All4Paws All4Paws - Positive dog training and agility for all Based at New Moor Farm, Southminster we train agility, obedience, lifeskills, hoopers and scentwork aimed specifically at pet dog owners using kind and effective reward based methods.

Operating as usual


We have the following workshops coming up for the Autumn

Beginners Leadwalking Workshop
Saturday 3rd September
2pm until 4pm

Agility and Hoopers Taster Workshop
Saturday 10th September 2022
10am until 1pm

Canine Rally Taster Workshop
Saturday 17th September 2022
2pm until 4pm

Recall Workshop
Saturday 24th September 2022
2pm until 4pm

Advanced Leadwalking Workshop
Saturday 1st October
2pm until 4pm

We have a couple of places left on our next Thursday evening puppy course at All4Paws in Southminster.Course starts Thur...

We have a couple of places left on our next Thursday evening puppy course at All4Paws in Southminster.

Course starts Thursday 18th August at 6.30pm and runs for 10 weeks.

Please get in touch if you'd like further details [email protected] or you can see more about us at


We have a couple of places left in our next Thursday evening puppy course.

Starts Thursday 18th August at 6.30pm and it's a 10 week course.


Sharon's new website 😊


Please spare a few pennies if you can, see the Spirit of the Dog page for the full story

Congratulations to all our puppies, adolescent and adults for completing their puppy and beginners awards. We say it eac...

Congratulations to all our puppies, adolescent and adults for completing their puppy and beginners awards. We say it each week, you should all be so proud of yourselves and your furbabies, we genuinely do mean that. Not only are we seeing each week your furbabies growing in confidence, we are seeing beautiful handling and the relationship between you and your dogs is amazing. Thank you all for your dedication, kindness and humour and your support and encouragement for each other. You are awesome individuals and a fantastic team.
Fiona and Sharon xx

New dates for puppy classes. Ten week courses starting:Saturday 2nd July 2022Wednesday 20th July 2022Both 9.30am until 1...

New dates for puppy classes. Ten week courses starting:

Saturday 2nd July 2022
Wednesday 20th July 2022

Both 9.30am until 10.30am

We're delighted to be able to give huge congratulations to our Lifeskills Trainer Sharon for passing the assessment proc...

We're delighted to be able to give huge congratulations to our Lifeskills Trainer Sharon for passing the assessment process to become an accredited member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers).

It's certainly not an easy process and we're all very proud and so pleased for her that all her hard work has paid off.

We're very lucky to have her working alongside us and look forward to lots of exciting developments as All4Paws and Solo Canine Training work together on future projects and bring the best of the IMDT and APDT to our clients.

Well done Sharon ###

Apologies as we have been super busy. Fiona will be updating us soon with some exciting news. In the meantime here are s...

Apologies as we have been super busy. Fiona will be updating us soon with some exciting news. In the meantime here are some of our latest pictures from our puppies, adolescents and adult classes.

Working on group exercises with pet parents able to sit and chat with their dogs sitting calmly by their side. We teach settle exercises from day one so that our dogs are able to sit and watch the world go by. Lots going on for them today with so many distractions, new people and all our pet parents and owners did absolutely amazing. Just so proud of them all as this really does help everyone. Constantly rewarding our dogs for that behaviour we want. Our puppies also working amazingly well on their recall, loose lead work, settle exercises and confidence building. Again so proud of you all.
Fiona and Sharon xx


We have the below amazing stallholders lined up for you at this years Woof Fest!

Be sure to pop down to show some support and say hi! 😀🐾 Spirit of the Dog Rescue

Monkeys Snuffle mats
Rope Designs Four Paws
LD the Creator
Bad Wolf Designs
Coggs Dogs
All Raw Southminster
Teddys Pet Behaviour & Training
Burnham On Pets
Dexters Pawprint
Dobby’s Doggy Bakery
Samara Louise Photography
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New puppy group starting Saturday 2nd April.

Please contact us for more details.


