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Good morning. Time is flying by today.
It always seems like when we switch to Daylight savings time that time goes even faster. Maybe because we "lost" an hour.
Even more important to enjoy every single minute.
Have a great day!!

pet toy safety

Yet we get so worried about lead in buildings but not in our pet toys??!!!


Good morning. Do you know that Spring is 2 weeks from this Sunday!!?? YAY!! We made it through winter. Whew, it was a long one.
Have a great day. Get out and enjoy the warmth of the sun!!

Photos from The Handyman's post

Photos from The Handyman's post


Happy March! Yay, it is warmer, the snow is melting. So happy.
Enjoy the day!! Bella is with me today so stop in and say hi.
Have a GREAT day everyone.


A common myth that exists is the false belief that allowing a female dog to have a litter of puppies will make her more friendly and sociable. This is not true! IHA Medical Director, Dr Jennifer Doll says “there is no correlation between allowing a dog to have a litter and positive behavioral change. Any behavioral changes are most likely associated with maturity. Allowing for one litter not only contributes to the serious problem of pet overpopulation but also increases her risk of mammary tumors and the risk of pregnancy or labor complications."
February is Spay Neuter Awareness Month. Please support IHA’s effective spay and neuter programs through the link below. Our success is made possible by people like YOU!


Maybe it is happy because it is the weekend? Or maybe feels like the rest of us, we just need to burn off some steam!!


Good morning. Uno's Promise will be here today 10 to 1 with some wonderful felines who are looking for the forever home. Stop in and find your new best friend.
All went well with Lucy's dental procedure yesterday. She did have to have one small tooth extracted however. This is why these procedures are SO IMPORTANT to have these things done. I am glad we got this taken care of. I also learned that her thyroid is low so we are doing further bloodwork on that.
Brush your pet's teeth and get regular cleanings done.
Have a GREAT day, enjoy the warmth that is coming!!


Good morning. The snow is sparkly!! So pretty. Hope you all made it home safe last night and back in to work today. If you have to leave your house to go to work that is.
Lucy is having her dental today. One thing I learned by having her pre anesthetic blood work was that her T4, which is a thyroid level, is very low. Had I not done that blood work I would not have known this. It is so important to have this blood work done either before a medical procedure or annually.
I will be anxiously waiting for that phone call that she is done and waking up.
Have a good day. Be safe.


Good morning. Next week it looks like it will be warmer. Yay!!
It will be March after all.
I still have some Paw Safe Ice melt if you need any.
My Lucy is have her dental cleaning tomorrow. I will be very worried about her until I get the call that all is well and she is awake.
Of course I trust her vet staff but we just worry, or I do anyway.
Have a good day everyone.



Petland’s temporary restraining order request has officially been denied!

All pet stores in Illinois must stop selling puppies and kittens from puppy mills as of today. This shuts off a huge puppy mill pipeline into a state that has more than 20 puppy-stores who imported more than 10,000 puppies in 2020 alone.

Edited to add: Many are concerned about the puppies. The stores all stopped ordering puppies weeks ago, because they knew the effective date was coming. We visited the stores yesterday and most had 1-2. Those puppies will go to other stores. This is a huge win for the parent dogs that are left behind. Please don't forget about them 💙

Iowa we have to do better for our animals. This was an UNLICENSED breeder.

Iowa we have to do better for our animals. This was an


Good morning. Another cold one. Next week is MARCH!! I sure hope it is warmer.
Have a great day everyone and stay warm.


Hello!! I am here and am OPEN!! The roads are wet. Parking lots and such are slick of course. Slow down.
Remember I have Paw Safe ice melt in stock. You might need that today. Stop in and pick up a jug.
Be safe everyone and arrive ALIVE!!

Penguin Parades.

I love penguins. Did you know there are 18 different species of penguins?


Good morning. Can this weather just make up its mind. Tomorrow warm, today cold.
Enjoy the sunshine!! Have a GREAT day.



Good morning. It is Friday. I thought yesterday was Friday all day for some reason.As you know I carry a variety of dog ...

