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Heather's Horsemanship Offering riding lessons in any discipline you like at Heaven's Door. Our barn is family oriented with a strong emphasis on safety. We believe in learning the whole experience, not just riding.

As a student you will learn about grooming, tack, how to safely move around a horse, and even some typical signs of sickness in a horse. We offer Private lessons along with a variety of lesson packages. For availability or additional information contact me via phone or email and I would love to answer any questions that arise.



(KSF The Gypsy Sorcerer x Codys Little Pep) 2014 Gypsy X Filly Here is a great minded filly with a solid foundation and she is ready to start her career! She...


As I continue to work on furthering my training I will no longer be offering services. I will however be available for consultations, advice, and general help. Please feel free to private message or call/text me at 815 664-8666 for any advice you may need. I am working full time at another farm and supporting them fully while I am working on furthering my education in this vast industry.


I still have some stellar horses for sale! 12 yo ottb 16.3 hands, would be a great hunter jumper lesson mare and with a little more time would be able to pack a kid around the ring. 4 yo unraced thoroughbred currently 15.3 hands, event prospect, fancy mover with tons of scope! For additional information please pm or call 815 664-8666


I have decided to slow down a bit here and refocus my goals. While I still have some horses available their prices have been reduced due to the approaching winter and obligations at another facility. I am excited to announce that I am focusing on my career in the quarter horse show world dedicating my time mainly to the hunter and western pleasure rings.

Here's How (And Why) You Should Ride With Bent Elbows
Here's How (And Why) You Should Ride With Bent Elbows

Here's How (And Why) You Should Ride With Bent Elbows

Have you ever watched riders going around the ring with straight, stiff arms? What have you noticed? The exact opposite of what they probably want is happening. Although they are likely trying to b...


I would like to apologize for the delay in any video or additional photos that I promised everyone. I am getting back on track tonight! Pictures will be done then and video will be taken of all horses hopefully Thursday. Again I apologize for the inconvenience.


I currently have multiple horses available! I also have open lesson times at both Princeton and lockport locations! For more information please contact me via phone (call or text) or facebook message.

Never Miss Another Jumping Distance!
Never Miss Another Jumping Distance!

Never Miss Another Jumping Distance!

If you struggle to meet your fences, the likely culprit is not your eye but inconsistent pace, says this top A-circuit hunter rider.

This is a really neat way to explain a proper arm position!
Heavy Elbows and Floating Hands

This is a really neat way to explain a proper arm position!

Do you tense your shoulders drawing them upward? Do you force your hands down onto the horse’s withers to keep your hands low and quiet? Does your horse go above the bit? Do you try to pull his head down? Riding with heavy elbows and floating hands will allow your horse to lower his head without


I am still looking to grow my lesson program in lockport IL! Reasonable rates and great horses. Family atmosphere! Check out Roski Farms for photos of our lovely horses and ponies. I have limited availability, contact me today for a spot!

Contact: it's not about the reins | Eclectic Horseman Magazine
Contact: it's not about the reins | Eclectic Horseman Magazine

Contact: it's not about the reins | Eclectic Horseman Magazine

Written by Wendy Murdoch This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.31 Contact – A Defining Quality How many times do you end a conversation by shaking someone’s hand, giving him or her a hug or saying “keep in touch”? Isn’t it interesting that we end verbal conversations with ph…


While I have been feeling really optimistic about my foot lately, my doctors appointment ended in bad news. I have a full fracture of my talus bone, but they are in good alignment, meaning no surgery! That is probably the only plus. With this information my doctor has decided to keep me in a hard cast and non weight bearing for up to 12 weeks. No riding, no training, anyone who knows me knows I'm disappointed. I am still able to teach lessons and guide you through training work with your horse! I have tons of availability and super awesome prices! I have facilities in Princeton and lockport where I offer lessons on school horses. I am also offering traveling lessons. I am willing to travel within an hour of Earlville, IL for one single lesson and there is no mileage charge! I will travel further for additional mileage charges on top of the base fee. I specialize in hunters and western pleasure and focus my foundation of everything in natural horsemanship. To set up an appointment or simply find out more info either pm, text, or call me at 815-664-8666


As some of you know I recently broke my foot and will be unable to ride for a few months. Due to this we will not be getting any horses in unless they are a perfect fit for a client. I am however, with all this free time, available to teach lessons at either of my 2 facilities, Lockport and Princeton Illinois. I am also willing to make trips to your barn, within reasonable distance. Lessons can be simply horsemanship/equitation or on the ground working with your horse on your relationship with him or her. I have reasonable rates and offer a variety of packages and types of lessons at my lockport location. The weather is beautiful and riding is a great way to stay in shape or simply relieve stress. Contact me today for pricing via pm or phone(call or text) 815 664-8666


Congrats to Tonto and his new family! I'm sure the will have a blast trail riding and loving that big sweetheart!


