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Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic A mobile veterinary clinic caring for dogs and cats. Our mobile veterinary clinic features complete blood analysis machines to evaluate ill animals on site and a complete line of pharmaceuticals to treat them.

We take pride in being the first and most technologically advanced small animal mobile clinic in Vermont. In addition to providing wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm and lyme testing, and a comprehensive pharmacy, we also provide on site diagnostics, including complete blood counts, chemistry profiles, liver profiles, thyroid profiles, coagulation profiles, ears swabs, fine needle aspirates,

We take pride in being the first and most technologically advanced small animal mobile clinic in Vermont. In addition to providing wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm and lyme testing, and a comprehensive pharmacy, we also provide on site diagnostics, including complete blood counts, chemistry profiles, liver profiles, thyroid profiles, coagulation profiles, ears swabs, fine needle aspirates,

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If any of you have called recently, you may have been alarmed at Deb's low voice.  Well, be assured she is doing well an...

If any of you have called recently, you may have been alarmed at Deb's low voice. Well, be assured she is doing well and is now on the road with me full time. The new low voice on the phone is Deb's son, Doug.

We are extremely happy that Doug has joined our team. He is still learning the art of scheduling and all the intricacies involved with a veterinary practice. We know you will enjoy speaking with him for all your veterinary needs.

Deb will continue answering the phone while on the road with me on Thursday and in the office on Friday.

Happy Summer to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos


I hadn't seen Lily for a few years. The last time I had examined and vaccinated her, she was a healthy dog with the attitude of, "I'm fine, do what you have to do and get away from me."

As I slid the door open to the back porch, my first impression was of an overwhelming odor of sage. I must of made a face. The owner said, "It's sage, I'm smudging her."

"I know," I said, "I use it too."

This time she made a face, "You do?" I nodded and turned my attention to Lily.

The last few years had been unkind to her. She was now almost fifteen years old. She was emaciated and couldn't walk without the aid of a harness. There were absorbent pads everywhere and strategically placed dogs beds within a few steps of each other.

Lily looked up at me and this time her expression was one of welcome and thank you for coming. I knelt down and she put her head in my hands. As I stroked her still velvet fur, she pushed further into my caress.

I whispered to her that she had done a great job in this life.
She nudged me, as if to say, "Thank you and please help rid me of this old body."

I said a silent prayer, as I always do, asking for the guides, angels and loved ones present to assist Lily through the veil to her new life.

Her owner hugged her head as she slowly slipped into a deep sleep from the first injection of anesthetics.

A few moments later, as I injected the final intravenous medication, her breathing ceased and her heart stopped beating.

I gave her a final pat on the head and left her and her owner alone to accept the peace and finality of the moment.

All the animals, like Lily, teach me all the time about life and living. What I learn most from them is trust and acceptance.

Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. Everything, that is, except for love.

Netflix pick of the week= Boys of '36

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Some new diagnostics that just became available which will help to treat two diseases.

One is a new test to evaluate blood glucose control for 70 days in cats and 110 days in dogs. It's called A1C and is currently used in human medicine, but has just become available to veterinary medicine. It measures the amount of glucose that covers/coats the hemoglobin in the blood. It eliminates the variables seen with blood glucose curves or the one time blood glucose evaluation that can be affected by many factors yielding invalid results.

The other new in house test is for the diagnosis of Leptosporosis infection in dogs. Lepto is a bacterial disease spread by the urine of wild animals leading to liver disease and is fatal if not treated promptly. It can also be spread to humans via the urine of infected pets. There is a vaccine to protect dogs and it should be part of the vaccine schedule for your dog. Even dogs walking the streets of our urban society are at risk for Lepto exposure and infection.

Ticks are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Netflix pick of the week= Peaky Blinders

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Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post

Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post


Just a reminder that the ticks are out in full force!!! Please ensure that you protect yourself and your animals from potential tick transmitted diseases.

Read a great quote from Michael J Fox, his philosophy, after many years living with Parkinson's Disease is, "My happiness is directly proportional to acceptance and inversely proportional to expectations."

