Dark Horse Farm

Dark Horse Farm Horse boarding, training and sales stable in Prior Lake, MN. Dark Horse Farm is a full service Dressage and Eventing Training/Boarding Facility located just outside of downtown Prior Lake, MN.

We are proud to have two wonderful trainers working out of our barn - Jaime Wickander (Dressage) and Jenny Warner (Dressage and Eventing)! Large sand outdoor arena with jumps as well as 65 X 125 heated indoor arena with Nike Lightfoot and sand mixed footing. Fully heated stall barn with 39 stalls, indoor wash bay, farrier/vet bay, bathroom, 3 tackrooms and boarder lounge. We do not have pasture boarding.

**Currently Full for Winter 2017!**

Operating as usual


There is still more than one profile claiming to have various horses for sale and giving our address and demanding a deposit before u come see the horse. This is a huge SCAM! Currently we have no horses for sale and you will NEVER be required to put a deposit down before coming out when we do! Please don’t be fooled!

This woman is selling a pony and demanding a deposit before you come see the pony and saying it lives at our address. No...

This woman is selling a pony and demanding a deposit before you come see the pony and saying it lives at our address. No such pony lives here we have one ottb for sale and that’s it. It’s a scam and needs to be reported.

Happy Birthday to all our beloved TBs today! We’ve got a lot more than this in the barn these days but these are my pers...

Happy Birthday to all our beloved TBs today! We’ve got a lot more than this in the barn these days but these are my personals 💕
Bear- 10
Eddie- 19
Noni- 21
Belle- 8
Meadow- 3
Jenna- 12

Happy Holidays from Dark Horse Farm!

Happy Holidays from Dark Horse Farm!

Sunrise over the TB boys this morning

Sunrise over the TB boys this morning

Dark Horse Farm currently has few RARE stall openings. Stall board includes large matted stalls that are thoroughly clea...

Dark Horse Farm currently has few RARE stall openings. Stall board includes large matted stalls that are thoroughly cleaned daily, grain and hay 2x a day, and daily hand turn out with private and semi-private options in dry or grass paddock or pasture. The barn is well maintained and clean, heated and connected to the 75x130 heated indoor arena. The barn also has an indoor farrier stall, hot water wash rack, heated/dehumidified tack rooms and a comfortable heated lounge with viewing into the indoor arena. The large outdoor arena was recently refooted and trailer parking is available for an additional fee.

Dark Horse Farm is proud to have two accomplished trainers on site for all levels of riders – beginners to upper levels. Grand Prix dressage trainer Jaime Wickander ( and Silver medal dressage and eventing trainer Jenny Warner ( We also host various clinics with outside clinicians throughout the year.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff provide excellent care to horses of all ages and can assist with medical issues and treatments. Our boarders are fun and a good mix of competitive and non-competitive riders resulting in a relaxed and supportive environment. Dark Horse Farm is conveniently located in Prior Lake, on a gravel road and a short drive to both Murphy-Hanrehan and Ritter Parks for trail riding, and 15 minutes from both Highways 169 and 35. We have current Covid Protocols in place for everyone's safety.

Dark Horse Farm has sold a few horses and has a couple of rare stall openings at the moment. Our stall board includes gr...

Dark Horse Farm has sold a few horses and has a couple of rare stall openings at the moment. Our stall board includes grain and hay twice a day, dry and grass paddock/ pasture turnout with private and semi private options available. Large newly footed outdoor arena, and 75x 130 heated indoor arena. Barn is also heated and connected to the arena. We are located on dirt roads and only 10 min drive from Murphy Park and Ritter Farm Park for trails. We are a fun group of dressage and event riders with a few other disciplines added in on occasion. We also have wash stall w hot water, heated lounge, and heated or dehumidified tack rooms. We have two trainers on site GP dressage rider Jaime Wickander and Dressage and Event trainer Jenny Warner. Located in Prior Lake, MN


We're always committed to serving the equestrian industry, so for those of you cooped up at home... this one is for you 😍

Introducing the BETTA Life Work From Home Dressage Competition, designed for two legged competitors indoors... enter now for your chance to 🌟 WIN 🌟 we have prizes for the winner and placings!

To enter, please send your video of the test below to the BETTA Life page or [email protected] - our panel of expert dressage judges are eagerly awaiting your entries!

All movements will be marked out of 10 plus collective marks are also available and include;
💙Paces - freedom and regularity (10 marks)
💙Impulsion - willingness to go forward, elasticity and suppleness (10 marks)
💙Submission - confidence, lightness and ease of movements (10 marks)

Callers are allowed, who's giving this a try? 🤣

#TeamBETTALife 🇬🇧 #NotAnAprilFools #WeAreSerious


Dark Horse Farm will be closed to anyone other than staff starting March 28th.


