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Infinity Horsemanship Using a psychology based approach, Stephanie helps people develop a partnership with their horses based on compassionate leadership, trust, and respect.

With horses, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge one can attain. We owe it to our horses to seek a better understanding every day. When the language and leadership is effective, the possibilities are infinite! Training∞Lessons∞Workshops∞Clinics

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Today I’ll be heading down to Florence for the first adoption event for the Sand Wash Basin Mustangs following the most ...

Today I’ll be heading down to Florence for the first adoption event for the Sand Wash Basin Mustangs following the most recent large-scale gather. I’d like to share my thoughts for anyone considering adoption or just following along at home.

The Sand Wash Basin herd is one of the most well known HMAs in the country and thus this adoption event will surely attract emotional decisions and desperation.

The most important thing we can do to take care of these horses is to consider every aspect of adoption VERY THOROUGHLY before hitching up the trailer and heading to an auction.

I spent nearly 5 years managing a Mustang training center that adopted out over 120 Mustang every year. During this time, my success was measured by the number of horses moved into private homes. I’m going to tell you right now that I do not applaud those adoption rates. Because while I did my best to find quality homes for every horse, there were many factors out of my control. And at a BLM Adoption Event, the qualifications to adopt a WILD ANIMAL fit onto one page. It only discusses your facility and your previous convictions. It has never been the BLM’s policy to do home checks PRIOR to adoption, so many folks will flub the numbers on their paperwork thinking that maybe their 5’6” round pen will be fine… it’s only 6 inches after all. There are no questions of training skills, financial preparedness, or a plan of action during extenuating circumstances. It is incredibly easy to adopt a full-grown wild Mustang, perhaps even gelded within the last 30 days. And cheap too! Heck, they pay YOU to adopt them nowadays.

So I’m here to ask you those tough questions if you’re considering adopting a Mustang because I’ve seen what happens when things don’t work out… even for kind, well-intended individuals.

#1. Why do you want to adopt a wild Mustang?
If your answer involves anything that resembles a Disney film plot, please talk with some experienced Mustang trainers to learn about the reality.

#2. Do you have a game plan for the horse’s training?
Day 1 and your horse unloads out of the trailer scared, pacing the fence, running into the walls every time you enter the round pen… what will you do? What will you do if one month goes by with no noticeable progress? Two months? Three?

If your answer includes “ask for advice on a Mustang Training page”, please instead get connected with real-life qualified Mustang trainers in your area who can help you in person.

#3. If you plan to hire a trainer, are you financially prepared to pay $800+ per month for HOW EVER LONG IT TAKES? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?
If you are starting with a training budget thinking that 3 months of training ought to be sufficient to turn this wild horse into a safe, reliable partner for a novice rider, please talk with an experienced Mustang trainer about setting realistic goals.

#4. Do you have a backup plan for unforeseen circumstances? Divorce? Job loss? Injury to self or horse?
I’ve handled countless relinquishments from folks who meant well, loved their horses, but fell victim to “unforeseen circumstances”. I’ve seen Mustangs end up in kill pens and trucks across the border because when faced with said unforeseen circumstances, they rehomed the horse to someone who really seemed to be a great fit during those few interactions.

If your answer to any unforeseen circumstance involves donating the horse to a sanctuary, please do not adopt the horse. Sanctuaries across the country are constantly at capacity. There is not enough land and not enough financial resources for sanctuaries to care for everyone’s horses when “life happens”.

#5. What will you do if the horse you adopt has physical issues that deem them unrideable?
Mustangs do not undergo pre-purchase exams or any vet examination other than if they “appear healthy”. Adrenaline of the adoption events can mask injuries and lameness.

#6. Did you read this entire post?
You may have the patience to train a Mustang if you’ve made it this far!

My goal with this post is not to discourage anyone from adoption, but to encourage everyone to fully consider the implications of taking responsibility for the life of a wild animal.

I’ve spent a lot of time promoting the adoptability, trainability, and magic of the Mustangs. They can absolutely change your lives if you open your hearts to them. But coming from the rescue/sanctuary world, I’ve battled on the frontlines of the never ending fight for the Mustangs who were deemed “untrainable” by folks who didn’t have the expertise needed to train them or the money to hire a trainer… the Mustangs who passed from hand to hand before finally landing in a kill pen… the Mustangs who “just didn’t work out”… and the Mustangs who people loved dearly, but lacked a backup plan for when “life happened”.

