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Well, once again, the weather has affected our ability to help our clients and their looks like icy roads will prevent Dr. Leverance and her staff from getting to the clinic today, Wed., 1/24/24. The clinic will be closed today, and I am so sorry for this, but it is not fixable. If you have an appointment today, please call and leave a message so that we can reschedule. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this is causing! Stay dry and safe...


We will be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2024.
Dr. Leverance has been snowed in at her house since Friday, but will have her driveway plowed open on Tuesday. For those clients that have appointments scheduled on Tuesday, we are unable to reach you by phone to cancel and reschedule your appointments at this time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and we hope to reopen the clinic on Wednesday, Jan. 17th. We will reschedule urgent appointments as quickly as possible once the clinic reopens. Thank you for your understanding and patience; this last storm caught us by surprise!


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Due to our ongoing staffing shortage our office will be closed tomorrow Thursday March 9th. Due to the impending weather event that is due to start late Thursday night we expect the office will also be closed on Friday as well. We hope to be back in the clinic on Monday the 13th. If you are calling the clinic please leave a detailed message so that we can get you scheduled as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience and support.


Well a day is a day...and I will take everyone of them that I can get. So Dr. Leverance is having transportation issues because of the recent weather making it very difficult to get to the office. It is a problem that should be resolved by Thursday. With that being said we do anticipate being here on Friday to continue doing what we do. We want to thank everyone for their continued support and patience as we navigate the staffing shortage as well as these weather closures.


With the impending storm it has been decided that our office will be closed tomorrow (2/22/2023) and will more than likely stay closed until Monday (2/27/2023). From the available sources I have seen this will be a major winter storm with significant snowfall. We understand that these closures are difficult to navigate and if we had any control of the weather I promise you it would be sunshine and 80 all the time. If you call our clinic during this closure please leave a message so that Michael can reach out to you when we are back in the clinic. Thank you for your understanding. Please stay safe and warm.


So does anybody want to guess what this post is going to be about?.....Due to the expected weather event that will hit our area this week we will more than likely be closed for Wednesday and Thursday. As for Friday we will just have to wait and see how the snow drops.


Our office will be closed tomorrow, Thursday February 16th 2023. Please leave a detailed message when calling and we will get back to you as soon as possible on Friday.


Although time is not something we have very much of behind this side of the screen, I feel it important to yet again state the importance of animal control. When your animal, no matter what it is , bites someone and a injury occurs, BY LAW YOU ARE REQUIRED TO REPORT ANY INCIDENT TO THE SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT... This is state law. When the injured party receives care at an emergency room or a clinical setting and it is reported that the injury occurred because of an animal attack. BY STATE LAW THE ATTENDING PHYSICIAN MUST REPORT TO THE LOCAL SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT. This is law..Now when your animal bites someone they are placed in a quarantine order with the local health department..This states that your animal must be seen by a veterinarian within 24 hrs of the incident and seen 2 more times within 10 days before the "Bite Order" is lifted as well as vaccination requirements that must be met ..again according to the law... Failure to comply with state law can have many legal ramifications both for you and your animal.
When our animals attack other animals or other people it is the animals owner who is held responsible, not the animal..This has the potential to cause all kinds of issues. Home owners can expect your insurance rates go up if not completely dropped if multiple "Bite Orders" have been issued..Those who rent could face eviction. Let's not even think about the cases where severe injury occurs resulting in civil and criminal cases costing thousands of dollars in hospital bills, legal fees, fines and forfeitures all because they never thought that their beloved pet would harm anybody. As much as one could say that in some cases the animal was being protective of their owner or was provoked, the animals actions are still not going to be questioned or scrutinized like the owners actions will be as proceedings begin. Taking extra precaution to prevent animal bites is difficult because you just never know when that day will come when your beloved Fido decides he doesn't want to be pet today. There are things you can do to minimize animal attacks, but proper prevention starts and ends with you the owner. If you know your animal isn't socialized very well do your best to keep them away from other animals. Having young children in the house with multiple animals can create a whole new set of challenges when we try to minimize possible threats. Most childrens first toy is usually a stuffed animal....How do you think a 1 year old looks at a big fuzzy dog after playing with a stuffed animal? Much like the owners they don't see a threat until it is too late. Knowing our animals behavior is very much a game of intense observation. So always be cautious when introducing your pets to new people or places and take notice how the react. If your pet is food motivated and they behave well then they should be given a treat as the reward. Having proper leash (as well as length)control is another step we can take to prevent animal attacks as well as utilizing harnesses instead of collars..If a collar is being used make sure that it is snug enough to squeeze 2 fingers between the neck and the collar. These are very simple things that every pet owner can do to minimize potential animal bites.


