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South Slope Dog Owners Association South Slope area dog run located on 18th st btwn 6th/7th Ave. The park is used by neighborhood dog ow


To address the dust issue, I sent the following email to NYC Council District 39 Council Member, Shahana Hanif in support of adding a water source to our beloved South Slope Dog Run. All comments & feedback are welcomed.

Subj: South Slope Dog Run Improvement Request

Deal City Council Member Shahana Hanif & Staff:

I am a resident of Greenwood Heights and a frequent visitor to the South Slope Dog Run located on 18th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. I'm writing to bring to your attention a significant concern and a potential solution that would benefit our community greatly.

As highlighted in an article by the Brooklyn Paper (, the dog run is a vital space for our neighborhood, particularly given the density of our city living. Local dog owners, including myself, have identified issues such as dust storms and poor drainage at this location, which not only affects the quality of the area for dogs but also poses health concerns for the animals and their owners.

In a collaborative effort, the community has raised funds and undertaken initiatives to improve the space, including the addition of topsoil and bark mulch to address these issues. However, a more sustainable solution is desperately needed to maintain the health and safety of the park and those around it. This includes the students and staff of MS 88, since the dust often blows across the street, resulting in complaints directed at the people in the dog run.

Therefore, I kindly request your support in installing a water line at the South Slope Dog Run. This addition will significantly reduce the dust problems and improve the overall quality of the park, making it a safer and more enjoyable environment for both dogs and their owners. As community members, we are committed to preserving and enhancing this space but need the support of our local government to make these essential improvements.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your response and am happy to discuss this further if needed.

Warm regards,
Adam Maynard


UPDATE 7/23: We've purchased the dirt and mulch, to be delivered to the curb just south of the Run on Thursday (7/29) by 10am (when we have the street sweeping window so there'll be no cars there during delivery). We need volunteers that morning to help us move the dirt and mulch into the park and spread it around...please come to the Run then to help us! And bring with you any tools for moving the dirt and mulch (e.g. wheelbarrows, buckets, garbage cans, etc.) from the curb to inside the Run!

THE TIME HAS COME TO IMPROVE OUR BELOVED SOUTH SLOPE DOG PARK.  Let's make the dogs less dusty, save the 3 remaining tre...


Let's make the dogs less dusty, save the 3 remaining trees... all while wearing sandals (if you so choose) and not worrying about your last tetanus booster!

Here's the plan -- We've ordered:
- 5 cy of clean topsoil to fill the holes and cover the exposed tree roots ($539)

- 20 cy of finely ground mulch to cover the existing soil and shards of glass ($640)


I am trying to schedule delivery next Thursday, July 29th in the morning (to take advantage of alt side parking). I'll send updates once confirmed.

In the meantime, please donate to the gofundme site:

Hello, my name is Evan Saucier, and chances are you've seen me and my … Evan Saucier needs your support for Help the South Slope Dog Run get top soil & mulch

Turns out we made short work of bringing in and spreading out the wood chips.  Looks great! Thank you!

Turns out we made short work of bringing in and spreading out the wood chips. Looks great! Thank you!




Come help improve our dog run! Tomorrow, Friday April 16 at 3 PM. BYOT (bring your own tools - if you have them)

Here's what I know - NYC Parks Dept will unload about 4 cubic yards of wood chips outside of the park fence at some point tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, they won't be able to provide tools.

The plan is to use the wood chips to ring the trees and cover the exposed roots. We can also cover any holes and areas prone to mud/ puddling.

Let's meet at the dog run tomorrow around 3 PM. Bring a shovel, rake, large bucket, etc.

Spread the word.

Adam (Arlo)


Quick update - We've been in touch with a representative from "Partnerships for Parks" – a joint program of NYC Parks and City Parks Foundation.

We've found that adding a water source, lighting or making any big changes will require us to advocate for funding and get approval from our local elected officials (Carlos Menchaca). I think we should put this to the side for now, since it will likely lead to the park being closed for an extended time.

The Partnership for Parks can help us get wood chips to cover the dirt, holes and roots. The liaison is on vacation this week, but I've filled out the application to get the process started. We'll need volunteers to unload and spread the wood chips once we settle on a date.

In the meantime, we've inquired if the wood can be run through the wood chipper for a 2nd time to make them smaller and easier to manage (and less likely for the dogs to eat). I will also ask again for top soil and any dog safe ground coverings/ plants that the parks dept can provide to improve the dog run.

Questions or comments?

Adam (Arlo)


Hi everyone - Thanks to Laura (Okie's mom) we've connected with the NYC Parks Dept about making improvements to the dog run. They are offering mulch/ wood chips, which they say "are free, have a ton of, and are used at lots other dog runs throughout the city." I figure it is better than glass, tree roots and holes!

I will follow up with the parks dept in the coming days. And unless people have reservations, I'll get some dates/times where we can get volunteers to come out to unload and spread the mulch.

Stay tuned!

Adam (Arlo)

Rob Pieratti (Sparky and Marlowe) making some repairs. Yes, that's a child sized rake, thanks to Laura Murray(Okie) - be...

Rob Pieratti (Sparky and Marlowe) making some repairs. Yes, that's a child sized rake, thanks to Laura Murray(Okie) - because every kid needs farm tools when you grow up in Oklahoma!


18th Street Btn 6th & 7th Aves
New York, NY



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