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Shampoodles Grooming, LLC **Not Currently Accepting New Clients**
Experienced pet grooming at my in home salon. **Not Currently Accepting New Clients** Located halfway between Madison and Milwaukee in Johnson Creek, Shampoodles Grooming serves the greater Jefferson County area.

With flexible hours and affordable prices, I groom from my home. All of my equipment is professional grade. I have 10 years of experience in the grooming industry and am well versed in all breeds and cuts. Please browse through the pictures on this page for examples of my work and feel free to contact me with any questions!

Operating as usual


Shampoodles will be reopening May 3rd, but there are a few things we have to do to abide by social distancing rules.
1. I will meet you outside for curbside pickup/delivery. When you arrive, please wait for me no further than my front sidewalk, I will come to you. If I don’t come right out, please call or text me at (920) 285-9077 and let me know you’re here. If you have a dog who is a runner (one who will bolt away if they get loose) please let me know or remind me of that. Some I know about, and some I don’t. We don’t want to be chasing any sneaky dogs!
2. Make sure your dogs are leashed, though I can switch to my own leash and leave yours with you.
3. Payment and rebooking will be handled outside once we secure your dog in your vehicle.
4. If you have any symptoms or there’s a chance you’ve been exposed, I’m asking that you please reschedule your appointment.
5. Keep in mind these some appointments may run a touch long this time, especially if we’re way overdue. If you have a work-from-home conflict with pick up, please let me know about return times.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! 🐾


I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Wisconsin’s stay at home order has been extended to May 26th. This is very unfortunate, but Shampoodles will remain closed through this time. If the order gets rescinded or changed in any way to allow me to open back up, we will do that as soon as we’re able to. In the meantime, I have been keeping a list of those who have been canceled (or will now be canceled) and those who have been calling me so that I can start contacting you as soon as I know for sure we can start up again. I know for a fact I’ll be working Sundays for a time after this to help us catch up. I am only keeping the list of those who proactively call me; you can also choose to wait to call me after I announce we’re back in business (track it at home and make the call then).

I know a lot of you are concerned about how this will affect your dogs while we can’t groom. The answer is that you’re probably more worried about it than they are. The temptation is big to give a haircut at home yourself, but I must ask you to really think twice about how you would do that. It is very dangerous for someone who is untrained to use SCISSORS on a wiggly, unrestrained dog; it is incredibly easy to accidentally cut your dog, and getting vet treatment right now might be hard given that some of them have also shut down. I understand that we will have a lot of stinky, sometimes matted dogs coming in when we finally can open again, and I’m okay with that. It’s no one’s fault that this has happened, you re doing what’s right for them by staying at home, even if we get stinky! My suggestions to everyone are that you keep them dry and clean, both of those will help tremendously on the maintenance part. A bath at home is okay once in a while. If you feel like your dog struggles with heat as the weather gets warmer, think about making them comfortable with a cooler temperature in your house. Control what you can when there are things you cannot. You can also call me for specific instructions, I can give you more suggestions tailored directly for your dogs.

Keep your heads up, we are doing the right thing and once it’s over, we can take care of the dogs, like I said before, they are probably enjoying getting out of a grooming! Several of you have been sending me pictures and messages about your dogs and what I’m missing, I love seeing them all! Take care and we’ll see you soon!


In compliance with the order today to close down non-essential businesses due to Covid-19, Shampoodles is temporarily suspending the scheduling of new appointments in the next coming weeks. If you have an appointment already made in the next two weeks, I’m contacting each of you to set up a plan for rescheduling. I’ll be closed until officials deem it safe to start up again, so sorry for the inconvenience but it’s better for everyone to stay home... the dog can wait! I am still here though if you’d like to send me a message, I can answer questions about how to care for your dog’s coat if this becomes an extended shut down. For now, enjoy the time at home with them, lots of cuddles and treats (though not too many treats)! Stay safe, hopefully see you soon!

Thanks to Slewfoot Signs of Jefferson for our new sign!  We’ll get it installed soon so you can all find my house again!...

Thanks to Slewfoot Signs of Jefferson for our new sign! We’ll get it installed soon so you can all find my house again! 🤗

Here it is, this is the big one!After careful thought and consideration regarding the needs of my business vs. my family...

Here it is, this is the big one!
After careful thought and consideration regarding the needs of my business vs. my family life, we have made our decision on the new Shampoodles hours moving forward. This is the time we’ve been waiting for, when my kids both go to school full time, and we are adjusting my schedule so we can spend more time together as a family. I can discuss in more detail with you in person at your next appointment if you have questions, but here is the basic summary.