Our office will be closed tomorrow due the in coming weather.


OK enough of the weather....So my phone just notified me that we are expecting another weather event that is predicted to bring measurable snow to our area Thursday morning and last till friday. This weather system is expected to drop 3-6 inches of very heavy and wet snow in our area throughout the day on Thursday and then continuing on Friday. We are monitoring this system closely, if it is decided that we will close because of this we will let you know immediately. According to WSAW News channel 7 Snow shovels will be required equipment Thursday night into Friday morning.If the freezing rain begins to mix with the already predicted snow amounts we could also be looking at ice accumulations that will make travel hazardous. As we learn more we will try to keep everyone informed. It aggravates us to our absolute core when these weather events wreak havoc on our schedule.


Due to unanticipated technical difficulties we have no choice but to close the office today. If you had an appointment scheduled today Michael will get a hold of you to reschedule as soon as possible for next week. We apologize for the disruption of service but it really is completely out of our hands at the moment. If calling the clinic please leave a message to ensure a call back. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Our office will be closed tomorrow Friday January 27th. If you are calling our office please leave a message as messages will be checked and calls returned Monday morning. Thank you and have a great day.


Just a reminder that we are still running short staffed so please leave a message when calling so that we can call you back as soon as time allows. Thank You and please have an amazing day.


Just a quick update before we get our surgery started. As previously stated our surgery schedule has opened back up and we are doing minor surgeries at this time. It is yet unknown if this will be a permanent solution to our staffing issue or a temporary fix to help us with our backlog. To add to the scheduling conflict we are expecting quite the weather system to be moving into our area Wednesday night into Thursday bringing with it a significant amount of the fluffy white stuff. It has been decided that we will be closing the clinic Thursday January 19th due to the expected hazardous travel conditions. This may also affect our ability to get into the clinic Friday as well but that too remains to be seen, but we will do our best to be here. As always thank you for your support and constant encouragement and as always I will see you later.


Just a quick update.....We will be getting our surgery schedule back up and running next week and are eager to meet your pets needs. We do have a slight back log that we will have to get through before we can say that the schedule is stable so we appreciate your patience as we navigate that. All in all we are slowly but surely getting back to where we were and more importantly where we want to be as a company and a service to this community. We thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement.


Well we hope that everyone had a safe and Happy New Year. I wanted to take a minute to give everyone a quick update. We are still scheduling appointments for basic care (Vaccination, general health checks, etc..) Surgery schedule is still closed but there may be some hope on the horizon.It is my hope that we can begin doing surgeries again in a week or so once we can get the schedules of the current list of applicants squared away. Once again I would like to Thank our clients for their continued patience and assure you that we are doing everything possible to fill the gaps in staffing that we have been facing. As always we thank you for your continued support and hope that you have an amazing day.


Well its the end of the year again. That means equipment maintenance, product audit and a whole host of other little details that need to be addressed before we end the year and start a new one. So unfortunately our office will be closed tomorrow Thursday December 29th in an attempt to do just that. We will be open again on Friday the 30th. As always if we don't answer the phone please leave a message so that we may get back to you.

This is Zues. He is 3.5 year old Great Dane and has gone missing from the town of Armenia in Necedah around 10th and 17t...

