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Dreamy Skies Dog Training Working with dogs with aggression, anxiety, fearfulness, basic obedience, leash reactivity and much more. Providing in-home dog training in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, including Northern Virginia, Montgomery County and Prince George's County.

We specialize in helping owners with dogs suffering from aggression, anxiety, reactivity, house breaking, basic obedience issues and a host of behavioral problems. We are certified professionals specializing in behavioral modification We are successful because we are committed to training owners how to best communicate with their dog and make long lasting effective changes for a relationship that will make an owner proud.

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Photos from Inova Fairfax Hospital's post

Photos from Inova Fairfax Hospital's post


What would happen if you fed your dog🐶 245 cloves of garlic🧄 in a week??

21 years ago an experiment was conducted by Japanese scientists🇯🇵 who wanted to know what would happen if dogs were fed lots of Garlic Extract🧄💦 for 7 days straight.

At the end of the trial, NO dogs died.🙏

In fact, none of the dogs even showed any symptoms, but the scientists found microscopic🔬 changes in some red blood cells🩸, leading to the conclusion that garlic may be toxic☠️ to dogs.

How much garlic extract was fed to these dogs in the study, you ask? Well it would be the equivalent of feeding a 70lb golden retriever🐕 245 cloves of garlic for one week (2.46lbs of raw garlic).

Since then, the ASPCA, American Kennel Club, HSUS and most online pet resources continue to say “garlic is toxic to pets," but garlic is listed as a safe pet food ingredient by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Confused? So are most pet lovers around the world.

Tune in to our Forever Dog Food Myth Busters Facebook live tomorrow at 10am ET on The Forever Dog page.

We cover garlic confusion and many other urban legend food fears in our upcoming book, The Forever Dog, available now for pre-order.


CHEMICALS IN PET FOOD! Today at 12pm in the Inside Scoop: How pets become addicted to kibble. Other research we'll also be discussing:

🔥 Why is Soybean oil found in so many pet and human foods, and why research says to avoid it.

🔥 The harmful side effects of feeding pets plant based diets and how much is too much when it comes to soy

🔥 The latest research on cannabidiol and seizures, cancer therapy and dog aggression.

🔥 Good EMFs???! The latest research surround Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and the impressive results with separation anxiety dogs

🔥 Yogurt and gut health: more research supporting the consumption of probiotic-rich foods

Join our RESEARCH-PACKED Live Podcast in an hour at noon ET, today!

Not a member of Inside Scoop, do this:

Go to the Planet Paws page and click the blue "Become a Subscriber" button.


“Raw food is dangerous, kibble is safe,” is one of the most entrenched pet food myths out there. The truth is: All types of pet food have different types of risks, but kibble has more mycotoxin recalls, vitamin overdoses and salmonella recalls than all other food categories combined.



Great for dogs that are recovering from GI issues, picky eaters, and older pets with declining appetites, bone broth🦴 is one of the Forever Fluids highlighted in The Forever Dog. This bone broth recipe from our book is different than traditional recipes, which can be high in histamines that can negatively affect some dogs.🐶 In addition to having a shorter cooking time, we also included several of our favorite longevity vegetables in this recipe for added health benefits:

🌱Cilantro, effective at binding heavy metals.

🌿Parsley, a natural blood detoxifier.

🍄Medicinal mushrooms (shiitake, turkey tail, reishi, oyster, etc) provide glutathione, spermidine, ergo, and beta-glucans for cognition🧠 and immune health.

🧄Garlic is high in sulfur stimulating production of glutathione for liver detoxification. Watch our FB Live dispelling the myth about garlic for dogs, link in comments.👇

Poured over your dog's food as a meal topper or fed as a treat, bone broth is a great addition to their diet! Feed 2 tablespoons🥄 for every 10 lbs of body weight.

You can find more easy recipes like this one, other types of broths, and additional longevity foods in our book The Forever Dog.

"Shaw Dog Park Making Dogs Sick?"
"Shaw Dog Park Making Dogs Sick?"

"Shaw Dog Park Making Dogs Sick?"

1651 11th Street, NW between Q and R "Dear PoPville, Not sure if anyone else has written in regarding this but figured it's my duty as a dog owner. Two and a half months ago my dog and I started going to the revamped Shaw dog park. We were stoked since it's much bigger than most dog parks


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Yep. Youve all heard this from Me before
No walk guys. Thunderstorms predicted
The Swamp GRC practice Saturday October 12 th 3 pm.
Reminder last free GRC practice is this Saturday at 9 am. Come by to check out dog sports with your dog! The Swamp GRC. Please get in touch with me with questions