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This is one of the biggest conservation success stories ever...The Spix macaw has been extinct from the wild for the las...
Two decades after it vanished, the stunning Spix’s macaw returns to its forest home

This is one of the biggest conservation success stories ever...The Spix macaw has been extinct from the wild for the last 17 years, until today! Eight Spix macaws have been released into their natural habitat, seeking to rebuild their population once more.
#spixmacaw #conservation #SpixsAreCommingHome

Despite scientific obstacles and years of infighting, a reintroduction project is finally poised to release captive-bred birds back to the wild



The flock really enjoyed having our Avian Adventure programs! They loved to watch the children learn about their habitat, conservation, behavior, and especially when the kids make them edible flower bouquets 💐 We are hoping for the day where it will be safe to run our programs again. Meanwhile, make sure to follow us on social media or visit the #SantaBarbaraBirdSanctuary

Happy #WorldParrotDay!The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary, home to 50 parrots of 26 species and subspecies, celebrates all ...

Happy #WorldParrotDay!

The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary, home to 50 parrots of 26 species and subspecies, celebrates all parrots, our resident flock, and the World Parrot Trust for establishing this special day of recognition. Preservation and conservation are so vital for parrots in the wild. Organizations dedicated to these environmental concerns care for existing habitats, restore damaged ones, and spread awareness of what can happen to parrots through habitat loss, climate change, and the illegal pet trade.

Our mission deals with captive pet parrots whose owners can no longer care for the exotics brought into their homes. Parrots relinquished to us receive quality food and care for life, including behavior and social rehabilitation as well as physical and medical treatment. We too spread awareness of the plight of parrots and also teach what responsible ownership should consist of.

Over Memorial Day weekend at the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival at the Old Mission Santa Barbara a talented artist put Scarlet in the spotlight. This beautiful work of art was created over a three day period.

To help us make a difference to our flock, please visit to learn more about our deserving parrots, sponsor your favorites, and join our efforts as a volunteer. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 805-969-1944 and visit

Happy Memorial Day!🇺🇸

Happy Memorial Day!🇺🇸


Found Lovebird in Carpinteria!
Please contact Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (805) 969-1944


The staff at Conejo Valley Veterinary Center had a blast partying with the parrots on the patio! The flockers would love to liven up your next gathering, via Zoom or on-site! Send an email to [email protected] to book your Behind-the-Scenes and learn more. Don't forget to bring your earplugs! 🎉🎊 #parrotparty
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Sunday Spotlight- Gordo

For our Sunday Spotlight we chose Gordo! We truly could not function without him. He not only cares for the birds but has built special relationships with each one. If you are at the sanctuary you will even hear the birds call him out by name! We cannot thank Gordo enough for all his hard work.

Jamie McLeod has been a force to be reckoned with all of her life: unstoppable because she has goals to achieve, stubbor...

Jamie McLeod has been a force to be reckoned with all of her life: unstoppable because she has goals to achieve, stubborn so that no one dares say no to her, and spirited in her unwavering enthusiasm to support our flock. Yet even someone as superhuman as Jamie must take time off to refresh. That time is now. She’s protected our flock through fire, flood, mudslide, pandemic, followed by a rough spine surgery. She needs a break. For someone who puts her own needs last, she must reverse her normal course of action. She’s dubbed it “Jamie’s Joyride,” which we are all curious to see how it will go! But, in simpler terms, she's taking an indefinite leave of absence, fully encouraged and endorsed by the Sanctuary's Board of Directors.
Along with our staff and our volunteers, we are completely prepared to carry on the daily care of our parrots, continue to reach out to our communities, meet the challenges of fundraising, and make Jamie proud of the good work we have promised her we will accomplish.
As Jamie is relying on us, we're relying on you. We always say we're able to help our flock as much as we do because of the help we get from our friends and supporters. So please stay in touch, come for a visit, volunteer your special skills, donate goods and funds, sponsor a parrot, and make the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary your favorite nonprofit.

Our parrots are on top of the world! 🌎They like to treat every day as Earth day💚 So join the race to make the world a be...

Our parrots are on top of the world! 🌎
They like to treat every day as Earth day💚 So join the race to make the world a better place!
#earthdayeveryday #savetheplanet #happyearthday


Benny and Jamie spilling the tea! Benny always has #thursdaythoughts

Thanks to the Montecito Journal for printing this article about one of the Sanctuary's smallest and best loved cockatoos...

Thanks to the Montecito Journal for printing this article about one of the Sanctuary's smallest and best loved cockatoos. "Meet Darby!"