This is Zues. He is 3.5 year old Great Dane and has gone missing from the town of Armenia in Necedah around 10th and 17th on Saturday December 17th 2022. He was last seen wearing a light blue collar. If anybody sees him please contact our clinic or contact the owner Katharine at 608-472-1717. As we all know this is a dangerous time for our furbabies to get away from us so if anybody see's anything please reach out and help reunite Zues with his family.


It has been decided that we will be closing the office down during this winter break. Closure will occur Thursday 12/22/2022. We are expecting to see another round of significant snow fall in our area from Wednesday into Friday night making travel hazardous. We will also be closed the day after Christmas. We will be back in action on 12/27/2022. So as this may be the last post from us before the holiday. Dr. Leverance and I wish you all the warmest of holiday memories with family and loved ones.


Until we can be fully staffed we have no choice but to limit our hours of operation. If we don't allow time for the administrative aspects of this job we will only fall further behind while. To further complicate things we are expecting rather inclement weather tonight into tomorrow. We expect that we will be closing the office tomorrow ,Thursday December 15th 2022 due to the incoming storm system. We WILL BE OPEN FRIDAY December 16th. We thank you for your continued support and patience and hope to have this staffing issue resolved very soon.


We are currently undergoing a staffing shortage. If you are calling to schedule an appointment or get medications refilled to please leave a detailed message so that we can contact you as soon as it is possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate our current situation.


As we get ready to settle in for the holiday we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and thanks to all of our clients and supporters. Without you this little clinic would not be in our little neck of the woods. It is solely my opinion that the services we provide to the community are completely needed and even more so valued. I can't begin to describe how it feels. It really is a wonderful feeling helping people and their pets. I can honestly say that even on the worst days I have had in this office, I still left here feeling good about the job we , as a team, accomplished. Of course those bad days loom like a storm cloud, but when I look into the eyes of a client who is happy and grateful for all that we have done it takes a lot of the sting out of those bay days and for that I an very grateful. For all of the headaches and hassles it takes to maintain business operations I am thankful for the opportunity to do so. We wouldn't be able to be here if it weren't for you. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to a community that I love so much. With that being said we also want to remind everyone that giving our furbaby's a few scraps from our plates is always a nice way of showing them how much we love and care about them but limit how much you give them as to not upset the digestive system too much. Last year at this time we saw a lot of animals that were given a little too much "love from the plate". So be mindful of how much your pet is getting and make sure that when the resting and relaxing starts that you share that time with your pet as well. From all of us at Indian Springs Veterinary Care. Thank you and we hope that you have an amazing holiday. We will be closed tomorrow in observance of the holiday and our hours will be limited on Friday. As always if we don't answer the phone please leave a message so that we can contact you as soon as we can. If any emergencies do arise please contact Madison Veterinary Specialists at 608-274-7772.


With the Holiday week approaching soon we wanted to announce that if any medications need to be filled to please contact the clinic to place your refill request by Tuesday November 22nd 2022, so that we can have them filled and ready for you by Friday November 25th 2022. As always, there is only 3 of us here trying to see as many patients as possible so if we do not answer the phone please leave a message with your name, the name of your pet, as well as the medication you would like refilled. We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday week.


Unfortunately our office will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday November 16th. We will be back at it Thursday morning. If any emergencies arise please contact Madison Veterinary Specialists at 608-274-7772.


