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Dogs Behaving Badly, Horsham Pet Dog Training In Horsham, West Sussex. Puppy, Beginners and Progression Classes. 1-2-1 Training a Whatever your reason for visiting this page, Dogs Behaving Badly can help you to develop a better relationship with your canine friend.

We offer:-


Outdoor Puppy Life Skills Courses (for puppies 10 months and under). 5 week course in Broadbridge Heath.


Puppy Training and life skills
Adolescent dogs
Rescue dogs
Specific training issues (eg, recall, lead walking, jumping up, help with socialisation/habituation, etc)


- For dogs that have deve

We offer:-


Outdoor Puppy Life Skills Courses (for puppies 10 months and under). 5 week course in Broadbridge Heath.


Puppy Training and life skills
Adolescent dogs
Rescue dogs
Specific training issues (eg, recall, lead walking, jumping up, help with socialisation/habituation, etc)


- For dogs that have deve

Operating as usual

Meet Jake, my new foster dog. Jake is around 6 years old. Originally a Romanian street dog, he was caught and put in a k...

Meet Jake, my new foster dog. Jake is around 6 years old. Originally a Romanian street dog, he was caught and put in a kill shelter around 12-18 months of age. He spent about 14 days in the kill shelter (who knows what horrors he experienced) before going to a safe shelter, where he has spent the past 4 years in an environment with no stimulation at all 😔. He came to the UK earlier in the year. He is very scared and jumpy, and frightened of touch. I am fostering him for a while to see if he can gain confidence and florish in a home environment. Fingers crossed he will settle. If all goes well he'll be looking for his forever home soon🤞🥰

Timeline photos

Timeline photos


Imagine that every little detail of your life is controlled - what and when you eat, where you sleep, when you’re allowed inside or outside, when you’re allowed to go out for a walk and if you’re allowed to stop and explore, who you’re allowed or forced to interact with, what activities (if any) you’re allowed to participate in, when you’re shown affection or receive attention, where you’re allowed to be touched etc., etc.…. This situation would create stress and anxiety, a feeling of helplessness, apathy, a lack of confidence and many other negative emotions. The same is true for dogs.
Dogs live in a world where just about everything is controlled by us. Allowing choice, no matter how simple that choice may be, provides many benefits. The context in which we allow choice is obviously relevant. Safety, boundaries, environmental factors, other people or animals always need to be taken into account.
Dogs that are allowed some control over their environment and how they respond to situations are more confident, more emotionally balanced, better able to cope with stressful situations, less anxious, less stressed and have fewer behaviour problems.
Allowing simple choices like which direction to take on a walk, which tree to wee on, how long to sniff that fascinating blade of grass or which toy to play with, which treat to choose, what game to play or allowing your dog to choose to interact or be touched by someone are all simple ways that we can provide choice for our dogs and help them to cope in a world that controls them.


Coping with new environments and situations is a product of domestication, and most dogs do extremely well adapting to the pressures of domestic life. There are some dogs, however, that find it hard to adjust, and consequently live in a constant state of stress, making life difficult for them and for their owners.


Dog parks aren’t for all dogs.

Photos from Fluent Dog's post

Photos from Fluent Dog's post


What is socialisation?

It is a stage of development in your puppy. It starts at 4 weeks and ends around 16 weeks. However actual socialisation should continue well after 16 weeks as your puppy will go through other development stages having different experiences.

The first thing to consider is your puppy will go through their first fear stage 7/9 weeks old. It's important not to overwhelm them. It's also important if they're struggling to be left alone not to leave them.

During the socialisation stage of development, it's not about socialisation in the context that we understand it. It's about exposure to the world. It's so important that the exposure the puppy gets is positive emotional experiences. So a nervous or sensitive puppy needs less. They can see the world but they don't need to interact with everything in it. They need exposure that they as an individual can cope with. Doing more will not turn them into a confident social butterfly it will probably make them more fearful, even reactive.