After a long 9 months Willow is finally going to her new home ❤️


Agility & Hoopers Taster Workshop

We're holding an Agility and Hoopers Beginners Taster Workshop.

Suitable for dogs from 6 months old (for dogs under a year old, all the exercises will be without any jumping).

Saturday 19th March 2022
11am until 1.30pm
£40 a place

Just two places left.


. ❓ Did you know ❓
During high winds and stormy weather there is a much higher risk of your dog getting spooked and running away on a walk, even if they are usually confident and in a familiar place!

It is also much more difficult for volunteers like our colleagues at Dengie Lost Dogs Search & Rescue Team to help find and reunite lost dogs in these conditions, with so many more obstacles like the thermal drones being unable to fly.


⚠️ Triple check your fences before letting your dogs in the garden

⚠️ Make sure your dog has a collar with contact details

⚠️ Avoid walking your dog during the worst of the storm if possible, try scent finding games and enrichment toys to occupy them at home instead.

⚠️ If you do need to walk your dog please consider using sturdy clip leads on both harness and collar, walking belts are great too. If needed for flighty and nervous dogs even consider a 3rd emergency lead like a loose slip lead. Definitely reconsider off lead play, it's not worth the risk!

🛑 No animals should be without adequate shelter, please bring all small furries inside your homes and make double sure everyone else is safe and warm too, big or small 🙏

Stay safe out there!

📷 Betsy - Spirit of the Dog Rescue- #SaveOurBetsy 💚🐾

Useful information after our discussion yesterday x

Useful information after our discussion yesterday x


We are so excited to announce that Parlour Cafe have very kindly decided to create Woof Fest for the 2nd year running!

Click this link to join the event page:

They have released this update:

"As Woof Fest was such a success last year, we have decided to hold it again this year!

This year not only will we be fundraising in aid of Spirit of the Dog Rescue, we are also raising funds to enable us to buy and install a Defibrillator onsite.

Statistics show that the survival rate when using CPR within 2 minutes of the Cardiac Arrest is between 15% & 17%.
When a defibrillator is used within 3-5 mins of the Cardiac Arrest, the survival rate can increase to between 50% & 70%."

We can't wait to see you all there! 🐾

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They are our most beautiful calendars yet and we would hate for any to go to waste! Please consider picking one up today to help us raise essential funds for our dogs! 🙏

Marts Parts in Burnham on Crouch have some in stock to collect and we can post them to you too 🥰

A huge thank you to our volunteer photographers, artist LD the Creator, this years sponsors All4Paws and Marts Parts and of course to everyone who has purchased their copy! 😍


Love this


75,000 of you responded to Elliot Colburn's survey ahead of Monday's debate on our last year's petition. These are the results. An overwhelming majority in favour of tighter controls on firework sales and use. Now we need you all to sign this petition to keep the pressure on


🐶🛑🛒 Our 2022 calendars are available to pre- order now for just £10.99 each! 🛒🛑🐶

Your favourite dogs have been working with a multitude of talented professional photographers, as well as artist LD the Creator who has beautifully illustrated the final piece to help create an outstanding finished product for you all!

🥳 HELP RAISE ESSENTIAL FUNDS for dogs in need whilst stocking up on Christmas gifts every dog lover will adore 😍

To pre-order your copy please send a text message to the rescue phone 07907122591 with the following information:

✅ Your full name

❤ The number of calendars you would like to order

💳 Whether you prefer bank transfer or Paypal

And then either..

📮 A delivery address ( so we can let you know the postage)


🚶‍♀️A note to say you would like to collect from Burnham on Crouch instead of paying for delivery

📷 Post photo is the front cover of this year's calendar featuring Benji! Shot by @chuebynature

Thank you all for your support with this fundraiser 🙏🐶


Has quite a number of missed calls today but no messages left, if anyone is calling about training then please do leave a message or ping me a text or WhatsApp message if you prefer. I can't answer calls when I'm taking lessons but I will call back as soon as I'm able to 😊


Old 2018/2019 Order Confirmations Sent in Error

If anyone has received an email order confirmation from 2018/2019 from us apologies and please ignore it. We were tidying up the old online booking system and didn't realise it would send a confirmation still as the system should be offline.