Well if the cold spell didn't let us know winter was here I am sure the snow that fell last night into this morning reminded everyone what month it is. Wasn't it almost 70 like a week ago? So with the change in weather and finally a change of season we thought it important to address inclimate weather yet again. Now many dog's and even some cats are rather cold tolerant. If I let him, my Buddy will lay in the snow until it covers him. Yet his sisters, although from the same litter, are not nearly as cold tolerant. Obviously smaller dogs and cats with thinner coats will be the most effected by the cold and should have their outdoor time limited when the weather turns. Yet, there are many dogs that thrive this time of year. I can think of quite a few of our patients who have been waiting for the snow to fall just to utilize their natural double coat. Age is another factor that should play into the decision of how much outdoor time to give in the winter months. Most older dogs may have joint problems or arthritis which will become in flamed and even more stiff with the cold. So exposure to the elements should be limited if they suffer with that condition. Obviously, if your pet has a heart condition that should also be something to be cautious about. The cold temps could stress the heart and a cough may develop and this could be a sign of pneumonia. I think most of us in Wisconsin can agree that sitting by a hot fire with our best friends is the only way to spend the winter months. Yet , there are those that will be out in the woods in the next week or two ready for the fall deer season. However you and your furbuddy enjoy the winter, whether it's in a duck blind, out in the woods or just sitting by the fireplace enjoying the beauty of winter out the window, always enjoy the time with prevention and safety on your mind. Spending quality time with our pets is so important to their overall health and behavior. Enjoy the season but be mindful of not only your limitations and endurance but consider your fur baby's as well. Stay warm everyone and I will see you later.


I tell you this job would be a breeze if the patients could talk to us. Often times we treat because we have done the leg work of diagnostic testing to figure out what is going wrong with your pet. Yet, there are those days when testing can not be preformed for a number of reasons. Uncooperative patient, owner is unable to retrieve a urine sample, etc. When these occasions occur we are often left with attempting to diagnose through animal behaviors. A good example is when your cat or dog begins using the bathroom more or less frequently, going to the bathroom in the house or outside the litter pan, loss of bladder or bowel control, these things tell us that something may be wrong even without a sample to test. This causes us to begin asking questions such as "What type of food is being eaten?" "How often is their water dish freshened up?" "Has your pet gotten into anything like the trash bin or has been around other animals that may have been sick?" It can be very frustrating dealing with a pet that has bladder and bowel issues. In most cases we test urine and f***l matter to determine parasite infection or crystal formation. However, there are those special cases that require us to send out our findings to the lab for Culture and Sensitivity testing. This testing tells us what the best course of treatment could be as the sample is Cultured and then tested to see what antibiotics it is sensitive or resistant too. From a diagnostical standpoint, the C&S test is by far the best weapon I feel we have in our arsenal to fight bladder and bowel issues. Yet, with no sample we have nothing to test. When testing urine it is best to get as clean as a sample as possible. With dogs it is easier to do a free catch as you just have to get underneath them with a container and capture the sample. (Preferably the first one of the day as that one will have the highest concentration of bacteria in it.) . Cats ....well they are a little trickier. For cats its recommended that you quarantine them to a pet carrier or a bathroom in the home. If quarantined in a bathroom make sure that you have the drain plugged so that you don't lose the sample. Have something ready to suck up the sample like a small turkey baster or a childs medicine dropper. Make sure your container is clean and free of debris. Above all else , when it come to cats specifically, be patient. Often times when trying to collect a sample with the quarantine method it is a behavioral shock to your cat. No more roaming the house, no more litter pan, and if you think about it your cat may even be a little confused as to what they are supposed to do. Now in many cases a simple round of antibiotics will clear up the issue but in some cases where we see a recurring problem it is often recommended that the C&S testing is done to determine whether the previous course of treatment actually cured or merely masked the symptoms. I have said it before and I will promote it till my last day in this office.....PREVENTION IS CHEAPER THAN TREATMENT. Talk to your veterinary team about specialized diets that promote healthy weight and a properly functioning urinary tract system. Being mindful of the types of toys and foods that your pet is putting in their mouths can be a big determining factor in the overall health of your fur baby.Dare I say it , but I feel that is the first step in being proactive with prevention. Understanding that my dog Buddy may love those rawhide chews I buy for him when he has been good, but I also know that he has a sensitive tummy and often times they just don't agree with him...Kind of like me and spicy food..Yeah I love it but lord knows I shouldn't eat it. Proactive prevention will save you so much in the way of emotional stress from dealing with a sick pet, as well as the financial aspects of the treatment. As always, I hope you all have an amazing day and thank you for reading.


Due to staffing a staffing shortage and patient volume we will be closing the office early. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If a you have a pet emergency during the weekend please contact Madison Veterinary Specialists at 609-274-7772


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