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Doggie Biscotti Dog Treats
* Grain Free * All-Natural
* Nutritionist Formulated
* Hand Sculpted..and sooo FUN ! Grain-Free, All-Natural, mostly organic.

Each treat is sculpted by hand. Literally. :)

I'm a Nutritionist and dog lover, so I wanted to create healthful dog treats that have the least allergenic ingredients possible. I wanted them to be unique, bright, and ridiculously fun! And now I want to share them with you all. :)

Please help us find Diesel 😢

Please help us find Diesel 😢


Natives were aware of how important it was to prevent inbreeding to keep their dogs healthy. In order to prevent this, the tribes would introduce new blood from other tribe's dogs which accounted for the many types of dogs that were often portrayed in history books.
The northern tribes developed a dog with more of a wolf like appearance while in the western regions the smaller Plains dog was developed. These dogs were very intelligent and versatile as they were expected to fill many roles in the village. In some tribes, dogs pulled a travois carrying the nomadic family’s belongings as they followed their food supply. Dogs were used to hunt for food and as faithful and protective watch dogs over the village. They were even reliable as “babysitters” for the children and elderly when the women were gathering roots, berries and herbs. In certain tribes ,some of the dogs even played important roles in the tribes’ religious ceremonies.
Scientists say the "black wolves" are actually the earliest Native dogs. The black fur of some North American wolves is the result of long-ago dalliances with domestic dogs, probably the companions of the earliest Natives
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Proud to be Native American 🔥❤️
Visit the store to support Native American products 👇

Puppy time at Casper farmers market! 🥰😍💜💗

Puppy time at Casper farmers market! 🥰😍💜💗

Experimenting with a new - yet classic - dog bone shape 🦴

Experimenting with a new - yet classic - dog bone shape 🦴


In the summer of 1923, Frank and Elizabeth Fraser and their two-year-old dog set out from Oregon, Indiana, to visit family. When they stopped for gas at a service station in Indiana, the dog was attacked by other three dogs and fled. They searched everywhere for him, but in the end could not find him. They returned to Oregon heartbroken, believing they would never see their beloved dog again. After losing all hope, one day their daughter saw a skinny and exhausted dog on the street that looked like Bobby. After his joyful reaction, it turned out to be the missing dog Thanks to the people who sheltered him during the journey, they were able to reconstruct the complete route he crossed.

To see his family again, he crossed almost 2500 miles (4,000 kilometers) in six months. He hiked across the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter and ended up being nicknamed "Bobby the Wonder Dog." He was the inspiration for the movie "Lassie Returns".

Happy Puppy Day, everyone! 🐾💜

Happy Puppy Day, everyone! 🐾💜

❤️ Beet Treats.

❤️ Beet Treats.

Thank you, Casper, for supporting Doggie Buscotti today! 🙏💜

Thank you, Casper, for supporting Doggie Buscotti today! 🙏💜

Gearing up for farmers markets :)

Gearing up for farmers markets :)




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