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K9 Coaching Evesham At K9 Coaching, our trainers like to coach handlers to train their dogs. Building confidence and skills while having lots of fun. APDT. ABTC-ATI.

Whether thats puppy/adult dog lifeskills or sports such as hoopers and rally, we will help you to reach your goals. Dogs have such an important impact on our lives and we are here to help you to build a relationship that will provide you and you four legged friend great memories for years to come. We are accredited to the following bodies IMDT. All trainers are accredited to organizations promotin

g reward based training and specialize in various sports

We offer APDT Good CompanionCompanions or KC GCs training

Beginner puppy classes are limited strictly to 6 dogs, this enables us to offer more individual attention when needed. Of course it’s your choice and you may just want to train without being part of a scheme and that’s fine too. Older puppy/dog classes are again limited to 6 dogs and structured to enable you to recognize and build on your achievements and to provide you with the stepping stones toward a happy and healthy partnership. We have trainers that do 121s
Please ask and you will be given the details

Workshops and courses are strictly limited to 6 per class, including Scent work, Canine Hoopers, Trick training, Clicker Training, Play/Reliable recall, loose lead walking

We are committed to using science based, positive reinforcement methods, delivering effective and long lasting results



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* We have limited availability next month for in-person private lessons

This is for you if you want:

🐾A well-behaved dog in public
🐾Be able to walk your dog calmly
🐾A dog that comes every time you
Call them
🐾A dog with better impulse control
🐾A better connection with your

Here's how in-person private lessons helped Debbie and her dog Arlo : " Arlo struggled with lead walking and reactivity to other dogs. We have been diligently working with the his on lead walking and not reacting to other dogs on his walks.
He is now focused and attentive to Debbie when
walking on his lead!

And we can help you and your dog achieve the same.
If you're ready to take the leap today, then text us here to book your space:

I wonder what these are for? They aren’t dog food 🤣

I wonder what these are for? They aren’t dog food 🤣


During NTYDM 2024, use APDT's Resource Center at https://apdt.com/resource-center/ for articles, tips and videos to learn more about the value of having a well-behaved canine citizen and using a professional dog trainer.

A few more great puppies from today’s class.

A few more great puppies from today’s class.

Lots of fun in the sun today!First classes back and they smashed it

Lots of fun in the sun today!
First classes back and they smashed it

Whos going to be the first to have their photograph

Whos going to be the first to have their photograph


These puppies had access to different sensory items from 5 weeks old, which is part of their socialisation.


K9 coaching Evesham




best friend forever🥰🥰


Raising the bark with our Flat Cushion Bed 🛏️

Bestselling, practical, and oh-so-comfy. Ideal for indoor and outdoor lounging, with a removable/washable cover for those unexpected messes. Swap covers to match the season or your mood 🌦️🌈

Generously filled for maximum doggy comfort – because napping is a serious business and dogs are the CEOs 🐶💤👑

Available in sizes Small to Extra Large


NEW CLASS STARTS 11am Saturday 6th Jan.Strictly limited to 4dogs.6 sessions @ £75 Payable in advance to secure your spac...

NEW CLASS STARTS 11am Saturday 6th Jan.
Strictly limited to 4dogs.
6 sessions @ £75
Payable in advance to secure your space.
Hoopers is a great fun sport and suitable for all dogs from 5 months to golden oldies.( In good health). Great for team building. confidence. Recall. Focus.


BROADVIEW FARM, Twyford, WR11 4TP, , EVESHAM WORCESTERSHIRE, , What 3 Words, Tedious. Oblige. Collected

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:30am - 11:30am
Wednesday 11:30am - 3:30am
Saturday 9am - 10am




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