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Four Legged People Treats Dog treats that are made from basic ingredients and no preservatives. If you would like more informa We have now added cat treats to our offerings! Yes!

We have Kitty Yum Yums- Salmon treats, and Kitty Crackers- Tuna treats. We also offer Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Cup- with Carob drizzle, Cheesy Bacon, Liver Lovers, Chicken & Rice, Veggie Lovers, Sweet Potato, Chicken Lickin', Strawberry PupTarts, and Purple People Treats- Blueberrry/white chocolate. We do offer fruit flavors, and white chocolate is ok for pets.


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Hello! To all of our furry friends and the ones that are not so furry we are looking to go to some events the year we will continue to post about our schedule and let you guys know where we will be of corse everyone will be able to meet chica and wilma at our events cant wait to see all of our friends and thanks again for everyones support!!!


Woof! Wilma....and Chica here! We just wanted to say thank you too. We heard our new grain-free treats were a big hit! We knew they would be, we don't put our paw print of approval on just any old treat! Now it's back to the kitchen to whip up treats for our next event. It's a dog's life, but what is a girl to do? Until next time, we'll be tasting treats, chasing squirrels, and getting belly rubs.


Thank you to all of our friends and fur babies that came to see us at the Wamego Tulip Festival. We had a wonderful time and hope to see you again soon! Please keep checking our page to see where we'll be next.


Having a fabulous time at the Wamego Tulip Festival with Vicky & Nita Jacques. The weather is beautiful, & our treats are so popular, we've almost sold out!


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Hi all my 2 legged friends! Wilma & Chica here to bring you up to date on where we'll be this spring. We've been working hard rolling, baking and taste testing treats for all our friends. It's a dog's life, but we want to make sure our treats meet our exceptional quality standards. Our first event this season will be the Wamego Tulip Festival on April 11th & 12th. We'll have lots of treats....even some for ahem...cats. Cynthia & Philip look forward to seeing you there! Chica & I will be at home, guarding against squirrels, birds and other creatures that dare to enter our territory. It's a full time job keeping them under control. Come check out our new grain-free treats made with coconut flour! Got to run, just saw a squirrel on the fence! Remember, April 11th & 12th in Wamego!!


Woof! Wilma here, checking in to make sure everyone knows we're working hard on our 2015 festival schedule. Please make sure you check our page often for news and info about new treat flavors and where we will be. Thanks for liking us!


Merry Christmas to all our friends! Hope all your Christmas wishes came true! Best wishes from the FLPT family


Good morning! Merry Christmas to all our friends, pet parents and fur babies! Cynthia here, just to let you know the "girls" haven't kidnapped me and tied me up with their leashes. I've been working hard on developing new treat flavors, and planning our event calendar for the 2015 festival season. We have some new events on the books, and some old favorites too. We also have some new grain-free treats in the works and flavor combinations that Wilma and Chica are testing to make sure they meet all our exceptional standards. I know Chica and Wilma are excited about Santa coming to visit this week, and I'm sure all our furry friends feel the same. They asked me to remind all pet parents, lots of love and hugs, easy on the people food and treats. Pet tummies are sensitive, and no one likes to feel ill during the holidays. So, Merry Christmas to all, and we hope to see you often in the new year! Time to run, the elves are here to pick up treats for all the good fur babies on Santa's list; the request was a big one, so I hope they have plenty of room in the sleigh!


Thank you! Jamie Miller for liking our page we appreciate your support. The FLPT family thanks you!


Dear Santa, This is Chica and I'm posting this for you since I don't know how to mail a letter and I know you read our page. Wilma and I would like to ask all our friends pet parents to remember healthy treats this Christmas. Not too much sugar, lots of love, hugs, and play time. As for Wilma and me, we get to sit on laps, be petted and eat yummy cheesy bacon and cranberry pumpkin treats. But we would like to ask for 1 or 2 presents under the tree this year. Wilma and I would like new necklaces (people call them collars, but I'm not sure why) with diamonds or sparkles please. Wilma would like fluffy cushions and blankets for snuggling, since she's older and gets cold easy. I would like a boyfriend please! Someone my age with a nice fur coat, beautiful eyes, and a good sense of humor. I asked my family, but they said I'm too young to date.
Ah, hmmm! Wilma here! Please disregard Chica's request for a boyfriend... she's obsessed with boys, silly Chihuahua. I just wanted to let you know we have plenty of treats for our friends in case you get requests for them from pet parents. Please let the elves know we won't bark or bite when they come by, we love elves!! Oh, and one more thing, if you could please make it possible for both Chica and me to catch a squirrel just once, it would be the bestest present ever! I'm not sure what we'll do with it once we do catch one, but we'll figure that out after we catch it.

All our best to Mrs. Claus and the elves,

Wilma and Chica
Official taste testers
Four Legged People Treats


Happy thanksgiving from the FLPT family now Chica and I have to get back to taste testing the turkey hope you all have a perfect and turkey filled day!
Love your one and only Wilma


Thank you! Jon Hokenson for liking our page FLPT thanks you!