Exciting news!! We have finally managed to secure a local village hall for our Puppy and Lifeskills classes for over the winter. So our new courses starting Saturday 16th October will now be running from Bradwell-On-Sea village hall.

Everyone booked onto the courses so far should have had an email communication with all the details.

Please note this is for Puppy and Lifeskills group classes only, all other activities will remain at New Moor Farm.


The more you know, the more you know you don't know.....!

Our educational background and level of experience impacts how we view situations and what we believe the solutions to those situations are. If one were to look at a person who constantly felt tired, different professionals would come up with different solutions and advice: A doctor would no doubt look for a medical cause for the problem and prescribe medical type interventions to treat the “sick” person. However, a psychologist or counsellor might start looking at what emotional or cognitive factors could be playing a role and advise counselling or the learning of coping strategies. A nutritionist would no doubt look at dietary factors and advise changes to eating habits, while a personal trainer would look at a fitness programme and lifestyle changes. None of these approaches would necessarily be wrong, but none of them on their own is likely to offer a complete solution either. In fact, the best possible approach would likely be a combination of all these views – ensuring that all the possible factors influencing general health and well-being were considered and changes made wherever something might be lacking.

As a behaviour practitioner, this is exactly how I was taught to tackle behaviour problems and help dogs and their people. Dogs (and indeed all living creatures) are not one-dimensional – they are physical beings, emotional beings, psychological beings and “behavioural” beings - and of course all these aspects are interconnected. For me, helping a dog and owner address something that is causing distress for either of them means having a look at every possible factor that could be influencing the situation:

1. IS THE DOG HEALTHY? A huge amount of behaviour issues are linked to health problems and pain. While I am not a vet, as a behaviour practitioner I do need a basic knowledge of the signs of illness or pain and have to be able work with or refer to vets to make sure that any dog I am working with is first of all healthy and pain free. I cannot say that because I am not a vet I will just ignore the potential for a problem to have a medical link – to do so would be negligent and extremely harmful.

2. ARE THE DOG’S NEEDS BEING MET? Dogs have species-specific needs, breed-type needs and individual needs and all these must be considered to ensure optimal welfare. For example, dogs are social animals and I think most of us would agree that they need to develop good connections with their caregivers to be content. They are also scavengers and when they have no opportunity to use their senses to find food, an important need is neglected. We have also selected certain dogs to be good at specific “work”, which means they derive innate satisfaction from rehearsing behaviours associated with those tasks (e.g. herding, guarding, pointing, scenting, retrieving, digging and tugging) – not giving them opportunities for these is likely to have a negative effect on physical and emotional welfare. Of course, dogs are individuals too and their own unique personalities and life experiences will determine how much need they have for space, quiet time, special activities, social interaction etc.

3. WHAT ARE THE EMOTIONS BEHIND THE BEHAVIOUR? We have to look at what is motivating the dog to engage in the behaviour that the owner is finding distressing, or which seems to indicate that the dog is not coping very well in a situation: How does the dog feel generally? - A dog that is generally depressed or frustrated (experiences those feelings daily or constantly) is going to have limited emotional capacity to cope with any extra challenges, so we have to look at how we can improve the dog’s quality of life so that they generally feel better. What specific emotion is behind the “problem” behaviour? - What is triggering the emotion and can we change the dog’s experience by either not putting the dog in that situation (management) or helping the dog FEEL better about that situation (time and space for processing and/or counter-conditioning)? What emotional pay-off is the dog getting from the behaviour and is it possible to find another way for the dog to get that emotional pay-off that is more appropriate for the environment or less harmful to the dog and owner?

