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Clean Nepal Drugs & Alcohol Treatment & Rehabilitation Clean Nepal (CN) registered in B.S. 2063 as an NGO in Kathmandu district .


डोनाल्ड ट्रम्पले दिए नेपालमा राजसंस्था फर्काउने संकेत, अब के गर्लान् देउवा, ओली र प्रचण्ड ?


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Health checkup at clean nepal

Health checkup at clean nepal

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October 9

“We emphasize setting our house in order because it brings us relief.”
Basic Text p. 93

Focusing on what others are doing can provide momentary relief from having to take a look at ourselves. But one of the secrets of success in Narcotics Anonymous is making sure our own house is in order. So what does “setting our house in order” mean, anyway?

It means we work the steps, allowing us to look at our role in our relationships with others. When we have a problem with someone, we can take our own inventory to find out what our part in the problem has been. With the help of our sponsor, we strive to set it right. Then, each day, we continue taking our inventory to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

It’s pretty simple. We treat others as we would like others to treat us. We promptly make amends when we owe them. And when we turn our lives over to the care of our Higher Power on a daily basis, we can start to avoid running on the self-will so characteristic of our active addiction. Guided by a Power that seeks the best for everyone, our relationships with others will surely improve.

Just for today: I will set my own house in order. Today, I will examine my part in the problems in my life. If I owe amends, I will make them.
August 21 (Friendships)

"Our friendships become deep, and we experience the warmth and caring which results from addicts sharing recovery and a new life."
IP No.19, "Self-Acceptance"

Most of us come to Narcotics Anonymous with few genuine friends. And most of us arrive without the slightest understanding of what it takes to build lasting friendships. Over time, though, we learn that friendships require work. At one time or another, all friendships are challenging. Like any relationship, friendship is a learning process.
Our friends love us enough to tell us the truth about ourselves. The old saying, "The truth will set you free, but first it will make you furious," seems especially true in friendship. This can make friendships awkward. We may find ourselves avoiding certain meetings rather than facing our friends. We have found, though, that friends speak out of concern for us. They want the best for us. Our friends accept us despite our shortcomings. They understand that we are still a work in progress.
Friends are there for us when we're not there for ourselves. Friends help us gain valuable perspective on the events in our lives and our recovery. It is important that we actively cultivate friendships, for we have learned that we cannot recover alone.

Just for today: I will be grateful for the friends I have. I will take an active part in my friendships.
March 7
"The good times can also be a trap;the danger is that we may forget that our first priority is to stay clean"
Basic Text,p.42

Just for today:I'm grateful for the good times,but I've not forgotten from where I've come.Today,my first priority is staying clean and growing in my recovery.
Good morning all,have a wonderful day.God bless you all.
March 6(Rationalizing away our recovery)
"As a result of the Twelve steps,I'm not able to hold on to old ways of deceiving myself"
Basic Text,p.176

Just for today:I cannot work the steps and also continue deceiving myself.I will examine my thinking for rationalizations,reveal them to my sponsor,and be rid of them.
Good morning friends,have a great Saturday.God bless you all.
March 5(From rude awakening to spiritual awakening)
"When a need arises for us to admit our powerlessness,we may first look for ways to exert power against it.After exhausting these ways,we begin sharing with others and find hope."
Basic Text,p.79

Just for today:I will recognize the rude awakening I have as opportunities to grow toward spiritual awakening.