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This be a cracker

This be a cracker

Dubbo - we are hosting a EID Livestock roadshow at our HQ
This monday the 22nd

Will be a great day - We will demo how fleece weighing works, side sampling , using EID with scanning (how to use your scanners data) If you put at tag in and measure we can show yiu whats next
Macdonald & Co Woolbrokers are shouting the coffee - so you know you'll get taken care of Young Farmer Business Program
Specialised Livestock Services EID Livestock Sheepmatters

Control the controllables.

Control the controllables.

This willBe worthwhile

This will
Be worthwhile

Need help ? Send us a DM and our vets can give you the low down

Need help ? Send us a DM and our vets can give you the low down

It’s that time of year we start thinking about pain relief options for marking.. Remember ..,
“One is better than none, but two is better than one”
Want to know more? Get in touch…

Will be a cracker !

Will be a cracker !

Looking to get upskilled by the professionals using the equipment in the field and want to learn how to use and profit from EID ? Well that's what this roadshow is all about
Details to come - send us a DM to register interest
For flocks sake - Sheep production services Specialised Livestock Services Sheepmatters


Want to up skill? Get onboard for the roadshow - run by people who use the toys and help clients play for the win details to come . Specialised Livestock Services For flocks sake - Sheep production services , Sheepmatters

Getting it done 4000Not out

Getting it done 4000
Not out

Rommel is always in beast mode

Rommel is always in beast mode


And we are off and rolling…… going to
Be a great day the discussion is awesome and we are still in the introduction!

The Marra - looking good!

The Marra - looking good!


Are you a commercial sheep producer wanting to know more about how to turn eID tags into an opportunity?

The sheep 101 information day is for you. This is a hands on demonstration day designed to help you start your eID journey on the right foot.

To register click on the link below:


Want to improve your sheep game in 2024?
Come and join our T-90 Joining ewe lamb group
Learning about joining ewe lambs is really about looking at your entire system- and asking your self the question - If i ran an high performing sheep flock what would need to be true ?
We kick off this Friday but will running zoom sessions as well so if you can't make a session you'll still be sharpening your knowledge and getting access to the tools
Enrol here


Joining ewe lambs? - what drives success and what are the tactics and tools to execute. We are kicking off a Joining ewe lambs T90 group 19th Jan
We with run a series of sessions from planning , executing and seeing the results and zooms if you can't make any of the sessions - our last group was a huge success because we hosted it with the kings of ex*****on .no and we are back again at Yeoval
Enrolment details below - or email [email protected]
Merino, Composite , Shedder or Xbred doesn't matter

Enrol here:

Towards 90


New years resolution to work with a business making a mark in Agriculture and working with lunatics?
At For Flocks Sake we are an innovative business and are dead set crazy about driving and developing sheep production systems for our clients, improving sheep health and improving the industry. Our clients are lunatics as well! passionately crazy about growing their best sheep, driving production and profitability.
We have a operations support manager role available in Dubbo* advertising shortly as we are serving sheep producers in 5 states and need help !
Interested in something new and exciting send us an email [email protected]
*Dubbo is Australia's regional Abu Dabi : if you can’t drive or fly there in a day or less it’s not worth going


Shedders aren’t crazy they just need some training …. Watch this space

Back in the promised land

Back in the promised land

Control the controllables

Control the controllables


Dubbo, NSW


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