4. COULD THE DOG BENEFIT FROM LEARNING NEW COPING SKILLS AND BEHAVIOURS? All dogs have a learning history and they will continue to learn throughout their lives, whether we deliberately teach them anything or not. We need to know how the dog’s learning history might be influencing their behaviour and consider whether we could teach the dog some helpful skills (operant conditioning, but not in the traditional “tell the dog what to do” way) to cope with situations that cannot be avoided in order to keep the dog safe and help the owner feel more empowered.

To me it seems obvious that it can only be to the benefit of dogs and their people that all these aspects of behaviour are considered when helping dogs. I could never pick just one and say that this was the “magic bullet” that would solve everything. Unfortunately though, it does seem that when education or experience only covers one approach, this does sometimes happens. As a result, there are people working with dogs who are convinced that the only thing one ever needs to do is “start training” and forget about everything else. Everything is operant and anything else is just a distraction or red herring. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the solution lies completely in acknowledging the emotional experience and that this is sufficient on its own. According to this view, using conditioning to alter emotional state or change behaviour is bordering on unethical.

I struggle with both these extremes. How can we truly help and connect with dogs if we are not able to understand what is motivating them or we do not care about their emotional experiences? If we confine ourselves to observable, operant behaviour, we will miss a lot of what our dogs are communicating about how to best help them and lose the richness we should have in our relationships with our dogs. On the other hand, when we come to the realisation that a dog is distressed or struggling to cope with something in their lives, how can we not use every approach we have at our disposal to help them to cope better? Dogs are capable of growing, learning, adjusting and gaining behavioural and emotional coping skills through conditioning – completely rejecting these tools is not helpful to dogs or their people.

I have started to wonder if the “extreme view phenomenon” is a result of limited learning. If all we have been taught is how to modify behaviour and we don’t understand anything about emotionality, it may be simpler and less personally challenging to put thoughts of emotions aside and focus only on what we do know. On the other hand, if we have been taught something about emotionality, but very little about learning theory and how to apply it in a considered and compassionate way, we may be put off using it and prefer to operate within the confines of emotions as the only construct we think we have understood well. A lot of this comes down to how we educate ourselves. There are endless “niche” courses available to students that focus on one particular line of thinking or new idea in our broad field, but I fear that they may set us up to become too narrowly focused, if this is the way we start our careers. I believe we would do far better, to embark on an education that takes every aspect of behaviour into account. An education that covers:


We may not become experts or gain a full knowledge of all these fields (I know there is still TONS I need to learn in every one of these fields), but having a good foundational knowledge of each one of these helps to anchor us so that we don’t drift totally out to sea with the latest trend, where we are beyond all practical use or spend so much time banging a particular drum that we drown out the sound of anything else that might be relevant.

This is not an easy profession to be in. It is ever-changing and evolving, it is emotionally draining and intellectually challenging (if you are doing it right!). It can be tempting to retreat into a one-box view where everything is simple and clear-cut, but restricting our knowledge and closing our minds does not help anyone at the end of the day – least of all the dogs we are supposed to be caring for.

Just two places left now on our next Puppy Course starting 16th October
Booking & Registration

Just two places left now on our next Puppy Course starting 16th October

Positive reward based dog training in Essex


Looks like its time to take Willow to the donations storage to be fitted for a rain coat! ☔ she did really well at her threshold training session today with Madda the Collie 🐾


Thanks to all for a lovely day of training. As well as the workshop which was enormous fun we had some smashing agility and a lovely puppy class with pups all working off lead. Well done to all ❤️

Photos from Spirit of the Dog Rescue's post

Photos from Spirit of the Dog Rescue's post


We've been incredibly busy with enquiries again the last couple of weeks so apologies for any delays returning calls and messages


