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BBC Three

Truly Amazing

Alexis started a hospice for animals so they can spend their final days happy and comfortable.

CBS This Morning

Follow up to the deaf dog and deaf guy story

MEANT TO BE: This deaf man adopted a deaf rescue puppy and taught him commands using sign language ❤️️

The Dodo

Love this story so much

This wild baby monkey is obsessed with a cat 😍

Guys this is the sweetest story every
Deaf man adopts deaf rescue puppy and teaches him sign language

Guys this is the sweetest story every

A man who was born deaf is now the owner of a sweet puppy who is also unable to hear. Nick Abbott, 31, of Maine, adopted his dog Emerson through the foster-based rescue, NFR Maine. At 6 weeks old, Emerson was rescued from a shelter in Florida and later transferred up north.The black lab mix experien...

Woof Woof


Make way, regional branch manager coming through!



Important reminder 😂

Important reminder 😂


The News Leader

She lost everything...

Nothing was left of her apartment after the fire. But a faint bark let her know the most important thing wasn't gone.

Nancy Chen

Hero story

Retired Montgomery County Fire Captain Mike Redding is raising a puppy named Sandy who will one day become a service dog with Hero Dogs -- and he's doing it in honor of his friend, Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Sander Cohen, who was killed while helping someone on the side of the road. It was a privilege to tell this Hero 24/7 story.



This cracked me up... :v :v :v

Odd Couples

Awwww this is super sweet

This dog's parents set up a hidden camera when they went to work — and got the sweetest surprise 💖


"She's coming with me til the end now"

Guy biking across the world finds a kitten he can't leave behind 😻

Come hither slave

Come hither slave




Escalators can be scary

Escalators are still a challenge for this labradoodle


When your life comes home at the end of a long day

When the love of your life comes home after a long day... 🐶 ❤️

Hill's Pet Nutrition is expanding on its nationwide recall of canned dog food with potentially toxic levels of vitamin D...
More dog food recalled for possibly toxic levels of vitamin D

Hill's Pet Nutrition is expanding on its nationwide recall of canned dog food with potentially toxic levels of vitamin D. It took the action after saying it had received "a limited number of complaints of pet illnesses" related to additional products.

Hill's Pet Nutrition adds several Science Diet and Prescription Diet varieties of canned food that could be deadly

Awesome floor

Awesome floor

Lets be mindful whenever we try to help because we might end up causing more harm -- please share

Lets be mindful whenever we try to help because we might end up causing more harm -- please share

This photo has been making the rounds again this year...

Please DO NOT offer yarn, string or human hair for birds to build nests! Every year we see both young and adult birds being admitted to wildlife rehabilitators due to this. It can sometimes result in the bird losing their foot or entire leg from the yarn/string/hair slowly tightening and cutting off circulation .

DO NOT offer laundry dryer lint either. The lint collected in your dryer filter may seem like ideal nesting material, but it isn’t. It will soak up water and may be steeped with chemicals unhealthy for birds, such as remnants of detergent and softener.

Also a warning about offering pet hair. Many of our pets are treated with specialty shampoos or tick/lice treatments which stay on the hair and can be harmful to birds collecting it for nesting material. DO NOT offer pet hair that has been exposed to any shampoo treatments or chemicals.

Some safer alternatives from the National Wildlife Federation's Blog...

For birds looking for small twigs, almost any tree or shrub you plant will do. When small branches or twigs fall from a shrub and gather at its base, leave them for birds to pick up, preferably in lengths under 4 inches.

Some birds line nests with soft plant matter. You can provide this accoutrement by growing catkin-bearing trees and shrubs such as cottonwood, maple, mulberry, willows, poplar and beech.

Many birds—hummingbirds spring to mind, but other songbirds as well—gravitate toward fluffy material, such as seeds with silky attachments designed to waft them on the wind or seed pods with a soft, hairlike covering. You can provide these items via cottonwood trees, lamb’s ear (ground cover), milkweed (also good for attracting monarch butterflies), honeysuckle, and clematis.

If you have a pesky spot in your garden that refuses to grow anything but dirt, try adding a little water and see if you can grow mud. Mud is a favored nesting material for swallows and swifts and even the common robin.

Dry grass
When you trim your yard, perhaps you can find a spot in your garden for laying out a selection of dried grass stems cut 2 to 4 inches long. Grass is a common ingredient in songbird nests, used by species from native sparrows to robins.

If you have a shady spot in your yard, trying growing moss; with its velvety green growth, moss is a beautiful highlight for any moist garden and is a favored building material of some hummingbird species.

The Dodo

This is just the cutest

The best part of this dog’s day is seeing his favorite mailman 📫❤🐶

Delmarva Now - Daily Times

Aww this is so adorable

This beach cat leads a much more exciting life than we ever will. Pip the Beach Cat



Pretty 52

Too funny 😂🤣

When you go to an exercise class and have no idea what you're doing... 😂🐶

Mercy For Animals

Yay for California, we hope all states follow suite! #animalprotection

California just made history for farmed animals. This is HUGE!!!!

Pretty 52

OMG cuteness to the max

He wants the statue to throw the toy 😂❤️️



When someone asks you why you go to work... 🤣

The Dodo

This donkey is the cutest

100% want a tiny donkey now


Mama Dog reunion with her 13 pups

A sweet dog named Bess was found pregnant as a stray, and the perfect foster family stepped up to help her raise her 12 babies. Burrdie was the runt of the litter and needed lots of extra TLC. Today on Reunited, watch the whole family find loving forever homes — and reunite once the puppies are all grown up! The moment Bess sees Burrdie again is pure magic 💞



Little But Fierce


This rescued baby goat loves to run around his house in pajamas and give his family kisses 💜💜💜

Little But Fierce

Awww so adorable

Watch the smallest kitten you've ever seen grow up into the cutest little 3-pound cat 💚 💚 💚

Joy of Mom

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin two legged miracle cat 😀❤️

Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat


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