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Friend Veterinary Services LLC Friend Veterinary Services is a large animal ambulatory practice located in Hopedale, OH.
Friend Veterinary Services is a strictly large animal ambulatory practice serving Harrison, Jefferson, portions of Carroll, Tuscarswus, Guernsey, and Belmont counties. Reproductive services Palpation (w/ Ultrasound) Fetal Sexing BSE Consultation Calf Health Vaccination Programs Herd Health Program/Consultations Surgical Services Diagnostic Services Equine Services: Breeding Services Lameness Evaluations Dental Medicine Surgical Services (outpatient/on farm) Neonatal Care/Consultations Routine Health Management Pre-purchase Exams Vaccination protocols and consultation

Harrison County Fair, Ohio

Harrison County Fair, Ohio

**^Campers - this is a constantly changing situation - the board will address this again on June 1st. Please allow until June 2nd before asking for refunds or credits for 2021.***

The Harrison County Agricultural Society has been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic situation. We have been in constant contact with state and local authorities, including the CDC, local health department, County Commissioners, and other public agencies. The “Stay at Home” restrictions put in place by Governor DeWine were recently extended through the month of May. Federal, state and local governments are discussing plans for re-opening the country soon. The board, as well as our patrons and supporters, understand this will not occur quickly. There will be a gradual re-opening and return to our ‘new’ normal way of life.
The success of the Buckeye state flattening the curve of the COVID-19 virus is well documented in the news. Our state is leading the way to keep Ohioans as safe as possible and with great success. We must do all we can to maintain these best practices as part of our daily activities. We fully appreciate how hard our youth work to prepare and show at the county fair. We also know that our vendors, staff, patrons, and board members have put in countless hours trying to find ways to make things function in a way that will keep everyone safe in these difficult conditions. With that being said, the board has decided to have an abbreviated form of the Harrison County Fair for 2020.
The board is currently planning a shortened 3 days for the County Fair that will be open for Market Animal shows only starting June 23rd, with a sale on Friday June 26th. The market livestock project purpose is to provide product for the food chain. These animals are raised and prepared for a set fair date therefore completing this project is in the best interest of our exhibitors and the buyers. With the safety and health of our exhibitors as first priority, only those youth who are showing Market Animals and their immediate family will be permitted on the grounds. The shows will not be open to the public. A sale for those market animals will be on Friday. The sale will be open for buyers only, as that is the standard that is being used in all sale barns locally. The rules of social distancing and hand washing will remain in place for all. Exhibitors, immediate family, and buyers in attendance are encouraged to wear their own facemasks.
There will be no Beef Feeder Calves, Breeding animals or Showmanship classes offered. There will also be no camping available. There will be days in the future that we intend on holding a show for our Dairy and Breeding goat participants and our Horse project participants. The Board is planning to hold a Family Fun Day for our Junior and Senior fair members. These dates will be announced once we are safe to convene in large groups. Given the constantly changing environment we are working in, please be advised that these best laid plans can also change with no notice. We are currently at the mercy of this virus. State and local authorities can decide that we must not move forward with these plans and at such time we may be forced to cancel these and all events.
This is not a decision the board has taken lightly. It was a thoughtful, and honestly, quite emotional decision. We have exhausted every effort to find ways to implement the safety and health considerations into the plan of activities that are a part of our standard County Fair. The obstacles presented were too great and led us to this alternative option. The safety and well-being of our county’s youth is and will continue to be our top priority. We also are responsible for the safety of their families, friends, and supporters who attend the County Fair. We dearly miss not being able to spend time with our County Fair friends and family and look forward seeing you all in the future.

The safety and welfare of our community must continue to be our top priority.

Spring in finally on its way, and with that comes the time to update your horse's shots and coggins for the year!  Also ...

Spring in finally on its way, and with that comes the time to update your horse's shots and coggins for the year! Also like Trixie here, don't forget about your horse's teeth! We offer a wide range of vaccinations, digital Coggins, dental floats, and anything else your horses may need to keep them in tip top shape. If we can assist you in keeping your herd healthy in any way, please give us a call at 740-491-2685!

In case you are wondering, Trixie did wonderful for her dental float and can enjoy another year of solid grazing. She enjoyed her sedation as well :)

As fair season is just around the corner, the Ohio Department of Agriculture has issued a statement/stance on the use of...

