a sick horse and then not washing your hands. For people who work with horses like vets and shoers, we need to change outerwear and boots and shoes. Please be careful.

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

This week's column, HOCK INJECTIONS yes or no,,,,,
Q: It seems like all rodeo and barrel horses need
hock injections. Do they really need this and

A: One of the reasons many sport horses need
hock injections is that work that they do It is
very demanding, using the hind end hard, driving
into the ground. The sharp turns and pivots are
also very hard on the joints.

Not every horse needs hock injections, but a lot
of them do. However, these are not the only
joints that are stressed and not the only ones
that can deteriorate and end up needing injections.
There are many other joints that can be affected.

One of the things that you can do to prolong the
useful life of your horse is to use things that are
systemic. This means that they affect the whole
horse. Judicious use of anti inflammatories such
as bute and Previcox are very important.

Other products are Adequan, for cartilage and Legend
for joint capsules and fluid, can be very healthy for your horse

Have your horse evaluated by an experienced Sports Medicine
Veterinarian, and they can help you decide what therapy
might be best.

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Good morning, readers!! Here is this weeks column. You can read back issues here.

Q: I want to get involved with rescues, but
how do I know whether organizations I see
advertising are the right ones to give money

A: Actually, some of the largest, most" reputable"
organizations are the worst so far as keeping most
of the money for expenses and administrative costs.
Some also spend a lot on political action, which
can be good, but if you want your money to go
to animals, you need to ask!!!

As with any charity, you need to ASK where your
money goes. Ask what percentage goes to the
animals. You can always give to your local NO KILL
shelters. Those are places you can actually go
and see how they operate, which you can't with
large organizations.

The best thing you can do, is to try to help the
animals in need yourself. Yes, you can do it!
Just make it a point to say something when
you see something! If you see a grossly under
weight animal, politely ask if the owner needs
help. Some medical conditions keep animals
from gaining weight. Animals do get old and die.
Just make sure that you find out the facts, and then
offer to help.

Read your local paper or craigslist and you will see
found, stray, and unwanted animals that you can
take in. Get an extra pet. Get a senior pet that is
unwanted.(SAD) Pick up that stray animal that you
have seen on the side of the road. Don't pay someone
to do it. Do it yourself!!

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

No garden waste should be fed to horses!

Last night, some idiot threw rhubarb, onion tops, and chewing to***co tins over the fence where horses live!!! These are all TOXIC to horses! This neighbor has some serious, 'splainin to do! Very serious colic resulted, but the mare made it!!!! Good thing, as she has a young c**t at her side.

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

This applies to all of your animals and their prescriptions. Please read..

Here is this week's column. It explains monitoring prescriptions for your horse.

Q:I have an horse that I need
to give bute to, or I can use
other NSAIDS, but my vet won't
sell them to me! What can I do?

A: I am sure that your vet will
sell them to you, but if it has been
over a year since your vet has seen
your horse, the horse will have to
be seen again. Yes, this will cost

The reason for this is legal, and it
is intended to reduce abuse of the
prescription drugs. Your veterinarian
has a responsibility to monitor your
use of the drugs. This includes making
sure that the animal is alive, and
that you aren't using or selling the drugs
for other animals, or for human use.

I know it sounds silly, but it does
happen. You can avoid this situation
by keeping in touch with your vet and
having your horse seen for routine
vaccinations, dentals, and any other needs.

It may seem more expensive at the time,
but over all, it will save you; your vet
will likely go ahead and give you bute
or other NSAIDs, if you have an ongoing

This type of client/veterinarian relationship
also makes it more likely that you will get
prompt emergency care, and advice, if you
happen to need it. You can't expect that
of a vet that you don't regularly use!


I just got an email that my Yellow Pages bill doesn't prove I own this business. But here I am editing "my" page. facebook, you are very strange

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