1. Monday-Thursday is staying mostly the same, with appointments available during day time as well as the single evening appointment each night. Appointment slots are loosely based on the size of the dogs who book for that day, but will follow a morning-afternoon-evening format like we’ve been doing. Most days I will start at 8 am, and there will still be a break from 3-4 pm for getting my kids from school.
2. Fridays will now be open to appointments, with slots available in the morning and afternoon, and a goal to be finished for the day before the kids come home at 3 pm. There will be no Friday evening groom.
3. Saturdays are staying the same as we are doing now, with appointments at 9 am, 12 pm and 3 pm. There is no Saturday evening groom.
4. Sunday will now be the closed day, since we have opened up Fridays. This was a difficult desicion, but the truth is Sunday has never been a highly sought after day for appointments and has been treated more as an “overflow” for Saturdays. I’ve have many requests for appointments on Fridays, so we are swapping Fridays for Sundays, and taking Sunday as my off day. We understand this may impact some clients more than others, so if you are one, please discuss with me your options and I’ll do my best to accommodate you moving forward.

This new schedule is technically already in practice as of today, though I still have a few rebooked appointments on Sundays through June. We will be honoring those appointments and working through them, so don’t worry about moving them. Summer will be crazy around here, appointment times will be different on summer school days than non-school days, so bear with me because the times will be odd. The schedule will be set in stone with the start of the new school year in September.

As always, if you have any questions, give me a call or message! And oh, while I have your attention, give your pup a tick treatment, they are predicting a bad year! I have seen several on dogs already this month, as well as two on PEOPLE in my house!


Shampoodles is going to be closed for the next few days, our water heater needs to be replaced and it won’t be done until Monday now. Appointments from Monday evening on should stand as scheduled, but I will let you know if there are further installation issues. Keep your fingers crossed! 🤞🏻


Hi guys!
Just a heads up that the schedule is very full right now for the next two weeks, I’m guessing due to Johnson Creek’s spring break and the Easter holiday. I’ve had a lot of calls over the weekend, there are no nights or weekends left until April 20. If you need in, we’ll either need to book it during a day time spot or wait until after Easter.
The good news is we are finally (finally!) getting close to that glorious time when my kids’ bus schedule will lighten up, as my youngest goes to school full time next year. That will mean a much more flexible day time schedule, with different/more appointment times. I’ve been waiting for that for YEARS and it’s finally going to happen in the next few months. Transitioning to the new times will be done through trial and error, so be prepared for a little confusion on my part until I figure out what works!


Final call for Christmas appointments!
If you need in before the holiday, I’m down to my last handful of slots for next week. They are first come first serve, once I list them publicly they will go fast!
Dec 20 at 8 am
Dec 22 at 3 pm
Then I am done until Dec 26. It will be a very busy week for me next week, I appreciate your patience with the schedule! I’ll remove the time slots when they are spoken for.


Shampoodles Autumn grooming schedule
Weekday appointments, this message affects you!

Can I be the first to welcome you to Autumn, or is it too early for that? 😬
I’m checking in with some (kinda) big news about the fall schedule. Most of you know that I’ve been take dogs during the day for quite a while now. I’ve scheduled them rather lackadaisically throughout the morning and early afternoons, they were quite flexible at times this year. This has worked out great for us and for most of you! Now summer is over, and we’re heading back to a school year schedule in this house. The difference this year is that for the first time, BOTH my kids get to go to school! Our youngest starts 4K this year, isn’t that exciting! Some of you have been coming to Shampoodles since before he was even born!
4K in Johnson Creek is a half day Monday-Thursday, and we got the afternoon session. What that means for me is that I will be meeting the school bus outside three different times in a day, and I’m going to alter the grooming schedule around that. My goal is to not be actively grooming when that bus is scheduled to arrive. The dogs need to be finished with the groom at that time. We can be upstairs, waiting for pickup, but I will not be able to be downstairs during bus time (or during the short period just before he leaves for school, I have to feed him and make sure he’s dressed and such). I’ve played with the times in my head, and I think what we will do is probably aim to schedule one around 8:00 am, and again around 12:00 pm, and then keep our 6:00 pm slot as well. Are these times flexible? A tiny bit, yes, depending on the situation. We’ll play it by ear and if you have questions or need something different, ask me and we’ll see what we can work out.
I’ve decided that single days when there is no school (such as inservice days), I am just going to be closed from grooming. The exception is that starting this year I will be open to take appointments during the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas break (in the past, I’ve been closed due to the husband being out of town for deer hunting over Thanksgiving, but this year 2018 I will be open). And I’m still closed on Fridays, again this is not likely to change in the future.

The countdown is on; in 12 months, both kids will be in school full time and that will mean all day grooming with flexible appointments slots again. Thanks for bearing with me all these years of rigid appointments- we’re almost there!

Get out and enjoy one last week of summer before the pumpkin spice appears! 🎃


Summer schedule update:
I’m grooming full days now, so we’re taking appointments in the morning, the afternoon and the evening Monday-Thursday. I have to work around the summer school bus and meal times for my kids!
Also still taking our normal 9-5 schedule on most Saturday and Sundays.
Closed Fridays; this will continue long into the future due to other commitments I have.