Wow!! A+

Netflix pick of the week: Damages

Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post

Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post

Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post

Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post


Tasty Dangers in a Dog's Home

Most of these you are probably aware are dangerous to dogs.

Sleep aids and antidepressants. These may be kept on a night stand and be easily available to an inquisitive pup.

Pain medications, such as Advil and Alleve can cause kidney, liver damage and gastric ulcers

Chocolate, the darker the chocolate and the smaller the dog, the more potential for disaster. The semi sweet kind or bakers chocolate have more potential to cause problems than sweet chocolate, like Hershey's. Initially, ingestion may cause GI problems, like vomiting, but then progress to irregular heart rhythms, seizures and death.

Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure.

Rodenticides ( Rat poisons) cause bleeding disorders that can take up to three days after ingestion to occur. The antidote is Vitamin K1 which can take up to 48 hours to become effective in treating the toxicity. Many stores now have a bromethalin as their rat poison of choice. Bromethalin does not cause bleeding problems, but it does cause brain swelling. There is no antidote, only immediate treatment.

Xylitol, a sweetener in sugarless gum and sugarless food, initially lowers blood sugar which can lead to seizures and liver damage. It is dose dependent and time matters after ingestion.

Onions, onion powder, garlic and garlic powder can cause hemolytic anemia.

So, keep all medications in a medicine cabinet, put rat poisons in places impossible to reach ( or in special pet proof containers), put food away from inquisitive noses, chew regular gum, come on...a little sugar isn't going to kill you.

Julia Child's advice about food was, "Eat everything, but just eat a little bit."

Netflix pick of the week: The Most hated Woman in America

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Better late than never!

Better late than never!

Some new and old friends!

Some new and old friends!


New Veterinary Technology

A couple interesting apps that are available.

Pet Poison Help-$1.99:

A list of possible toxins to dogs and cats, clinical signs associated with each and a description of the toxins or poison. There are four tabs: poisons, instructions on what to do if a suspected toxin/poison is ingested, Pet Poison Helpline, a "Call now" button which calls the helpline. Nice to have in an emergency for information and assistance.

Ticks CDC-Free:

This app is from the CDC. Great app with a pictorial guide of ticks in the USA and lots of other stuff.

Portion Pro Rx:

This food dispensing machine is activated by RFID attachment to a pets' collar. Only the pet wearing the collar is allowed access to the food.
Cats are fed an optimized amount of food several times over a 24 hour period. Dogs are programmed for two-three meals over 12 hours. Sold through VetSource. $280.00

Great for diabetic dogs or cats that need a specific amount of food at specific times during the day. Check it out.

Netflix pick of the week: Peaky Blinders

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OK so here is something we deal with all the time, cats chronically vomiting, typically undigested food, typically 15 minutes to two hours after eating, typically dry food and especially cats that are gluttons. Also, many of these cats will excoriate their faces. Most of these cats, including my own, are suffering from food allergy related disease. The offending agents are typically beef, chicken, corn, soy, wheat, egg and dairy.

So I usually recommend feeding a diet ( more canned than dry because cats are carnivores not omnivores like dogs) that is free of those ingredients.

Also, I usually recommend feeding a diet that has one protein source ( venison, bison, salmon, whitefish, rabbit, duck) and no grain. The previous mentioned protein sources are considered novel proteins, as this generation nor the previous have probably been exposed to these ingredients and have not developed an "allergy" to them.

Turns out that these offending proteins have a molecular size of about 25,000 Daltons. It also turns out that if you take an offending protein and hydrolyze it to less than 5000 Daltons, then the allergy potential is eliminated.

A new diet by Royal Canine called Feline Ultamino has done just that using chicken as a protein source. So far the response as been favorable, the cats eat it and their GI and skin issues seem to be resolving. As with any diet change, do it over a 4 day period.
Also, it will probably take around 4 weeks for the new diet to alleviate symptoms and 3 months before the offending grain or protein to be eliminated from your cat's system.

Please call your veterinarian for more info.

