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Learn how to maintain your dogs coat and health, between grooms. Getting more styles and cuts you so desire. Lowering the cost of grooming.

No More Tangles 2hrs ($65)
Bathing Beauties 2 hrs ($60)
Happy Feet 1hr ($50)
Stable on the Table 1 hr 4 weeks ($200)
Private Lessons ($40 Hr)2hrs

Sara Scott (Namaste K9s)
Experienced Groomer
Instructor, Behavior Consultant

Jessica Terranova Finch (Pawsitive Pet Grooming)
Experienced Groomer (10 yrs)
Positive Reinforcement Specialist
Integrated Dog Behavio

Rehabilitation / Special Needs / Senior Specialist
Member : PPG, ABMA, ISCC

Avoid de-matting charges (save$)
Avoid shave downs (get the style you want)
Shorter time at the groomer
Keep your dog looking great between grooms
Less painful for your pet
Prevent tangles from becoming matts
Making sensible choices for your pet
Learn to use the right tools for the job
Try product before you buy
Learn about keeping your dogs healthy
Bond with your dog
Small Classes (Personal attention) 4-5 people maximum

Dirty Johnson’s Dog Wash
2823 South 2300 East
SLC, UT 84109

I has a student in my DIY-grooming class forBathing beauties class, ask me why shouldn't we use our own shampoos and soa...
Maintaining Your Dog's Skin pH | petMD

I has a student in my DIY-grooming class for
Bathing beauties class, ask me why shouldn't we use our own shampoos and soaps on our dogs. This is great info on why we don't / shouldn't. This is from 2009 and suggests pet owners look for shampoos with tea tree oil. Which is still a great oil but Because the industry does not have regulation most shampoos especially those available at consumer grade do not have complete ingredient lists available. Also there is no regulation as to the quantity of tea tree oil, or other essential oils, used in shampoos for pets. I think it is still better that pet owners buy their shampoo from knowledgeable groomers or veterinarians. There is still so much to learn.

The dog needs a bath, it's after 6 p.m. on a weekday, and you don't have any dog shampoo on hand. Let's concede that shampoo made for people will clean your dog, but the question is, is it good for your dog? This may seem like a quibbling question, but it can actually have far-reaching consequences.


Omgosh ! everyone I am so happy and proud to announce that DIY-Grooming's Bathing Beauties class have been excepted to the U of U continuing education classes. Life long learning. Classes are starting in September. Keep posted on all our new updates and fun new product coming in. We are so excited. You can Follow us all at
@ Pawsitive Pet Groomer
@ Dirty Johnson Dirty Johnson's Dog Wash, Grooming, and Pet Sitting
@ DIY-Grooming
We are also now on Instagram.

I found this to be helpful on learning and understanding more about wart .
The Secret to a Wart-Free Dog

I found this to be helpful on learning and understanding more about wart .

Papillomas or warts are benign groups of abnormal cells caused by the papillomas viruses, which produce skin and mouth lesions in dogs.


Don't forget to check your emails. If you haven't gotten an email, ask us to send you one. Space is limited and booking fast.


DIY-Grooming is happy to announce our new classes and workshops that are beginning on April 9th.

Check these out and register early! Classes are very small in order for us to provide individual instruction and they fill up very quickly. We look forward to seeing familiar faces (and mugs) as well as new!

First up?

**No More Tangles**
2hr workshop offered 1x/mo. ($65)

Bring your dog and receive 2 hours of personal instruction on how to professionally and thoroughly detangle, demat, and de-shed your dog. Bring your own tools and we will show you how to use them effectively; also try our tools to see if there is one the might be an even better fit. Each student has their own work station and instruction will be tailored to your dog's specific breed (or mixed breed).

This is a great, invaluable, highly-requested, hands-on workshop that will teach you how to keep your dog looking great between groomings, save money by avoiding dematting charges when going to a groomer, will help to get your dog through the grooming process more quickly (no time for the groomer spent on detangling), will ensure that you can have the styles you would like (avoid the dreaded "shavedown" because "we couldn't save the coat this time"). Finally, really learn to take advantage of the dog wash by knowing what exactly to do to keep your dog's coat looking beautiful!

This class is great for a reasonably behaved dog that has no major behavioral issues that would make it difficult to practice the techniques being taught. If your dog struggles with being handled, check out and consider starting with our "Stable on the Table" behavior class first.

Class taught by:
Jessica TerraNova Finch, an experienced professional groomer and behavior consultant.

To reserve your spot.
email or call: [email protected]

Check out our other classes--stay tuned for more posts with more information.
* Bathing Beauties
* Happy Feet
* Stable on the Table


I'm pleased to also announce that In April, Sara Scott and Jessica TerraNova Finch have been working closely together with Positive Reinforcement behavior, and is now starting to offer the following classes:

* Happy Feet (all about toenails--she'll take the fear out of learning to keep your dog's nails done--and she's more skilled at this than I for sure!)

* No More Tangles! Keep your dog matt, tangle, and knot free. It's the class every groomer wishes existed so that they never ever again have to say, "I'm sorry, we had to shave it." Plus, your dog just looks great all the time. Tips, tricks, and you get to try our best tools so that you never waste another buck again on junk. Invaluable.

* Bathing Beauties. Hey, we work at a dog wash and believe it or not, there are ways to bathe a dog and then there are the Pro ways to bathe a dog! Seriously-groomers are picky, picky, picky when it comes to bathing. We want the dogs to be perfect and there are little details that make all the difference.

Sara Scott will be teaching Her signature class "Stable on the Table." It's all about getting the behavior that sets your dog up for good things when they must visit a vet or a groomer. We want them to be able to cope, cooperate, and generally become "The Teacher's Pet" for their safety and well being wherever they go.

The methods used are positive reinforcement to include teaching voluntary behaviors and coping strategies, These videos below give you a preview of how we troubleshoot behaviors for individual dogs.

Will be posting sign-up information soon. or you can email me at [email protected]
Thanks for watching


Looking to decrease your grooming cost?
Looking to learn how to maintain your dog's coat and more?
Wondering why your dog ends up being shaved down when you really, really wanted it longer?

Try one of our new classes beginning in April!

Take our "No More Tangles" hands-on workshop and learn how to maintain your dog's coat so that it looks great between grooming appts. and to get the style you want!

[email protected]

Classes held at:
Dirty Johnson's Dog Wash.
2823 South 2300 East
Salt lake city, Utah

Call or email Jessica TerraNova Finch for more information


Salt Lake City, UT


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