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Banfield Pet Hospital® - Everett provides quality and attentive health and wellness care for dog, cat and small animal pet patients. Our veterinarians and staff are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and preventive health care with a full-service medical facility offering general services like routine vaccinations, microchipping, dental and surgical care and more.


📅 Happy holidays! Please note our special holiday hours:
• 12/24/2021 - Christmas Eve: Closed
• 12/25/2021 - Christmas Day: Closed
• 12/31/2021 - New Year’s Eve: Closed
• 1/1/2022 - New Year’s Day: Closed
Thank you for being part of Banfield, and happy holidays to you and your furry BFF! ⛄🧡


📅 Happy holidays! Please note our special holiday hours:
• Christmas Eve: Closed
• Christmas Day: Closed
• New Year’s Eve: Closing at 4pm (at most Banfield locations)
• New Year’s Day: Closed

Thank you for being part of Banfield, and happy holidays from our team! ⛄🧡


📅 Please note our special holiday hours: We will close at 4pm on Thanksgiving eve and remain closed through Thanksgiving Day so our associates can be with the ones they love. Thank you for being part of Banfield, and happy holidays!


Taco 'bout a yummy pumpkin pup puff! Your pup will sprint toward them - check out the recipe:


When there's a new addition to the family and it takes a little getting used to for some. Game on! Follow the link for some tips on how to introduce a second pal into your home: We get .


Our friends over at Hill’s Pet Nutrition are giving YOU a special offer! Visit our site to claim your coupon:


Want to make sure your pet is Halloween ready? Bustle sat down with our very own Dr. Zabell to chat Halloween pet safety tips. Read more:

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Pets can't resist this time of year either 🍂 Dental chews are a great way to help them maintain their healthy smile! Visit our article library to learn more dental care tips for dogs and cats:


When you know just the right spot…every time. We get .

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week!

Did you know this week is National Veterinary Technician Week? Give a shout out to your favorite Banfield veterinary technician below!

A huge thanks to Ava and all veterinary technicians for all you do to make A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS!


In prep for Halloween, we want to see your ! Comment below with a picture of your Halloween squad for a chance to WIN:
🎃 $150 PetSmart gift card
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Official rules:
No purchase necessary. U.S. residents (excl. RI) 18+ only. Void where prohibited. Entry deadline 10/24 5:00pm PST.


October is our signature month of giving back, and in week 2 our associates continued to demonstrate how they make A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS through the Mars Volunteer Program! From providing care for pets whose owners are survivors of domestic violence to preparing a giraffe birth stall at a zoo, we’re proud of their efforts.


There's a house to clean and bills to pay and work to do...but you know that quality time is good for both of you so you just make it happen. We get .


When his weekend job is Branch Manager. We get .


So happy to be celebrating this weekend at Orlando Pride! If you're here too, come say hi at the Banfield booth! 🌈🌈


Daily walks give your dog exercise and let them check things off their doggy do list. What would your pup add to theirs? We get .


Wondering what you can do to help in the midst of ? Text the word DISASTER to (855) 417-3334 to make a $5 donation. All Text-to-Give donations will go directly to providing support for disasters.

Hurricane Michael has made landfall and pets in the area need our help! Text the word DISASTER to (855) 417-3334 to make a $5 donation. 100% of all Text-to-Give donations will go directly to providing support for disasters.

Please help us spread the word about this simple way to give!


Sometimes – but not always – snuggles > toys. Does your feline friend agree? We get .


With Hurricane Michael making landfall, we want you to know the resources available to you:

1) Visit our hospital pages to see if your hospital is closed:

2) Our Banfield app provides quick access to vaccine records for all those traveling without records on-hand. Download on IOS or Android devices.

3) Should you need non-emergency assistance, Banfield clients can text health-related questions to Ask.Vet to receive free advice from a veterinarian. Veterinarians are able to chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get started, text “Banfield” to 67076 or visit to chat online. Message rates may apply.

We're sending good, safe thoughts to our associates, clients, and pet-loving friends.