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Hope all is well with everyone. Rabies clinics at Starksboro Town Office 9-11AM and New Haven Town Office 1-3 PM. Please keep dogs in the car/truck/van or on a leash. Please keep the cat critters in the car or carrier. We will come to you. Please don't bring your pet into the town office. Fee is $15.00 cash or check. Bundle up, it's going to be quite cold...-15F with the wind chill factor. Oh well, it will be fun as ever, just must less chatting.

A new study on Cognitive Disorder reveals that dogs spend the last 10% of their lifespan as geriatric experiencing episodes of Cognitive Disorder

Small breed dogs >11.5 yrs
Medium breed dogs > 10.2 yrs
Large breed dogs >8.9 yrs


Interaction changes
Sleep pattern changes
House soiling
Activity Level Changes

Cats- mostly walking around at night ( sun downing) yowling, getting caught in corners and inappropriate elimination.

There are meds that can help. Please discuss these with your veterinarian.


Purina Bright Minds
Hill's b/d

Netflix pick of the week: The Honorable Woman.

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Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post

Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post


Please call our office 802-777-8486 to schedule an appointment or to receive more information regarding our services.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post

Photos from Champlain Valley Veterinary Clinic's post


FYI Concerning Rebates:

Bravecto Flea and Tick oral meds for dogs and topical for cats. One dose protects your dog or cat for 3 months.
Buy 2 doses and receive a $15.00 rebate from Merck. Buy 4 doses and receive a $35.00 rebate from Merck. That works out to be $17.16 per month for a 2 dose purchase and $16.75 per month for a 4 dose purchase. This rebate is only valid when purchased via a veterinary clinic and not thru an online purchase.

Heartworm Prevention: Tri-Heart once per month chewable treat.

By 6 doses and receive a $6.00 rebate from Merck. Buy 12 doses and receive $12.00 rebate from Merck. The new recommendation is to use heartworm prevention year round due to climate change and the unpredictable emergence of mosquitoes, the vector that spreads heartworm disease from dog to dog. Also, Tri-Heart plus prevents and treats intestinal parasites except for tapeworms. Again, this rebate is only valid when purchased from a veterinary clinic and not from an online pharmacy.

Tapeworms require an intermediate host to spread from animal to animal. One of these intermediate hosts are fleas. So, please use flea and tick meds to help prevent tapeworm infection from flea ingestion by your pet.

Netflix pick of the week: Magnus (chess anyone?)

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This week's pondering and news.

As the warm weather continues to infiltrate our winter caves, I am most pleased that all the steep, curving driveways are melting or melted. It is always a challenge to navigate the driveways with our van that the all wheel vehicles laugh at and ascend without a second thought. We think, and many times we walk. It's always fun, though, and I am happy to do it.

A thought about veterinary medicine and the online stores.
You know marketing is a great thing, but it doesn't always give you the entire picture or the essential information.

For instance, we stopped selling Frontline Plus for cats two years ago because we found that it inadequately killed fleas. We changed to Frontline Tritak which did a wonderful job killing fleas and ticks. Frontline Plus is still being sold by online and local stores.

This year we are switching to Bravecto (applied every three months) for cats older than 6 months and Catego (monthly) for cats under six months. Frontline Tritak is now on permanent back order. You know the logic, if it's working, make sure it's not available.

Also, last year I approved many online requests for Nexgard, an oral monthly flea and tick medication for dogs. A Nexgard purchase from us, however, also included free shipping and one free dose with each 3 pack purchase. The online stores did not offer a free dose with each purchase.

So my point is, please contact your veterinarian concerning flea and tick products to receive the latest information concerning its efficacy and pricing. Many people who purchased online products that didn't perform well, spent more money to purchase products that did perform well.

Discuss flea and tick products with your veterinarian or veterinary staff before you purchase.them. Believe me, all veterinarians want you and your pets to be properly cared for at the most reasonable price possible.

Netflix pick of the week: Gomorrah- Italian mob stuff with subtitles
a bit gory but goes well with red wine and
hard cheese. "Forget about it!"