New Moor Farm, Tillingham Road




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Cooper and his rosettes from the Bradwell Dog Show
With special thanks to this year's calendar sponsors: 💚All4Paws 💜Marts Parts Our wonderful calendar photographers: 💚@chuebynature 💜Victoria Equine & Canine Photography 💚Photos by Morgan 💜Kane Baudart Photography Also to: 💚Animal Aid for supporting our charity along with many others at Animal Aid #8 (we can't wait for the big day!) 💜 Chelmer Radio who very kindly have an advertisement running to promote our work 💚 Our sister group Dengie Lost Dogs Search and Rescue Team 💜 Pets At Home Foundation who are a huge ongoing support 💚 The store colleagues at Pets At Home Basildon - Pitsea and Pets At Home Southend, our partnered stores 💜 And talented logo designer LD the Creator who also creates our cover photos
Alfie has taken the leap and had his first sleepover at the home he has been visiting ❤ 🌟Click here if you missed his video diary about his story so far: His new carers are well prepared with their previous experience, time spent with him, their support chat with his volunteer team and books from Dr Kendal Shepherd. His dog friends were so pleased to see him back and so far everything is going well! The most crucial thing when dogs go to a new place is communication between their carers and volunteer team. Something that we are super happy about is the in depth messages, regular video clips and the insightful updates we are receiving in his support chat 🙏 It's so wonderful to know that his caregivers notice all of the small things the dogs show in their behaviour to help us discuss how to best support them. Final decisions on rehoming are always down to the dogs, at any time they can let us know if they don't feel like they want to live together permanently and they will have lots of opportunity to do that before adoption day, but we are rooting for Alfie and so far we are thrilled with how he is getting on ❤ Alfie's designated trainer is Fiona at All4Paws and he also has the support of the other professionals on our Dog Wellbeing Team, everyone has their paws crossed for continued success over the coming days 🤞 Thank you for your kind support for him 🥰 Pets At Home Foundation Pets At Home Basildon - Pitsea Pets At Home Southend
Alfie wants to check in with you all 👋🥰 He would also like to send his gratitude to: ❤Pets At Home Foundation ❤Pets At Home Basildon - Pitsea ❤ Store customers who have gifted their VIP points for his Pets at Home vouchers ❤Dr Kendal Sheppard ❤His designated trainer, Fiona at All4Paws ❤His key volunteer Ozzie ❤Volunteer Dominic who chose his treats for his big day ❤The kind lady who took him in and got him safely to us ❤& the wonderful family who are working towards a happy new life with him
Join us on Betsy's honorary 12th birthday as we celebrate 2 years since she was rescued & given just 2 months to live 🥳 There have been some bleak and scary times during her journey through rescue so far but we have a lot to be grateful for. To start with, the fact that your support means that she is still with us and still enjoying the best possible quality of life 🙏 Betsy has tracheal collapse which means her throat is deteriorating and collapsing, she has tackled simultaneous bronchitis and pneumonia, undergone tests and operations, and each one was thankfully a huge success. ❤ A member of the public spotted her wandering around alone on the streets of London and got her to safety with Tara, Croydon's Dog Warden ❤ Tara placed her in our care and brought her to meet us at the vets for her first appointment ❤ Even though it was lockdown our essential volunteers were there at the kennels to care for her each day ❤ She went to her loving foster home where it was discovered that something was very wrong with her health ❤ Dedicated staff at EdgeWood Veterinary Group, The Wylie Veterinary Centre, Medivet, Vets4Pets and Professor Noel Fitzpatrick's Fitzpatrick Referrals have given her top notch treatment and support ❤ Kind people following her story have helped out with donations to make all of that possible ❤ So many of you have sent her toys, tennis balls and treats from her Amazon Wishlist to cheer her up when things got rough ❤ When she needed behavioural support Lucy Green, Nicola at The Figtree Kennels and our volunteer Ozzie had