Lost Pet Networking Service

Lost Pet Networking Service To assist people in finding their lost pets by getting the word out across all forms of social media We can contact all pet related businesses, shelters, etc.

If your pet is missing we will create a specialized plan to assist in getting them found and returned home. For a fee, we can do everything from design printer friendly flyers for you to distribute, to getting the word out there about your pet across all social medias such as Facebook and Twitter. either by phone or by email and provide them with copies of your flyers. We'll make your pet a Facebo

ok page of it's own so that incoming tips don't get bogged down with other posts. We can give you tips and referrals to other experts in finding lost pets such as trackers, etc. We do all this because we are passionate about pets, and we have many of our own. Between us we have over 20 years of experience in helping to find lost pets. We will never give up on your missing pet and we have contacts worldwide in pet networking and rescue and can get your baby shared with thousands very quickly. When it comes to finding lost pets, time is of the essence and we work fast and tirelessly almost around the clock to help you find your pet. Fundraisers to help you with expenses in finding your pet can also be done, and we'll be happy to assist you by sharing yours if you've set one up. There are many options, so let us use our many years of knowledge and experience to help you bring your baby back home! A portion of our proceeds will be donated to helping find forever homes for the babies that have been found, but never claimed.

Operating as usual


As my 13 year old self stares at my puppy self I reflect on my life.
My hopes and dreams.
I wanted to change the world.
I wanted to teach kindness to animals and people, promote spay and neuter, help provide food and clothing to low income families in the city, Vest Police dogs, Help with finding animals homes, feeding the strays and getting them fixed and safe, support other charities helping animals and children....
Now I sit at 13 and what have I gotten done?

In 2015 all our lives changed when a devastating fire destroyed Sweetpea Friends of Rutland Animals a true no-kill shelter in Massachusetts.

We are a shelter run by family, run by heart, run by people in jeans and sneakers not high heels and bluetooths.
Trying to build a building to code in 2021 with insurance money for a building built in 1960.
That is what people don't understand insurance only paid out for a building built any years ago not one that is being built now.
We need 250,000 to be close to finish, septic alone is 56,000.
All while paying Mortgage, utilities, accountants, permits, trash pick up and all the normal bills everyone has to pay.
How can we get this done while just existing??

The truth is we can't.

I am getting tired and the feeling of defeat is creeping closer and closer to me.
I am a little dog that many of you have followed for many years.
But I am 13 now and I feel I will not see Sweetpea completed.
My dream is fading.
Richard ( our founder is 83) Melanie, Sarena, Robert, Bonnie, Deanna, Deb, Theo and Sherri the board members and volunteers are doing everything they can.

We don't know what else we can do.

Mom and I feel defeated and depressed.
When everything comes down to money what can you do?
Lives are a stake, animals who need 2nd and 3rd chances, animals who need a safe place to crash while they wait for a furever home are being denied.... we have no place for them.

This fundraiser is my last ditch effort to help.

Please share, please invite everyone on your friends list, share to pages and groups that you think could help.

Let's finish Sweetpea Together.
I need to see this done in my short lifetime.

The animals are counting on us.

PS. Thank You to Noodle The Disabled Dachshund's mom for this photo creation

Can you please click on this photo FIRST and then give it a like. Police finally show ed up today after many complaints ...

Can you please click on this photo FIRST and then give it a like. Police finally show ed up today after many complaints about fireworks, it lasted for two months. It scared my babies so much and it made them ill. Thank you

Vanavond zijn onze bikers actief in Landgoed Driessen in Waalwijk.



Please CLICK on this photo and give it a like

Petition: Make dog theft a specific criminal offence
Petition: Make dog theft a specific criminal offence

Petition: Make dog theft a specific criminal offence

The Government should create a specific offence for dog theft, with 8 years minimum sentencing and a fine of at least £5,000. Dogs are like members of the family to many people and current laws do not reflect this. Dogs are a support network for so many, a family member, a lifeline.

