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Kaia Sorem DVM Veterinary Services I want everyone to know that I offer office visits and house calls, as well. I have modern equipment such as digital x ray, digital ultrasound, and common sense.

I try to offer many options from budget treatments to top of the line options. I see all kinds of animals including companion animals and horses.

Operating as usual


We are accepting a small number of new patients . If you are interested in becoming a client, you can obtain your previous veterinarians records, and when you come in for a visit, we can input your records into the system. You do have to become a client in order to have prescriptions refilled. We are aware that a lot of people are without a veterinarian right now so if you have that situation and you need attention please call 509-961-5854


I have been receiving quite a few questions about the dog flu. I had called the state veterinarians office last week and asked me if we had had any reports of dog flu. There is been no dog flu in Washington at this time. The dog flu is following the AKC dog show circuit. It is active in the south eastern United States. The only place that you are likely to contact dog flu at the present time is if you come in contact with animals I have been to an AKC dog show

Elite Equine Sports Medicine


I have Adequan in stock $300 for a box of 7+ tax if you're in Washington. This is a prescription drug. You either need to be a current client of mine which means I've seen your horse in the past year or you need to have a prescription from your veterinarian thank you for your interest

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

ADEQUAN best time to use is when your horse is off or in light work

I have Adequan in stock $300 for a box of 7+ tax if you're in Washington. This is a prescription drug. You either need to be a current client of mine which means I've seen your horse in the past year or you need to have a prescription from your veterinarian thank you for your interest

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

HOrse owners read and share

PSA Yakima Valley Equine Emergency services or lack thereof

Horse owners PLEASE read and SHARE

If you have horses and you have not used a veterinarian in the last ONE YEAR, you may not be able to obtain emergency services.

I received a record number of emergency calls over the Christmas
weekend. It will likely be the same over this next weekend which is New Years. PLEASE call your veterinarian and ask if they will b e taking your call if you have an emergency, I can NOT cover the entire valley's problems. IF your horse has not been seen in the last year by your veterinarian, you may not have an active Client/Veterinarian/Patient relationship.

If you are unable to reach a veterinarian in your area, please look in the neighboring areas, Ellensburg and Tri Cities, where you may have to take your horse. Please so NOT wait to arrange to have a trailer available. Serious cases may be referred to WSU or OSU or PILCHUCK>

PLease share this so you are not left without care.

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Dentistry questions answered

Im getting a lot of questions on dentistry prices. I thought Id post it here. I use Powerfloat dental system It is painless, circular, not reciprocating, diamond burrs. Not hard on the horse or the holder. NO blood.
Cost is 150 for exam, sedation, hooks, ramps, and float. Extractions like wolf teeth and caps are extra. This month I have had a lot of interest, so think about getting the jump on your Spring dental or catch up if you forgot last year!~! 509=961-5854

Kaia Sorem DVM's cover photo

Kaia Sorem DVM's cover photo

Kaia Sorem DVM

Kaia Sorem DVM

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

So your animal needs a vet but it hurt the last vet, shoer, rider, trainer, handler, or whatever. What should you do???

I can't believe that I have to write this, but if your animal can't behave, please alert the next animal professional so that they can be prepared properly for the situation.

I used to be able to say that horses never hurt me or my stuff. I can't say that anymore. THe horses that are causing the issues are either spoiled horses who's owners don't see it that way, or "rescued" horses and the people are just finding out why the horses were going down the road.

This goes for biting dogs and insane cats. Please, the reasons for dangerous behavior are, she's hungry, she doesn't like you, she didn't like the other guy, must have been abused and a whole laundry list of excuses.

IF your animal threatened or hurt someone, TELL PEOPLE so they can be extra careful. Shame on you if you don't.

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Mystified by your horse's lip tattoo? read on.

Q: My Horse has a tattoo on it's upper lip. Does that mean that it raced? How can I find out about this?

A: The lip tattoo is a means that is used to keep horses that race permanently identified. It is very important that the public know which horse is racing under which name so that betting can not be manipulated.

The lip tattoo has been in use since 1947. Other breeds besides Thoroughbreds have to be tattooed. They will have different combinations of letters and numbers, but they encode the same information. They let the identifier make sure that the correct horse goes to the starting gate. If not for permanent identification, people could enter one horse and then run another horse.