It's needs to be a slow steady pressure free pace. Slow down your walks, stop and give them time to take in the environment, there's new sounds, sights and smells. This can be a sensory overload for some. Let them sit and watch, take your time so they can take it all in and then process it.

We used to call it a critical stage of development but it's now a sensitive, because it's flexible. Your puppy is sensitive to experiences so make sure they are positive.

If your puppy is scared support them and help them. This won't reinforce or reward negative behaviours that are driven out of fear, apprehension or caution, it will cause them to relax and feel safe and then those behaviours will stop.
Yes the puppy will become a little dependent on your support but once they feel safe you can teach independence and reward brave choices. Feeling safe will activate exploratory control processes in the brain and your puppy will choose to explore and approach. This is much more powerful than being lured to something they're scared of. Luring with treats to scary things causes pressure and conflict which are negative emotional and stressful states. Timing is key and reinforcement should happen in safe places for it to be emotionally reinforcing.

Forget behaviour and think emotions and experiences at this time.

This puppy was barking when I arrived today. Her owners reassured her and she relaxed. She then eventually started to choose to approach me. When she did they praised her, called her back to them so she didn't spend too long in the scary place and then rewarded her with them, she was rewarded for making brave choices in her safe place with her owners.
She eventually chose to come sniff me, make eye contact with me and take some treats from me. She then relaxed and fell asleep ❤️❤️❤️❤️

This lucky puppy has lovely compassionate and dedicated owners who are doing the best for her and meeting her needs ❤️❤️ I know she will be ok and I'm really looking forward to being a part of this family's journey with this gorgeous pup 🥰

Work at the puppy's pace, don't rush 🐾❤️

Jane Ardern BSc Hons
Kennel Club Dog Trainer of the Year
Gundog Club Accredited Instructor and Assessor
ICAN Accredited Behaviourist
Author of Mission Control How to Train the High Drive Dog


The result of a plastic coat hanger left in a hot car ..... just think what it could do to your dog 😢🐶

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Unfortunately for dogs, we live in a world where growling is considered harmful.

A growling dog has way too many labels. Dominant, bad, nasty and aggressive are all unfortunate terms used for a growling dog.

Growling is simply communication.

For example, a child strokes a dog, and the dog growls. The dog is just asking for space from the child, and it's a perfectly reasonable request.

Or someone approaches a dog on the lead and looms over them, desperate for touch. The dog growls and asks for space, and this is another perfectly reasonable request.

A dog has pain, and we touch them in the painful spot, the dog growls, a third perfectly reasonable request.

A dog is scared and doesn't want the scary thing to get any closer, so he growls. Again, reasonable.

Instead of the idea that growling is aggression, we need to reframe the concept of the growl. A growl is a dog's way of asking for what they need, usually space. We need to realise growling dogs are speaking, simply that.

If we listen to the growl, a dog doesn't feel like they need to bite.

It's no different from listening to other people. If we feel heard, we don't have to shout.


This is what socialisation should look like. Not running about with lots of other dogs. Just hanging out watching the world go by.

What is this pup learning about in this picture? Ignoring people. Other dogs. Kids. Scooters. Kids on scooters. Skateboards. Strange noises. The sound of balls from the basketball court. So many things we never give a second thought to when we’re out. But all things your pup might find challenging or exciting.

If you have a puppy go & hang out in interesting places. Let them watch (as long as they’re comfortable). Take great treats. Let them watch & eat. No pressure to interact. In fact encourage disinterest. You’ll never regret inoculating your dog to the world around them.

Photos from Ruths Pet Behaviour Services's post

Photos from Ruths Pet Behaviour Services's post

Photos from Ruths Pet Behaviour Services's post

Photos from Ruths Pet Behaviour Services's post

There is always a reason for behaviour changes and reluctance to go on walks is one of them. It's always worth getting a...

