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Alamosa Small Animals We are small animal pet store in Alamosa, Colorado. Come check us out! We are open for summer hours and are excited to see you!

Mission: Alamosa Small Animals will provide the San Luis Valley region with small animal pets for the purpose of companionship and to teach children compassion and responsibility, as well as provide low-maintenance, small pets to S.L.V. residents to decrease the rate of dog and cat neglect.


I didn't get any photos tonight but we got a few new critters in. We got a few baby leopard geckos and a few baby beardies. We got a golden gecko, more green tree frogs, and goliath pinkfoot tarantula too! We will also have a juvenile female chameleon ready to go soon also! Come check it out!

A few of the parakeets we have right now!

A few of the parakeets we have right now!


Hey all! Thank you so much for coming in on our first day back to 'normal-ish'. I can't tell you how much your support means to us! You are the reason ASA exists and your support keeps us here. Thank you, so much! I can't even begin to express how much today meant to us. Thanks, Jo (and the Alright, alright, alright guy)


Hey all! I will be at the store today 5/22 from 1-3. If you need anything, stop on in! Tomorrow, we start our summer hours which are a lot like our regular house. Finally!


About our delivery service-after this weekend, we are winding it down since we can be open more now that school it out.

However! If you need or want us to deliver because you are high risk or sick, please feel free to order. We will be checking it every week. Also, if there are future shutdowns, we will absolutely start it back up fully. Thank you all!

Check it out! Starting Saturday!

Check it out! Starting Saturday!


Hey ASA peeps.
I know there is controversy about wearing masks. We are asking people to wear one (not requiring), while we wear one, to try to reduce transmission. People you know from the store-Dave (the big bearded guy), Mira (the sometimes surly kid behind the counter), and Rai (our usually bored eldest kid in the wheelchair)- are at high risk.

At the same time, we wear them to reduce the risk to you and your high risk loved ones. Most of us might survive but I don't want to bring it home where some of my loved ones might not or to your family members who may face similar concerns.

We are just trying to make this all work in the face, of well, something new to all of us. This is a crazy storm that we are in together and if there is anything we can do to help you weather it, please let us know. We might be opening up now, here in CO, but history shows this pandemic is far from over. We need to come together to get through it.


Hey ASA Peeps! A lot of you know our kid, Mira, who works at the store. She is turning 16 tomorrow and 16 and quarantine was not what she thought her birthday would be. Would you all be so awesome and reply to this post with a birthday message for her? We are trying to make this birthday as fun as we can. Thanks!

As we move towards trying to have a more normal business by the end of the month, here is a little more information.

As we move towards trying to have a more normal business by the end of the month, here is a little more information.


We will not open our regular hours tomorrow. Dave will be doing deliveries so you can still place an order on the website and I will have the store open by appointment from 12-3. Call or message if you want to come in. Thanks!


Just a reminder! We are still doing deliveries this weekend!


Beginning May 4, these will be our appointment hours until at least May 23. Call, text, or message us for an appointment. I will not be in the store if I don't have any appointments during those times.
Appointment Hours:
Thursday 6-8pm
Friday 1-3 pm
Saturday 12-3 pm

In addition to the issues with having the kids home (I sorta regret that I can explain chemistry at this point), I have tried two appointments and it is nearly impossible to social distance and follow all of the guidelines with what we do in the store. That is why we are strongly encouraging people who need feeders to continue with deliveries. I will also be adding more products to our website soon that will also be able to be delivered.


Is there anyone around who is selling live feeder mice? I have a couple of people who need some for their snakes because they won't eat frozen ones. Thanks!


We have dubias! Not a lot, though. I could only get my hands on about 400 so there is a 20 roach limit per order to try to spread them around a bit. They are up on the website.


Hey all! We are reviewing the governor's recommendations as we move to the next phase and will be working to figure out our next steps. We will remain closed this weekend and continue with online orders and deliveries to give us the time to do that.

We need to rearrange the store to allow for distancing and come up with policies. As you all know, we are a family with multiple people at risk and while case numbers are low down here, we still need to figure out how to keep us safe and you safe because like us, you probably have people you are worried about. Like it has been said, this isn't a sprint, its a marathon.


We are making a change to our delivery schedule to save Dave and Mira from driving all over tarnation on Saturdays.

If you live west of Alamosa, in Monte, Del Norte or anywhere in-between, we will be delivering to you on Fridays. We were already doing Del Norte on Fridays but now we are adding the rest of you. That is is the day we haul our trash so we are out that way, anyway.

Thank you, all, for working with us during these crazy times. Your orders are keeping the rent paid at the store which means we all will have a store to go back to someday! We really appreciate every single order from all of you! You guys rock!