Throw-away pet parrots cherished at SBBS
by Leslie Crane Rugg

Impulse. Illogic. Emotionalism. These human qualities are the ones not to rely on when considering an exotic animal as a pet. Exotics may be beautiful, talented, and rare, but they are also living creatures – not commodities or toys. Too often they are kept captive at the whimsy and even cruelty of their owners, looking for something to satisfy their own egos.

Take, for example, this little naked chick named Darby. She's actually a Goffins, the smallest of the cockatoo species. Now in the care of the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary, adorable Darby should have been cherished for the sweet funny bird she could be. Yet for the first ten years of her life, she was subjected to inhuman treatment, owned by two people who must have once been abused to heap such horrendous cruelty on a tiny winged creature. What kind of person willfully feeds a bird junk food humans shouldn't eat and pours beer, wine, and liquor in a water bowl? Truthfully it's a wonder that Darby survived; she was never in her right mind and a stressed-out habitual feather-picker.

What saved her was being passed to a couple with more sense and sensitivity. They fed her properly and gave her positive attention. She responded by growing full plumage, singing, bouncing, and displaying cockatoo happiness for 14 years. Then the couple divorced. Darby went to live with someone else who lacked bird care skills. Darby became angry, resorted to feather-picking, and often bit the new owner. This arrangement ended when the divorced wife, missing Darby, came to visit her after a few years.

Seeing the bird so miserable prompted the woman to bring Darby to the Sanctuary where she has remained ever since, winning everyone's hearts. Some of her feathers have grown back, but Darby's beauty shines from her cheerful spirit. Nothing is sweeter than seeing her reach out a claw to hold onto a child's finger. She still has a mind of her own and makes her preferences known. After what she's been through, she's entitled to express herself. Displaying her crown-like crest and showing her wings, bedraggled as they may always be, endears her to all visitors who learn her history.

The emotional cost to a bird like Darby is heavy. The Sanctuary's cost to provide true quality of life is measured in dollars and cents. The price per bird per year – including on-site care and food, grooming, and caging/aviary needs – averages $5000. Veterinary visits and emergencies add another cost factor. With 50 parrots populating the Sanctuary, the annual base need is $250,000, not including overhead costs. Since the Sanctuary exists through grants and donations, fundraising is a monumental concern. Regardless, the Sanctuary's mission prioritize each bird. African grey or Amazon, caique or conure, cockatoo or macaw, each is special with its own story, history, personality, talents, quirks, and needs.
To support Darby and all her Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary feathered friends, come to 2430 Lillie Avenue in Summerland, call for a tour (805-969-1944), email [email protected] or click the link below to donate!

Link to the story in the comments. We are on page 26

Photo credit 📸- Howard Morris

Happy Easter from our peeps to yours!! The Sanctuary is open today, come on in and visit with your favorite feathered fr...

Happy Easter from our peeps to yours!! The Sanctuary is open today, come on in and visit with your favorite feathered friends!


It’s #teachingtuesday! Check out Rivers skill as he learns how to groom beaks. This is a big deal, as we all know Jamie doesn’t let anyone else use the dremel!
#parrot #beak #learning

The news we woke up to this morning is beyond horrific. Lori Rutledge, owner of The Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary of Sno...

The news we woke up to this morning is beyond horrific. Lori Rutledge, owner of The Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary of Snohomish County in Washington, and said to have had cancer, was found dead along with all but one of the 400 or so mostly cockatoos that resided there. All are dead from the cold and/or starvation. Our hearts are broken for the sweet lost souls of the Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary. For all those who tried to intervene and were turned away, we acknowledge your efforts. For everyone else, learning of this tragic story, please do your part to help advocate for captive parrots. Those of us who are nonprofits with a Board of Directors, a staff, and volunteers are here and always ready to help as a resource and a haven.


Definitely time to celebrate! We passed our annual fire department inspection with flying colors! The Flockers showed their thanks with some parrot time with our local firefighters. Thanks, Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District , for making sure the Sanctuary is safe.