There is always a reason for behaviour changes and reluctance to go on walks is one of them. It's always worth getting a health check by your vet if you see your dog is slowing down. Even younger dogs can have pain related issues that stop them wanting to walk far.

🐕 🐾 🚶If you dog is slowing down on walks and finding it hard to keep up then it’s best to start taking them on shorter walks. Sadly they age like we do and may struggle to do the longer distances, as much as we might want to they may not.

Does anyone want to foster?...

Does anyone want to foster?...

We are in a very difficult situation with all the dogs we have at Holbrook and no room for any others that may desperately need help.
We have a myriad of lovely dogs needing their forever home and foster homes might help - can anybody help us out?

This is a great post and really worth reading if you have or are thinking of getting a dog from overseas.

This is a great post and really worth reading if you have or are thinking of getting a dog from overseas.

Domestic Social Dog vs Street/Stray Social Dogs

There is a difference...

Our home bred domesticated dogs have mostly gone through the benefits of human manipulation through handling, exposure, and social structure that helps them thrive in our mostly domesticated world. We all know the importance of early rearing and the steps to take to achieve this.

As a dog trainer I've found that recent years have seen a popular increase in foreign street/stray dogs. I used to work with one every so often, now it is on a weekly basis. Many of the cases highlight social issues with other dogs or people, powerful prey drive, and fear and extreme trepidation adapting and adjusting to a new environment.

I wouldn't even say it is a new these dogs have literally landed on a different planet. That can produce immense challenges for owners.

Some dogs make a great transition and there are success stories. But many of them go through difficult times...

Some of the problems with the dogs include:

Living in a house for the first time...

Being restrained on a lead, or any other piece of equipment for the first time...

Coming through the process of capture and transportation...

Lack of freedom they are formerly used to...

Many are independent thinkers and resolve or do things their own is difficult for them to rely on human guidance and direction...

That independence can influence just how receptive they may be to any training the human attempts to provide...

Living close to human habitat they will have mixed associations with humans who have both encouraged and discouraged them...

They have strong avoidance behaviours of flight response to any perceived threat or potential danger. If they cannot escape and are restrained by the human and equipment this can cause strong reactions...

Some have previously been in fights and will have strong associations in close proximity to other dogs...

Some will be very social and will show social frustration in not being able to interact with other dogs due to equipment and human restraint....(this can be common and also perceived as reactivity).

The task then is not re-socializing these dogs as they are already habituated to a world they've previously known, but in understanding them now that they have been removed from that former environment, appreciating what you may have to live with (not all behaviour can be trained away...) and how you are able to use any of your relationship building and training structure to help them adjust better.

Remember, many of them can be very strong independent thinkers and in dogs well beyond puppyhood that may well prove to be your biggest challenge.

The most important state of mind for any dog is...'Am I safe?' That feeling can override the need for food or water. Avoidance is a strong canine behaviour in any dog, but a prevalent one in street, stray, or feral canines.

Some behaviours you have to live with, others are a work in progress, others will need specific management depending on the environment. That is not to say that some of these behaviours cannot be changed or influenced, but to understand that you are experiencing the resistance of independent strong wiring that is specifically designed to keep a dog safe and make choices towards that end...

Convincing a dog to take your guidance and direction under stress when its instincts tell it otherwise and move it to a behaviour they choose instinctively by default is where most new owners can experience the struggle. It all depends on the individual dog.

There's a huge difference between the domestically social home grown dog and the street, stray social behaviour of dogs.

What are your experiences, what are or have been your challenges, and have you experienced big differences in owning both selectively bred domestic dogs and foreign street dogs?

This is definitely something to be aware of, especially if you have a noise phobic dog as there are likely to be firewor...

This is definitely something to be aware of, especially if you have a noise phobic dog as there are likely to be fireworks this Jubilee weekend...