As fair season is just around the corner, the Ohio Department of Agriculture has issued a statement/stance on the use of Ractopamine (Paylean) feed additive in pigs. With the changes in US exports, many countries who purchase US pork have taken a stance in outlawing certain feed additives, including Paylean. As a result, although Paylean is an FDA approved feed additive in hogs here, the Ohio Department of Agriculture and many other pork producing states have decided to go Ractopamine-free. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has come out with an affidavit all exhibitors or their legal guardians will be required to sign in order to show pigs at county fairs. Attached are a few quick references provided by ODA to producers. If you have further questions regarding this program, there will more than likely be future discussions with your fair board as well as you can discuss this with your veterinarian.

Good news! As we are in the early months of 2020, and thanks to our great clients and the enthusiasm of Dr. Friend to pr...

Good news! As we are in the early months of 2020, and thanks to our great clients and the enthusiasm of Dr. Friend to provide the highest quality medicine possible to all of you, we have added a digital radiology system to the tools at our disposal for diagnostics. This system is completely portable to allow for on-farm radiographs for cases such as lameness, follow-up foot care, arthritis, fractures, wound exploration, dental evaluation, and much more! Radiographs are also not just for horses, any species can benefit depending on the circumstance. We are very excited to be offering this service, and look forward to providing the best care possible for all your large animals! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you in the care of your large animal needs, and enjoy the photos selected from a study completed today! We can be reached at 740-491-2685!

2019 isn't going out without some last minute excitement.  From helping Belmont and Bethesda Fire treat a horse who deci...

2019 isn't going out without some last minute excitement. From helping Belmont and Bethesda Fire treat a horse who decided to wander into a swimming pool this morning, to removing this suspected cancer eye in this pregnant momma cow (CAUTION! photos may be graphic for some). Both patients are doing very well this evening. Everyone stay safe ringing in the New Year and we look forward to what 2020 has to offer. For your Large Animal needs we are only a phone call away 740-491-2685.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Thank you all for your support in making FVS the large animal practice it has ...

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Thank you all for your support in making FVS the large animal practice it has become in just 9 short months! Without you none of it would be possible. We look forward to providing many more years of service, building many new relationships with clients, and building upon those we have already established. May you all have a very Merry Christmas!
-Dr. Friend and Family

It's that time of the year when many producers are planning for the spring calving season.  Here is an interesting artic...
BEEF Magazine

It's that time of the year when many producers are planning for the spring calving season. Here is an interesting article on the benefits of pregnancy checking your herd in order to set expectations as well as herd planning/management for the following year. Not only does preg-checking give you an idea as to the number of calves to expect, but also allows a quick examination of the herd in aspects such as body condition (can go hand-in hand with breeding success), locomotion (lameness), overall appearance, and so on. Running cows, heifers, and calves (if necessary) through the chute also allows for routine vaccination, tagging, castration, and many other options in preparation for a new year of calving, breeding, and growth. If you would like to discuss pregnancy checks, vaccination, or anything in relation to herd management, please contact us at (740)491-2685.

Is it worth it to preg-check your cow? You might say no. But take a look at the dollar amount of what skipping that vet call might be and you might change your tune.


If anyone has been following the news lately (not politics), you may have heard about the current outbreak of EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) going on. This is not just a mosquito-borne disease that can affect horses, but it can also affect people! There have been 11 reported cases in people. So, that being said, we highly recommend you vaccinate your horses yearly with a vaccine that covers EEE. If a horse contracts the disease, it is almost always fatal. There is not a vaccine for humans, so also please remember that even though horses can be vaccinated, mosquito prevention is key as well, especially when it comes to protecting horses AND their owners. Try to avoid any areas of standing, stagnant water, as well as empty any sources of standing water like tires, buckets outside, etc. In barns, fans are key as mosquitos do not like moving air. Also, mosquito repellants are important. Again, please make sure your horses are vaccinated and you protect yourself as well. There has not been a reported case of human EEE in Ohio, but there has been a case as close as Michigan. There was a reported case of EEE in a horse in northern Ohio this year, so it has been found in the state. One last thing to note, EEE cannot be transmitted from one infected horse to another, nor horse too human.
If you have any questions or would like to schedule to have your horses vaccinated for EEE and other mosquito-borne diseases, or just yearly boosters, please contact us at (740)491-2685.