And (unpopular opinion here…) I would rather see Mustangs live out their days in BLM holding facilities than be subject to inhumane training practices at the end of someone’s patience, or hunt them down at auctions to prevent them from being shipped to Mexico, or see the lifelessness in their eyes after they pass into yet another home.

Please do not take Mustang adoption lightly... but for those who are prepared for all of the above, good luck and happy bidding!

My husband has been practicing Taekwondo for 25 years and this past Sunday earned his 6th degree Black Belt – an incredi...

My husband has been practicing Taekwondo for 25 years and this past Sunday earned his 6th degree Black Belt – an incredible achievement that most martial artists never attain. In watching him learn the necessary curriculum and prepare for this test, a lesson in horsemanship emerged…

One might think that to achieve this high rank, he’d be practicing new, fancy, ninja-like techniques… but on the contrary, much of what he focused on was precision and the next level of mastery of the techniques he’s known for 20+ years. He practiced basics. Basics that nearly anyone would argue he had already perfected. But in the eyes of a 6th degree, there was another level to these movements that he was striving to reach.

How relevant is this lesson to our horsemanship?! So many of us dream of performing at the next level… jumping higher, doing tempi flying lead changes, or sliding to a stop. But the secret is that the folks at these levels spend SO MUCH TIME practicing the basics. Those top-level jumpers frequently train over ground poles. Those dressage queens spend a lot of time mastering straightness. Those reining champs spend lots of time developing softness in walk-to-woah transitions.

So if you’re committed to taking your horsemanship to the next level, don’t ever be too proud or too rushed to dedicating more time to mastering the basics. Don’t sigh at your trainer when they ask you to do an entire lesson at the walk. Don’t get frustrated when your horse tells you that today they really need you to reinforce lessons in-hand. Don’t be worried about where you should be and allow yourself to enjoy where you are.

The beauty of mastery comes from dedication to the basics.

Turning passion into profession...

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

I think anyone who has turned their passion into a profession would kindly tell you that this is a bunch of hooey.

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE what I do. I feel eternally grateful that I get to play with horses for a living and help people find connection with these magnificent animals.

But it is absolutely WORK. Every day. Because hidden behind the beautiful photos and magical facade is all of the WORK that makes it possible.

Behind every ride on a client's horse are hours of cleaning pens, fixing ranch vehicles, cleaning tack, feeding animals, breaking icy water tanks, maintaining arenas, plowing snow, and communicating with vets/farriers/chiropractors.

Behind every lesson with a client are hours developing curricula, filing paperwork, bookkeeping, pursuing further education, writing educational material, and listening to countless seemingly unrelated stories from students to sort out how best to help them on their horsemanship journey.

And because this is what we LOVE, we don't clock out. We lay in bed thinking about how to help you and your horse more effectively. We stress about the client we didn't have room to take in, even though they desperately needed help. We carry the weight of caring for each horse as our own and agonize over the health and wellbeing of them all.

I LOVE what I do... but that doesn't mean it doesn't wear on me. I wouldn't choose any other job (trust me, I've considered it!)... but that doesn't mean it isn't HARD. I love my students... but that doesn't mean I don't cringe a little when my phone rings at 8pm.

Turning passion into profession is absolutely a dream. But it is WORK every single day.

Blow on a candle and the air from your lungs extinguishes the fire. 🕯Blow on a smoldering coal and the same air from you...

Blow on a candle and the air from your lungs extinguishes the fire. 🕯

Blow on a smoldering coal and the same air from your lungs provides the oxygen necessary to nurse that spark into a hungry flame. 🔥

Timing is everything.

With horses, the timing of WHEN we ask for action is so important.

If our horse is not emotionally calm and using their parasympathetic nervous system (the thinking side of the brain), it doesn't matter what we ask them... the results will be like the candle extinguished by our requests.

However, if we take the time to ensure our horses are properly prepared and emotionally ready... the results will be like when we build a perfect fire... giving just enough wood to fuel the next stage but not so much as to suffocate the efforts... and all it takes is one breath... one ask... to achieve the seemingly magical act of a spark catching flame.