Photos from The Speaking Dog with Jamie Shellington's post

Photos from The Speaking Dog with Jamie Shellington's post


Please be respectful to other dogs and owners 🐶

Paws in the Park is on at Ardingly Showground this weekend. Lots of stalls tp look round and goodies to buy, plus activi...
Paws in the Park Sussex Show

Paws in the Park is on at Ardingly Showground this weekend. Lots of stalls tp look round and goodies to buy, plus activities to have a go at with your dogs. I am competing in agility with Indy 😊

Need more barks in your inbox? Sign-up here: Paws in the Park Sussex Show 14-15 May 2022 South Of England Showground, Ardingly, West Sussex Spring is in the air, so it's time to get out and have fun with your dog! Come to Paws in the


The way a dog behaves in any situation makes perfect sense to him at the time. Behaviour is an animal’s biological response to the surrounding environment and situation and is driven by emotions. But in the human/dog relationship, it’s the human who decides whether a dog’s behavior is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and usually those judgments are supported by a cocktail of personal ideals and emotional responses to what is seen.

Does Your Dog Need a BFF?
Does Your Dog Need a BFF?

Does Your Dog Need a BFF?

As we walk along the wooded trail, Sage, a one-year-old male German Shepherd, uses a neck bite to push Sam, a four-month-old Labradoodle, to the ground. Sam jumps toward Sage, who once again flings the pup to the ground. Sam lies on his back wildly kicking his legs in the air while Sage bites down o...

Buzzword: Enrichment (What Does That Mean?)
Buzzword: Enrichment (What Does That Mean?)

Buzzword: Enrichment (What Does That Mean?)

Home >> Positively Contributors >> Buzzword: Enrichment (What Does That Mean?) Buzzword: Enrichment (What Does That Mean?) By: Debby McMullen Tweet Enrichment; we hear this word everywhere in the dog world these days. But what does it mean exactly? And do some enrichment activities create a differen...


Its ok to say NO.

If someone wants to pat your dog but you are unsure, be your dogs advocate and just say "No sorry".

Too many people think they have the right to pat every dog they see, especially little dogs. This can cause dog owners/parents to feel feel pressure to allow patting.
Your dog needs to trust that you will make good decisions with ALL interactions they have with others, and if there is a negative experience... it can affect your dog for a long time.

If your dog is just learning socialisation skills or is in training, its ok to say no to anyone wanting to pat your dog. In fact at any time, you can just say "No sorry" you don't have to explain further.

Dogs need repeated positive interactions to build up their confidence and learn how to interact appropriately and they mostly learn this from you. Control the interactions your dog has with others while its learning. Set your dog up for success by controlling situations it has with others initially.

This photo shows an extremely uncomfortable dog, and forcing dogs into uncomfortable situations while socialising can have the exact opposite effect to what you want to achieve.

This! ⬇️

This! ⬇️

Fixing Behaviour

Behaviour is driven by so many factors. Emotions, Genetics, Health, Environment, and Experiences to name but a few.

If a human had suffered a trauma or had serious anxieties would we expect a Councillor to fix them, even more, would you expect them to be cured in a hour?

When you contact a reputable Behaviourist its important to understand that just like you wouldn't expect to just fix a person, we don't have magic wands to fix dogs.

Instead, we gather information, we work with a host of professionals and we slowly start to unlock what your dogs needs and how we can offer that to your dog in a way that allows your dog to feel safe, protected, and respected.

Be prepared to be working with a professional longer than a month or two, Rome wasn't built in a day.

We don't say this to get more money out of people ( although granted the more unscrupulous might) we say this because our job is to be honest, set expectations, and most of all work to YOUR DOGS THRESHOLD.

I have a huge amount of people who have already spent money on professionals where quick fixes were promised and they rarely pay off, often have bigger consequences on the dogs behaviour and understandably, the feeling of being disheartened and reluctant from the human.

Sometimes behaviour isn't about fixing but about putting things into place to try and offer your dog the best life they can achieve

That may look different to the life you wanted for them but we have to accept that what we want isn't always the priority.

