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3 deep red males available. Contact Tabitha at 503-428-7954. These are our Duke’s pups!

3 deep red males available. Contact Tabitha at 503-428-7954. These are our Duke’s pups!


We do not have any puppies at this time.


Due to my health and not having the time I need to spend with Kali, I am going to have to put her up for sale. She is a beautiful black and rust female we were going to use for our breeding program.
She is AKC registered, and full of life. I had her shipped over from Florida. She is not cheap as she has full breeding rights. DM me for more info. SERIOUS inquiries ONLY.


Inde had a false positive pregnancy. She’s been cuddled up to her three squeaky balls for the past week. 😢
Hopefully she will feel better soon.


Be careful out there in this heat! Watch your dog closely and keep them cool. Save walks for really early in the morning or at night but check the ground temperature first because they can burn your dog’s foot pads. If it would be too hot to go barefoot then save the walk for another day. Keep water available, cool air flow and you can water your dog dog throughout the day. You can even keep a damp towel for your dog to lay on or use a cooling vest. Whatever you do, be safe and watch your dog closely for any signs of distress.

NO LONGER AVAILABLEOne of our puppies just became available. He is gorgeous and great with kids. Has had training and up...


One of our puppies just became available. He is gorgeous and great with kids. Has had training and up to date on shots and immunizations. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. located in WA state.

If you are looking for a great standard poodle....  These guys breed two of my female dobermans. Great breeders!!! And t...

If you are looking for a great standard poodle.... These guys breed two of my female dobermans. Great breeders!!! And these pups are adorable.


Inde had one pup yesterday. I left for a few seconds and came back to a puppy that passed away. We tried everything but there was no saving it.
Now she just wines and cuddles her baby (a yellow ball).
Sorry to everyone who would have liked a pup.
I will be getting her fixed late summer after one more breeding.


There a beautiful red dobie in here!!!

The first snowfalls across Canada signal the start of an age-old Canadian tradition: snowman-building. Today, those snowpeople are as diverse as the Canadian...



Pearl Harbor-December 7th, 1941. A date which will live in infamy. We shall never forget the men and women who perished that horrible day. In the words of Isoroku Yamamoto's who stated “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” He was spot on because America roared like a lion and showed the world who we are. On this day I’d like to share with you some rare photos of the WII movie that honors not only the Americans who served but the K9’s who walked beside them! So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, stop and give thanks to those who gave their all for the greatest country in the world. God bless our troops and God bless America! 👮🏻🐺🇺🇸.




We finally had a breeding. Now we are just waiting until day 35 to get a confirmation of pregnancy! Let’s all cross our fingers!!!

I’ll keep you posted!

The Dodo

The Dodo

Guy becomes dog walker for the sweetest reason — watch him name all 30 dogs in his pack 💞



Never trust the shell game..



Once in a while you get the opportunity to meet someone that leaves you in complete awe! Today was one of those days for Duke and I. This is Rosalie Simpson Alveraz who just turned 95 years young! We had the honor to sit and talk dogs for well over an hour today. We learned about all she has done for the Doberman world and Police K-9 units for over 50 years. She was sharp as a tac and the knowledge she laid down to me was priceless! Not to mention she’s quite the pistol, cracking jokes and flirting! She’s has many apprehension Dobermans in her life and I cracked up when she told me “My dogs were tough but I was tougher!” Rosalie also gave me a great photo of one of her prized Dobermans from the 70’s and her original leather patrol lead that’s older than I am! I was floored by this honor! Here is just a little Bio of what she has done. She started training Dobermans in 1957 and has had over 200 dogs in numerous high in trials. She has taken 10 of her Dobermans to Utility and Tracking Degrees. She also had the 1st UDT Sch III Doberman in the US. She has been a dog trainer since 1959 and has trained dogs for Lockheed Co, Deep Peninusula DTC, Santa Clara DTC, Town & Country DTC along with private training. She was the founder of the Doberman Drill Team that toured the USA and Canada for 23 years! She started and trained the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Department K-9 unit, Milpitas Police K-9 unit, and the Gilroy Police K-9 unit. She is a licensed AKC judge of all obedience classes and a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, The Doberman Pinscher Club of Northern California, Santa Clara Valley KC, Deep Peninsula DTC and the Town & Country DTC. She is a legend in every sense of the word in the Doberman world.


I love it when Dobermans are gracing the cover of magazines. Dont care for the celebs but that dog 😍!


Next litter will be this winter then the girls will take a year off.


Video 2


Happy sabbath!!! Puppies are all SOLD! Next litter will be in about 2.5 weeks.

AKC Canine Health Foundation

With temps rising please care for your animals!

Learn more about hyperthermia and heat stoke in dogs and how to keep your four-legged friends safe.


Please read previous posts first. ALL PUPS ARE SOLD!!!
Pups are getting big.


EDIT: ALL pups are now sold.
We are expecting a new litter end of July.

Pups at 5 days old!!! Red female is pending, both males have been sold.
Hoping for another litter end of July!!!


ALL pups are sold. .


Looks like Inde and Duke will only have 3 pups in this upcoming June litter. BUT DON’T WORRY, Gabby and Duke are expecting a litter end of July.


Doberman Pinscher Club of America

Dobermans constantly ask the following three questions: (1) where are you going? (2) are you okay in there? (3) are you going to finish that?

Photo credit: Melinda Shores Moyer


Doberman Pinscher Club of America

Warlock Dobermans: "This is a Myth. There are NO Dobermans or any other breed that are Warlock type or size. Ch. Borong the Warlock was a top show dog in the 60’s. He was 28 square and never produced any huge offspring. The way this myth came about was a lady in Houston, Texas had a Warlock son. She sold a dog to someone who in turn bred this dog to a bunch of pet quality bi***es and kept those that were the biggest and advertised them as Warlock Dobermans. This soon spread around that these tall dogs were Warlock breeding and thus the myth of any large Doberman was a Warlock Doberman came about. It was a name made up to sell his less than quality dogs to unsuspecting people who heard the name Warlock and associated it with the great Borong the Warlock to justify their existence. Don’t be taken in. It’s just a myth." - Judy Doniere, AKC Judge, DPCA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

Photo: Ch. Borong the Warlock CD (1-5-1955 - 8-2-1966)


Second puppy 🐶 made it to its forever home today!!!


Our first pup made it to its new forever home. 😢 but 😊 🥰


We have one sweet male pup available to a forever home. Please PM me for more info. Serious inquires only.


Yakima, WA

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