Riding Wild Abruzzo

Riding Wild Abruzzo Horseback trekking adventures and journeys in the wild nature of Abruzzo in Italy

Trekking, adventures and journeys on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage to explore the most beautiful and evocative places in the Majella National Park in Italy's Abruzzo region (and beyond), discovering the villages scattered among the mountains, the local traditions, the food and the wine.. but above all, experiencing that intimate contact with nature only possible on horseback. From relaxin

g trekking along local bridle paths through the woods and meadows of the upper Orta Valley, to longer journeys, travelling at a pace as old as man himself and pure unadulterated adventure in the mountain wilderness, learning to do without the superfluous, relying above all on your own determination and ability to adapt… because survival is not about challenging nature, but knowing it intimately and becoming part of it.


Loc. Boschetto
Sant'Eufemia A Maiella


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