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Although this is Mother's Day weekend, I'll be watching as much as possible! May 11 to May 14

Although this is Mother's Day weekend, I'll be watching as much as possible! May 11 to May 14

Don't miss a beat with our comprehensive viewing schedule for the 2023 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show...


After attending dog shows many years, I do have to wonder: Official stance of the AKC regarding some questionable treatment of purebred dogs prepped for the show ring??


What does the Westminster Kennel Club cluster of dog shows mean to you personally as an SD handler?


Zignature dry dog food at Hollywood Feed,
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Do you have a SD training mentor?
Are there SD teams that inspire you?


Have you made mistakes during your SD training journey?
What were they? Resolution?


Today is February 20th,
Love Your Pet Day!

In my journey with Dexi Etta, I've learned to listen to reliable dog trainers who emphasize the fact that your dog’s emo...

In my journey with Dexi Etta, I've learned to listen to reliable dog trainers who emphasize the fact that your dog’s emotions are tremendously important in any training that you seek to do!

How a dog’s emotions impact their love of training and 7 tips to maximise your dog training success.


Does this adorable Doberman seem to be in a trance! Thank goodness this dog's breeder had the good sense to leave the ears as nature intended! Argos, too, agrees that he looooves every centimeter of his full gorgeous natural ears!


Positive traits such as friendliness, sociability and ability to cooperate with humans are significantly affected by the genes a dog inherits from its parents.


Breeder is more important than Breed!
of personality they choose to replicate!


DESIRED for Assistance Dogs and companion pets!
CALMNESS in chaos
TOLERANCE to changes
SELF-REWARDING accepting praise as reward


Inappropriate for Assistance Dogs!
Sensitivity to chaos around us
Sensitivity to movement outside
Insensitive to praise


Sensitivity to noises and smells challenges some of us in a noisy stinky world but remember we also possess very special qualities 💟


Basically this is a shout-out to highly admirable people whose (often long-standing) breeding programs are filled/accredited with expert people's influences (Dunbar, Avidog, PuppyCulture, BAB) and with lots of helpful people visiting puppies (socialization)! Your mentorship of newer less experience breeders is meaningful and appreciated!! 😀

Some people say they want to support the need for Assistance dogs, but then simultaneously impair dogs by cutting off puppy body parts: eat flaps, tails, dewclaws, or worst of all removing s*x hormones/glands that could easily remain intact maintaining full body health even after a qualified vet surgically makes the dog infertile (for those proven unfit/unwanted to contribute to the breed's gene pool).

Some people lead you to believe puppies they bred are highly suitable prospects (ie because of breed or because of cute factor!) but simultaneously have been harming their chances for thriving even as pets (and diminishing their overall well-being) by neglecting most guidelines from experts in extensive socialization and early manners training that impacts dogs for life, maybe also neglecting puppy calm feeding needs and clean sanitary/potty needs!

Others breeders follow many socialization and training guidelines and use tangible measurement metrics of temperament so the dogs may be great pet companions at home, but if dozens of humans aren't included 4 to 12 weeks the puppies' brains have virtually stopped accepting human variety fearlessly which leads to challenges during Public Access Training and beyond.
So for those pups, it would seem risky to move forward although I guess it might sometimes be worthwhile for a really special one with proven bomb-proof personality that calmly accepts loads of make-up human socialization up to 6 months (maybe even til 1 year according to some trainers). For people fostering potential Service Dog puppies, taking on those that are unsocialized with people may be a rewarding challenge that results in a percentage moving on to task training and additional public access with their disabled handler.

So this post is also a shout out to puppy fosters who work with puppies from 8-10 weeks until they're slightly older 6-9 months! 😀

And finally a shout out to good hearted breeders who are welcoming the process of learning more with each litter! 🤗


Obedience Trials
Meet the Breed
Maybe talks about creating great puppies with heavy socialization programs?


Medical Alert Service Dogs have DRIVE and DETERMINATION to save their handlers!


runs thru the dog's body
inspires the dog's mind to complete what they start


Here's term to learn well:
Puppy mill style disregard of puppy raising programs,
but lots of show champions...


The Worms and Germs Blog authored by Drs. Scott Weese and Maureen Anderson covers animal health and diseases and is published by the Ontario Veterinary College University of Guelph.


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Have to share this update about the "funky" mystery respiratory sickness affecting (killing) dogs. Now 14 states have re...

Have to share this update about the "funky" mystery respiratory sickness affecting (killing) dogs. Now 14 states have reported cases of the very contagious illness. First appearing (reported) in New Hampshire where a scientist (Dr Needle) has now studied it a year and seeks cooperation from other veterinarians to study and defeat!

Cases of an unusual respiratory illness in dogs have been reported in states across the country, including Oregon, California and Florida.


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