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Celeste Italian Greyhounds Owning/loving Italian Greyhounds since 1997. Acitve in AKC conformation, LGRA & NOTRA racing, the Mid-Atlantic Italian Greyhound Club, and lure coursing


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Carmen finished her (ASFA) FCh title this weekend! I’m really proud of her, and pretty happy with how  Ammo and Bubbles ...

Carmen finished her (ASFA) FCh title this weekend! I’m really proud of her, and pretty happy with how Ammo and Bubbles ran, too—lol, there were def some hiccups, but overall it was a truly lovely Fall weekend in Littlestown, PA!

Cosmo 10 wks

Cosmo 10 wks

Button, 10 wks

Button, 10 wks



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Petal w help from Flyboy had 3 pups yesterday (2/15/22). 2 blue fawn boys, one blue fawn girl. The boys are almost ident...

Petal w help from Flyboy had 3 pups yesterday (2/15/22). 2 blue fawn boys, one blue fawn girl. The boys are almost identical w minimal markings, and one was latched on eating, so here’s a couple pix of the other boy (solid) w his blazed & collared sister.


What a fun time at the LGRA/NOTRA racing nationals, put on by Sighthounds On The Lam (SOL) in Camden, SC. SOOO well-run! I was disappointed by no competition in IGs, but I brought 3 of my best runners: Ammo, Cassie and Carmen, and they managed to create drama all on their own...mainly between Ammo and Carmen. I went in thinking Carmen was gonna be the sure bet. But Ammo was all piss'n'vinegar; and at 9 yrs. old he won LGRA on Saturday...Carmen managed to win the third race but it was too little too late. I know she can beat this utterly confident, spunky nutball, who I love dearly and admire greatly, but it was plain to me, she was acting unsure and anxious. I guess she forgot she usually (always?) beats him at our local meets. Oh, the fun of trying to figure out what's going on in your dogs' heads! So I held off the needed pep talk till she was ready to hear it...after Ammo beat her in the first NOTRA race on Sunday. I mean, NOTRA is her THING. I said, Carmen, really???? Where is your speed? You should be used to this new venue by now, all you have to do is win the next two races, and you get your name on a plaque! That's very special! So she believed me, and did it, and won NOTRA. Yessss! Let's not forget Cassie, who at 11, still probably needs to lose more weight, and she may well have won a race or two if she had, but although she was the turtle both days, she was not very far behind. So I'm happy with how it went. Ammo was a good egg to share the glory, Carmen notched up her confidence a little, and Cassie thought it was pretty fun too, especially helping Ammo yell at the bunny every time it went by. The ribbon, trophy and trinket haul was obscene; there will be pix coming.


This is Louie, 5 mos. old! He was trained for 20 min. on the new agility item, the tunnel.


Frederick, MD


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