Update on our website. We are adding more pet supplies, as well as food. I have gotten the bulbs and UTHs we have in up on the site and I am adding bedding tonight. We have had several calls for some of this so we are trying to make it easier for you to order. As always, we will deliver. If you need something and don't see it up, please call us. We aren't putting the entire store online, just what people are likely to need most right now.


Hey, peeps who need frozen feeders. I know all of our feeder sizes are not up on the website. That is because we are out due to demand. I have ordered more and our supplier says they are shipping on time. That means I should have more later this week. If you need a size that you don't see now, check back Thursday night. I am not putting them back up on the website until I have the box in my hands. I will also post here to confirm we got our delivery.


Any last minute order for the week? Get 'em in now if you need feeders today. Orders close at 11 am.


New Delivery Policies for ASA:

We will deliver to Alamosa, Monte Vista, Mosca, La Jara, and Blanca. If you live beyond that, we will make arrangements to meet at the closest delivery town to you. Deliveries will be on Saturdays.

Del Norte (and closeby) -y'all are lucky because we haul our trash every Friday. Your delivery day will be Friday.

Starting 3/28, there will be a delivery charge of $0.25. I am sorry we have to do this but the amount of gas we burn making the rounds is a lot. We are just trying to cover the cost of gas, nothing more. We are hoping to barely squeak by with the store until this is over. I am sorry to do this, but realities are setting in.


Hey A.S.A Peeps, we are working on figuring out what the Stay-At-Home order means for our deliveries. We plan to continue but there may be a few changes to ensure there is zero contact between us and you. We want to keep us all safe, not further the spread of Covid-19, and keep your critters fed. We will post any revised policies in the morning and any orders already placed will be fulfilled. We just might have to get more creative and work together as we get through this.


Orders closed for today.


We still have a lot of critters at the store. If you were thinking about one, let us know. All critters are 20% off and we will deliver. Same with any supplies you need as long as we have them in stock. Right now, we are only focusing on restocking feeders. Just message or call us and we can send you a Paypal invoice. We will deliver it to you for free.


Okay, all. I think I have it up and running. I am not that tech-savvy so here's to hoping!

We have an online store for feeders at
Click on the shop button and that should take you to the product page. You basically check out like you would at any website. We are taking all payments through Paypal like we always did. You do NOT need a Paypal account to check out. You can just use your credit or debit card.

We will be making weekly deliveries every Saturday. Please have your order in by 11:59 pm on Friday to ensure you get your delivery. Since I could not edit the form, the "shipping address" in the checkout will be your delivery address. There are no "shipping charges."

We can also take credit/debit cards over the phone so feel free to call us. We are not taking cash at this time but if this is a problem for you, we can work something out. We are committed to keeping your critters fed until this is over.


In light of eventual realities due to Covid-19, we have decided to close our store until further notice.

We are a family that has multiple members who are at high risk for this virus. When I look around our valley, I see many folks who are high risk and in good conscience, we cannot increase that risk for anyone.

We are setting up an online store on our website: . We are waiting for financial info to be verified and then we should be up and running with their payment system. We can also take Paypal at any time or can take credit cards over the phone now too. We will be making doorstep feeder deliveries in the Alamosa area and will work out ways to meet other customers from farther out. Full details will be posted on Wednesday.

We will miss seeing all of you so much. We love chatting with you and hearing about your awesome critters. As long as suppliers are shipping, we will work to make sure that we keep your beloved pets fed while trying to keep us all safe. -Jo and Dave

This little guy came out to say hi.

This little guy came out to say hi.


We will be open tomorrow 3/14. Because of Covid-19, we will only allow 5 people in the store at a time and we ask that everyone practice social distancing. Since we are a pretty small store, it is hard to spread everyone out to accomplish that! Thank you for understanding.


I am running late today. I am waiting for Fed ex to finish their sort and give me my crickets. I should be there I a few minutes.


Our hours will be different on Wednesday 3/11. I have to go to an IEP meeting.

We will be open 11 am - 1:30 pm.


I don't want to sound alarmist but I do want to reach out and say something. I am encouraging people who need feeders for their critters to come in and stock up over the next week or so.

We don't know what is going to happen with COVID-19 and I will be following the advice of our health experts here in Colorado but if this becomes widespread, businesses may have to shut down for awhile. Dave's asthma is a big consideration for us. A regular cold triggers it, the flu nearly lands him in the hospital, and we know this will make him high risk. I also encourage all of you to consider what you will need for yourselves, not just your critters, if normal life becomes disrupted by this virus. -Jo


529 Main Street Ste 6
Alamosa, CO

Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 - 15:00
Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 17:00
Thursday 18:00 - 20:00
Saturday 12:00 - 16:00


(719) 422-3393


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