This business of having one horse pose as another is called running a "ringer". This can still happen if a horse has to have a qualified morning workout, but the horse can't do it, for some reason. It is completely illegal, but it has happened, that another horse that looks similar, will be called in to the clocker and the horse's workout time will go on the other horse's record! Yep, it happens, but it won't happen at the races!!!

You can research your horse's tattoo. Here is a page that has a lot of tattoo information.

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Here we go again!

Q: My animal is having a problem. I asked you
a simple question about what I can do myself, and
you were not very helpful! Why can't you give me

A: First, my practice is not a free advice line. If you
want a free advice line, you can submit your question
here and, if it has value for the general public, I can
answer it.
If you want free advice, you can find it on line for about
40 bucks! Yes, you can get advice on line, but, no, it isn't free!!!

The main reason that I can't do free advice is this:
to tell you what to do when I have not seen your animal!
Why? One of my colleagues had a lady call him on a Sunday.
He answered her question about her horse's eye.

He was wrong about the advice he gave her. The horse
had a more serious problem. Even though he meant well,
he told her something that wasn't appropriate. The horse
lost it's eye. The lady sued my friend for the vet bill.
He had to pay for the surgery to remove the eye!!!!

So, when you need free advice, you might ask your friends
or Google it. Do not expect a professional to risk their
professional reputation and bankbook to give you free
advice. Call and ask how much a visit is. It really isn't
that expensive to have your animal seen and it may save
you in the long run!

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Good morning, readers!! Here is this weeks column. You can read back issues here.


Q: I want to get involved with rescues, but
how do I know whether organizations I see
advertising are the right ones to give money

A: Actually, some of the largest, most" reputable"
organizations are the worst so far as keeping most
of the money for expenses and administrative costs.
Some also spend a lot on political action, which
can be good, but if you want your money to go
to animals, you need to ask!!!

As with any charity, you need to ASK where your
money goes. Ask what percentage goes to the
animals. You can always give to your local NO KILL
shelters. Those are places you can actually go
and see how they operate, which you can't with
large organizations.

The best thing you can do, is to try to help the
animals in need yourself. Yes, you can do it!
Just make it a point to say something when
you see something! If you see a grossly under
weight animal, politely ask if the owner needs
help. Some medical conditions keep animals
from gaining weight. Animals do get old and die.
Just make sure that you find out the facts, and then
offer to help.

Read your local paper or craigslist and you will see
found, stray, and unwanted animals that you can
take in. Get an extra pet. Get a senior pet that is
unwanted.(SAD) Pick up that stray animal that you
have seen on the side of the road. Don't pay someone
to do it. Do it yourself!!

Porcine zona pellucida - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An interesting concept for birth control in wild animals

Porcine zona pellucida is a form of zona pellucida extracted from the ovaries of pigs, often referred to by the initials PZP. It is a popular source of antigens for immunocontraception.[1]

Porcine zona pellucida - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Porcine zona pellucida - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Porcine zona pellucida is a form of zona pellucida extracted from the ovaries of pigs, often referred to by the initials PZP. It is a popular source of antigens for immunocontraception.[1]

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

This applies to all of your pets and their prescriptions. Please read!

Here is this week's column. It explains monitoring prescriptions for your horse.

Q:I have an horse that I need
to give bute to, or I can use
other NSAIDS, but my vet won't
sell them to me! What can I do?

A: I am sure that your vet will
sell them to you, but if it has been
over a year since your vet has seen
your horse, the horse will have to
be seen again. Yes, this will cost

The reason for this is legal, and it
is intended to reduce abuse of the
prescription drugs. Your veterinarian
has a responsibility to monitor your
use of the drugs. This includes making
sure that the animal is alive, and
that you aren't using or selling the drugs
for other animals, or for human use.

I know it sounds silly, but it does
happen. You can avoid this situation
by keeping in touch with your vet and
having your horse seen for routine
vaccinations, dentals, and any other needs.

It may seem more expensive at the time,
but over all, it will save you; your vet
will likely go ahead and give you bute
or other NSAIDs, if you have an ongoing

This type of client/veterinarian relationship
also makes it more likely that you will get
prompt emergency care, and advice, if you
happen to need it. You can't expect that
of a vet that you don't regularly use!

