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Wine Country Pet Resort This is the only official page of Wine Country Pet Resort. We cater to the all the needs of pampered wine country pets. Benefiting from bay breezes and shade trees in a secluded country setting, safe and away from highways, Wine Country Pet Resort is staffed 24 hours a day and is the largest pet-designed facility in the Napa Valley.

Owners Phyllis and Alan Parker and staff cater to pet guests with personalized care and attention. From playtime in a four acre play area, to tranquility and soft music in the cat condominium, pets receive exactly the right care. Overall pampering is the norm. Conveniently located, Wine Country Pet Resort is just off Hwy. 121 and 12, "the Carneros Highway," at the gateway to the beautiful Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Operating as usual

This week's TTouch Tip from Mandy Pretty concerns the "Five F's".

"How do we cope? We all have different coping mechanisms. Some of us eat, some of us sleep, some of us shut down. No one is the same and no one has the same stress threshold and each one of us displays or copes with stress differently. Our animals are no different.

The Tellington TTouch Method has long identified 5 main coping strategies commonly used by horses, and to some extent dogs, in times of stress or anxiety. Flight, Fight, Fidget, Freeze, and Faint.

Flight is one that we are all familiar with, when faced with a stressful or fearful situation, the animal simply tries to exit the situation as quickly as possible.

Fight is another well documented instinct where the animal will respond to the situation in a confrontational manner.

Fidget is an extremely common response in domesticated animals and is probably one of the most misunderstood. This response can look like pawing, grabbing the lead line or leash, initiating play, scratching, head tossing, many behaviors that would typically be labeled as “pushy”, “bored” or “happy/playful” in dogs. More often than not these are signs of mild to high anxiety. The best way to recognize this is to notice if the behavior stops as soon as you change the context. For instance, if your horse or dog all of the sudden starts displaying this type of behavior when you touch a certain part of the body but stop as soon as you stop touching them, you can almost guarantee that they were quietly displaying their concern.

Freeze also happens in dogs and horses and can be recognized too late. This will happen in horses where people may feel like their horse exploded “with no warning”. In reality the horse was likely in freeze mode and essentially “checked out” trying to cope with whatever was being done or asked. They probably held their breath, had a change in respiration, may have tightened their eye or mouth, and “stood like a statue” until they hit their breaking point and could not take it any longer.

Faint is the least common of the 5 coping skills, thankfully. Faint can sometimes be seen at the track when horses are sa

Please share with your friends. NEW OSTEOSARCOMA TREATMENT!!!!
Media Coverage

Please share with your friends.


The osteosarcoma vaccine, live listeria vector (also known as AT-014), is for the treatment of dogs diagnosed with osteosarcoma at one year of age or older. This new tool aims to modernize the standard of care for dogs with osteosarcoma – the most common primary canine bone tumor.

We are so lucky here in wine country not to suffer extremes of temperatures. But just in case you’re traveling with your...

We are so lucky here in wine country not to suffer extremes of temperatures. But just in case you’re traveling with your pets this winter

Kitties and fishies = a match made in heaven
Mountain lion cub rescued from Thomas Fire 'doing well'

Kitties and fishies = a match made in heaven

A young mountain lion cub with burned paws is doing well after being rescued from the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said.

Do you have friends or family affected by the fires in SoCal? Share this.
Wildfire and Pets: What You Should Know

Do you have friends or family affected by the fires in SoCal? Share this.

With the recent wildfires in our hometown of Napa, California we wanted to put together an informational guide about your pet’s health risk during and after a wildfire and what the important things are to know. DURING A WILDFIRE The most important thing that we can stress is to please TA


As the fires here in NorCal continue, we are holding our friends in harm's way in our hearts. If you are under advisory evacuation or you have been evacuated, rest assured we will do all we can so your pets are safe and comfortable here at WCPR. Hopefully we can take one more worry off your mind.


We are all safe and happy! The power came back on around 2 a.m. and we now also have water.
Although we have well-rehearsed procedures and all equipment in place and ready to go, there is no immediate plan to evacuate.
Rest assured, your pets are safe with us.

We Are Safe and Sound
We Are Safe and Sound

We Are Safe and Sound

You may have heard about the fires in Northern California. With any luck, you are not fighting those fires as we speak. We want you to know that even though those fires are close by, we are unaffected. If this changes, we will let you know. As we speak, we are setting up our well-rehearsed evacuatio...