Search for Sassy

Search for Sassy

This time I need help myself. Five weeks ago my baby girl vanished in thin air.Now it turns out 12 other cat are missing in the same area without a trace. We want to reach out to the media but the page for Lisa (and the other cats needs more likes). Would also help if you could leave a comment like following from the Usa. I will post the link to the page in the comments. Thank you

Search for Sassy

Search for Sassy

Do we have 200 people on our page who can spare $1? If so Willow's mom will reach goal. Will post the paypal link in the comments

Thank you so much Sharon for sending a donation for the third time, you are godsend for Willow,s mom. Only $200 more nee...
Bring willow home 200$per lawsuit organized by Karisa Davis

Thank you so much Sharon for sending a donation for the third time, you are godsend for Willow,s mom. Only $200 more needed. Please give, its her only chance to get her baby back 🙌🙌🙌

I brought my baby girl home on May 9, 2020 she was born in Houston Alaska and on July 1… Karisa Davis needs your support for Bring willow home 200$per lawsuit



PLEASE help us find Ruby!! She was stolen on May 14th and was adopted out by the Humane Society of the Black Hills in Rapid City, SD around May 31st.

The HSBH might have shipped her out of state, confessing to it being a common occurance and purely out of spite so owners can’t find them. Cory Ferguson Monument Health HVU Kinsley Powers Groote The Humane Society of the United States Dogs At The Humane Society of the Black Hills Humane Society of the Black Hills

She’s 10 years old, she’s Boston Terrier and Japanese Chin, and she’s about 18 lbs.

I can’t imagine how scared she is. We miss her so much, and she just wants to come home. PLEASE help us find her.

Every hockey trip, every practice, every lake day, every movie, every single day dropping Rider off at school and picking him up. She was there.
Every. Single. Time.

The RUBY Revolt

Hold on little bird, I’ll be there soon.


Who can spare $5 Will post link in comments

Bring Willow home

Bring Willow home

I have some very exciting news. We did it! Enough money was raised to file the first lawsuit. Things are set in motion. Both owner and baby Willow thank you from the bottom of their hearts. Hang in their sweet Willow, you will be home before you know it and I for one just can't wait for the reunion photo's and video

Link to go fund me

Link to paypal

Bring Willow home

Bring Willow home

Ancorage Alaska

Willow's mom is hoping a lawsuit will help lead to the return of her beloved dog, after thieves took her from her apartment during a break-in on july 14

Karisa came home to her apartment to find her window broken.

Thieves stole her personal belongings but she is most devestated about losing Willow, her most prized posession, her little girl

As the days pass she searched everywhere, posted online, listed her as stolen on the shelters website, followed up on every lead and so much more.

Whom ever had stolen Willow surrendered her to the shelter as if she was their own dog.

She was adopted out under false pretenses and legal action will be taken

Please consider making a small donation to bring Willow home



Pay Karisa Davis using PayPal.Me
Pay Karisa Davis using PayPal.Me

Pay Karisa Davis using PayPal.Me

Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.

Bring Willow home

Bring Willow home

Anchorage Alaska Willow stolen during break in on july 14. Very loved and missed

Bring Willow home

Bring Willow home

If you didnt come to this page to help Willows owner but to defend the adoptive family please go away. Owner has been harrast more than enough for wanting her baby back. No one in his right mind would want to keep a stolen dog, especially not after having it only for two days. Your nasty abusive comments will be deleted and you will be banned from the page

Bring Willow home

Bring Willow home

Alaska Anchorage On july 14 2020 Willow was stolen during a burglary. She was posted everywhere and listed on the shelter website as stolen but they adopted her out after an unknown person "surrendered" her. Owner found out two days later she was adopted out and the new family dont want to give her up

Bring Willow home

Bring Willow home

Willow stolen from Anchorage Alaska during burglary july 14

Bring Willow home

Bring Willow home

Willow was stolen from Anchorage Alaska on july 14 during a burglary

Search for Sassy

Search for Sassy

Puppy Willows was stolen 😥 She is very loved and missed. She went missing on 7/14 during a burglary in between 10:00 pm an 11:00pm in Anchorage Alaska off turnagain street my contact info is Karisa Davis phone is 907 5751364 She is really good an smart dog an super cute she’s super friendly an listens to her name. She’s a karlian bear dog mixed with heeler. If you know who has her you can also send a private message to Search for Sassy. Your info will be kept confidantial. Thank you for sharing ❤



Mookie is in the hospital her medical bills is already at $3000.00 and climbing she could use any and all donations she can get right now to help Mookie. Please send donations directly to Susie Gooselin at
Her PayPal account to
[email protected]
Pet hospital information
Fish Creek 24 hour Pet Hospital

She is using her rent money now to help pay for Mookie hospital bill. It’s going to be expensive because of the long weekend let’s get together as family and friends and help her in any way we can.
Thank you

PLEASE CLICK on this photo and give it a like. To vote you have to CLICK on the photo. Thanks!