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Woof! Wilma here again! I finally got Chica to go relax for a while...she's so excited about her new job as an official taste tester. I told her it was hard work! Anyway, I'm back and rested, and want to thank all our friends that came to see my humans at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City last weekend. From what I heard and saw, you wore my humans out! They were up late making treats to meet your demands, and worked hard to make sure everyone got treats. Well, I guess it's the end of the festival season for us. We'll be back in the spring with new and exciting flavors, and new events to show off all our hard work. Come on by anytime to see us and our humans and pick up a couple of boxes of treats. Or email us, and we can see how we can get some treats to you during the cold, dark winter. So, it's back to the "test kitchen" for me and Chica, got to keep those silly humans in line!! Keep liking our page, and we'll keep making treats!!


Our newest member of the FLPT family everyone say hello to Chica!


Hello again, my human friends! Chica here, to tell everyone that came to see my people at the Sugar Mound Arts and Crafts Festival thank you! They tell me it was a great time, and very busy. We made lots of new friends and shared lots of treats! I was so exhausted from helping Wilma taste test treats to make sure they met our standards, I had to take some time off to relax. I got a "pet-a-cure" and a belly rub. Not sure about the "pet-a-cure" or what it's for, but it sure felt good! Wilma and I are back to approving all the treats FLPT will be taking to the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City, Kansas this coming weekend. So, come see my humans October 18th and 19th. I hear there is even a parade! So, come early and buy lots of treats....we're always happy to bake more! WOOF!


look at Philips amazing artistic skill with treats the United FLPT States of America


Huzzah, my human friends! It's time for the Kansas City Renfest Pet Weekend! My family and I are so excited to participate! I'm worn out from taste testing treats and pet-pops, so I'm letting my new "house mate" Chica go with the family to the festival this weekend. Come on everyone, bring your humans to Bonner Springs to share fun and feasting all weekend long! Remember, while they're gnawing on turkey legs, you can enjoy royal treats like cheesy bacon and peanut butter "cookies". Chica hopes to see you there!


Howdy, friends! It's Wilma again! My humans are tired from all the fun they had at the Spirit of Kansas Festival! They told me there was a lot of good food and fun; but they had fireworks after dark- they scare me! Our next event will be the Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchison, Kansas. If you missed on the 4th, please come by and say hi! We'll have pet pops and treats galore to share with our friends, 4 legged and 2 legged alike! Well, time to go taste test he treats; I'm the "quality control" for FLPT. A hard job, but someone has to do it. See you soon!



Hello humans! Wilma here, to tell you where you need to be for the 4th of July. I'm sending my family to lake Shawnee in Topeka, for the Spirit of Kansas Festival. I have chosen to stay home and relax in comfort, because I have a fur coat that goes with everything, but is rather warm to wear at the lake. So, please stop by, and enjoy our home made pet treats, and our newest item, pet pops! They are made with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and bananas, yum! A great cool treat for a warm summer day that humans can share with their (sniff) 2 legged friends if they choose! I personally prefer to eat mine and the family can have other cool treats. Toto, please come by and try some! I have told my family to get an autographed picture of you so I can put it next to my bed. I'm a huge fan!


Hi, my human friends! Wilma here to let you know we'll be at the Festival on the Trails in Gardener, Kansas next weekend. My humans will be there with plenty of treats for dogs and (sniff) cats. I would go too, but I must guard the house. I'm hoping Toto will stop by and let my humans get a photo and maybe even an autograph! Oh, and by the way, Scooby Doo, where are you?! I keep waiting for you but the only time I see you is on TV. Please come see me, you're my hero!


Hi, my human friends! Wilma here to let you know what's new with Four Legged People Treats! Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Wamego, KS last weekend... I had to stay home and guard the house! We'll be at the Earth Day Celebration in Lawrence, KS this weekend in South Park; I hope Scooby Doo is there.... still waiting for my autograph... Hope to see you there! Now back to baking; we have a lot to do to get ready, I'll be waiting Scooby!


Mark it on your calendar; Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City, Kansas October 19th and 20th. Be there early!! We will be, along with our VIP (Very important Pooch) Wilma!!


Looking forward to seeing lots of friends at the Maple Leaf Festival next weekend in Baldwin City, Kansas! Hope to see you there!!


Good morning! Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at the Overland Park Fall Festival! A little cool for Wilma's taste, but other than that a good time! Our next event will be the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City, Kansas. Keep checking our page for updates and breaking news! Have a great day!


Good morning! Looking forward to another exciting, fun-filled day! Hope to see lots of friends at the Overland Park Fall Festival tomorrow! Please come by and see what's new! We'll be there from 8:00 to 5:00; will you?


Hi! Wilma, here! Ok, so I didn't get a shirt.... but my family is back, and working hard making treats for everyone. I get to help, and taste test everything! So, all is forgiven, and I might get to come along next weekend. Then they'll see what a great dog can do for sales! Woof!!


Lawrence, KS


(785) 312-4994



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