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hahahaha 不不

hahahaha 不不


Best thing to see on a Monday

"Is there anything cuter than Rico the porcupine eating a spoonful of peanut butter. We think not!" -Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden



Help us create a more sustainable future

The Dodo

Mama's Love

This mother dog is chasing after her babies

The Unexpected Pit Bull

Foster Fails are the absolute best

We were so delighted to see a family having such a good time foster-failing while sheltering in place. Enjoy your happily ever after Eddie and thanks to his mom for sending us their video to share.

This is love

This is love



#StayAtHome Stay safe cat people!

Happy Easter Squirrel

Happy Easter Squirrel

Our little Bunny

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Woof Woof


This is one of the purest things Ive ever seen 梗嗯歹

Pet those doggies

Pet those doggies

hahaha 不

hahaha 不

Good doggy.

Leave out food for the strays

Leave out food for the strays

Please think of the stray and abandoned animals



We're not supposed to hug right now but Arlo couldn't help it during his Freedom Flight with #PNP Pilot Captain Jim on the way to meet his fur-ever family. #AdoptedPetsAreTheBest #AnimalRescue #CoronavirusUpdate Petmate Pet Products

A little levity

A little levity

The more you know.

Yes!  Because they are family

Yes! Because they are family

Really hate to be making this post right now...
My girl Stella is just too much to handle sometimes. She is constantly shedding all over my bed and clothes. Is always wanting to go outside at the most inconvenient times. The other day she even stole a piece of bread off of my plate when I wasnt looking. And its even harder to find an apartment to live in that will take her, since she is a German Shepherd mix. Generally, I always end up paying a higher rent, because only select apartments accept her. So, I have came to the decision that I will not be giving her up. I will continue to deal with pet hair on all of my belongings. I will continue to get out of bed at 6 am or midnight when shes begging me to go out even though I just took her. I will continue dealing with a food thief. I will continue to base my living situation off of her for as long as shes alive. And I will continue making any sacrifice I SIGNED UP FOR when I adopted her over 4 years ago. She will continue to be with me no matter what city I move to, however many children I have, or how much of a pain in my ass she can be. Shes family, and if you dont view an animal in this same way, please do us all a favor and dont get a pet until you do.

Austin Conway

"If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them"

"If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them"

Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)

So beautiful and touching to see

This might be the best thing you see all day!

Our wildlife cameras spotted a coyote and badger traveling together the first time this type of behavior has been captured in the San Francisco Bay Area. Scientists have found both species benefit by hunting together.

Learn more about our wildlife studies in the Bay Area at

Video credit: Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) / Pathways for Wildlife

So true!

So true!

hahahaha  :D :D  who can relate?

hahahaha :D :D who can relate?

ABC Adelaide

It is estimated that a billion animals perished in the Australian fires. Poor babies thankful for organizations helping the survivors

Take a look inside a makeshift koala rescue centre that's been set up in a north-eastern Adelaide primary school gym

Adelaide Koala Rescue volunteers are taking care of about 110 koalas recently injured in South Australian bushfires. They've created this temporary centre to house the koalas safely while they're given medical attention and time to begin healing.

: ABC News

Hahaha :-) also me!

Hahaha :-) also me!


Please remember, living creatures should not be gifted as they are long commitments.

Please remember, living creatures should not be gifted as they are long commitments.

Please remember that living creatures should not be thought of as gifts this #Christmas.

So much preparation, research and years of dedication go into sharing your home with an animal.

Do not contribute to already overwhelmed rescues and shelters by gifting any animal to someone who may be unprepared and unwilling to care for them for years to come.

Rodents may be seen as low maintenance pets who do not live very long and are therefore less commitment. But this is FAR from true.

Here, you can see the average lifespan for a range of rodents. Some of which may live even longer than stated here.

We must put an end to a culture that treats animals as items, as gifts, and see them as the living creatures they are, deserving of #lifelong, #loving and #prepared homes only.


Global BC

After more than 500 days in the shelter, he finally found his home

A five-year-old pit bull mix was adopted on Dec. 12 after spending 500 days in an animal shelter in Niagara Falls, NY. Bonita, the shelters longest resident and one of its most popular dogs finally found a home just in time for Christmas after she was adopted.

See also:

For Homes adopting dogs this Holiday season, this is so important to remember -- it takes some dogs longer than others.....

For Homes adopting dogs this Holiday season, this is so important to remember -- it takes some dogs longer than others... but once they have settled, it is definitely worth the wait


The Dodo

Two cute, two cute

These two pitties insisted on being adopted together



RIP Lil Bub, you will be missed
It's me, Mike - BUB's dude. BUB has departed, she's on her way home.

RIP Lil Bub, you will be missed

I know that BUB has always written these newsletters. But today I have to do it, because BUB has finally gone back to space. On the morning of Sunday, December 1st 2019 we lost the purest, kindest and most magical living force on our planet. BUB was cheerful and full of love laying in our bed with u...

Photos of dogs before and after their adoption

Photos of dogs before and after their adoption

Photos Of Dogs Before & After Their Adoption That Will Melt Your Heart


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