It is almost summertime and that means the kids will be looking for something to do! Why not try some riding lessons? Lessons start from the ground up and your children will be learning every aspect of being around horses. Safety is my highest priority as well as building leadership skills and then riding. I will teach your child how to properly be around and handle a horse. I am continually looking to expand my lesson program in lockport, IL. pm, call, or text me for availability and pricing. 815 664-8666


I'm looking to grow my lesson program in lockport IL! Family friendly, super ponies and great people. Call me today for rates and availability 815 664-8666


If you had asked me 5 years ago, when I started college, why I wanted to be a horse trainer and riding instructor I probably wouldn't have had much of an answer except that I love horses. I'm so glad that I have now found what truely drives me in this industry. I enjoy helping and teaching. I absolutely have a passion for reforming horses that have learned incorrectly or have acquired bad habits, I also love sharing my knowledge with anyone I can. I believe it is my duty to correctly and fully inform my students beginning with simple ground safety. I have a passion to help improve everyone I come in contact with. Even if it may be just putting a smile on their face. I'm always riding and super thrilled to have a facility to be teaching out of in lockport, IL. I currently have limited availability on tuesdays after 2. I will be heading out Thursday afternoon for a while to really get a feel for the farm and the horses. Give me a call, shoot me a text, or message me if you'd like to come out and check the farm out also. 815 664-8666


I'm pretty excited to announce that I will now be offering riding lessons on Tuesday afternoons and on into the night at Roski farms in Lockport, IL. All disciplines are welcome. It's a family friendly atmosphere, very laid back and fun! Come check out the farm and meet the horses. Contact me either on here or via phone (815) 664-8666 for more info.

I could never imagine being able to explain things this way. I don't enjoy advertising horses as "beginner safe" because...
But I wanted a horse that was beginner safe!

I could never imagine being able to explain things this way. I don't enjoy advertising horses as "beginner safe" because of just this fact. Yes I may be able to put a 4 yo on this horse but the way you handle your new horse is what determines how that horse will act. I encourage all new horse owners to work closely with an equine professional. This doesnt mean you need to take lessons all the time or put your horse in training, it means that we should be humble and ask for help when we need it. Even with 15 years of equine experience I still ask for assistance. There is nothing wrong with a new perspective on things. I continually have to take a step back and access the situation when a horse just doesn't get it and ask myself what I can do different to make things more clear for the horse. Please know that there are professionals that are more about helping you and your horse than the money. Know we have the same base goal in mind, to have a safe, enjoyable ride on the animals we love.

By Cathleen Trope Originally published on PoloPonyRescue.com If you spend any time on horse message boards or social media, you’ve read stories about horses that were sold to someone as “beginner safe” and then, within a few months, started offloading their riders regularly, became hard to


The Horse's Prayer

- I'm only a horse, dear Master, but my heart is warm and true.
I'm ready to work my hardest, for the pleasure of pleasing you.

Good corn, hay and water, are all that I wish to ask.
And a warm dry bed to rest on, when I've finished my daily task.

Don't strike me in needless anger, if I'm slow to understand,
but encourage my drooping spirits with a gentle voice and hand.

Finally, O my master! When my health and strength are gone -
When I'm getting old and feeble, and my long life's work is done -

Don't sell me to cruel or strange owners, to be slaved to my last breath,
But grant me the untold blessing of a quick and painless death;

That, as you have always found me a patient and loyal friend,
The years of my faithful service may be crowned by a peaceful end.

I plead in the name of the Savior, Who cares when the sparrows fall.
Who was born in a lowly stable, and knows, and loves us all!

Your Faithful and loving friend,

The Horse


Princeton, IL


(815) 664-8666


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