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Mustang Sueño & I read "Finding Freedom ~ A true story of a wild Mustang and her girl" to the students at Burgaw Middle School yesterday 🚸 This is such an amazing children's book! The illustrations are incredible, the story is real, and the message is powerful. And every book sold benefits a non-profit organization that is actively helping Mustangs! Select your choice of charity at checkout. Here are the codes (in caps) and options: IAMHERD I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary EMS Evanescent Mustang Rescue and Sanctuary SWAT Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Advocate Team - SWAT SKYDOG Skydog Sanctuary STEADFAST Steadfast Steeds: Making Amazing Memories with America's Mustangs You can order directly from the author, Stephanie Linsley at her website I am going to have to order more of these to add to our I AM HERD library. I would love to be able to send a copy home with students to borrow and read. I am headed to another school this afternoon and you might be able to guess what we will be doing! 📖🐎 Thank you Stephanie Infinity Horsemanship for your dedication to Nita (featured in this story) and all the wild ones. And thank you for your dedication to this beautiful creation. This book is needed. It will inspire, educate and encourage freedom for all. ~ Mary and the Herd Communities In Schools of Cape Fear Burgaw Middle School Communities In Schools
Thank you Willie 💕
very closely aligned. you'll enjoy it.
Wild Horses Speak In Feathers Wild horses speak a modern ancient mythic language the language of the Earth Their body is the river that is rooted through the soil walking upon infinity the endless moment of the now Wild horses ingest the ancient knowledge written in the veins of the leaves of the tree of which their chewing is a communion and connection with life source A simultaneous meditation under the encompassing canopy of the tree’s outstretched arms offering its nibbles of knowledge They breathe the fruitful air offered by the vast rainbow array of wildflowers a deep inhalation of Life Wild horses speak in feathers perhaps you emit mindful vibrations of the horse and immediately a feather appears at your feet as a direct response They sing the Icaro songs of the butterflies whispering of their wings fluttering across time and space to softly embrace our heart field They radiate the warm glow of the sun the illumination of the moon dancing with all the stars and galaxies of the night Feel your heart how it too whispers this ancient language of all hearts Listen and you shall hear your song of the butterfly your warm glow of the sun and your fruitful wildflowers The rhythm of nature pulses through you in and around you swirling as the wind blows In your own inner sanctuary that is your heart always with you and accessible in you This entire world of nature flowing, singing and dancing in the Milky Way of your heart here, now, always Swim taking a deep plunge from your head to your heart and you will be there now... in the moment of now... That is the nature of your heart the nature of the wild horse the nature of all horses and beings this is who we are How could we be anything but love peel off the layers of structure and form give in to the wild self other within even momentarily And your heart will be set free like a wild horse galloping across high plains of the desert under the full moon Always in constant conversation along the mountain range from the high snow capped peaks to the deep luscious river valleys Breathe the air of the wild fresh wonder and exhale life Now is the time ! . . . © 2021 Katherine E. Cornelius, from the upcoming book “Nestled Amongst Stars” (a work in progress) 📸 : © Katherine E. Cornelius of Andrè, a Salt Wells, Wyoming mustang en route from Infinity Horsemanship to his forever home I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary and Cassiopeia, our resident senior mustang at 31 years young from the Pine Nut Mountain herd in Nevada.
An evening with Shocktop 🐴🌄🌲💖 This happened last week. Shocktop, one of Colorado's own Sand Wash Basin Mustangs is here for gentling. The loud-colored gelding is out of a domestic mare, Demi, who was released on the range (no, that's not legal; she has since been gathered and is safe) and joined a wild band. Shocktop was sired by one of the Sand Wash Basin stallions and grew to maturity on the range. His battle scars tell many stories of his adventures of life in the wild. He was adopted at last week's auction and I'm grateful to my friend and fellow Mustang advocate Stephanie Linsley for the referral and to Shocktop's adopter for making sure this handsome boy gets a great, smooth start into domestic life. Shocktop will be going to Infinity Horsemanship for saddle training directly from here. Shocktop is settling in well; he's curious, calm and kind, especially given that he's 7 years old, has only recently been gelded and obviously knows how to fight. He has