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Do you get the "I know I'm cute" face at least once a day? We sure do. We get .

Mars Volunteer Program 2018 | Banfield Pet Hospital

From cleaning a beach dog park in Florida to providing care for over 200 pets in Colorado, this past week our associates showed how they make A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS through the Mars Volunteer Program! Can't wait to see what the rest of the month has in store.


October is American Humane's Adopt-A-Dog Month®! Wondering if you should adopt? Besides the love - and loyalty - they'll bring to your family, here are other benefits of adopting a dog from a shelter:

Tell us about your adoption story in the comments below!

October is Adopt-A-Dog Month®! Be a hero this month and adopt a dog from your local shelter or rescue group


When you can always count on seeing eye to eye with your best friend. We get .

Banfield Pet Hospital Careers

Can't wait to see you on 10/13 at Orlando Pride!

Attending Come Out With Pride in Orlando next weekend? Us too! Stop by the Banfield booth on Saturday, 10/13 and say hi!


With human flu season just getting started, you might wonder if your pup experiences similar seasonal threats. Unlike what we traditionally see with human flu, canine flu doesn’t seem to have a seasonal pattern. The good news? There are treatment and prevention options - learn more:


Has your dog had a bigger impact on you than you ever thought he would? Share your soul mutt stories below. We get .


Did you know it's ? Try to get outside with your pup each day this week!

Here's why exercising your pet is important:


Meet Stella: the elderly, but active, Bluetick Coonhound Mix. Stella’s owner monitors her activity with Whistle and her overall health with Banfield. Staying active is important to the aging process, and Stella’s owner counts on the Pet Insight Project to help decipher the unseen aspects of pet health. Find out how Stella hit her activity goals almost 125 days in a row in our Participant Profiles! More here:

Mars Volunteer Program October 2018 | Banfield

Our associates are kicking off a month of volunteering in October through the Mars Volunteer Program! When we come together to make a difference, we make more of an impact than we could ever imagine. We’re one Banfield, 18,000 associates strong, .


She thinks it’s a game, he thinks it’s lip-smacking delicious! Either way, sharing is caring. We get .

Worried about table scraps? Check with your vet – turns out a green bean, carrot or two are actually good sources of fiber and lower calorie treats. More info:


Best part of the day? Dog snuggles, of course. over on Instagram get .

Tag us in your dog snuggle photos on Instagram for a chance to be featured!


Meet Bubs, the 12 year-old Shih Tzu that’s aging gracefully. Because of his participation in Pet Insight Project and the access to deeper health and activity information, Bubs’ owner Jules is able to provide better overall care for him. Find out in our Participant Profiles how Banfield and Whistle track Bubs in periods of wavering health. More here:


Giving back to pets and people nationwide is our jam. 🧡 Check out what we’ve been up to the first half of this year, and just wait to see what we have in store for October!


There must be some non-mouse answers out there. Let's hear 'em! We get .


Chew toys everywhere yet he still goes for your shoes. We get .

Dog teething like a boss? Follow the link for tips on how to redirect destructive chewing behavior, and chat with your vet if the behavior doesn't improve.


Meet Rascal: the trucker dog with a cult following. His owner David enrolled him in Pet Insight Project to track his overall health with Banfield and Whistle -- and support the future of preventive care in pet health. Find out how Rascal is loved all across the country in our Participant Profiles! More here:

Disaster Relief Grants from Pin Pad Donations

The disastrous effects of are far from over. That's why the Banfield Foundation has made it easy to help -- through the end of September, all pin pad donations made at our hospitals will go toward funding disaster relief grants.


Happy 3rd anniversary, Banfield Foundation! 🎉

Today marks our third anniversary of helping pets and communities across the country. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Banfield Foundation over the last 3 years. Together, we have made -- and will continue to make -- a difference for pets and their people.