GIMME SHELTERThank goodness it’s very popular these days to rescue dogs and cats from shelters. According to the ASPCA, ...

Thank goodness it’s very popular these days to rescue dogs and cats from shelters. According to the ASPCA, Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year and approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year (1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats). Here at Wine Country Pet Resort, many of our most beloved regular clients are rescues. One of the most important aspects to consider when rescuing a dog is his care while you are away--at work or on vacation. If you have a Pit Bull or Bully breed, an unneutered male, a behavioral problem such as fear aggression or separation anxiety or health problems, your options for time away from your dog may be limited.

Many dogs can be left home alone or with animal companions while their people go to work. But some clients have behavioral or health problems that prevent their being left at home while their people go to work. This can be a challenge for owners. We here at WCPR accept that challenge. Many of our regular clients have behavioral or health issues that require special attention that might cause other facilities from accepting them, leaving their owners in the lurch.


Ruby is a rescue, but not from a shelter. She was literally captured in a massive snowstorm in the mountains of Virginia in 2003. She had frostbite, heart worm, and severe malnutrition. The vet who saw her said she had been living feral for quite some time. Her road from lost and lonely doggie to pet was a long one; It took her over a year to wag her tail again. Longer than that even to accept a loving rub on the belly. She went from fearful to fantastic very quickly after that: she became a therapy dog for autistic children.

In spite of her beautiful transformation, Ruby has always had one issue that has made being her person rather difficult. She simply cannot be left alone. She escaped from 4 different types of crate and even leapt from a second story balcony to go find her owner. Other dangerous behaviors include chewing door frames and doors as well as window screens and frames. In short, Ruby is a danger to herself when left alone.

Ruby’s family cannot even head out for an afternoon of errands without fear that Ruby will injure herself, escape, or cause damage to her home. That’s where we come in.

Wine Country Pet Resort’s secure, safe and comfortable kennel runs and luxury suites together with our outdoor play areas provide all the care and supervision Ruby needs while her family is out of the house.

It’s not just Ruby: your dog too can come for a part of the day, the whole day or an extended period for safe, secure time away from home while you take care of business or enjoy a vacation.

Rescued dogs have issues. We get it. While many kennels and boarding facilities will not accept animals with issues, we here at Wine Country Pet Resort welcome all sorts of pets. Because our staff is highly trained, we can accommodate the so-called “dangerous breeds,” behavioral and health problems.

So if you have animal rescue in your heart as we do, rescue away, secure in the knowledge that your pet has a place to stay while you are at work and at play.

It may not be officially summer anymore, but the heat can be crushing.  Late August and September seem to be the hottest...
6 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat And Heat Stroke - Dogtime

It may not be officially summer anymore, but the heat can be crushing. Late August and September seem to be the hottest time all here in Napa and surrounding areas. Please don't forget to protect your animals from the heat. Learn more here:

With temperatures rising it's important to know how to keep your dog cool to avoid things like heat stroke and even death.

It's hot outside! For some, the endless days of summer are a blessing. Not necessarily so for your dogs and cats, especi...
Dog Fills Baby Pool For His Friend

It's hot outside! For some, the endless days of summer are a blessing. Not necessarily so for your dogs and cats, especially if they stay outdoors or live in kennels. Here at Wine Country Pet resort we take every precaution to keep your pets safe in the heat. Our concert kennel floors are wet down and fans then distribute the cool air. Outdoors, additional shade is provided. Dogs are allowed to go out to play only in the coolest part of the day. When they do go out, extra cool water and splash pools allow them to stay cool and enjoy themselves at the same time. Perhaps some of these ideas may spark your interest for use at home--we certainly hope so!

This sweet, old dog knows how to relax — and make his friends help. Video by: Eli Ralston Love animals? Watch more videos from The Dodo: https://www.thedodo....


Our summer here at Wine Country Pet Resort has gone exceedingly well. We hope yours has been treating you and your pets with long, lazy days and enjoyable temperatures!

Wow! We are so honored! Check this out!
City Beat News - Award Winner

Wow! We are so honored! Check this out!

WINE COUNTRY PET RESORT has won the coveted Spectrum Award for excellence in customer service! This award has been presented to WINE COUNTRY PET RESORT by


Happy spring to all our wonderful clients! We've been busy redecorating and making improvements during nesting season and are enjoying the nice warm weather.
Doggies are spending more time outdoors now that it's not so wet. We invite you to come visit and bring a friend.


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