figured out his new routine and surroundings, befriended his neighbor, learned how to use a jolly ball to scratch his chin and forehead, and his metal feed trough as a drum 😁 These big, proud geldings that grew to maturity on the range hold a special place in my heart. Their expressive faces with well-developed stallion jowls and muscular bodies covered in marks left behind from countless battles over breeding rights on the range make their past tangible and the gentling process that much more humbling and remarkable. #BLMmustang #SandWashBasinMustang #Colorado #wildtowilling #TIPtrainer #studentofthehorse #MustangAmbassador #mustangtrainer #mustangsrock #adoptalivinglegend #adoptamustang #demandthebrand #ridethebrand #mustangsdoitall #saveahorserideamustang #mustangtough #mustangkind #mustangproud #mustangsarechanginglives #findtherighthorse #horsetraining #horsemanship #horses #becounsiderateofyourwildhorse #Pferde #Pferdeliebe #Wildpferde #pinto #nonprofit #makingmountainmustangmemories
1.5 hours out ... from THIS 💛 Can it be? Can it really be? Finally, that we are almost there? The girls are singing in the back and I am pinching myself. ... Ouch 🤣 Yep. Apparently it is really real! Infinity Horsemanship we are forever grateful for your steadfast loving presence in the life of this Great Being. You have made this possible in so many ways. Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary we are forever grateful for your YES to taking him in back in November and all the care you gave him over the next critical months. Evanescent Mustang Rescue and Sanctuary we are forever grateful for you finding this amazing One in need and helping him in that pivotal moment. To Every André Angel along the way and all those yet to come ... we are forever grateful to YOU! 💛☺😇🎊💛☺😇🥳☺💛😇🎊🥳😊💛☺😇🥳😊💛🥳😇☺💛☺😇🥳💛😊😇🥳☺ ♡ Mary | I AM HERD
We just found out another small piece of André's history ... The CO brand inspector says his brands (T on hip and 5 on jaw) are not CO brands, though I do not yet know what state they are from. He we born wild in Salt Wells, WY ... which makes sense because many draft breeds are in this HMA. André is a BiG boy!!!! I have a message into the BLM to see what more information they might be able to share. He was called 'Juniper' at the lot on CO and they said he was 13 years old with "some training" ... he is actually 20. His BLM freezebrand shows us that information. Of course this is all in the past and in a way, does not even matter now, but I am still hoping to learn all I can about him. And his past is a part of that too. This video is from Infinity Horsemanship where André has been resting with his foster family. ... as you can see his present moment is pretty awesome. They often turn him loose to roam the ranch completely free 🍃 ♡ Mary | I AM HERD
💛 André's foster family turns him loose often to roam their ranch totally free 🍃 The parallels to The Golden Pony are infinite. Sq**rt often roamed our Sanctuary free as well 😊 And how perfect that André's foster family is Infinity ♾ Infinity Horsemanship 🙇‍♀️ in deep gratitude for all the updates, photos and most of all - the love 💓 We will be there soon André. You have So many Angel's flying us there 😇 ♡ Mary | I AM HERD @iamherdmustangsanctuary
💛André Welcome Home Celebration🥳 We are planning, not one, not two, but THREE❗❗❗ 💛André Celebration #1 @ Infinity Horsemanship | Agate, CO | June 13th 💛André Celebration #2 @ I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary | Kelly, NC | June 26th 💛André Celebration #3 @ Your Device | Virtual from André's forever home at I AM HERD | June 27th Please private message us your email and Celebration of your interest and we will add you to our list for updates.📧 📽 André in his pasture at Infinity Horsemanship 🙇‍♀️ ♡ Mary | I AM HERD . . . Infinity Horsemanship Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary
The morning after The Golden Pony passed I received this picture of André ... It dawned on me that this old soul will now step into the title of the eldest member of I AM HERD, at 20 years young. Our pony, Sq**rt was the eldest, at 25. I did not always refer to Sq**rt as The Golden Pony, though I always said he was made of gold ... it was a title born of a vision I had while he was sick. A huge white angel extended from his chest and neck, as if he was a centaur, but instead of part horse, part human ... he was part Pony, part Angel ... and though his Pony body was tiny, the Angel part of him was like a sky scraper. When I asked what would come next , I witnessed him turn the page and what then appeared was a glowing, golden pony. I thought maybe this was him ... but from this place I now see, I think he may have been pointing to something, someone... still in body 💛 ♡ ♡ ♡ We leave in 2 and a half weeks to travel west, halfway across this country, to bring The Giant Golden Pony forever home. 🙇‍♀️ in gratitude to Infinity Horsemanship for allowing André to stay with you until we make it there ♡ Mary | I AM HERD