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Here today gone tomorrow enjoy the flowers in your life


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Oh look at me getting all professional I'm finally setting up a tank at home and stuff πŸ€‘πŸ˜πŸ˜…Thx 😊 πŸ™ again @elosamerica for...

Oh look at me getting all professional I'm finally setting up a tank at home and stuff πŸ€‘πŸ˜πŸ˜…
Thx 😊 πŸ™ again @elosamerica for the amazing lights ✨️
And I appreciate @afishionado_channel for always inviting me and helping with the tech side of things

#247aquariums #custom #aquarium #keylargo #installation this was a fun job @briangiunto @glassscratchremover

#247aquariums #custom #aquarium #keylargo #installation this was a fun job @briangiunto @glassscratchremover

Well look what the scrubber boy himself dropped off 😳 @clearwaterscrubbers thx again always a good time, just no nutts t...

Well look what the scrubber boy himself dropped off 😳 @clearwaterscrubbers thx again always a good time, just no nutts to butts 🀑
Unless @afishionado_channel winks πŸ˜‰


So majestic ✨️ enjoy πŸ˜‰ #247aquariums #ur_best_re**er @georgiaaquarium


Just a giant manta ray doing backflips on our back stage tour of @georgiaaquarium this was such a epic trip


Such an amazing experience, thx again @biotaaquariums
Check off the bucket list for #247aquariums #ur_best_re**er #marine

Sunrise or sunset?#cleanwaterways #247aquariums We never stop

Sunrise or sunset?
#cleanwaterways #247aquariums
We never stop


#cleanwaterways #247aquariums @rajimcrajface @afishionado_channel @mikelambrechts @reefvet @john.loos @ur_best_re**er
We are non stop testing and trying to come up with a solution


And bill strikes again,
I can't tell you how much of this crap I've tossed in the trash @247aquariums #ur_best_re**er #247aquariums #uv #trash

#Sizematters @cleanwaterways #247aquariums 1000gal skimmer compared to the 300gal @rajimcrajface @afishionado_channel @r...

#Sizematters @cleanwaterways #247aquariums
1000gal skimmer compared to the 300gal @rajimcrajface @afishionado_channel @reefvet @mikelambrechts @john.loos


Couldn't take the video until everyone went over for the raffle
#cleanwaterways #247aquariums

Sad story 😒  Hose adapter came lose and drained a clients pond #247aquariums was on the scene within the hr but it was t...

Sad story 😒
Hose adapter came lose and drained a clients pond #247aquariums was on the scene within the hr but it was to late for this guy

@infidelhooks @afishionado_channel sorry not sorry 😐

@infidelhooks @afishionado_channel sorry not sorry 😐


Laid lots of pipe in the last few day @ttftinc @tftdistributors


Scrub - A - dub @clearwaterscrubbers thx 😊 again Boo cakes πŸŽ‚

I'm happy 😊 now @afishionado_channel

I'm happy 😊 now @afishionado_channel


Caution big things coming


1000gal a min going through these 3 skimmers, this is just the beginning


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@ray_accorto is cooking a few things πŸ˜‹

@ray_accorto is cooking a few things πŸ˜‹


#Pond #service @247aquariums #ur_best_re**er


Everything made the move except the one cardinal fish , that I never saw πŸ‘€ #247aquariums #ur_best_re**er

This is classic @peeweewmp referring @catalina__laf  πŸ’™

This is classic @peeweewmp referring @catalina__laf πŸ’™


Aquariums a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna find.


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And the 2021 boat show is a wrap.... #cleanwaterways had a major display with #thereefinstitute @reefvet looking like a ...

And the 2021 boat show is a wrap.... #cleanwaterways had a major display with #thereefinstitute @reefvet looking like a boss thx for everything #ecotechmarine @biotaaquariums @ttftinc @afishionado_channel @ray_accorto @irielements @proaquatix @realreefrock @two_little_fishies @clearwaterscrubbers @american_aquarium @dirtysportswear #247aquariums @247aquariums


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Joe Schwab everything looks good πŸ‘
It's been a long week im glad it's over
For this video, we are visiting one of our favorite Afishionado in Adam Ramjattan . It's been a while we visited him last and it just happens that it was his birthday little while ago. We couldn't just let it pass so I wanted to do something special to put a smile on his face with some help from very generous and amazing friends. (Shane Lafreniere of 247 Aquariums couldn't be here for the video but he was there pretty much every step of the way) I drove up 2 hours to visit my friend Chris Portale of The Fish Store / Custom Aquariums to put together a nice little frag pack for him and then to his house to dip and to put them in his aquarium for him. I hope you enjoy the progress of his tank and if you can, please wish him a happy belated birthday. Also if you have any reef related stickers, please get with me so we can decorate his new wheel chair in full re**er style. Happy reefing!
Let's start 2020 with a big bang! For those of you guys that personally knows me or remotely follows my work, you guys know how passionate I am for our hobby. Raising awareness, inspiring, educating and positively impacting the mass has been my main mission for years. I have been working with many like-minded, good people around the industry to work outside the box to raise awareness about sustainability of our hobby and to educate the general public on how far our hobby has come scientifically to captive breed so many different speicies of fish as well as having the ability to aquaculture the most difficult and challenging type of corals and have them thrive in captive settings. It is my vision and hope that thousands of hobbyists and non-hobbyists that goes through here will get informed with this exhibit and learn how to advocate for our hobby as our hobby faces dangers from false propagandas from different organizations from all over the world. From start to finish, nothing was taken from the wild. Various shapes of rocks were donated from Real Reef to create one of a kind aquascape. Two Little Fishies donated much needed filter medias and accesories. Amazing fish and clams were donated from Biota Aquariums and Sea & Reef Aquaculture. Beautiful corals were donated by World Wide Corals, Inc., ACI Aquaculture, Carolina Aquatics, Pirates.Reef.Corals. (It's still work in progress as we wait for the corals to grow and fill in and as we add more corals) For equipments, EcoTech Marine made huge contribution by donating Radion G4 Pro fixtures and Vectra L1s for close loop systems and Neptune Systems stepped up by providing the heart of the aquarium by supplying with their full Apex controller, COR 20 return pump, flow meters, DOS for controlling and dosing elements into the system with ease. Huge thanks to Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science specially curators, Dillion Retter and Zach Ransom for putting up and working with me and doing such a great job putting this exhibit up. I am also very grateful to the amazing friends and companies that rallied behind me for this cause. For those of you guys visiting, you can find the Aquaculture exhibit in third floor of ocean gallery building. Also special thanks to Shane Lafreniere of 247 Aquariums for always being present whenever I needed his help!
First water change of December and the last one for 2019. Made few changes to the tank. Colors are but bleh due to my neglect but nothing that heavy TLC can't fix. Chris @aciaquaculture do you remember that anacropora that I got from you earlier this year? Look how big it is right now. (That's WITH the heavy trim) Do you guys think it will do well in the floor or should I make room and move it elsewhere? Huge thanks to Shane of 247 Aquariums for coming out and doing a big water change.
Sneak peak of a special mission that has been taking place this week. Richard at Afishionado Channel and Shane of 247 Aquariums set out today to visit Julian Spring Two Little Fishies Headquarters to pick up a Sprung Mangrove for our big lagoon tank. Thank you all for pulling together to try to make this happen in time for our grand opening this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates as they hit the road later this week from Miami and head to Orlando with a very special delivery.