What do @nbcsnl , #christopherwalken , #willferrell , and our parrots have in common? They all want MORE COWBELL!!
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I love parrots and cardinals , so am most interested in those types of post but interested in all postedsts of all birds.
A while ago I received a request for a list of bird rescues people could follow and support. I loved the idea and wanted to use the opportunity to highlight the important work these people and organisations are doing, and celebrate every bird they have helped and everything else they have accomplished up to now. Covid has been a particularly difficult time for a lot of rescues, with many more animals being dumped and surrendered. The physical, emotional and financial output by every individual in rescue is incredible and a huge inspiration to me. This is only a small number of the rescues out there, and ones I've been in contact with. If you know of others needing more support please add them in the comments. Here are just some of them... Brainy Birds - Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation Parrot rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary, South Africa Nirvana Birds Parrot sanctuary, non-profit organisation Little Rescue Rescue and sanctuary, Perth Australia Eternal Flights Parrot Rescue + Rehab Eternal flights parrot rescue and rehab Cheeky Beaks Parrot Rescue Non-profit organisation, parrot rescue, education and rehoming network, South Africa Lotie's place - Vegan microsanctuary animal rescue, California USA G’Day Birdie Sanctuary Non-profit organisation, Melbourne Australia Parrot Rescue Lebanon Helping unwanted, mistreated and disabled parrots and injured wild birds Parrot Rescue Centre Caring for pet parrots in Australia Ginger's Parrot Rescue Non-profit organisation, Arizona USA Katie's Birds Special needs rescue and rehab sanctuary, Perth Australia Canatella Flock - Rescuer of special needs birds, educator and trainer, PEAC San Diego - Parrot Education and Adoption Center, California USA The Oasis Sanctuary Registered charity, life-care facility for captive parrots, Arizona USA Foster Parrots Ltd. and The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary Registered NFP, providing place, peace and protection for captive parrots, Rhode Island USA Bird Aid Gull rescue centre and sanctuary, providing work experience for learning disabled adults Cockatiel.too - Bird rescue, Australia Kiwi's New Life Bird Rescue Non-profit rescue for abandoned, abused, neglected and lost birds, Vic. Australia Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary Non-profit organisation, rescue and rehabilitation of displaced companion parrots, USA Unique Beaks Sanctuary Caring for unwanted and special needs parrots and ducks, Vic. Australia Ronie's for the Love of Birds Exotic bird rescue, Utah USA AviRescue Victoria Non-profit bird rescue organisation ****This will likely be a series of posts supporting as many rescues as possible.
Check out this article that connects climate change with parrot beaks in Australia!
Our friends at Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary have all sorts of celebrities visiting them at their gorgeous facility! Including Iggy Pop #parrotsofinstagram #santabarbarabirdsanctuary #parrot #parrotsanctuary
Jamie, Nancy, the 18 year old umbrella cockatoo, has a hernia. I will need to bring her to the mainland for surgery, but I need to find a reliable surgeon. Who is the avian surgeon you trust most? Is there one? Urgent!! Thank you so much.
Hello! Yesterday afternoon, a pair of birds flew into a nearby tree. They looked like a pair of grey parrots. We tried to get video or get closer, but they flew off. Do you know of any wild parrots or parrot-like birds possibly migrating through? Or perhaps they were pets who escaped? Hoping you can shed some light on this incredible sighting yesterday! I'm midtown, westside, Victoria and Bath.
Please help us find our missing cockatiel Appa. He flew out the back door around 9am this morning. We live on the Eastside of Santa Barbara. He is very friendly and may come if called by name. Please call or text if you think to may have seen him. Thanks, Chelsea 805-403-6207
Hi all, I’m reaching out in hopes that you can help us find our missing cockatiel. His name is Appa. He is yellow with grey spots and red cheeks. He flew out the back door around 9am this morning 10/21/2020. We are on the Eastside of Santa Barbara. Please call or text if you think you may have seen him. 805-403-6207. Thanks, Chelsea
Hey feathered friends... I had to share this article with you 😁
Does anyone know how to catch a Lovebird? Or has anyone lost one? There is one in my palm tree at Carrillo and Olive. It likes to go in my fountain and eat the bird food I put out, but the other birds don't like him and chase him. He has been in this area for a few days.
Hello, fellow Bird Lords and Ladies! Just curious: Does anyone else ever feel frustrated when they create great big, interesting, outdoor cage spaces for their large birds... ...who then only ever spend time in one favorite corner? Jeremy-the-Bird is in his usual, topmost corner of the cage, napping or preening, and he will spend most of the day there unless he gets hungry or thirsty. He can see us from outside, and I trust that just being out there, with the breeze and the occasional visits from local birds is more interesting to him than his inside cage. Still, I feel bummed out that he has a large space and almost never explores it. I do change things out regularly, but often it takes him months (or YEARS) to decide to check out and play with a "new" toy, perch or object. No other health or behavioral problems - he's a happy bird - but it makes my human brain hurt a little 🤣