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Hello to all of my awesome training clients! I know it's been a while since I've posted here, but I want you all to know (if you didn't already know) that I am now running Laughing Dogs in Lake Mills and am working on rolling my training services under the umbrella of that business name to reduce confusion in the long-run. For those of you who haven't already, head on over to the Laughing Dogs Daycare and Training Services page and give it a like. I'll be posting here a few more times to remind folks that info will be moving, and I'll also post the next round of classes here for a few months, but long-term this page will likely be shut down.

In addition to training posts, you'll get to see lots of fun and cute dog and puppy pictures. I'm probably biased, but it's totally worth it. ;)

As many of you know, I (Jamie) have been the trainer at Laughing Dogs for a couple of years, training under Kodiak's Canine Connection. In the next couple of months, in order to simplify my life a little bit, I'm hoping to combine both the websites and the pages of these two businesses.

What this means is that in addition to lots of fun photos of dogs participating in daycare/walks, you'll also start to see posts about training tips, training classes, grooming services, seminars, camps, articles about behavior, etc. We'll work hard to make sure these posts are balanced and we aren't focusing too heavily in any one direction.

I'll eventually be adding training services, including upcoming classes and registrations, onto the Laughing Dogs website as well. Thanks for bearing with me while I work to change all of this stuff over - it's a lot of work in addition to making sure things are running smoothly at the daycare, which is of course always my first priority. :)


Check out these fun videos of housemates Khaleesi and Heisenberg working on their jumps in Backyard Agility class! These two had no idea what it meant to jump like this before they started. Mom and Dad did a great job working with them!

Laughing Dogs Daycare and Training Services

Protect your dogs from ticks early this year, all!

A friendly PSA to clients and any followers with a dog - PLEASE check your pups often for ticks. We have had clients telling us they're already finding ticks on their dogs, and we found a tick in the play area today. If you haven't already, start your flea and tick treatments ASAP to protect yourself and your dogs from those creepy-crawleys! Due to the mild winter, this year's tick season has started very early, and they may be more prevalent, so better to be safe than sorry.

No treatment will be 100% effective, but the earlier you start your protection, the better the protection will be.

There are so many things to love about this article - please take a few minutes to read it! It highlights so many of the...
Are We Failing Dogs?

There are so many things to love about this article - please take a few minutes to read it! It highlights so many of the ways we set our expectations far too high for our canine companions.

"Dogs are frustrated. We want dogs to be quiet. Don’t chew on things, don’t jump up to say hi, don’t run in the house, don’t play too roughly with our under-supervised children. We ask a dog to join our family, and we expect him to love every human, except when there is a bad person trying to hurt us—then it’s OK for the dog to bite, and we expect the dog to know the difference."

"There is a world of difference between taking on the role of a guide for your dog and scowling down at him in a misguided and outdated belief that he pooped on the floor to “dominate you.”"

"Love your dog, and, as you love him dearly, be a life guide and teach him how to live successfully among a rather aggressive species that his ancestors, for some unfathomable reason, nestled up to, proving that dogs are a very brave species."

Do we owe dogs anything other than a roof over their heads and meals? Here’s a quick run down of some of the things these intelligent and willing animals do for us: Work as service dogs, including for vision-impaired, diabetic, and epileptic people Serve as emotional-support and therapy animals…


Due to the recent passing of Molly Cisco, owner of Laughing Dogs Day Care LLC, our next round of classes will be postponed until further notice. My website will be updated in the next couple of days to reflect this information, and as soon as I have a plan for classes going forward I will update both here and on the website.

For those of you who use the term "dominant" to refer to your dog or his behavioral concerns, please read this article. ...
Dominance Is Not the Answer - Veterinary Medicine at Illinois

For those of you who use the term "dominant" to refer to your dog or his behavioral concerns, please read this article. It's an excellent tool to begin understanding your dog. Then, consider working with a trainer to help you address the root cause of the behavior concerns and your relationship with and to your dog. And, consider not referring to your dog as "dominant" or "alpha." It simplifies your relationship and your dog's personality and behavior.

Instead of attributing a dog’s actions to "dominance," owners should look for the root of the problem, says veterinary behaviorist Dr. Kelly Ballantyne.

After a fairly long "fall break," I am back in action and prepping for classes to start in January! I have the entire 20...
Upcoming Classes | Kodiak's Canine Connection

After a fairly long "fall break," I am back in action and prepping for classes to start in January! I have the entire 2017 schedule posted on my website, and you can register for any of the classes already. THERE ARE SEVERAL NEW CLASSES IN 2017. Take some time to check out what's coming up and get registered for January (and beyond) now!

General notes for 2017:
- Classes will only be held at Laughing Dogs Day Care LLC in Lake Mills this year
- I will no longer be able to offer pet sitting or dog walking - if you need a referral for these services I would be happy to provide several options
- Private training will still be offered but only in the following areas: Lake Mills, Johnson Creek, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Whitewater, Elkhorn, and Delavan

My website will reflect all of the changes very soon, but the 2017 class schedule in Lake Mills is accurate and ready to take enrollments!

Puppies should not come to the first class. We will discuss class rules, curriculum, logistics, and we will address basic puppy problems that many puppy parents experience. It is much easier to do these things without puppies to distract us, and it sets everyone up to succeed. The first class is ext...


Good morning everyone! Just a quick note because I have no other way of communicating this. If you tried to email me yesterday or today, I have not received your email yet because Gmail is experiencing some outages. You do not need to resend your email according to Gmail's support team, but I will not receive it until my account is running again. If you need to get in touch with me urgently, please send me a message right here and I will respond as soon as I can!

To those of you in my current classes or who have had private training in the last couple days, I will send out summary emails as soon as things are running again. Thanks for your patience!

"The truth is, we all have desires and expectations for our dogs – secret hopes for our future together, things that we ...
On Expectations And Disappointments: Love The One You’re With

"The truth is, we all have desires and expectations for our dogs – secret hopes for our future together, things that we want them to be. And regardless of what our goals are, it’s human nature to feel sad and frustrated when they don’t work out. ... Love him for who and what he is, and learn to accept what he isn’t. Find out what other things you might enjoy together instead."

This is somewhat long, but a great read nonetheless (the first part discusses owning a sporting/showing dog, but the second part touches on having a pet dog). I have had many, many clients who have some specific expectations in mind for their dog, and the hardest thing I often have to help a client overcome is the fact that their expectations for their dog are unrealistic. Not that the expectations are unrealistic for a dog, but that they are unrealistic for THEIR dog.

Dogs are individuals just like people. I cannot draw, and if someone would have forced me to I would have hated it. I would have repeatedly failed, and maybe I'd get a little better with practice but it's not something I would ever enjoy or become successful at. Just like humans, dogs have certain activities that they enjoy more than others, and certain things that they may never be good at. We need to respect that, work to our dog's strengths, and be happy with the dog we have in front of us.

About two and a half years ago, in February of 2014, I brought home my very first show puppy. He was twelve weeks old, and perfect in every way. A handsome blue merle Sheltie, the pick boy of a lo…


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