Good morning. It is Friday. I thought yesterday was Friday all day for some reason.
As you know I carry a variety of dog and cat food. At all price levels. Of course we know right now everything is going up and pet food is not exception.
If you are looking for a good quality yet reasonably priced dog food, Fromm is your food.
Fromm is a 5th generation family owned business. They own their own food manufacturing plant so they can control everything.
The Fromm Classic line is their basic food for dogs and puppies. Easy on the tummy and on your wallet. Stop in and check it out.


Good morning. Hold on to your hats today folks. Another windy one. But warmer on Sunday.
Have a good day and stay warm.


Good morning. It is balmy outside today.
We have made it half way through February. Before you know it SPRING will be here!!! YAY.
Have a great day everyone.

Always be your pet's protector. Always!!!

Always be your pet's protector. Always!!!

I travel with dogs often. I don’t know how many miles I’ve logged, but it’s enough to have accumulated some knowledge about the ins and outs of being on the road with dogs.

One thing I’m highly aware of is the need to monitor closely when we make rest stops. When I say monitor, I mean really monitor. Turn the “hawk eyes” on, and pay attention to every detail.

It is too easy to pay the price for medicore vigilance.

A dog’s primary way to learn about their environment is through their sense of smell. That means as soon as we get out of the car in a new area, the nose begins twitching and the dogs are keen to follow whatever intriguing smell draws them in.

The high traffic nature of gas stations, waysides and rest stops create a canine cornucopia of aroma. Some of those odors lead to dangerous items that can be easily inhailed or consumed.

On a recent trip, I was keeping a keen eye on my Duck Toller when her nose went from moderately sniffing the grass to determined ground snuffling. My intervention led to the discovery of a scattering of cooked chicken bones. Whomever enjoyed their delicacy roadside couldn’t have been bothered to toss the remains in the trash...

My surveillance meant that Diva wasn’t able to sn**ch them up and gulp them down. Of course that was much to her dismay, as you can clearly see reflected in the photo. 🤣

Pay attention when you’re out their folks. Your dogs depend on you to keep them safe.

Happy Travels!


Good afternoon. Warmer temps but windy again. Can we just have a calm, warm day??!! Please.
Enjoy the day, however it is.


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Healthy food for healthy Paws.

We are locally owned and operated. We currently sell Zignature, Acana, Orijen, Primal raw food, NutriSource and Fromm foods. Natural chews, treats and toys for dogs and cats.

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Our girl loved her birthday treats!!!
Jana, thank you so much for letting RAGOM (Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest) hold our Golden Giving Tree event at your store! So many people donated to our wonderful foster dogs in Iowa. All the dogs have received their goodies and were excited to get them! Here is a picture of Jing Jing with a few of his goodies. We love your store and hope to do another event next year! Happy holidays to you!
Went to visit my friend Jana Crane today at food 4 paws! I miss getting scratches from people other then my parents
I need to come and get another treat from you. I only bought 1 of these and I have 2 dogs both trying to get it. Makes for a noisy home.
The kids are starting their cold weekend off right with bully sticks from Food 4 Paws 😁
Well I have to say that the pups LOVED the Quacks!!!!! And that licorice--my fave!!!!! Next week when I'm back in the salon I'm gonna try to stop in and get more!!!!!
Please save the date for Paws for Love, Valentine's Day can purchase tickets or reserve a table of 8 thru Eventbrite. This is an amazing fun time.
Purchased Scooby a No Hide Beef Recipe Chew today. I think it's safe to say he's enjoying it. Scooby says "Thank You" as do I. He's an active puppy and this keeps him occupied while I try to get some work done.
We love coming to your store.
Do you ship? Or could we purchase something and have Deafinitely Dogs or Linda Heil pick up for us?
Bortus got to move some sheep for the first time last night.
Even with it sounding like a war zone in Marion last night, Bensen did pretty well on the "July Third" chews. I, on the other hand, was thinking about downing a couple of chews myself as the constant barrage of fireworks was wearing on me. Thank you my friend for help my sweet Bennie through a very stressful period.