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K9 Coaching Evesham At K9 Coaching, our trainers like to coach handlers to train their dogs. Building confidence and skills while having lots of fun. APDT. ABTC-ATI.

Whether thats puppy/adult dog lifeskills or sports such as hoopers and rally, we will help you to reach your goals. Dogs have such an important impact on our lives and we are here to help you to build a relationship that will provide you and you four legged friend great memories for years to come. We are accredited to the following bodies IMDT. All trainers are accredited to organizations promotin

g reward based training and specialize in various sports

We offer APDT Good CompanionCompanions or KC GCs training

Beginner puppy classes are limited strictly to 6 dogs, this enables us to offer more individual attention when needed. Of course it’s your choice and you may just want to train without being part of a scheme and that’s fine too. Older puppy/dog classes are again limited to 6 dogs and structured to enable you to recognize and build on your achievements and to provide you with the stepping stones toward a happy and healthy partnership. We have trainers that do 121s
Please ask and you will be given the details

Workshops and courses are strictly limited to 6 per class, including Scent work, Canine Hoopers, Trick training, Clicker Training, Play/Reliable recall, loose lead walking

We are committed to using science based, positive reinforcement methods, delivering effective and long lasting results


Newborn at home so the dog has to go .
For those who give up their dogs when they have a baby, I'm posting this photo of a family whose 15-year-old Jack Russel Terrier is treated as one of the children (because he was their first child) and who is the protector of his two human brothers and sisters.
Never use the excuse that you had to let your dog go because you have a baby in the family and the doctor advised you blah blah blah and other lame excuses.
Never abandon your pets. They are family 😍

The Best in show went to the lovely Iris with her little Princess Dave Reserve best in show with the talented BistoCongr...

The Best in show went to the lovely Iris with her little Princess
Dave Reserve best in show with the talented Bisto
Congratulations to everyone who took part- remember we take home the best dog!

Thankyou to everyone who came and enjoyed the dog show on this beautiful Love Evesham dayHere’s some lovely photos for y...

Thankyou to everyone who came and enjoyed the dog show on this beautiful Love Evesham day

Here’s some lovely photos for you all to enjoy
Thanks to Neil who captured every moment of a fabulous morning, these events wouldn’t happen without a great team behind you

What a team- Thankyou for all your help and support, without you it wouldn’t be the same!

What a team- Thankyou for all your help and support, without you it wouldn’t be the same!


Booking is now open!!

Huge congratulations to Vicky and 5 month old Flossie for earning their puppy award today!

Huge congratulations to Vicky and 5 month old Flossie for earning their puppy award today!


Check out K9 coaching Evesham’s post.

Very proud of Raisin who did her first clear round at The Go Go show yesterdayFor those that havent heard of hoopers, it...

Very proud of Raisin who did her first clear round at The Go Go show yesterday

For those that havent heard of hoopers, it’s a low impact sport that’s inclusive of all- no matter what your health issues are, this sport is assessable.

Guardians are shown, how to teach their dog the value of going through,around or over the kit by shaping, using food, toys praise etc.

Its great for the dogs fitness, confidence, focus and impulse control. A great relationship builder


Please share Rory's story so far he needs a very special home...

⭐Name: Rory
⭐Breed: Labrador
⭐Age: 10 months
⭐Location: In foster in Gloucestershire living in family home with other dogs & cats

✔️Good recall off lead
✔️Travel well 🚘
✔️Can live with other dogs 🐶
✔️Would be best in adult home due to being nervous of loud voices
✔️Can live with cats 🐱

⭐Website: www.starfishdogrescue.co.uk

Rory came into rescue due to a relationship break down.

Rory was extremely anxious and worried when he first arrived, there was a lot of cowering with us, very worried about everything from putting a collar on, extremely anxious in the car where he would throw up, if a voice was as much raised he was gone hiding somewhere, very heart breaking to witness.

The dog that has been emerging in big steps every day has been one of the reasons we do rescues to watch this dog grow and bloom over such a short period to the dog we first met is why dogs are so special once they feel safe and loved .

I am now writing about a dog that if I could I would keep him in a heart beat - he has the most lovely nature typical Lab and adores cuddles and affection so much its like he tries to climb inside you.