Puppy lifeskills courses in Broadbridge Heath.Start 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday 4th May 5 week coursesHeld outdoors.Contact...

Puppy lifeskills courses in Broadbridge Heath.
Start 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday 4th May
5 week courses
Held outdoors.
Contact: [email protected] to book

Some really good advice here 🥰

Some really good advice here 🥰

It's been a busy weekend topping up my knowledge on dog behaviour. These conferences are really useful for keeping up wi...

It's been a busy weekend topping up my knowledge on dog behaviour. These conferences are really useful for keeping up with the latest science and teaching methods, and for picking up new tips and tricks to incorporate into my clients' training plans 😊


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This is how much Rio enjoyed the last 6 weeks at puppy class. His confidence has grown so much, with the help of Cheryl and co, he is a much happier well behaved little burrito. Thank you so much for all your help xx
Hey Cheryl, thought I'd share a video of Pablo on an off lead chihuahua walk at Stanmer park.. am starting to have him off lead when safe and he seems to be enjoying it! 🐶
Update on Pablo:

This is what Pablo has been up to today.. up until Dora's operation, he has been reactive and yappy with other dogs, children and prams/wheels but went to a busy park today and coped brilliantly - interested and calm around other dogs and walked beautifully too with lots more eye contact! Even managed to have him off lead for a bit.. and was able to take him to the pub this evening where he met more dogs and people... long may this positive attitude continue xx
Hello, Rosy here from Frazzled Cat Productions,

If you could like and share this and sign the petition I would greatly appreciate it as I'm aiming to get enough signatures to get this debated in parliament.

I find too many dogs left in baking cars - a law change is the only chance of making people take notice.

Thank you


The petition is now live - please sign and share - if we can get 100,000 signatures it will be debated in Parliament.

Change the law - save a life!

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

Click this link to sign the petition:

My petition:

Change of law regarding leaving dogs in hot cars

Change UK laws regarding leaving dogs in hot cars Dogs can die within 20 minutes of being left in a car on a hot day. It should be an automatic criminal offence of animal cruelty for people who are caught doing this and bans from keeping dogs. Zero tolerance is the only way forward.

- Make it illegal and an offence to leave a dog in a hot car - Compulsory prosecution Under Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 when a dog is rescued from a hot car - Amend Section 5(2)(a) of the Criminal Damage Act 1971 so you will not be prosecuted for breaking a car window to rescue a dog from a hot car


Click this link to sign the petition:
We love our boy Bennie and decided to spend the extra money and get a VetDentalDeepCleaning for now on! In this clip you will see why..... In this video Annjeannette, a sweet loving, tender dog owner learned the hard way that toothbrushes and kisses DONT mix! OOOOPS😮

See: K9 Frolic Fest-
on YouTube
For more vids!
Please share for Spike xx
I hope this is okay to post.

Please sign & share our petition to stop pet shops selling puppies. Pet shop puppies generally come from puppy farms and are taken away from mum far too early - sometimes at just 5 weeks old. They are left for hours and hours with no human company and often end up with medical and behavioural issues.

Let's stop this legal cruelty. We need 10,000 signatures for a response from the government.

Hello! I was wondering if you could share this for any animals lovers who may want to help a local rescue centre!

I'm collecting donations to go towards maintenance at Holbrook Animal Rescue near Horsham (West Sussex, UK). I've volunteered there for a few months now, the work they do is amazing but they need donations and volunteers to carry out any maintenance work.
Currently they're looking to improve their perimeter fence as they are located near a busy road but there are always jobs that need to be done.

Our goal is to raise £600 but every little helps so please give it a a look and donate if you can!

Thank you! Xx
Please sign and share to get councils scanning all pets killed on the roads. Give pets dignity and their owners closure. Every signature counts x
Hi, do you have any evening courses starting soon for rescue dogs?
Possible sighting of Leia in the Horsham area.
Please keep a look out for her & share.
She is dearly missed by her family :( Thankyou.
Get Leia Home

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