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Driving north this week on Rte 116 just south of Bristol, looking for a meal along the river.

Driving north this week on Rte 116 just south of Bristol, looking for a meal along the river.


So we are rapidly approaching warm weather. Great for us and and our pets, but you know what comes with warm weather...besides the beer and peepers (the frog type)...TICKS!!!

Our primary weapon against ticks this year is a relatively new product called "Bravecto"
It is an oral medication for dogs over six months of age to prevent and kill fleas and ticks for 3 months. It is very palatable and very safe. Less than 1% of dogs have a limited onset of nausea after ingestion of the soft treat. We offered it on a limited trial last year with great results and no reports of gastrointestinal side effects. I use it exclusively for my dog, Star.

For dogs less than 6 months of age, we recommend Nexgard, a monthly flea and tick medication or Vectra applied topically.

If you are one of the few who do not use heart worm preventative for your dogs, Vectra is now approved for repelling mosquitoes, the primary vector of heart worm disease.

The feline owners will be happy to know that Bravecto is now available for cats 6 months or older as a topical flea and tick medication, also one application every three months.
Cats less than 6 months and older than 8 weeks, we are recommending Frontline Tritak.

Next big question...COST??????? Well, at this juncture, it appears the cost will be $59.00 per treatment, that's $59.00 every three months for both cats and dogs. And I believe, Bravecto will be offering rebate coupons with each purchase, as well. I will know the exact numbers in a couple weeks. All good news...except for the fleas and ticks.

New medications and diets:

Galliprant is a brand new non-steroidal medication primarily used for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs.
Galliprant is a prostaglandin antagonist. Prostaglandins mediate the inflammatory response via attaching to various receptors in the body. One of these receptors is called EP4. Galliprant decreases prostaglandin induced inflammation by blocking the EP4 receptor.
It is not to be used with other NSAIDS or steroids. This is a new approach to decreasing pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis in dogs.

Cytopoint is a new medication for the treatment of allergic dermatitis in dogs.
Licking feet, rubbing muzzles, scratching armpits causing the dog to suffer and the owners to lose sleep.
Cytopoint targets and neutralizes interleukin-31, a key protein involved in triggering itch in dogs.
It is administered by your veterinarian as a subcutaneous injection every 4-8 weeks. Hopefully, this will eliminate the flares we see in allergic dogs every Spring and Fall and also decrease the need for prednisilone or the more expensive, apoquel.

Purina NC Neurocare.
A new diet for the control of idiopathic (we don't know what's causing it) epilepsy and cognitive disorders in dogs. If your dog is currently on medication for epilepsy, this diet has shown to decrease the escape type seizures. If your dog is young, having seizures less often than once per month, and not taking medication, this diet may help eliminate those occasional seizures. The only down side is that it is not hypoallergenic. So, the food allergic dogs that have occasional seizures are out of luck with this diet.

For all of us horse people, this is a new medication to treat acute and chronic laminitis. Studies show that more than 60% of horses
fully recovered after a 14 day treatment with no reported side effects. It is an injectable solution. It also is available as a transdermal cream. Call you equine veterinarian for more info.

Netflix pick of the week: Harry and Snowman.

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Apparently today is hug a veterinarian day so on behalf of Miley and Barney and their humans we send Randy a virtual hug and thanks for taking such good care of us and those who preceded us. You are loved.
Deb and Dr. Ross helped our sweet Gracie pass yesterday. We are grateful to them for their compassionate care.
dear Randy, Just wanted to let you know that Silas is doing much better overall. thank you for the med increase! Please forward your bill to the addison four corners store @4934 vt rt 22a, addison, vt 05491. thank you again! we so appreciate that you come to silas so we don't have to take him to an unfamiliar place !
Please allow Post and Shares. Thank you. Vermont Vol .Firefighter & Retired Teacher, my Harlequin Great Dane presumed STOLEN and taken from our search area. Thank you Asst.Chief Bryan Dunnells LVFD #BringBoHomeVT #BringBoHomeNY #FamilyMissesBo #BringBoHomeNH