He plays with other dogs particularly paired up a young female Lucy who he loves playing with and sleeping with.

From being terrified of the car he now cannot wait to get in. He was terrified of the crate he now sleeps in at night in the kitchen with the other dogs and now he chooses to sleep in their sometimes of his own accord during the day and at night if we are out I only have to wave the sausage and he cannot get in faster enough. He sleeps well at night and is house trained.

Out on walks he is joy to walk with if you love a dog who loves being out in the countryside he has so much energy he loves running, sniffing and will keep this up for the complete walk, he is fine meeting new dogs out but if they are too pushy or too over the top he will run away back to me he is still building on that confidence.

He is a beautiful gentle soul and will get a lot of interest because of him being a young Lab and beautiful but its really important we find the right home for him who can give him what he needs to feel safe and secure we will not take anything less as we do for all our dogs.

He needs another dog or dogs - one that will play with him and be his friend. He is living in adult family home with grown up children that is busy with lots of comings and goings which he copes with, he loves us all and loves meeting new people but he would not cope with young children and the chasos and noise that sort of home brings at times as if there is as much as a raised voice he has gone it terrifies him. He will go and hide.

He needs a home that meets his exercise needs, I have done lead walking with him as he was terrified of the lead and he has done really well walking around our village with the cars etc but still worried so he will not suit a town.

You will need to be a family or people who have had rescue dogs before and understand that a dog like Rory will take time but with his temperament he will with the right guidance get over this, he has missed out on socialization around towns, people, cafe's, dog training but with another dog by his side he will get this quickly once he trusts you. But you need to have the time to do this.

Rory is actually for a young dog very easy to live with once he has had his walk he is happy to chill out on the sofa or floor with the other dogs with no problems at all.

We have done quite a few videos of Rory we have put at the bottom of this write up so you can get a feel for this beautiful soul in different situations.

Rory is fully vaccinated, chipped, flea/wormed, he is not neutered yet as only 10 months so he will not be homed with entire dogs (we do check people's Vet records), he will be need to be done once he has finished growing and more confident and this will be part of the Adoption Contract.

With his fur foster family waiting for treats


He must be the most loving dogs we have fostered


Playing with Lucy his best friend and other foster friends




Recall is very good



Loves his woodland walks


Out around the Village



Found him asleep with the cat so precious


chilling on the sofa with his foster brother


He loves his home comforts



He would not even walk on lead when he came in was scared of it now look at him



If you’d like some help with socialising your puppy/dog, give us a call or message here


Puppy class at k9 coaching Evesham now have a space available for pup under 6months in the sat morning 10am group

The sun shone on us todayThese guys have earned their awardsHolly has her improvers along with Luna. Willow has intermed...

The sun shone on us today
These guys have earned their awards
Holly has her improvers along with Luna. Willow has intermediate and Nellie and Loki their Advanced
Congratulations 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Happy Saturday once again!

Happy Saturday once again!

Check out K9 coaching Evesham’s Story.

We are now able to offer Wednesday afternoon/evening classes in this fabulous fun sportLisa is an accredited CHUK  instr...

We are now able to offer Wednesday afternoon/evening classes in this fabulous fun sport
Lisa is an accredited CHUK instructor. Will answer any questions you have

Free taster sessions are available to newbies and for those who don’t know please read all about it below

What is a Hoopers class for dogs?

Think about the pace and excitement of agility - but with a gentler course that doesn't have any jumps - and that's hoopers. The courses are flowing and consist of a series of hoops, barrels on tunnels. There aren't the tight turns and high-impact activities that you might see on an agility course.

What age can a dog start Hoopers?
6 months
Hoopers is a low impact activity where dogs negotiate a flowing course of hoops, barrels and tunnels. Dogs of all ages and breeds are welcome making this a very inclusive sport. We do request that puppies are at least 6 months


Check out K9 coaching Evesham’s Story.



BROADVIEW FARM, Twyford, WR11 4TP, , EVESHAM WORCESTERSHIRE, , What 3 Words, Tedious. Oblige. Collected

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:30am - 11:30am
Wednesday 11:30am - 3:30am
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