Thomas Of Romania

Thomas Of Romania Thomas was severely abused by being hung from a fence and hit with a hammer in the head and suffered

Thomas has his page back!

Thomas has his page back!


Scum bags jealous of my page!

Needs foster ASAP!!!

Needs foster ASAP!!!


Well, the prognosis is pretty crumby, as expected. She has no feeling anywhere from mid back to her toes. Even though she was urinating, her bladder was severely enlarged indicating incontinence. The vets we have consulted (ER and Ortho) suggest euthanasia if a committed and experienced foster does not come forward. We never want to opt for this, especially considering there are homes out there for paralyzed dogs.

SSR was fully willing to take on her medical costs, but this is an injury with no treatment options available. At this time her only foster solution is to go back into someone's yard, which is extremely unsanitary and not a quality life for Indy.

We currently have her hospitalized, but she needs a game plan, and fast. We are unable to leave her there long, and as previously stated we do not have boarding options for healthy dogs, let alone paralyzed dogs.

She is located in Edinburg, TX. If a foster is willing to take her on, we could arrange transportation pretty much anywhere. We do not have much time to find a solution, so please share and let's see if anyone can help!

For those new to this story, Indy sat on the side of the road for 4, hot long days. Someone brought her home while searching for rescue help, but they have 12 animals and cannot bring her inside. We offered to pay for her overnight care at an ER, but did not fully intake into our rescue as we have no resources available for paralyzed dogs. I really hope we can find a happy outcome for her, but it's not looking promising :(

Thomas Of Romania titles with Fastcat 3 on May 7th, 2022!

Thomas Of Romania titles with Fastcat 3 on May 7th, 2022!

Thomas has his first blood draw with no muzzle on, it took almost 7 years to gain his trust for this to finally happen!

Thomas has his first blood draw with no muzzle on, it took almost 7 years to gain his trust for this to finally happen!


Thomas is a German Shepherd who was was found in Romania hanging from a fence, bludgeoned with a broken neck. A concerned citizen contacted a rescue, and tog...


Thomas Of Romania


Well look.who is featured on To The Rescue today...Thomas Of Romania!!! Finally the full footage is available to see now on YouTube about Thomas when he was featured on TV'S show To The Rescue!!! Monika Bohoni



Let’s see those pictures!!! Please post your t-shirt photo from supporting this great rescue!


Sadly, I predicted this when we shut down the world last year and I was already seeing unsocialized puppies (due to lack of classes), people getting extra puppies due to (having more time NOW), people lonely and boarded, and people who never had a puppy before. Then I was seeing the greedy breeders breeding back to back litters with no break for the female due to high demand and not enough puppies, and seeing the shelters clear out (which is a good thing until we have a flood of pups/dogs being returned when the pandemic is over with. Below is a quote from an email I just received today and it even has a name now from the media "pandemic puppies" Please seek private training for your puppies, even though there are not many classes going on now, this will get a good start for the puppy. (photo of cute puppy for attention to topic at hand)

We've been talking about the current popularity of puppy books, the demand for which really took off last March as people began to work from home and kids stayed home from school. We've noted in the mainstream press the use of the term "pandemic puppies" recently - focused on the numbers of puppies being adopted and more recently articles on the costs of dog ownership, problems that might arise, and people are realizing they may have made the wrong decision.

Many trainers who work with new dog owners are probably having to deal with such issues in your businesses.


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