Ever wonder what the deal is with dewormers and why we use them? Well, here is a fecal that was examined today. Notice this goat’s little “friends” swimming around on the slide among other eggs that have not yet hatched into larva.

Intestinal parasites not only cause direct issues with the stomach and intestines like diarrhea, but also can cause decreased rates of gain, weight loss, poor hair coats, as well as stress an animal immune systems making them more susceptible to secondary health issues.

If you would like to discuss deworming protocols in any of your herds, whether it be cattle, horses, goats, sheep, etc. we would be more than happy to discuss options with you.


With the heat wave we are expected to experience these next few days please keep your animals in mind as well. Remember, shade and plenty of available water are the best means of keeping your animals cool. Also, you can supplement electrolytes in their water for added nutrients while also enticing animals to possibly drink more than usual due to the added taste. We have already seen and treated several animals for heat stress and/or heat related illness. The temperatures are only supposed to increase over the next few days, so please keep a close eye on your animals and keep them as cool as possible. Everyone be safe and have a good rest of your week! mark...
West Nile Virus Confirmed in Ohio Horses

Summertime marks the beginning of mosquito season in Ohio. We highly recommend your horses be vaccinated for West Nile Virus as part of their yearly vaccination program along with other mosquito control measures. In many cases the West Nile Virus vaccine is combined with your typical 5-way vaccines, but can be given separate if your horses have already received their annual vaccines. If you have any questions pertaining to West Nile Virus or developing a vaccination program for your horses or barn please feel free to contact us at (740)491-2685, and we would be happy to discuss all your options.

Give Friend Vet Services a call to schedule your bull’s annual BSE. This is an important part of a successful breeding s...

Give Friend Vet Services a call to schedule your bull’s annual BSE. This is an important part of a successful breeding season. Bull fertility can change over time, so just because last year was successful does not guarantee this year will be the same. Knowing you’re headed into breeding season with a quality bull provides peace of mind in getting your cows and heifers bred.

Cow-calf producers should have a veterinarian perform a breeding soundness exam annually on bulls to ensure females will be bred.


Don't forget to turn your clocks forward tonight before you go to bed. We are already springing forward! Spring is just around the corner, so is the time for spring shots for your horses and any routine dental work (floats). Give us a call to book your appointment for spring shots and Dr. Friend also offers power float services to keep your horses eating right. Our number is (740)491-2685.

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Friend Veterinary Services LLC

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Dr. Friend and FVS

Dr. Matt Friend grew up in Grove City, Ohio. From the age of 6 he had said all he wanted to be was a veterinarian. He graduated from Miami University (OH) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Zoology in 2010 and went on to attend Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine where he graduated with his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 2014. Following graduation from MSU, Dr. Friend completed a rotating internship at Memphis Veterinary Specialists in Memphis, TN. Once completed, he accepted a mixed animal position at Orrville Veterinary Clinic in Orrville, OH. His time was split between filling in at the small animal clinics and in out on farms caring for all species of large animals throughout the area. His passion for large animal medicine and surgery is the driving force in their family’s move to Hopedale, OH and the opening of Friend Veterinary Services in March of 2019.

Dr. Friend met his lovely wife Lydia (also Dr. Friend--she’s the better looking one) while they were attending vet school in Mississippi. They were married in 2016, and welcomed their beautiful daughter, Louisa to the family in 2018. Dr. Lydia is a small animal practitioner at Heritage Veterinary Care in Hopedale, OH. The Friend family is also made up of two dogs, Lola (French Bulldog) and Leroy (Pitbull), and their Guinea Pig, Bubbles.

When not out on farms, in his free time Dr. Friend enjoys working out, he is also an L-1 CrossFit Trainer, fishing, hunting, and golfing. The Friend family also enjoys taking time to spend with family and friends near and far as well as hiking. They look forward to the relationships they have made, and will make in the many years to come.

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So exciting I'll be calling tomorrow
Congratulations Matt & Lydia - we are so happy for you both.
Congratulations Matt and Lydia! Love, Uncle Dennis & Aunt Terri