A reminder that I’m not taking in any new clients at this time, thank you!

Shampoodles Grooming, LLC's cover photo

Shampoodles Grooming, LLC's cover photo

Yep... it’s that time again... first tick of this year at Shampoodles tonight.  Start your treatments!

Yep... it’s that time again... first tick of this year at Shampoodles tonight. Start your treatments!


Schedule update
Well, I got about a month into the spring upswing in appointments before we got congested this year! Hahaha
May is a really tight month schedule wise. Right now, there are no evening appointments left before May 21st (unless someone cancels). And only a handful of weekend spots left before then. I do have a lot of morning appointments open, and the morning spots are very flexible on the start time. After May 21st it opens back up, but remember that is the week before Memorial Day and the last week of school for a lot of you. Then bam! It’s summer! Where did 2018 go?! It’s likely that the schedule will straighten out in June this year because I will have a lot more time to groom, but I wanted to give you a heads up that it’s tough from now til the end of May. 🌷🌸💐🌻


Hey guys! We’ve had a nice winter here, the schedule has been clear and open since the Christmas rush finished up, but we are coming up on the time of year when everyone wants to wake up from hibernation and groom the dog. Around the first of April or when we get that first warm snap is when I get a high volume of calls and the schedule fills up fast, and it will stay that way through August. Now’s a good time to mention again that I have expanded my grooming hours a bit to allow appointments during weekday mornings/early afternoons. I started doing that as a trial in October and have gradually rolled it out to longer and longer appointments, and it has worked out well for everybody. I understand that my business here has flourished on appointments from those of you who can’t make a day time appointment, so we are not discontinuing any evening or weekend times, they are all still available, but I’ve added in other times. There are some clients who don’t have a choice but to take an evening or weekend appointment due to their work schedules; but if you are able to, considering switching to a weekday appointment, which could give you more available times and would free up space for someone else. Some have already asked about switching, I’ll catch you the next time you call or at your upcoming appointment.

The weekday appointments can be flexible, Monday-Thursday I’m taking appointments with a start time between 9 am-1 pm, and then still doing an evening groom between 4-6 pm start time (so yes, those evening groom times can now be customized too). I need to keep the gap of 3-4 pm open with no active grooming. Weekends we will continue doing what we’ve been doing, it works best to keep fixed appointments at 9 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm.

One thing to note, Fridays are still off the table for grooming, I have other commitments so I’m still closed on Fridays.

In conclusion
Monday-Thursday start times: 9 am-1 pm or 4-6pm
Fridays: Closed
Saturday & Sunday fixed start times: 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm

Hang in there, in two weeks we’ve survived another Wisconsin winter! Some of my scents that remind me of springtime include Marshmellow, Passion Flower, Jasmine, Pink Grapefruit, Peach Fizz, and Sweet Lemon. Welcome back, spring-muddy paws!!!

When you have too much fun running through muddy fields, it’s time to go see Angie!

When you have too much fun running through muddy fields, it’s time to go see Angie!

Paris and Milo rocking their Christmas outfits 🎄

Paris and Milo rocking their Christmas outfits 🎄


The Christmas schedule is now full, I filled the last spot I had this afternoon. This includes all mornings, evenings and weekend spots, I even added extras, and there is no wiggle room between them to squeeze in more. Thanks to everyone who booked their appointments ahead of time to assure we scheduled efficiently. If you call in the next week for an appointment, please look at your schedule for the week/weekends after Christmas; there is always a cancel list available in case a spot opens up, but there are already dogs on the list. You’re better off picking a day that is open and getting on the schedule than risk waiting for a cancelation, they rarely happen at holiday time!


Update to this post:
EVENING appointments are full
WEEKEND appointments are full
MORNING appointments left on Dec 12, Dec 13 and Dec 20

Current clients: LAST CALL for Christmas Appointments
The grooming schedule is pretty much full, but I still have a few holes to fill in. There is ONE weekend appointment left before Christmas, and a few weekday mornings left (if you have a short groom), and they will go fast. There are NO evening appointments left, but currently no grooms on the cancel list. Current clients, call me today, it’s probably your last shot at a clean Christmas pup!


Current clients: if you need to see me before Christmas, I highly recommend calling me this weekend for an appointment. I have a lot of available openings between Dec 4-Dec 10, but after that the schedule is getting full for the holiday. A lot of those appointments in the week leading up to Christmas were booked weeks or months ago. I’m recommending you call me at this point so that we are not waiting around on texts or messages, as it can be difficult to juggle making appointments with multiple dogs at one time over text. (920) 285-9077.
Also I should mention now that all of my 6 pm appointments between Jan 2-Jan 17 oddly have been booked already, a lot of rebook appointments aligned and have filled in those two weeks of night appointments; if you’re normally a weeknight, we may have to consider a weekend in that time, because I have lots of weekends left! 🎄


445 Hunters Glen Ln
Johnson Creek, WI


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