Elite Equine Sports Medicine

Here is this week's column. it's about animal athletes!

Another week, another column! Here ya go!

Q: What is Equine Sports Medicine?
Do you look at other animals, or
just horses?

A: Ha! I thought everyone knew what
it was! Actually, any athletic animal is
subjected to repetitive stress and acute
stress injuries. It is NOT limited to horses,
I just never thought about mentioning other
athletes! Silly me!

When a bucking bull reaches a certain age
or amount of mileage, he doesn't buck
the way he used to. We can use the same
modalities to diagnose and treat lameness
and soreness, but you do need restraint
in order to do so.

Agility dogs are another animal that can
have age related performance issues that
can be improved by proper diagnosis and
treatment. Hunting dogs or any other working
dog, such as cattle dogs, herding dogs, and
search and rescue dogs can also be helped.

The most common animal in my practice
with athletic injuries is the horse. We use
physical exam, x-ray, ultrasound, and we
use referral clinics if an MRI or other technology
is required. We also use regional nerve blocks
and joint blocks to find soreness.

lAternative medicine is popular, including
acupuncture and massage. There are some
licensed chiropractors available, if you need a
referral, we can find you a good one.

So, if your animal isn't working like it used to.....
call your Sports medicine veterinarian!

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry with an Animal


Dr Kaia wants to cuss. A guy brought his cat in to be spayed. He had the carrier in the car. The cat wasn't in it. guess what? uhuh, it ran off. It is at large in Naches. It is grey and white female. Please cross post this so we can get her back. get this/ He lives in Cowiche and he went home to wait for her to come home and is calling her with his bullhorn. You can't make this up. Please help her out. Not with a bullhorn,

Kaia Sorem DVM's cover photo

Kaia Sorem DVM's cover photo


My practice is in Naches, but I can help you with honest reviews and prices for local vets, if you like, Ben

puppies for adoption

puppies for adoption

McKitty update for Friday, I never wanted Wookie, but I don't want him mauled to death by puppies, so .............come and get 'em 50 bucks adoption fee.

Some one surely needs a friend

Some one surely needs a friend

We have 4 lovely puppies for adoption. Had first shots. 6 weeks old. Terrier and maybe daschund. Will be small. 961-5854

All here safe and sound.

All here safe and sound.

Here they are. They look just like mice to me, McKitty JK


Q: Is it better to get an xray image
or an ultrasound to see how many
puppies our dog is having? Why do
people do this?

A: It is always nice to know that all the
puppies have been delivered, instead of
wondering if there is still one in there! I
get a lot of calls about this. People always
worry that there is one still inside.

With small breed dogs, if there is one
large puppy or even two, it can be too
large for vaginal delivery and require
a C section surgery. It is always good to
know whether to expect trouble or not
so that you can be ready financially for
a C section as they are not cheap.

You can use either method. An ultrasound may
require shaving of the belly, which isn't
a good thing in the winter. We can tell if
they are alive and see them moving with
the ultrasound. With an xray, we see
the little skeletons and can count them
fairly accurately, but we can't tell if they
are alive.

We have both machines here and both
are portable for use in your home or

Regards, Kaia Naches Veterinary Service Kaia Sorem, DVM 203 Naches Ave PO BOX 1112 Naches Wa 98937 609-961-5854

Found dog, we will babysit.  Someone please claim your dog.

Found dog, we will babysit. Someone please claim your dog.


Re the peke x: he lives here now :)


Found a male pekingese mix last Thurs in Yakima Solid brown call to id 961-5854 Lisa, our groomer cleaned him up and he is ready to go home


Would someone like to adopt a pet llama? It is urgent, and he is very friendly, neutered, brown, and male.


I have a male neutered, smooth coated Fox Terrier who was lost in Naches this weekend. If he is yours, or you know where he lives, please contact me., thanks


Thanks you, friends, check out my other page Equine Sports Medicine~~


Some of the mobile services that are available, use equipment from my Equine Sports Medicine practice, which is mobile. I have digital xray, digital ultrasound, laboratory services, minor surgery, vaccinations, dentistry, well pet care, and more.


222 Naches Ave
Naches, WA


(509) 961-5854


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