As of March 19th Dark Horse Farm is closed to all outside visitors. There will be no tours or non-boarder lessons at this time. Please respect our staff and boarders’ safety 💕



Ok Horse Friends - I've got a 15.2-3h coming 11yr old German Registered Zweibrucker warmblood mare (Nika) in the barn wh...
Caitlin jump 4

Ok Horse Friends - I've got a 15.2-3h coming 11yr old German Registered Zweibrucker warmblood mare (Nika) in the barn who needs a lifestyle change and a strong rider (she will take you for a test drive). She is by High Regard (OLD) out of Lagaz (OLD) I have a photo of her German papers if interested in seeing her whole pedigree. She has a lovely jump, is sick of dressage (though has shown extensively through 2nd level). And I think she'd really appreciate a life where she can live out 24/7 on a low carb diet and go in a hunter frame. Great for a brave rider on a budget looking for a warmblood hunter or maybe a lower level event prospect. She is super honest to the jumps, just green still, but game. I would have killed for this mare as a 20 something! Have more photos and videos available please PM me if you are interested or have any clients that might be interested. Located in Prior Lake, MN Mid Four

Pearl Jam (USEF Pearl Hailo)11yr old 16h Anglo Trakehner MareIf you’re looking for your next competitive Dressage horse ...

Pearl Jam (USEF Pearl Hailo)
11yr old 16h Anglo Trakehner Mare
If you’re looking for your next competitive Dressage horse that has the talent to go up the levels and yet still enjoys a bareback hack down the trails this girl is for you! Pearl is a sensitive ride who only takes the thought to do the perfect half pass. She got me my bronze medal a few years ago and is starting on half steps and pirouettes at the moment. She had some time off due to me off eventing and her getting a deep cut to leg (have all documentation on it) so she didn’t end up showing the last two years but has been in full time training w professionals for the last 6 months and is ready for her new person. Only for sale due to my want to event and her preference to stay a dressage horse. She will jump but needs a confident rider. I’ve taken her on some hunt paces this year which she truly enjoys but she really shines in the dressage arena. She would do best with an amateur in a good program or with a young pro looking to continue up the levels, she LOVES to work. Pearl rides in a snaffle or a double bridle. I competed her in a snaffle as I was pretty inexperienced with the double but she has been schooled w both by her trainers. Have multiple videos available. Lower Mid 5 figures. PM for more info


DHF does not currently have any openings for lessons/training or boarding. We do have 9 horses currently on a wait list.


Hi Canter Friends!! Want a super easy way to support us AND get some Christmas reading material?

For the past several months, six authors whose books are part of a box set of romantic suspense stories titled “A Season of Suspense: A Chandler County Christmas,” have partnered with Canter Minnesota in hopes of supporting the work we do. Half of the proceeds from the pre-sale & sale of this set are coming to our organization. All of the books in the set are set in Kentucky, in a fictional county steeped in horses and the thoroughbred racing world. The authors wanted to help support an organization that was involved with horses and/or making racing better, safer, and more enjoyable for people and animals. Canter felt like a perfect fit.

The books in this set are all rated PG or PG-13; some have an inspirational theme; all have suspense or mystery elements to the stories. They’re appropriate for anyone to read. And all the authors are award-winning and best-selling writers.

Consider ordering “A Season of Suspense: A Chandler County Christmas” for just $0.99! It’s a super easy way to donate to Canter Minnesota as well as support authors and the arts. Click the link to find out more information and choose the format of book you prefer!


A word about cold horses on this snowy morning. We saw multiple horses last week where owners were concerned about illness because they were shivering. None needed medication, but there were some common threads, as they were all cold enough to warrant blanketing. 🧥

1) 💈Poor haircoat. Is your horse dressed for winter with a dense, fluffy hair coat? Or are they still dressed for summer with a flat hair coat?
2) 🍪Low body condition score. Ribs should be felt but not seen, particularly with a winter hair coat. If your horse does not have enough fat and muscle, they will be more susceptible to cold. If you are concerned about your horse's weight, please consult your veterinarian.
3) 💊Other health/medical conditions. Is your horse older and/or a hard keeper? Blanketing reduces the number of calories spent trying to stay warm. If you are struggling to get weight on your horse, consider adding a blanket.

This is only a short list of guidelines, as there are other factors such as work level, quality of shelter, etc. In short, a shivering horse is a cold horse, whether or not they have a fever. Bring them in, warm them up, and consider whether they need a blanket either short- or long-term this winter.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Yep thanks God #horsememes

Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

Ahh the truth

Ahh the truth

But we love them!

Join our group for awesome deals > The Cinchy Cowgirl VIP Group

A must read for those who haul horses

A must read for those who haul horses

We see a lot of information on trailer loading but judging by how the parents were pulling in to the parking lot for a 4H clinic I was teaching, I got to wondering if there shouldn’t be a discussion on how to haul? The dust was flying, trailers were rattling and you could hear horses scrambling as they pulled up. Clearly, this called for drastic measures!

Despite reading and being told, there’s nothing like “learning to do by doing” – and pulling a trailer is no exception.