Does your water dog refuse to believe that summer is over, too? Yep. So does ours. We get . 🍂


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I just wanted to let everyone know that I had an awesome experience at the Everett Banfield Clinic. I have a very large German Shephard who gets extremely stressed coming to the vet. The front desk staff was so understanding they let me bring my dog Bear in from the back and Noel the Assistant spent extra time trying to prepare my dog for his shots. I was very happy with all the staff members the Dr. gave Bear his shots very quickly and we were able to leave and not have to come back.
I beg you please take K9 Korral off your daycare/boarding list.

TL:DR at bottom.

If you're looking for a kennel to take your precious fur baby to, please look elsewhere. This is one of if not the worst kennel/daycare you could ever use. They kick dogs, hit dogs, and constantly and consistently yell profanities at barking dogs. Dogs regularly go overnight without food or water. Injuries on dogs go uncredited for. dogs regularly have diarrhea and eat each others p**p with nothing being done about it. They will p**p and p*e in their kennels and will not get bathed, nor will the kennel be cleaned at that time. They will wait until they have to do it. you thought they treat dogs poorly they treat employees even worse. The employee handbook openly shows illegal business practices such as hitting dogs, not being paid your first week if you leave the job before 90 days, which is illegal in Washington state. And not being paid your final week without putting in two weeks and a resignation letter. Which, believe it or not, is also illegal in Washington state. You will be called a liar by all senior employees. Even with proof for callout. After your first callout or late day they turn on you and start harassing you with no end. George pays to have negative reviews removed on available platforms, and has family and friends lie in reviews to get a better rating. Police dogs are treated poorly as well. If the police knew what they did to their dogs while they're away I would guarantee they would look elsewhere for kennels. I went in to get my fiance's final paychecks yesterday, and was met with immediate hostility even with never meeting these people before. Her training check was refused due to "unpaid internship" which was never disclosed nor is it mentioned in the handbook. I asked for proof of this and George asked for proof that she worked. I believe he is performing tax evasion and will be reporting him to the IRS shortly. They had a dog, have massive amounts of diarrhea and proceeded to claw at the kennel fence and ground until bone was showing on his paws. It wasn't cleaned, taken care of or anything. The dog was picked up that day. I can only imagine what that customer is thinking. He is trying to sell the business and i believe its because he can't keep up this charade much longer.

TL:DR. George runs a terrible business built on lies and harassment. He only hires young vulnerable girls that don't know any better as its usually their first jobs. They abuse dogs. And abuse employees. Don't take your fur babies here. I beg you. Don't believe the positive reviews. Read all the reviews.
How do I keep my cats' teeth clean when he doesn't let you brush them? I have the additive that you add to the water. so I'm doing that....he has a heart murmur so I'm unable to have you guys clean them. I've bought toys that are supposed to help but he won't play with them. I've bought treats specifically for his teeth but he won't eat them. I'm stuck.....
I took both of my dachshunds to banfield in Everett, WA today. First they screw up what shots one was suppose to get. Get that fixed. He was suppose to get 2 vaccines. I was told my female dachshund received 4 vaccines and my Male was suppose to get 2. I get home and get thru the paperwork to see no mention of 2 shots for my Male dog. So I call the clinic. They said they forgot to give them to him and they scheduled an appt for July 4th for him to have it done. No problem. A few hours later I noticed my male dogs face is swelling badly. So I call the clinic and ask them why he would be swelling if they did not give him vaccines. She put me on hold and went and talked to the vet. Low and behold he did have the 2 shots but since I didn't notice it sooner??? (I wasnt suppose to watch him, I was suppose to be watching my female because he didn't "get" any shots remember) that I had to take him to the emergency vet (under my expense) because they were closing soon. How about no. You guys screwed up and told me he didn't get any vaccines and I have to pay for an er visit?? So they told me to rush him down to the clinic and they'd give him a shot for the swelling but they couldn't keep an eye on him after that. I am BEYOND disappointed in this banfeild. Never had a problem in Missouri. I'll be switching clinics. I can't believe they make it out like it's my fault when there was NOTHING to show he got any shots. Never again going back to that clinic.