PLEASE CLICK on this photo and give it a like. To vote you have to CLICK on the photo. Thanks!

Is Ted van Mandy voor jou The Dog of Holland 2020? Breng dan jouw stem uit door deze foto te liken en wie weet word jouw favoriet de drager van de titel en de winnaar van de mooie prijzen!

Bring Konner home.

Bring Konner home.

Bring Konner home.

Bring Konner home.

BAKER, FL Konner missing since 8/22/19
•Male not neutered •Age 2, Wt 5-6lbs •PTSD Therapy dog •Short tail
•Debbie (850) 603-3384

Juno's Place

Juno's Place

This came up in my facebook memories today!

July 20th 2015

Update on Puppy Doe Larceny case!!!

Commonwealth vs Czerkawski

Four counts: 1 over 250 on an a person over 65 or disabled person, 1 attempted Larceny over 250 and 2 Larceny over 250!!!!

Hopefully now they can start with the case of Puppy Doe!!!

Norfolk District Attorney's Office



A 34-year-old man has been found guilty of stealing $130,000 from the woman for whom he was supposed to be acting as caretaker in 2013.
After less than three hours of deliberation, following five days of testimony, a Norfolk Superior Court Jury found Radoslaw Czerkawski guilty on all four indictments at trial: Larceny of property valued at over $250 from a person over age 60; two counts of Larceny over $250; Attempting to Commit a Crime, according to Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey.
“Janina Stock was over age 90 and in difficult health when Mr. Czerkawski was hired as her caretaker, based in part on their shared Polish heritage and language,” District Attorney Morrissey said. “He abused that trust, eventually helping himself to an enormous share of her personal assets at the end of her life. I am very pleased that this diligent jury has reached this verdict.”
District Attorney Morrissey said that Quincy Police Detectives Thomas Pepdjonovic, William Montieth and Chuck Landry, and State Police detectives attached to the Norfolk DA’s Office, did excellent work putting together a difficult and complex case. Assistant District Attorneys Greg Connor and Tracey Cusick did excellent work putting the case before the jury, Morrissey said.
Czerkawski was indicted separately on multiple counts of animal cruelty relative to a pit bull alleged to have been abused at the Quincy home where he was being paid to care for Stock. Today’s larceny verdicts have no bearing on the Constitutional presumption of his innocence in those matters.
Sentencing on today’s convictions will be before Judge Kenneth J. Fishman at 10 a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21, 2015, in the Norfolk Superior Court.

Search for Sassy

Search for Sassy

Puppy Willows was stolen 😥 She is very loved and missed. She went missing on 7/14 during a burglary in between 10:00 pm an 11:00pm in Anchorage Alaska off turnagain street my contact info is Karisa Davis phone is 907 5751364 She is really good an smart dog an super cute she’s super friendly an listens to her name. She’s a karlian bear dog mixed with heeler. If you know who has her you can also send a private message to Search for Sassy. Your info will be kept confidantial. Thank you for sharing ❤

Search for Sassy

This is my baby girl


Royal Canin has changed en is still is changing their FORMULA and if your pet is on their (medical) food this may concern you.

September last year I bought a NEW BAG of Royal Canin Hypoallergenic for my dog with food allergy. She did great on it for three years but after feeding her from the new bag she got ill. A lot of vomiting,
tummy pains, nauseous, lethargic, ear infection, scratching. I immediatly checked if maybe I accidently ordered the wrong food. I noticed the food was the same but the bag looked different and the food smelled different and the size was different. I called Royal Canin customer service and asked what had been changed in the food that made her ill. They promised me to rest assured and told me nothing was changed but the bags and some minor changes in nutrition.