Before getting underway, I suggested they all tie their horses someplace safe before climbing in my trailer for a free ride. The arena was on a quiet country road and the locale made it possible for us to have a short, albeit illegal, journey. I asked the parents to stand in the slant haul without hanging on, just bracing themselves to take whatever came their way. Easy, right?

When we pulled back into the yard, they were horrified! First, the trailer, while a good make and recent model, was dusty on the gravel when the windows were open; it was also surprisingly noisy. They could hardly talk amongst each other, let alone think. When I accelerated, they were thrown backwards. Braking had them hitting the front dividers. Then, I purposefully braked while negotiating a curve. Chaos – and all the while, I’d not exceeded 50 kilometres (or 30 miles) per hour!

Back at the arena, I had the parents climb into one of their own stock trailers. This was worse, because it was windy, rattly and a bit rank, as it hadn’t been cleaned out in eons. The fumes of the built up manure gave them watery eyes. In the roomy stock trailer, whenever they lost their balance, they staggered in a pile on top of themselves. Clearly, there was more to this hauling than they’d bargained on.

We agreed the miracle is that so many horses load willingly when their owners have so little regard for what hauling entails.

So, where to begin? First, make sure the tail isn’t wagging the dog. Being able to accelerate with a full load doesn’t mean that your truck will be able to stop! Reckoning the weight of the trailer must also include the maximum number of horses, along with all that you’ve got in your tack room.

Do you know where to put your horses for the safest hauling? When asked, few drivers seem aware that the load goes at the front of the trailer, not balanced over the axles or behind them. By putting the weight on the towing vehicle, it greatly reduces a trailer's tendency to fish-tail, even in high winds. The lighter horses will be loaded after the heavier ones to stabilize the load.

With so many highways allowing speeds in excess of 110 kilometres (about 70 miles) per hour, you'll need to keep a lot of room in front to stay out of trouble. Are your mirrors adequate to see around your vehicle with a minimum of blind spots? Do you even know where your blind spots are? Have you adjusted your trailer brakes to help stop your load?

Do you perform a visual inspection of running lights, brake lights, turning signals and emergency flashers before you hit the highway? Have you made sure your trailer is towing level from front to back? When was your trailer last booked in for maintenance of the wiring, floorboards, tire wear and bearings?

Do you clean out your trailer after every single haul?

Now, practice pulling the unit with a handful of change thrown on the truck dash. You should be able to accelerate, turn and slow down to a stop without the coins sliding around. Deceleration is made smoother with the truck engine helping to brake the load, either with the transmission set to tow/haul, or by manually shifting (yes, even an automatic) down to reduce the forward momentum. This takes practice and knowing your vehicle.

Slow down before and not during turns; wait until your trailer has made the turn before smoothly speeding up. If your horses are scrambling, if you feel them moving around back there, you’re being too abrupt. Letting the greater pressure off the brake pedal a snick after you’ve stopped will absorb much of the force of stopping.

Learn how to back your trailer!

When I was a teenager, so keen to haul myself to shows, my father forbade me to go on my own until I could prove that I could handle it. This meant being able to back into any place that I could pull into (and yes, you can back into a lot of places you can’t make a forward turn). It always surprises me, the number of people hauling to weekend shows who need help parking their trailers.

Looking back, I’ve never had a horse that was hard to load. I’ve bought a few that came that way but with love and rules, along with good riding, they very quickly got better. I like to think that keeping my trailer clean and my driving mindful have had a lot to do with this.

Here’s to a long, safe summer for all of us... with only nice, smooth trips!


For more posts, fellowship and good information, why not follow our Keystone Equine page? @livingwellridingbetter

Photos from Canter Minnesota's post

Photos from Canter Minnesota's post


Clocks only though, please. 😜


Check out our newest infographic on winter horse care!


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Still missing. Please share to spread the word. His family misses him!
Happy New Year! Would love to get some information on lessons for myself.
This reminds me of Leo :)
These Ladies from Dark Horse Farm had a fantastic end to the 2016 Eventing Season at Fall Otter Creek. Each of them were in the ribbons as individuals and as a team they took home the CSDEA Team Championship in the Novice Division! A shout out to team "A Grey, A Bay, and Two Chestnuts" represented by Karlene French, Elise Bell, Marjie LaFavor and Deb Brophy! And a very special thanks to their awesome coach, Jenny Warner!
Missing since late May 2015 from Dark Horse Farm in Prior Lake. SUPER friendly, 3yr old neutered male phantom tabby cat named Jag. His coat is very unique, he is black on top and silver underneath, half siamese so pretty talkative and loves everyone. Wondering/hoping maybe someone took him in since he is so friendly. Call 612-812-0021 if you see him.
Are any equine people in need of fully vetted felines (free to approved areas)? If so, I know of several reputable rescue resources who place them provided they have supplemental feedings, access to fresh water and a warm environment for health & monitoring. [email protected]. Org
The boys being boys on Saturday