the answers we needed ❤ When steroids ruined her coat and we needed advice to help her get it back, Mollie at The Dog Salon was here to advise and turn things around ❤ When we needed everyone to know her story to get the support she needed to pull through, David and Chelmer Radio came to the rescue multiple times ❤ The Burnham on Crouch and South Woodham Ferrers Focus Magazine have very kindly published an article about her this month! ❤ She was a star in our 2022 calendar thanks to LD the Creator, Victoria Equine & Canine Photography, Marts Parts, All4Paws and Focus Print and Publishing ❤ When we needed supplies for her, Pets At Home Foundation, Pets At Home Basildon - Pitsea and Pets At Home Southend were only too happy to help ❤ There are so many people to thank, if you are on this journey with Betsy in any way we want to let you know how much we appreciate everything you're doing 🙏 Here's to many more months of Betsy 🥳 Spirit of the Dog Rescue- #SaveOurBetsy 💚🐾 Instagram: @saveourbetsy
Willow wants to see you all!! 👋 She's going home!! Special thanks to Pets At Home Foundation, and Pets At Home Basildon - Pitsea & All4Paws!
Do you have a 2022 calendar yet? We still have a few left to sell to raise funds for dogs like Shadow 💖 You can pick one up at The Dog Salon or Marts Parts in Burnham on Crouch! 💌 *If you are not near to Burnham on Crouch please send a text message to 07907122591 to arrange postage* 💌 🌟Calendars- £10 🌟 Pens - £3 Thank you to calendar sponsors Marts Parts and All4Paws as well as our professional volunteer photographers: 📷 Victoria Equine & Canine Photography 📷 Photos by Morgan 📷 Kane Baudart Photography 📷 @chuebynature 🎨 Also to Artist LD the Creator who organised and beautifully illustrated each page 🗞Another huge thank you to Focus Print and Publishing who did a fantastic job at making them the best quality yet! And to everyone who already has a copy and who is about about to go and buy one! We really really appreciate everyone's support with this year's calendar fundraiser 🙏❤🐶
Do you have a 2022 calendar yet? We still have a few left to sell to raise funds for dogs like Shadow 💖 You can pick one up at The Dog Salon or Marts Parts in Burnham on Crouch! 💌 *If you are not near to Burnham on Crouch please send a text message to 07907122591 to arrange postage* 💌 🌟Calendars- £10 🌟 Pens - £3 Thank you to calendar sponsors Marts Parts and All4Paws as well as our professional volunteer photographers: 📷 Victoria Equine & Canine Photography 📷 Photos by Morgan 📷 Kane Baudart Photography 📷 @chuebynature 🎨 Also to Artist LD the Creator who organised and beautifully illustrated each page 🗞Another huge thank you to Focus Print and Publishing who did a fantastic job at making them the best quality yet! And to everyone who already has a copy and who is about about to go and buy one! We really really appreciate everyone's support with this year's calendar fundraiser 🙏❤🐶
After only starting agility recently with Marnie and only starting with the dog walk last week, we thought we would have a try and the blackwater country show and she was AMAZING!! Nothing fazed her. Very proud dog mum 😊💜🐶
Perfect for those of us with multiple dogs
Still time to donate a pound or two, we're very close to our team target
Thank you from Benfleet Working Trials Club for a great workshop this morning. Was enjoyed by all.
Red Run 19th/20th May 2018 Once again we have our regular qualifiers for the UKA Grand Finals, these being the CSJ UK Agility Grand Prix and the Circular Knockout Challenge sponsored by Norton Rosettes. In addition there will be two opportunities to collect games wins towards the three required to qualify for the games semi-final at UKA Nationals week. Other benefits : Option to run NFC, allowing you to reward (toys only) in the ring. Jump heights 600, 500, 400 and 300 (Micro at 200, where permitted) Dog walk height reduced to 1.2 m Breakaway tyre. For 2018, there will be no fault if the tyre is broken whilst being jumped, to allow for the fact that most dogs have yet to experience the breakaway.
Fiona what have you done to Chip 😉 Thanks for a great lesson x
Fudge loved her Agility Class this morning, even though she was a little distracted by butterflies and most defiantly the pool!
Fudge loves her Agility Class as always, but today she especially loved the pool to cool down in!