Took my dog to the vet, told him I suspected the food. They are selling this brand and them to assured me there was nothing changed in the food. a few weeks later my dog was still not feeling better, I called Royal Canin again to share my concerns. Asked about changes again, no matter how small. They told me something else was wrong with my dog and that she needed vet care and to be examined.... My dog had full bloodwork, came back normal! Ultrasound showed her duodenum was upset, possibly a reaction to food. Tested for Pancreatitis, Addison's disease, bacterial overgrowth, came back normal! Was refered to an internal vet, could find nothing...

When I wanted to order a new bag of food I noticed bad reviews from other pet parents who had the same experience like me! I started digging and found hundreds of bad reviews, all about the NEW FORMULA. Called Royal Canin again they assured me nothing had changed in their food and said I have to keep looking for a medical issue but the internal vet have said there is absolutely nothing wrong with my dog. And yet they said, it has nothing to do with our food, if your dog had still been on the old food she would also have gotten sick. After many phonecalls to Royal Canin selling points I finally managed to get a bag of the OLD food and the vomiting and tummy pains etc stopped...! Dogs dont lie

And now Royal Canin say they taking me and the other customers serious and are looking into this. I hope that's true! Its gonna be extremely difficult to change her to another brand without knowing what is causing the symptoms. I need answers to be able to help my baby girl. This old bag of food will be empty in a few weeks and I dont want her to suffer again

If you have any info at all about whats changed in the food please leave a comment or send a private message to the search for sassy page

On the video is my own dog on the NEW FORMULA of Royal Canin hypoallergenic

To check reviews click on link and scroll down >

To check more reviews click on link and select one star >

Search for Sassy admin

100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida


Peanut & Poppy
Bonded pair 2 males 5 lbs each.
Looking for a forever loving home together. Secure Fenced yard a must. No small children. Located in the fort Lauderdale FL area. We do not ship
or transport. Home check will be done. [email protected]
To inquire about adoption.
Please share. Thank you

Please help and share too

Please help and share too

With a heavy heart we have to report the vet called and Shorty is beyond our help. She said he has four neurological symptoms: stupor, nystagmus (eyes moving rapidly back and forth), strabismus (eyes looking opposite direction, and his is vertical which she said was even more concerning), and circling. The kindest thing is to give him sedation, then let him go. I talked with owner who, despite being broken-hearted, agreed. Her request to me was for someone to say his name, and tell him he was a good dog. I promised her he would be held, loved on, and we would tell him he was a good boy. Thank you to the very compassionate staff at ACC for carrying out her wishes ♦️ MEDICAL EMERGENCY ♦️

This little guy is Shorty. His mom was in the process of moving and some friends were watching him. Unfortunately, he got loose and was attacked, possibly by a larger dog or coyote. This happened two days ago, but his mom just found out yesterday. When she got him, he was circling around and she thought she would have to euthanize him. She started a post this morning asking for help.

When we joined in the conversation, she was walking him to a friend’s house for antibiotics because her truck was broken down. She is diabetic and her blood sugar was dropping, so both she and her beloved dog was weak.

We wanted to help this lady and the little dog she loves so much. Thankfully, Melissa A Nicely drive out to meet her and take Shorty to the vet; and a million thanks to Chad Ferrell and the staff of Animal Care Clinic Inc for staying past closing time to help Shorty.

Shorty is at ACC right now. Once we know more, we will post on here. We don’t know the severity of his injuries other than he has been bitten, had been walking in a circle, and is now lethargic. We aren’t sure if he will need XRYs, IV fluids, antibiotics and pain meds, or if his injuries will warrant humane euthanasia. Please say a prayer for him.

If you’d like to donate towards his emergency care, you may do so via PayPal or the attached DONATE BUTTON.


Battlefield Pkwy NE
Leesburg, VA



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LADY dug out during a storm June 23 from Seville, Fl. She lost her collar & tag. Very loving dog, may have gotten into a car with someone, not sure. Please share. If you have her or seen her please contact me. REWARD OFFERED! WE LOVE & MISS HER VERY MUCH!
If you find this guy in Webster area contact Shelly N Vance Mauldin
Where are you located? I checked your info here, but no state, no location. It helps to know what area the lost pets are from.

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